IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2012-09-22

LukcRomster, I linked /bin/sh to /bin/zsh only. I’m gonna try to symlink /bin/bash.00:04
LukcBut still, it seems to work.00:05
LukcSo I’d say bash is no longer required by the autotools themselves.00:06
LukcAnyway, the script called is always “sh”.'00:09
LukcAnd when zsh is detected, the script requests the sh-emulation mode.00:09
Lukc(I didn’t symlink, I fully removed bash, btw)00:14
LukcI think it’s a problem for rc, so I’ll reinstall it in the meantime.00:14
joe9romster, quick question, is it possible to create a 32 bit chroot on a pure x86_64 machine?00:23
joe9i see the comment about multilib 32bit ports.00:24
joe9i am talking about creating a basic 32 bit chroot on a x86_64 host.00:24
Lukcjoe9, from binary packages it’s no problem.00:25
LukcLinux x86-64 is capable on running both 32 and 64bits binaries.00:26
Lukcs/on running/to run/; damnit00:44
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horrorStruckmake sure you have CONFIG_IA32_EMULATION=y01:20
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RomsterLukc, pkgrm bash then see how you go also remove that /bin/bash symlink01:59
LukcRomster, I did a prt-get remove bash.02:01
Romsteroh yeah rc depends on bash feel free to find the bashisms in rc and fix those then do a diff -pruN pkgutils...orig pkgutils > pkgutils-zsh.patch and mail it myway02:04
Romsteroh i should mention that in my paste horrorStruck02:04
Lukcrc is released in pkgutils? o_O02:05
Romsteroh dogh what am i thinking...02:05
Romsteredit rc find what breaks probly best todo that in virtualbx or something VMish02:05
Romsterif it's trivial to fix i'll see if the core devs will accept the changes.02:06
LukcI quickly took a look at it and I so no bashism. Probably the script works with a warning or something.02:06
Romsteri'm relaly confused this weekend i got far too much on my mind.02:06
Romstersearch for bashisims on the net then review the code not many files to review02:07
Romsterwell there is arrays but ksh seems to support those fine.02:07
LukcRomster, my guess is bash is required for tables support.02:07
LukcBut ash, bash and zsh can both manage that.02:07
Lukcarrays, sorry.02:07
Romsterlol hasn't zsh got array too?02:08
LukcYes, it does. :p02:08
LukcBut sh does not.02:08
Romsterso that should be no issue.02:08
Romsteryeah sh lacks many gnu extensions.02:08
Lukcarrays are not a GNU extension. :-/02:08
Romsternot sure on dash i thought about rtrying that for rc02:08
Romsterthey arn't then what introduced shell arrays?02:09
LukcI dunno, but that’d be cool.02:09
LukcYes, but many other shells include it now.02:09
Romsterzsh is still pretty big compared to dash02:09
LukcSo I wouldn’t call it a GNU extension anymore.02:09
Romsteroh but it was origionally afaik02:09
LukcRomster, zsh without zle and other libraries?02:09
LukcAlso, the point of mentionning the arrays was that a /bin/sh shebang could fail if /bin/sh has no arrays support. :p02:10
Romsterwhat makes zsh better over bash? other than being a bit debloated02:10
Romsteryeah that's another todo big issue lots of stuff use /bin/sh wrongly when they should not do /bin/sh if they need arrays or other bash features.02:11
LukcIt has modules, bindings of C tools can be done, it supports a for a b in a1 b1 a2 b2 … \o/02:11
Lukcarray+=(a b c)02:11
Romsterrc was edited a long time ago to not use sh but to use bash02:11
LukcAnd a lot of other things like that.02:11
Lukczsh also has terminfo and curses bindings.02:12
Romsterah modules for extra functionality.02:12
LukcIt’s more flexible.02:12
Romsteri've always liked plugin setups use only what you need.02:12
LukcThis is how zsh works.02:12
Romsterthough doens't loading time increase with more modules than all compiled in02:13
LukcAnother good point is the presence of usable compatibility modes for sh and ksh.02:13
