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sepenfrinnst: thanks for your mail, I found the same issue when trying to build syslinux for 2.805:28
sepenjust I pushed the change;a=shortlog;h=2.805:28
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joe9romster, i am beginning to think if there is a man-in-the-middle attack with my connection and yours. Do you see any other connections coming to your server when I try to connect?06:02
pitilloRomster: hey, is webkit frozen in that version for any reason? (just to know)06:12
Romsterjoe9, i got a isse with fire since i upgraded some ports06:14
Romsterpitillo, not really, if it's not stable06:15
joe9Romster: ok, thanks.06:15
Romsterif stable is out of date i'll look at that shortly06:15
Romstermy bar is in the middle of the screen again damn it06:16
pitillonot sure which is the lastest stable version, but it seems to be some other newer versions out there (I tried to build it and afeter 20h... it broke with an strange message at install level... that's why I'm asking)06:16
Romsteranyone sugest a decent panel? getting sick of pypanel06:16
Romsterthe problem is everyone updates stuff and does not check if that'll affect building other ports, they built fine when i updated them06:18
Romsteri don't have tons of time anymore06:18
pitilloRomster: sure, I don't want to rant, just out of curiosity before rebuilding it again (it's an arm build). Don't take my question bad :)06:19
Romsternah it's fine i'd prefer knowing if it's broken or needs a bump06:19
Romsteruntil i got notfications on all ports it'll be a bit of a hunt and some manual checking.06:20
pitilloRomster: I've just tested under arm, I haven't tested under x86, that's why I ask :)06:21
Romsteri now test on x86 and x86_6406:21
pitillogreat, thank you very much06:21
Romsterbut my build bot is not done yet, one day06:22
Romsterworking on a spider to scrape files on projects currently for version sorting, automatic download version bumping in chroot and building06:23
joe9is there any way to identify man-in-the-middle-attacks on linux machines? is it quite common for something like that to happen?06:26
joe9i do not have a web server, but, my modem is a normally used comcast one.06:27
Romsterjoe9,  in my case i think i got a kernel bug in netfilter so ssh falls back to password06:27
Romsterok killing pypanel06:28
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joe9Romster: oh, ok. thanks.06:34
Romsteri see kernel 3.5.5 is out building now...06:36
Romsteri've never had this crap happen before.06:36
Romsteralso i need a g/f to cook for me so i can do more linuxy stuff than waste time cooking.06:37
frinnstI like your priorities :D06:43
frinnstsepen: \o/06:45
sepenRomster: I don't think that cooking is a way to waste time06:46
sepenI used to listen music while cooking06:46
frinnstI never cook06:46
frinnsttakeout ftw06:46
Romsterget sick of take away06:48
Romsteri enjoy cooking but time.06:49
nogagplzyeah Romster eat nothing but pizza06:49
joe9romster, your health is more important than linuxy stuff.06:55
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joe9i screwed up my health when I was younger06:56
joe9acidity is a common thing from eating too much take-away.06:56
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Romsterdistractiosn can't think food on my mind goes to cook07:03
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Romsternow to resume what i was doing before i get too tired.08:31
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RomsterThe new Power7+ chip has a higher clock speed than its predecessor, at up to 4.4Ghz, but the biggest change is in the Level 3 on-chip memory cache, which IBM has expanded to a sizeable 80MB, from 32MB on the Power7.09:04
Romsterthat's pretty good.09:04
frinnstbeen debugging a connection error for an hour or so. thought it was an issue with a password or something09:22
frinnstturns out i tried to connect to "" instead of localhost09:22
frinnstim such an idiot09:22
* Lukc is not gonna say anything.09:25
frinnsthah, i know you wanna :D09:25
LukcI’m still not gonna say anything.09:27
frinnstheh, relax09:32
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Romsterjoe9, nogagplz try git now should be ok09:35
RomsterLukc, you broke utf8 or i did with xchat...09:36
nogagplzlooks ok again09:36
Romster says it's on.09:36
LukcRomster, I guess it is possible that I restarted irssi.09:38
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LukcRomster, still? ™ ű … ¿09:40
Romster™ ű … ¿09:40
LukcI really don’t know where those problems are coming from. :|09:40
Romsteris it i'm seeing weird glyphs09:41
frinnstlooks ok here09:41
LukcYou mean, not a TM, a u, three '.' and a ? ?09:41
nogagplz™ ű … ¿09:42
LukcWell, that’s what I wrote. :o09:43
LukcI guess it’s okay.09:44
Romsterand it's all screwed up here hmm maybe i'm on the wrong encoding09:44
joe9romster, ok, thanks.09:44
LukcRomster, it’s strange you copied what I wrote, though.09:45
Romsteri got irc client to system default09:45
joe9Romster: works like a charm now.09:45
Romsterand locale is set to LANG=en_AU.utf809:45
Romsterso i am on urt8 so why is it not displaying correctly.09:46
frinnstbecause your irc-client probably uses some other charset for compability reasons09:46
Romsterit's xchat it's set to use system, system is on LANG is it not?09:46
frinnstno clue09:47
LukcMaybe it’s on LC_ALL ?09:47
Romsterneather do i meh don't really care just irritating seeing wrong text.09:47
Romsterno no no that's a last resort override variable.09:48
LukcOk. :(09:49
Romstermaybe it's because crux strips all the locale files out...09:50
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Romstertry now Lukc09:54
ente[16:44] < Romster> and it's all screwed up here hmm maybe i'm on the wrong encoding09:56
enteworks in UTF-809:56
