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vee_hello again, everyone02:20
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rauzdamit hardware failure at work looks like a looong weekend :(06:31
Romsterthat sucks06:42
rauzi never liked storage hardware from ibm :D06:45
niklaswedoesnt lighttpd has mod_alias by default?06:59
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Romsterno idea niklaswe07:48
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frinnstrauz: ouch, what broke?08:14
jaegerniklaswe: yes08:16
LukcMorning acrux. :)08:17
rauzfrinnst: our exp3000 storage enclosure from ibm, it is connected to a ibm bladecenter H via multipaht08:21
frinnstheh, I looked at the exp2500 a few weeks ago08:23
niklaswejaeger: thanks :), But i have already find the answer  ^^ thanks anyway..08:41
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LukcI see in the 2.8 TODO there’s an item about pkgadd and static linking.12:32
LukcHave you considered using an alternate libc for static binaries?12:32
Lukcmusl is quiet small, fast, and is made to build static binaries.12:33
LukcHere are some benchmarks comparing musl and the most used libcs on Linux:
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Rotwangdone by the author of musl ;f13:41
LukcWhich doesn’t mean they are not true. :o13:41
LukcAnd even if the benchmarks are a bit exagerated, I think they still compare the different libcs very well…13:43
LukcRomster, running the ./configure scripts with zsh does not seem to be a problem.13:47
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joe9i am trying to install this on crux:
joe9this is my Pkgfile
joe9 but, I cannot get the installer to run14:57
joe9in arch, I think it uses fakeroot14:57
joe9in my prt-get.conf, I have makecommand       sudo -H -u pkgmk /usr/bin/fakeroot /usr/bin/pkgmk14:57
joe9but, for some reason, I cannot get this to run.14:57
joe9the installer wants root privileges to run and I am trying to get fakeroot to somehow make it work.14:58
joe9any thoughts, please?14:58
joe9it does not run on 64 bit machines. so, do not try on those machines.14:58
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joe9is there some simple mechanism to create a fakeroot environment in crux?17:56
joe9Romster: you use chroot's quite often. Don't you? any suggestions, please?17:58
joe9"arch pacman builds are done in a fakechroot environment"?18:09
joe9is there any way to replicate this on crux?18:09
joe9joacim: i am using fakeroot in my /etc/pkgmk.conf18:11
joe9joacim: the binary installer wants to muck around with directories such as /opt, etc.18:11
joe9joacim: the fakeroot does not work with a chroot'ed environment. I think it is just the user-id that changes.18:12
joe9anyone tried to install virtualbox lately?18:17
pitillojoe9: you can fill a bug in FS or notice dev86's maintainer and tell about the new version and removed old sources18:25
pitilloabout the chroot, you can build a CRUX jailed system in a development dir, preparing pkgutils db on that point and using pkgadd -r to deploy there all core packages (or any provided package in the ISO, or customized ones, or whatever you want)18:27
joe9pitillo: any more details on how to go about it, please?18:29
joe9pitillo: i am trying to figure out the details on how to go about something like that.18:31
joe9pitillo: found this link:
joe9pitillo: thanks for the hint, I think the above link should get me going.18:33
pitillojoe9: the you have there all the needed info to build a jail18:33
joe9pitillo: that helped. thanks a lot.18:54
pitillojoe9: np, and thanks to joacim_ who shown you that link :)19:00
pitilloit's late, have a good night there :)19:02
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RomsterLukc> Romster, running the ./configure scripts with zsh does not seem to be a problem. <- did you remove bash or even symlink /bin/bash with /bin/zsh ? otherwise you're probably using bash in places of configure in various projects.20:43
Romstermakecommand      sudo -H -u pkgmk nice -n10 fakeroot pkgmk -in20:45
Romstershould suffice joe920:45
Romsteri use many chroots there quite easy to setup20:46
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Romsterjoe9, how i chroot, if anyone has any improvments to this process let me know, I haven't looked at a way to avoid having to use root on mount binding stuff before switching to the chroot, also once in the chroot you could crate a user and drop to that user then use fakeroot in prt-get.conf to catch any of them files that may be trying to install outside of $PKG21:00
Romsteri also install prt-utils in the chroot for testing too.21:01
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RomsterI also have a nice way to remove all ports bar core ports and prt-utils and ccache, it's in my safe-build script but i need to rework that script as the rest of it is a real mess.21:03
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joe9Romster: thanks a lot.21:52
joe9Romster: that is awesome.21:52
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