Romsterwith all the things i do i know i've been neglecting shell stuff.02:13
LukcIt depends on how much modules you load.02:13
Romsteri see a issue though02:13
Romsterstuff that needs arrays that has the bash shebang line, no bash installed but then ksh may fail on some other bits like variable tokens that you hit on readline and curses.02:15
Romsterthat's if you went around seding all bash or symlink bash to zsh02:15
LukcOr we could make a list of compatible shells and use a wrapper… :-/02:15
Romsteri would imagine the majority of stuff that requires array would use bash02:15
LukcI hope not. :-/02:16
Romsterthat's what i was exactly thinking -_-02:16
Romsteror even better check in configure if shell supports all the funky stuff required in the shell scripts.02:16
Romsterthen use /bin/sh02:16
Romsteror another shell if found that satisfies all the requirement's.02:17
Romsterbut i know what will happen lazyness will go eh just use bash :D02:17
LukcOr use a config file in /etc to know what shell to use.02:18
LukcThis is bad. This is how GNU invaded the world. /o\02:18
Lukczsh, when called as as, will disable extensions such as arrays, particular builtins, etc.02:20
LukcThis is a big advantage when you want to make sure a script will run everywhere.02:20
Lukc’Could be used to check the shebang too.02:20
LukcOr, we define a set of features we want on a cool shell and put a symlink on /bin/whatever-name-for-a-cool-shell and use that when pure-sh is not enough.02:21
Romsterjust found this.02:21
Romsteralpha stage though02:22
LukcYes, but nice anyway. :D02:23
LukcWell, I ran rc, rc.single and rc.multi with zsh.02:25
LukcI have no problem to report. :<02:25
Romsterso remove bash sed the bash to zsh in the rc port files then see if your pc boots <<02:31
LukcI fairly confident it will work. Let’s do this.™02:32
Romsterconfiguring a new kernel for my firewall then i'm gonna add in a ups before i bring it back up.02:32
Romsterhmm does much stuff use DCCP yet?02:33
LukcI dunno what DCCP is. :×02:34
LukcRomster, my system boots. \o/02:34
RomsterDatagram Congestion Control Protocol02:34
LukcWithout a warning.02:34
Romstercheck dmesg02:34
Romsterthen i guess rc is ksh friendly then.02:34
Romsteri always get that confused zsh/ksh02:35
Romsterbtw i use IMQ on my firewall and a ton of tc netfilter stuff so i'm doing a bit of review of how i could make it even better.02:37
LukcSo, the only scripts really requiring bash are ports and pkgmk?02:37
Romstermight be outside your knowledge base it's complex.02:37
Romsterhmm tried modifying those?02:38
LukcYes. :D02:38
Romsterso what breaks?02:38
LukcIn ports it’s shopt -s nullglob, IIRC.02:38
Romstercan't see ports requirng bash02:38
LukcYou have to use setopt NULL_GLOB on zsh.02:39
LukcThe distinction bash/zsh can be made with $ZSH_VERSION and/or $BASH_VERSION.02:39
LukcSo, three more lines and there’s no issue.02:39
Romstercan it be done with less lines like rewriting affected ports functions?02:40
LukcIt can be done with less lines by writing [[ -n "$ZSH_VERSION" ]] && setopt NULL_GLOB; [[ -n "$BASH_VERSION" ]] && shopt -s nullglob. That’s only one more line.02:42
Romsterthat's ugly though02:43
Romsterand requires devs to test on zsh too02:44
Romsterrewriting it to be friendly on bash and zsh would be best if possible.02:44
LukcI think it would be easier to just add the ZSH_VERSION line.02:44
RomsterIf a word contains an unquoted instance of one of the characters ?*?, ?(?, ?|?, ?<?, ?[?, or ???, it is regarded as a pattern for filename generation02:45
Romsterso quoting is no go?02:46
Romsteri haven't looked and i'm preocopied on other stuff.02:46
LukcThe issue is around the two "for driver in /etc/ports/drivers/*; do" lines.02:46
LukcI guess it could be possible to call ls instead.02:46
Romsteri figured it's probably on the that bit of code.02:47
