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frinnstnogagplz: HOW DID YOU KNOW?!02:27
niklaswegood morning :)02:28
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Romsterjave busted again07:04
Romsterjava even07:05
frinnstbusiness as usual in other words07:26
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frinnstthe pic is priceless09:06
joe9romster, i cannot push to your repo. wondering if you can help in any way. It asks me for the password.
joe9my .ssh folder:
joe9i am not sure we could exchange the public keys again and if that might help.09:08
Romsterjoe9, you had this same problem last time09:12
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: xterm: updated to 28209:13
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-mixer: updated to 4.9.009:13
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-places-plugin: updated to 1.5.009:13
joe9Romster: yes, but, for some reason, it just fixed itself on reboot then.09:13
joe9Romster: i am sure I rebooted before but let me try again. just to be sure.09:13
joe9romster, will be back in a few mins.09:14
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joe9romster, no luck. this is after reboot:
Romstervery strange i have not touched gitolite it's been fine...09:45
Romsteryou sure you didn't corupt your ~/.ssh/config file?09:46
joe9Romster: let me try re-installing openssl/openssh again.09:46
joe9Romster: this is my .ssh/config:
frinnstpermissions on your private key?09:46
Romsterthat too.09:47
Romsterls -lh ~/.ssh/joe909:47
joe9 nope. the only thing I did was removed the key from known_hosts when it started complaining about it.09:48
joe9romster ^^09:48
joe9 is what it says when I do that again.09:49
Romstergenerate a new key mail it to me i'll replace it with yours.09:49
joe9ok, cool. thanks.09:49
joe9Romster: very sorry for the bother.09:50
Romsterno idea why your having problems and nogagplz does not.09:50
Romsteri guess i have to expect something breaks when i don't know how... or why.09:50
Romsterand the fact is it's working for me... and nogagplz .09:51
Romsterso seems problem is on joe9's end09:51
joe9does nogagplz update his kernel or openssl packages/ports often?09:51
Romsterno idea nogagplz ?09:52
Romsterguess he is afk09:53
joe9i am just trying reinstalling openssh. let me see if that help.09:54
Romsterwhats more weird is i see no failed ssh connection attempts from you09:55
Romsterwhat is your ip09:55
Romstermaybe you got blacklisted.09:55
Romsteri do have a high level of protection here09:55
joe9is my ip09:55
joe9romster, will be back in a few minutes. I will reboot. just reinstalled openssh.09:56
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Romsterno references to that ip which is good.10:00
joe9romster, no luck. I will just send my new .pub file.10:00
joe9ok, thanks.10:00
Romstercomputers designed to confuse10:00
Romsterhmm unless my dns is out? working for you?10:03 has address
Romsteryeah that's right10:06
Romsterhmm ports are not listed on crux's portsdb10:09
Romsteri think my apache server wasn't running.10:09
Romsterbut logs says it's been up since apache update.10:10
joe9romster, I emailed the .pub file.10:10
joe9 ping romster.dyndns.org10:11
Romsterthat's a bit high10:11
Romsteroh but i do have ICMP protection from too many pings too.10:11
Romsterbut that's like 5 per a second.10:12
joe9little better now:
Romsteryeah me QoS is working still. it's a little slow to get going.10:12
Romsterno email yet10:20
joe9romster,i had sent it to,
joe9romster, i can send it to monster.romster @ gmail10:23 does nto exist anymore and it's monster.romster @ gmail dot com10:23
Romsterwhere did oyu even get from that's not mine... wish it was.10:24
joe9Romster: oh, sorry about that. let me generate and send another then.10:24
Romsterit's in every port i maintain. there we go email received.10:25
joe9romster, can you please use the second email10:25
Romsterfreaking hell. ok.10:26
joe9Romster: thanks a lot and sorry for the bother.10:26
Romsterit's ok10:26
Romstertry now.10:30
joe9romster, still asking for a password.10:31
Romsternot possible...10:31
Romsteryou sure you put it in your ~/.ssh/joe910:32
RomsterIdentityFile ~/.ssh/joe910:33
joe9Romster: yes, I think so.10:33
Romsterthe new one not the old one.10:33
joe9romster, I just overwrote the old one.10:33
joe9with the new generated one.10:33
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joe9Romster: do you see my connection in the logs?10:35
