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frinnstanybody used graylog2?04:34
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frinnstfucking brilliant. opensuses iptables-script outputs everything blocked to stdout05:25
frinnstimpossible to see what the fuck im typing05:25
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enteyou probably can turn that off somewhere™ in /etc/sysconfig :>05:42
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frinnst"SuSEfirewall2 stop"06:46
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frinnstbtw, it uses systemd :D07:03
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joe9romster, do you see anything else (different ip, etc) in your logs, when I try to connect?07:06
enteof course it uses systemd07:09
entecrux and slackware are about the only distros without systemd07:09
frinnstwell, still hasnt trickled down to most distros yet07:19
frinnstbut god it's aweful07:19
enteit has07:22
joacimseems like debian is avoiding it07:23
joacimthey keep it optional07:23
frinnstwonder if systemd will go into rhel707:28
frinnstor whatever the next version is called07:28
enteof course07:28
enteit's a fedora thing07:28
enteit will eventually wind up in RHEL07:29
enteand they'd be stupid to postpone it to RHEL 807:29
frinnstyeah, but in the next version07:29
entepeople could get the idea that red hat isn't serious with systemd07:29
entein fact, systemd could be a clever plan to eliminate competition ;P07:29
frinnstid rather run my servers on proven technology07:29
enteRHEL 4 ;)07:30
frinnstnot something that wont work with a separate /usr, or something that depends on dbus07:30
entedbus is really weird IPC, imho07:30
frinnstand a mess07:30
enteand a *desktop* bus is nothing that belongs on a server07:30
enteand init links directly against libdbus07:30
frinnstsystemd :)07:30
enteyes, but on systemd, systemd is called init07:31
frinnstnot on this machine07:31
enteis that machine on systemd?07:31
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frinnstpid 1 is /bin/systemd07:31
entemaybe they do the weird linux equivalent to setproctitle()?07:31
frinnstopensuse 12.107:32
entemy logs are so webscale :)07:32
ente <- OH GOD MY EYES07:33
enteor rather my brain07:33
frinnstthe UI is pink! :D07:33
frinnstactually, its not that bad07:33
frinnstbut you need to be sure about your masculinity :)07:34
entethe problem is that the product description says something about logs and lasers07:34
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entehm, maybe I can make syslogd tweet07:35
entethat sure would make sense07:35
frinnst76762 messages / 10 minutes07:36
frinnsttwitter would love it :)07:36
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joacimi'd like a small projector pointed at my face that mirrors my main lcd07:37
joacimjust like in hackers07:37
entenote to self, spell it system d the next time07:44
frinnstsystem D07:46
ente"oh, I thought it was written in D, as opposed to C"07:46
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enteother than that, systemd does have some points08:29
frinnstsystem D08:50
frinnstfixed that for you08:50
enteSystème D!08:56
frinnstsystem D:08:56
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: iproute2: update to 3.6.009:17
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Lukcsystemd… :(10:12
LukcBecause sysvinit sucks does not mean we have to use another init system that sucks even worse. /o\10:13
LukcHowever, Busybox’ init may be a good replacement. /o\10:14
entearch got rid of rc.conf \o/10:38
enteKISS my ass10:38
enteactually, what.10:39
entehm, nevermind10:39
enteah, "for now"10:40
entenobody bothered updating that wiki yet10:40
enteso I heard they removed the setup tool too10:45
LukcThey’re doing love to systemd, right now.10:53
LukcAnd removing everything that made Arch Arch.10:53
LukcI guess they’ll soon rename pacman pacmand.10:54
teK__we need images/stickers on our website: 100% systemd-free10:54
entenah, they'll just switch to packagekit ;P10:54
teK__no, 95% as we use udev10:54
enteand rpm10:54
LukcteK__, speaking of that, we should try to use something else. :310:54
enteit's interesting that the guy in #systemd who talks the most is an arch dev10:55
tilmanLukc: you saw the discussion on crux-devel some 8+ weeks ago?10:55
Lukctilman, nope.10:55
Lukctilman, I’m here since ±3 weeks.10:56
tilmanpeople have been playing with mdev to replace udev iirc10:56
ente"Do not worry about systemd's plans to replace the functionality of cron, acpid, or xinetd. These are not things you need to worry about just yet."^W^Wuntil the next upgrade10:56
LukcAh, great. I did that too.10:56
LukcWorked fine until I broke my kernel.10:56
tilmansince udev and systemd seemed to grow towards each other more. or something/10:56
Lukctilman, what happened to the guys, then?10:56
enteLukc: are you an ex arch user, then?10:56
Lukcente, nope. :)10:57
LukcI barely tried Arch.10:57
enteTip: You can use all of the following systemctl commands with the -H <user>@<host> switch to control a systemd instance on a remote machine.  <-- NetBIOS!10:57
ente(it uses ssh)11:20
LukcEveryone uses ssh.11:23
Lukcente, you’re French I guess? « Système D »11:28
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entehm, upyum. I know that domain.11:30
enteest-ce que tu connais Kooda? :F11:31
Lukcente, “This video contains content from Studio Canal and Universal Pictures, one or more of whom have blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. Sorry about that.”11:31
Lukcente, oui. :o11:31
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Lukcente, je le connais de Frugalware, à l’époque où il était développeur là-bas.11:32
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LukcDe un peu avant, d’ailleurs, en fait.11:32
Lukc(should we not just continue in english?)11:32
enteJust kidding, I'm german. ;)11:32
entebut I already assumed you were a frugalware guy11:32
LukcYou must know you’re speaking the worst language ever, then? :<11:32
LukcI’m not a Frugalware guy. :o11:33
LukcEven if my name’s been on their contributors’ list. /o\11:33
LukcI never used Frugalware, in fact.11:33
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Lukcente, I’m here. \o/13:32
LukcAh, no, sorry. I read “meet” instead of “met”.13:32
* Lukc just shuts up.13:32
entewe meet here as well :P13:33
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niklaswefrinnst: there?14:28
frinnstsort of14:29
niklaswenice :) can we speak in priv for 2 - 3 sec?14:29
frinnstjust msg me14:30
frinnstno need to ask permission :)14:30
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