LukcBut calling external tools should be avoided if possible.02:47
LukcIt is. I checked. :p02:47
Romsterok that's compiling...02:49
Romsterfor driver in /etc/ports/drivers/*; do02:51
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Romsteroh it's probably this line02:51
Romsterfor file in /etc/ports/$collection.*; do02:52
LukcThis is what I just told ya’. >_<02:52
LukcAnd there’s another one below.02:52
Romsteri wasn't paying much attention you try doing a few things at the same time.02:52
Romsterglobing a filename.02:53
Romsterwould be slower but a subshell for ls would work.02:53
LukcI checked and it seems to.02:54
Romsterfor file in /etc/ports/$collection.$(ls); do02:54
Romsteror probably file in /etc/ports/$collection.$(ls|xargs); do02:54
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Romsterah no that wont work02:54
Lukcfor driver in $(ls /etc/ports/drivers/); do works for me.02:55
Romsteryeah that would02:55
Romsteri see a issue there it may match the ~ files02:55
LukcDoes it not already?02:56
Lukc[[ "$file" =~ *~ ]] && continue02:56
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Romsterfor driver in $(ls -B /etc/ports/drivers/); do02:56
LukcThat’s not sh-compliant, but it should work with both bash and zsh.02:56
Romsterfile a feature request for core/ports :)02:57
Romsterthat'll not be much slower and will work across more shells.02:57
LukcYes, but not right now. I got to go.02:57
LukcSee you this afternoon.02:57
Romsterifi'm around.02:57
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LukcWell, didn’t had to go. I’m back. \o/03:21
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Romsterbbs installing ups03:32
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LukcRomster, so, what are we gonna do about the rc scripts?04:18
Romsternothing they seem to work fine04:22
Romsterbut that fix for core/ports make a feature request for that.04:23
Romstersugest the NULL_GLOB and that ls -B ... workaround04:23
LukcI’m adding the NULL_GLOB to the task.04:25
Romsterpkgutils will work after you sed the lines to zsh but there needs a better way to deal with different shells before something more permanent is accepted.04:25
LukcRomster, nope.04:25
LukcThere are [[ $var ]] in pkgmk.04:25
Romsterthat also breaks zsh?04:25
Lukczsh does not check if variables have been declared that way.04:26
Romsterany alternitives to that?04:26
Romsteroh that's the shorthand to those if then else statements.04:26
Rotwangwhy switch to zsh?04:27
LukcUh, no.04:27
LukcI was talking about the if ! [[ $var ]]; then error "var not declared" stuff.04:28
LukcI don’t remeber how zsh checks that.04:28
LukcRotwang, why not?04:28
Rotwangbash is well tested, well known shell04:29
Romsteralso huge too.04:29
Lukczsh is also well tested.04:29
Rotwangand does good job04:29
RotwangRomster: are running crux on an embedded device?04:29
Romsterif [ ! -d $1 ]; then <- those don't work in zsh Lukc ?04:29
LukcRomster, yes, they do.04:30
Romsterdo work or don't work?04:30
LukcDo work. :p04:30
Romsterwhat line in pkgmk does not work?04:30
LukcI’m checking for what caused trouble.04:30
Rotwanguntil you go embedded I don't find that argument valid04:30
Romsterwhat's wrong with choice?04:30
LukcRomster, check_pkgfile()04:31
Romsterproviding being compatible with the common shells is trivial and not requiring major re-factoring of code.04:31
LukcBut it might have been because I when I tested I converted [ to [[.04:32
* Romster is confused.04:33
LukcYes, must be that.04:33
LukcNever mind. :D04:33
Romsteruse stock pkgutils see if it works other than the shebang being zsh04:34
Romstermight wanna grep though prt-utils for shell stuff related to bash if there is any.04:34
Lukcmain:.:15: no such file or directory: Pkgfile04:35
LukcMust use ". ./Pkgfile" instead of ". Pkgfile".04:35
LukcAnd a call to type is wrong, too.04:36