enteRomster: maybe your irssi is setto the wrong encoding?09:57
enteLukc: your utf-8 is perfectly fine09:57
Romsteri meant these it’s09:57
Romsterxchat and it's set to use system encoding.09:57
LukcRomster: ™ ű … ¿ ¡ ẞ ≠ ȧ09:59
LukcRomster, maybe you just don’t have the correct font.09:59
LukcUh, no.09:59
Romsterhmm i get missing glyph Lukc09:59
LukcI didn’t sent any “ÿ”. /o\09:59
RomsterBitstream Vera Sans 1509:59
LukcAnd something else.10:00
LukcBut I doubt it’s that, now.10:00
LukcOr the encoding you’re writing in is not utf8, even if you read utf8.10:01
Romsterlets try sans10:01
Romsterno setting to change that...10:02
LukcThis is one of the reasons for which I prefer XMPP to IRC. :|10:02
Romsterok lets try setting xchat to utf8 explicitly10:02
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joacimoh man. irc is often such a pain when it comes to character encoding.10:03
Romsterfriggen tell me about it i've set to utf-8 in xhcat encodings on server dialog.10:04
LukcRomster, … ™ ű ẏ ǚ ǐ ¿ ¡ ß ™ ẞ º ā10:05
Romster… ™ ű ẏ ǚ ǐ ¿ ¡ ß ™ ẞ º ā10:06
Romsterthat looks fine10:06
Romsterwhat about your it's10:06
Romsterthe ' never worked before.10:06
LukcIt looks fine from here too.10:06
Romsteroh ok that works10:06
Romsterno more boxes of 2 glyphs10:07
Romsterdon't understand what fixed it me setting it to UTF-8 in encodings or enabling locales for xchat or me changing my font10:07
enteRomster: try DejaVu Sans Mono10:10
enteLukc: yeah, well.. today, everything's supposedly UTF-8 in IRC anyway10:11
entebut of course there's no way to be sure and some channels differ on what should be used10:11
joacimthat wasnt the case 8 years ago when i first started using utf810:11
enteirssi actually supports per-channel encodings, and so does probably everything else10:11
joacimi remember people could tell me that unicode was against the rules on efnet10:11
joacimthey were usually someone who hadnt upgraded their mIRC in years.10:12
Romsterwhat webkit new needs ruby to compile...10:13
Romsteryeah i remember that10:14
enteefnet was before my time10:14
enteI only recently started to hang out on IRCnet10:14
joacimefnet used to be popular in norway10:15
joacimi'm only on norwegian channels on efnet10:15
LukcThere’s a starships class named Norway, in Star Trek.10:16
LukcBut that’s a bit off-topic.10:16
Romsterpitillo, i can't bump webkit until glib is bumped op at least version >= 2.33.110:17
tilmanthere's a british frenchman on star trek, too10:17
pitilloRomster: thank you very much. I'll deep a bit more tomorrow into it10:18
Romsterand newer libsoup that i can bump10:19
Romsterand it needs gperf and ruby to compile now that's as far as i got.10:19
enteinteresting... I thought EFNet was more US, while IRCnet was more EU10:21
joacimsome of the big norwegian chat sites (for teens) used efnet as their backend10:22
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joacimand most of my friends created their channels on efnet10:22
joacimtho i think quakenet was somewhat popular too10:22
joacimi cant say if efnet and quakenet is still popular tho10:23
joacimanyways. people seemed to stop complaining about me using unicode when everyone finally upgraded their clients10:27
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frinnstanybody wanna brake their x86_64 system?
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LukcHum. I might.13:56
LukcBut not right now. /o\13:56
LukcI only have one usable box left.13:56
LukcI cannot risk it.13:56
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RotwangHi, my good friends14:25
RotwangI need help once more14:25
Rotwangso I have this quite expensive  filer, now I have to benchmark it14:28
Rotwangwhat are good methods, and some example benchmarks so I have point of reference?14:28
jaegerI don't have benchmarks handy but you might try things like iometer, bonnie14:35
Rotwangbonnie and iozone I already know14:39
Rotwangnever heard of iometer though14:40
frinnstwhat kind of hw is it?14:41
frinnstyeah but model :)14:41
Rotwangdon't remember which one though14:41
Rotwangwill try to find14:42
frinnstwe did some benchmarking with the ones listed above during the summer14:43
frinnstand some windows benchmark thingy. dunno the name14:43
Rotwangspecification of our use case may be a bit unusual for a filer though, I think14:43
Rotwangtjousands of  files smaller than 4KB14:44
frinnstwhat do you plan to compare against?14:44
RotwangI have no comparison14:45
Rotwangall I can compare it with are local discs14:45
frinnstbut I assume you'll do a benchmark -> change something -> benchmark again14:45
frinnstah, I see14:45
Rotwangnot really14:45
Rotwangwhat I'm going to do is to do some benchmarks, then sens it to netapp person so he could tell me if this performance is what we should expect14:46
RotwangI'm an scm guy not nas administrator14:47
Rotwangthe performance is quite not satisfactory, that's what we think14:50
frinnstwhat are you running on top of it, iscsi/nfs/whatever.. vmware?14:51
frinnstnetapp do like to charge for nfs.. fuck it's expensive (for what it is)14:52
Rotwangit should be this one:
Rotwangwhat my benchmarks has shown is that it is pretty good when dealing with big files (> 1MB).14:55
frinnstI think that's the replacement for our old model (2040)14:55
Rotwangnot much worse than local ssds14:55
Rotwangbut it is terrible with small files (< 256KB)14:56
frinnstno experience with that. we only run vmware on ours14:57
frinnstfeel free to let me know if you find out anything interesting :)14:58
Rotwangk [;14:58
RotwangI would send you my benchmarks with descriptions14:58
Rotwangbut it is going to be in polish, so it won't be much help for you [;14:59
frinnstheh, well the numbers could be interesting14:59
Rotwangok, I'm off to sleep15:10
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