Romsterso is your ssh config designed to use keyfiles, i don't beleave there is a setting to use them though.10:35
joe9 is my ip, btw.10:36
Romsteri already grepped no logs of that ip....10:36
joe9 added these 2 lines. still no effect.10:37
joe9will check my /etc/ssh/ssh_config10:37
joe9romster, my ssh_config:
Romsternothing really set that could affect this...10:41
joe9oh, ok. thanks.10:42
joe9romster, not sure if this helps:
Romsteronce that's in host_allowed it should not ask anymore.10:45
Romsterknown_hosts sorry10:45
Romsterls -lh ~/.ssh/known_hosts should be -rw------- 1 j users10:46
Romsterjoe9, btw why do i see 'joe users' but your user is j10:47
Romsternot joe910:48
Romsteror you did a funky thing and used joe9 for the user and joe9's home directory as /home/j/10:48
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Romsteri mess a permission issue here joe910:50
Romstererr smell...10:50
Romstercan't add to known_hosts so it'll keep refusing to use the key.10:50
Romsterjoe9, echo $USER10:51
Romsterthen use that in sudo chown -R j:users /home/j/.ssh10:52
Romsterj being what $USER reports10:52
Romsternearly 2am i need sleep10:53
joe9romster, had stepped away for a few mins.10:53
joe9Romster: go to bed.10:53
joe9Romster: will do the above and I will keep you posted.10:53
joe9romster, it is nothing critical.10:53
Romsterk, g'night10:54
joe9romster, " you did a funky thing and used joe9 for the user and joe9's home directory as /home/j/" --  yes10:54
joe9my user id is joe, and the home directory is /home/j10:54
Romstersudo chown -R joe:users /home/j/.ssh10:55
joe9no luck even with that.10:56
joe9s/that/with chown -R above/10:56
Romstermeh revdep system i'm out of ideas.10:56
Romsterworks here....10:56
joe9romster, ok, let me check the command to check the connection using ssh -vvv10:57
Romsteri know it's not a firewall issue i can remote ssh too here too.10:57
joe9Romster: that will probably give better ideas.10:57
joe9Romster: i doubt that it is something on your end. it started happening after my kernel upgrade.10:57
joe9romster, let me check further on my end.10:57
Romsterperhaps lok though known_hosts for any fire or 202.168 or whatever and remove those.10:58
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joe9Romster: i do not have a lot of known_hosts10:58
joe9and I see only your entry with fire (and another for firefox, my other box)10:58
joe9and nothing else for 202.10:59
Romsterhmm becuse your using the fire host in config which is to be expected10:59
Romsterremove that fire line then do yes on unknown fingerprint10:59
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joe9romster, nope no luck.11:00
Romsterthough i doubt i can see why that would change i haven't done anything this end to change my finger print11:00
joe9actually ,I do not see any fire in my known_hosts, only firefox11:00
joe9and another entry for romster.dyn...11:01
joe9romster, don't bother anymore. not worth your time. go to bed.11:01
Romstermove that file touch a empty known_hosts file retest.11:02
* Romster shrugs and heads to bed11:02
LukcGood night.11:06
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sudaraka_how do I downgrade/rollback a package?15:48
frinnstdo you still have the package around?15:53
frinnstjust pkgadd -u <pkg> if that's the case15:53
frinnstotherwise you'll need to edit the Pkgfile of the port and rebuild15:54
Rotwangor get it from git15:54
frinnstyeah, but probably more work :)15:54
sudaraka_frinnst: oh ok, so is it just changing the version number?15:55
frinnstprobably, yeah15:55
frinnstdepends on what changes were made15:55
frinnstbut as Rotwang said, git is your friend:
sudaraka_ok, I'll give it a try thanks15:57
sudaraka_btw, is there are an issue with current udev? after update to 182-1 it won't populate the /dev properly, that's I'm trying to go back on that15:59
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frinnstyou need devtmpfs in the kernel16:24
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sudaraka_frinnst: that was it. Thanks16:51
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rmull anybody here have a latex setup working?21:00
rmullTrying to figure out why my fonts are not working21:01
rmullI'm not trying very hard at the moment though21:01
rmullAll I did was install tetex21:08
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rmullAhh, nvm, didn't run the post-install stuff in the README21:34
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