LukcArf. A lot of things are wrong. \o/04:39
Lukcecho $PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR/${BASH_REMATCH[2]} :|04:45
LukcI suppose this won’t work either.04:45
RotwangLukc: that is because some bash specific features are used04:51
Rotwangit won't work with snap of a fingers04:51
LukcRotwang, I’ll make it work. Don’t worry about that. :|04:59
RotwangI'm not implying you wont05:00
LukcRomster, I managed to make it work with zsh, but I had to edit ±25lines. I’m checking if everything still works with bash.05:02
LukcUh, I removed bash. I’ll wait until it’s compiled. :|05:02
LukcSeems to work fine with both bash and zsh.05:06
Romstermake a diff -pruN and pastebin it or attach to bug feature request so we can review it.05:11
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LukcRomster, it’s done.05:12
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RomsterLukc, also test your changes with out zsh installed05:31
LukcRomster, why? I run the scripts with "shell script" each time, to be sure the shebang isn’t used.05:32
Lukc(eg. "zsh")05:33
Romsterhmm k i did man get_type and ther eis no entry i'm guessing it's a shell builtin05:41
LukcRomster: nope.05:41
LukcIt’s a function I declared.05:42
LukcTo compensate for the different behaviors of type() in bash and zsh.05:42
Romsteri obliviously didn't look too much at that... seriusly doing other crap around here i can't pay enough attention to this05:43
LukcI understand. :)05:44
Romstermade a ton of arrays for strings  on vars.05:52
LukcWithout that, zsh considers the commands or options as a single command or option containing space.05:53
Romstereven with quotation marks?05:53
LukcI thought quotation marks were used to have the same result and therefor didn’t test it. :o05:54
RomsterSRC=foo; COMMAND=bar; COMMAND="bsdtar -p -o -C $SRC -xf $LOCAL_FILENAME"; echo $COMMAND; bsdtar -p -o -C foo -xf05:57
Romsterhmm that05:57
LukcWouldn’t be as efficient. :o05:58
Romsterweird the shell should parse any vars with double quotation marks...05:58
Romsterbut zsh does not05:58
Lukczsh can be very strict with arrays.05:58
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Romsteri was doing a example on zsh to see what it would do05:58
Romstershouldn't need arrays for a command string.05:59
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Romstermeh i don't understand how zsh works, i thought every language had the meaning that '' is lazy quoting and " " causes everything inside the quotation marks to be evaluated first06:03
LukcRomster, with zsh, if you run var="a b c"; $var; zsh will try to execute "a b c" and not "a" "b" "c".06:03
LukcThis is how '' and "" work. :o06:03
Romsterthen tell me why zsh does not work on this example that works in bash
Romsterthat is the expected behavior for ' ' and " "06:06
Romsterif you run var="a b c"; $var; bash will execute a and pass b and c as parameters to a06:07
Romsteri'm either brain dead or something does not add up here.06:08
LukcBecause bash splits the variable and zsh does not?06:10
LukcWhat’s wrong on your past?06:10
Romsternothing but zsh does not show $SRC or $LOCAL_FILENAME it omits these.06:11
LukcI see foo and bar in the variable.06:12
LukcThe first time.06:12
LukcAnd $SRC and $LOCAL_FILENAME the second time.06:12
Romsterdouble quotation marks does not resolve the variables06:14
Romsterecho $bar06:14
Romstershould equal foo06:14
Romstererr wrong example..06:14
LukcYes, wrong example. :D06:15
Romsterfoo=bar; echo foo; $bar06:15
Lukc*echo $foo; bar ?06:15
Romsteroh for gods sake06:15
Romsterfoo=bar; echo $foo; $bar06:15
Lukc*-$ ?06:15
LukcYes, and what’s wrong with that?06:15
Romsternevermind i'm jsut going to fucking walk away, i can't think06:16
Romsteri need a holliday06:16
Romsterwhat is wrong with zsh it hates the home end keys, and goes spastic.06:17
