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frinnstanybody played around with elasticsearch?02:32
Romsteri do however use yacy frinnst02:55
Romsterthey all seem to pick java02:56
Romsterhas to be a python/perl/c++ one around somewhere02:57
frinnstelasticsearch does seem quite awesome03:07
frinnsttrying it with graylog2 currently03:07
niklasweooh my head...03:09
Romstergot a pkgfile of it i can try frinnst ?03:11
Romsternot over happy with yacy03:11
frinnstnah, running it on a debian vm03:18
frinnst(blasphemer, i know)03:18
frinnstelasticsearch in it self is just a tar.gz that you unpack and run03:20
frinnstno setup required, pretty much03:20
frinnstits not very efficient with the storage. I've been logging one of our internal firewalls for about a day now and its grown to 15gb03:21
Romsteroh not so keen then04:13
frinnstgranted, our firewalls are quite talkative :)04:23
frinnst236356 messages / 10 minutes04:40
Romsterah that's quite high04:54
Romsteri was thinking i got scrapy in my repo that's a spider in python, that could be made to sotre in any database of your choosing then only have to write a front end to show results. though it's not p2p like as in everyone contributes.04:55
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Rotwangfrinnst: how do I test nfs share with iometer05:08
frinnstI think we ran it under windows05:20
frinnstyou could probably run the "dynamo" on a linux host and connect with the windows ui05:21
Rotwangfrinnst: thats what I do05:28
Rotwangbut when I choose nfs share from disk targets I dont see throughtput speed05:29
Rotwangdo I have to add some network workers?05:29
frinnsthm, not sure05:30
frinnstyou could monitor it on the netapp, no?05:30
Rotwangyeah, but I wanted to test already mounted nfs share05:31
Rotwangnetwork workers are only to test network speed?05:34
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] distribute, security update remove world writeable file permissions05:56
frinnst"oops" :)05:57
Romsterwhy are they by default set that way is beyond me.05:57
Romsternot sure how old this is but i'm reading it now
Romsteroh horrorstruck isn't around...06:22
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jaegerAnyone using 1U HP ProLiant servers in a vsphere environment?09:17
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frinnstre. the servers. no 1U only bl460c10:02
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jaegerResearching options for building a new vsphere HA cluster. 2 socket, 128/256GB RAM, redundant PSU, flash boot, no locale storage, 1U10:38
jaegerthe proliant dl360e gen8 is appealing10:38
frinnstyeah flash is nifty10:47
frinnsthp sure like to charge for their sd-cards :)10:48
jaegeryeah, they really do10:49
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