IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2012-09-27

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Romsterjoe9, am now what have you done this time feels like deja ue03:09
frinnstanybody tried adobes "source code pro" font yet?03:11
Romsternot yet03:18
frinnstwhy is it such a main to get otf/ttf fonts to look good in a terminal?03:29
frinnstlets see how long I can stand it03:36
frinnst"main" yeah.. pain perhaps03:38
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frinnstholy fuck05:11
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krueacrux: Have you tried building lftp on ppc64?06:28
krueI'm getting the following errors:
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frinnstwell said07:42
acruxkrue: no, i didn't. I use ncftp but, anyway, i'll do a try08:29
joe9romster, i get this now:
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: enscript: update to 1.6.609:18
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: nvidia: update to 304.5109:18
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acruxjaeger: in mate/p5-xml-simple Pkgfile12:18
acruxthere is Depends on: p5-xml-simple12:18
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