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Rotwanglooking for good software to run specified shell command/script on multiple hosts12:37
Rotwangsomething like: for host in host1 host2 host3; do ssh $host "my command"; done12:38
Rotwangbut fancier12:38
Rotwangany suggestions?12:38
jaegertry pssh12:39
Rotwangwill look into it12:41
RotwangDeutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang ?12:45
jaegerdomestic shorthair12:45
tilmanhahah :D12:46
Rotwangboth pssh and dsh looks suitable12:47
Rotwangon the other hand, any experiences with supervisord?12:47
Rotwanganyone used it?12:47
jaegerI've not used any of the above12:47
tilmani'm using dsh, it's perfect(tm)12:48
tilmanno idea how it compares to its ... alternatives though :D12:48
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