Romster(havne't used your zsh rc yet)06:17
LukcThen use it.06:18
LukcIt solves some problems.06:18
Lukczsh does not manage these by default. You have to load zle modules, or something like that.06:18
Romsterfoo="a $bar"06:18
Romsterecho $foo06:18
Romstera b06:18
Lukc(zle being the library zsh uses for command-line interaction)06:19
Romsteryeah that does work...06:19
LukcOf course it does. :x06:19
Romsterthen why do you need to change COMMAND into an array?06:19
teK_AND you can play tetris with it06:19
Lukcit is a variable with spaces.06:19
LukcteK_, very good point.06:19
LukcRomster: $cmd is a single value, which may contain spaces, while ${cmd[*]} is a array of values.06:20
Romsterif you run var="a b c"; $var; bash will execute a and pass b and c as parameters to a06:20
Romsterdoes zsh not follow this?06:20
LukcSo, zsh does not call "a b c" but "a" "b" "c".06:20
LukcNo, zsh does not modify the variables without your consent. :D06:20
LukcThat includes spliting them.06:21
Romsterthis is like the a b c on the command line06:21
Romsterb and c is a option to command a06:21
Romsterwhat your saying is more like for p in a b c; do $p; done06:22
LukcYes, but for zsh, if you put them all in the same variable, then the command includes them and the spaces, and that’s all.06:22
LukcNo, it’s not.06:23
LukcI think.06:23
LukcRomster, var="a b c"; $var -d is just like doing "a b c" -d. var(a b c); ${var[*]} -d is like doing a b c -d.06:24
LukcThat’s just it.06:24
LukcAnyway, my diff does work with both bash and zsh.06:24
LukcBecause bash doesn’t care, because that’s what it was doing before you asked it.06:24
Romsterthe heck is wrong with zsh
Romsteri'm doing something braindead i'm seriously going out06:31
LukcYes, you are.06:31
Lukca=(grep cpu /proc/cpuinfo)06:31
Lukcecho $($a[*])06:31
Lukczsh said "no such file or directory: grep cpu /proc/cpuinfo"06:32
LukcThat means "THERE IS NO DAMN 'grep cpu /proc/cpuinfo/ FILE".06:32
Lukc(put the "'" instead of the last "/")06:33
ente_is /proc mounted?06:40
Romsternevermind i've been doing far too much and now i've lost all train of thought or rational thinking, and to top it all off now i can't push some port updates... going to play pool06:40
ente_hm, zsh06:41
LukcWhy don’t you understand that, for zsh, you are calling the file named "grep cpu /proc/cpuinfo", which of course does not exist? :(06:42
ente_I didn't bother to read right :P06:43
ente_but yes, there seems to be a dollar missing06:44
LukcUh… mainly a [*].06:45
* ente_ doesn't know zsh, and doesn't know why he'd want to know06:47
LukcBecause zsh is cool.06:48
LukcWhen you know how to use it. ]:->06:48
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joe9romster, I am converting your instructions into these:
joe9lukc, your thoughts are welcome too.07:30
LukcUh… WTF?07:35
Lukcjoe9, use { echo a; echo b; } > file07:36
LukcIt’s easier to read. :/07:36
LukcPlease. O:507:36
joe9failing log:  build instructions:
joe9i am putting in the correct password.07:38
joe9not sure why it will not let sudo work.07:38
joe9and, the error: cannot be preloaded07:39
LukcAre you using fakeroot?07:39
joe9Lukc: yes, pkgmk is configured to use fakeroot07:40
joe9makecommand       sudo -H -u pkgmk /usr/bin/fakeroot /usr/bin/pkgmk07:40
joe9looks like it is a popular issue.07:41
LukcAnd without sudo, it doesn’t have the right permissions? :/07:41
joe9 new log07:42
joe9unset'ting LD_PRELOAD seems to get through that error message07:43
joe9      LD_PRELOAD="" sudo mount -o loop crux-2.7.1.iso mnt07:43
joe9but, sudo does not work still.07:43
joe9i can probably put something in /etc/fstab to allow non-root loopback mounts07:44
joe9should not be a big deal, is it?07:45
LukcDunno. :|07:45
joe9Pkgfile : log,
joe9i am already root. not sure why i cannot just mount it.07:46
joe9log without sudo for the mount command:
*** jse has joined #crux07:57
joe9is there a simple mechanism to disable the usage of fakeroot for one port?08:27
joe9Romster: have you encountered the need to do such?08:27
joe9Romster:  log:
joe9pkgfile that leads to that is:
joe9+ /tmp/pkgadd -r /var/pkgmk/work/xc16-bin/pkg core/acl#2.2.51-1.pkg.tar.xz08:29
joe9pkgadd: only root can install/upgrade packages08:29
joe9I want to do that from Pkgfile.08:29
joe9any suggestions, please?08:30
Lukcuse tar08:31
LukcYou don’t need the var/lib/pkg/db file.08:31
joe9Lukc: is pkgadd just a glorified tar?08:33
joe9Lukc: thanks, that is a good idea.08:33
Rotwangnot really08:33
Rotwangbut mostly yes08:34
*** lasso has quit IRC08:34
Lukc“no[…]but[…]yes” Nice. :p08:35
joe9thanks, guys. got through that hurdle. but realized, I cannot chroot in a Pkgfile as I cannot mount proc sys or dev08:38
*** lasso has joined #crux08:38
joe9again, the sudo issue with mount08:38
joe9and I do not want to change the mount permissions.08:39
Lukcjoe9, you don’t need those for all tasks.08:39
joe9Lukc: good point. let me try without them.08:39
LukcBut, I guess you need at least proc and dev for what you are trying to do. :-|08:39
joe9lukc, oh, ok. that is a no go then.08:51
joe9lukc, my best bet is to disable fakeroot for just this port.08:51
joe9any suggestions on how to do that, please? other than having to run the pkgmk commands manually.08:52
joe9Rotwang: any thoughts, please?08:52
joe9i just did a "hail mary" pass by creating the proc and dev directories08:53
joe9and it worked.08:53
LukcNo idea. Do you know how to get out of fakeroot while you’re inside it?08:53
joe9Lukc: no, I do not.08:54
LukcWell, then you’re screwed, I guess. :p08:54
Rotwangquery virhilo08:55
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*** mike_k_ has joined #crux09:28
joe9it looks like the pre-install scripts can be run as root as there is no fakeroot wrapper around them.09:39
joe9I notice that the SRC and PKG variables are not present for the pre-install or post-install scripts09:40
joe9and, those dirs are created after the pre-install script09:40
LukcThey are used only in pkgmk.09:40
Rotwangjoe9: *-install scripts are used by prt-get, not supported by pkgutils09:46
joe9Rotwang: any suggestions on how I should go about what I am doing. I need sudo chroot and sudo on mount. I cannot have them when I run fakeroot of prt-get makecommand.09:47
joe9At this point, either I add a pre-install and run the stuff under prt-get09:47
joe9or, explicitly state that this package will not run under prt-get and09:47
joe9just use the sudo stuff in the Pkgfile.09:48
joe9i think pkgmk does not have an issue with the sudo stuff.09:48
Rotwangpkgmk doesn't fakeroot probably has09:49
joe9Rotwang: what do you mean? i am sorry I do not understand.09:50
Lukcjoe9, he means fakeroot probably has a problem with sudo.09:51
LukcBut pkgmk has no problem with it.09:51
Rotwangjoe9: this whole pkgfile doesn't look like a job for pkgmk09:52
RotwangI don't understand, you are creating crux chroot inside $PKG?09:52
joe9Rotwang: yes. I have a binary installer that does not run when not run as root09:52
RotwangI think that is an overkill09:52
joe9Rotwang: and, I do not trust it enough to give sudo access.09:52
joe9Rotwang: any other alternatives, please?09:53
Rotwangyou could repeat steps that are done by the installer09:53
Rotwanginside pkgfile09:53
LukcBuild in chroot, install the binary package on the host.09:53
Rotwangfor sure there is no magic09:53
Rotwangin that installer09:53
joe9Rotwang: this is the corresponding arch package:
LukcI mean, run pkgmk in a chroot, not a chroot in pkgmk.09:54
Lukc(you follow?)09:54
joe9Rotwang: it is a binary installer.09:54
joe9Rotwang: have no clue what it is doing.09:54
LukcThat is a problem. :|09:54
Rotwangecho -e "Creating the Package\n  Please wait..." <-- LOL09:54
LukcYes, it’s loling.09:55
joe9Lukc: i can do pkgmk in a chroot. but, I would be doing that manually.09:55
joe9Lukc: I want to build it as a port.09:55
Rotwangjoe9: can you look in that installer with say od?09:56
joe9Rotwang, i tried strings, ldd, etc. not od.09:56
joe9let me try that.09:56
Rotwangod -tx1z something-something.run09:56
Rotwangit probably is "self extracting archive" with embedded shell script09:57
joe9Rotwang: cannot figure out what it is showing. mostly unrecognised chars to me.09:58
joe9like this:
Rotwangjoe9: you have shown only part of that file09:59
Rotwangplease use less and see if there are some ascii chars09:59
joe9ok, will do. Rotwang10:00
Rotwanga collection of ascii chars that makes sense*10:00
joe9Rotwang: this is the beginning of the file: it is an elf format, i think
Rotwangyes, it seems to be an elf10:00
Rotwangso it is not an embedded shell script10:01
joe9Rotwang: can I do objdump or something like that to see the contents of an elf file?10:01
Rotwangjoe9: you can disassemble it if you want10:01
Rotwangdoubt that it will help10:01
Rotwanganyway, that shows how shitty job their release engineers has done10:02
Rotwangand it is an elf in an elf?10:03
teK_why not..10:04
teK_self extracting eLf archive ;)10:04
joe9what should I do?10:07
joe9what do you recommend?10:07
Rotwangjoe9: create chroot setup by hand in which you will run pkgmk without fakeroot10:08
Rotwangthen add package on a host10:08
Rotwangthat's probably what I'd do10:08
joe9ok, thanks.10:08
joe9this is what i get about that file:
Rotwangyes, that is what we already determined10:21
Rotwangit is an elf10:21
joe9i think they wanted to hide what it does.10:25
RotwangI think they are retarded10:25
LukcI agree.10:30
joe9i do not understand how it works without anything on arch10:37
joe9unless they are creating a chroot'ed env for every pkgbuild.10:37
Rotwangdoubt it10:40
Rotwangon the other hand you could run the installer directly in chroot10:40
Rotwangas another user10:41
*** joacim has quit IRC10:41
frinnstso fucking typical.. white shirt and the first thing I do is stain it with coffeee10:52
LukcMy father stained a black shirt with white paint not long ago. I guess the color of the shirt is irrelevant.11:10
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*** sammi` has joined #crux11:10
horrorStrucki'd say it is. stain a white shirt with white paint and everything went better than expected11:18
Romsteri just got home your doing what now joe9 O_O looks like an entire chroot and build in side a Pkgfile bajebis... huge task for one single port.11:21
horrorStruckanyway, it's not the right time to have a coffee. beer is more appropriate.11:21
joe9Romster: yes.11:21
joe9but, I cannot think of any easier way of doing this.11:21
joe9romster: this is the arch build:
horrorStruckRomster: ^^11:22
joe9Romster: whereas in crux: Pkgfile:
Romsterit's 2:24 am i played pool listened to a band and for once i didn't drink, got a coffee now.11:24
horrorStruckbeware your shirt :P havent looked at the vids yet but i'm pretty sure they're interesting11:26
Romsterwhy the heck you need a chroot for that joe9 your not even compiling it's all binary ?11:27
joe9Romster: 1. I could not get it to run.-- but I think I can now. 2. It is a 32 bit binary and I want to run it on 64 bit machines too.11:29
Romsterwell you will need 32bit compat in your kernel, and probably glibc-32 as well.11:30
joe9romster, oh, ok.11:31
joe9romster, that's it.?11:32
Romsteri'm not sure but you may need to be multilib core for that to run, but seeing as you don't have to compile it11:34
joe9romster, thanks.11:35
Romstermight be easier to just make a 32bit chroot and run it in there?11:35
Romsteri gave you the instructions for doing that.11:35
Romsteri could probably knock up a Pkgfile and it would work on my miltilib desktop.11:35
Romsternot certain but it might call for some 32bit libstdc++ or something too tried a ldd on the binary to see what it needs?11:36
*** pitillo has quit IRC11:44
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*** pitillo has joined #crux11:46
Romsteri have noticed in the past that .tar files don't get extracted.11:47
*** Rotwang has quit IRC11:47
Romsterjoe9, i notice you don't export your vars11:47
Romsterhave you tried that?11:48
Romster[ $CARCH = x86_64 ] && depends=(lib32-gcc-libs) <- yeah that means you need a 32bit toolchain so only way todo that on system would be to gram jaeger's multilib iso and install core over yours enable 32bit compat in kernel, then go on from there.11:52
*** Rotwang has joined #crux11:57
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*** SiFuh has joined #crux12:27
Romsterjoe9,  i see why you want to use a chroot though now...12:28
RomsterError: There has been an error.12:28
RomsterError creating directory /opt/microchip/xclm12:28
Romsterhard coded paths12:29
Rotwangso how does it work for arch people? [;12:30
RotwangI bet it really doesn't12:30
Romsteri bet it installs outside there package build directory.12:30
*** SiFuh has quit IRC12:41
Romsteri have an idea. use pkg-not track what i got in my chroot now, install this port then use pkg-not to track all it's bits down then tarball the sucker.12:41
*** SiFuh has joined #crux12:42
jseApple fans: nailed it, frinnst.13:42
*** horrorStruck has quit IRC14:10
joe9Romster: I want to put this in pre-install "sudo ln -sf /var/pkgmk/work/xc16-bin/pkg/opt/microchip /opt/microchip" to take care of the hardcoded path14:50
joe9and then remove that in the post-install script.14:50
joe9Romster: let me check pkg-not14:51
joe9Romster: another thing I did was to create a chroot, add everything there to git. install this and see what git status says about files not added.14:52
joe9the easier option is to just say that it does not work with x86_64 and leave it as a 32 bit port.14:52
joe9I think this is the better option as I always have a 32 bit machine lying around.14:53
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joe9i have the .nostrip file but I still get the strip lines:
joe9any thoughts on what i might be missing?20:14
joe9don't bother. I did not have any files listed in the .nostrip file20:20
joe9install log: pkgfile: pre-install and post-install files:
joe9the installer is changing the owner of /opt/microchip to root20:37
joe9romster, the binary installer seems to be changing the permissions on the /opt/microchip directory.20:40
joe9when I create that directory with a symlink to the $PKG/opt/microchip, the check_footprint shows a warning about already installed packages.20:40
*** horrorStruck has joined #crux20:58
joe9romster, I am changing the ownership of /opt in pre-install to pkgmk:pkgmk and putting it back to root:root in post-install21:01
*** pidsley has joined #crux21:04
joe9romster: pre-install: post-install: Pkgfile:
*** pidsley has joined #crux21:06
joe9the above is a working solution. not sure if you can think of something better.21:06
*** Romster has joined #crux21:35
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joe9romster, if you have a few minutes, this is the port that I ended up with:
Romsterpower must of went out at 6am by the looks of it...21:44
Romsterline 56 writes outside of work directory = very bad.21:48
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC21:48
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux21:49
Romsteronly sane way i can see doing this is to make chroot install said port in chroot, then find all the bits to it with pkg-not then tarball it then use that as the source tarball in the Pkgfile to install on system, or ditch using a Pkgfile for that and make a install script to install it to system.21:50
* Romster gets coffee21:51
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