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spaceninjaHi, I can't get dbus working, the post-installation script didn't run properly,  I got "Failed to open "/etc/machine-id": No such file or directory" What to do?01:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: circuits: dropped not being used currently01:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: setuptools: dropped as distribute is the successor01:25
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Romsteruh don't use dbus :P *shrugs* i'll try it in my chroot.01:28
Romsterspaceninja, compiled for me01:29
Romsterdbus [post: ok]01:29
spaceninjagimp and gnome-mplayer wants it :p01:29
Romsteri posted a gip update in flyspray too and alerted tek in channel but he is far too busy01:30
spaceninjaRomster: Do you have the /etc/machine-id dir?01:31
Romsteri don't have a /etc/machine-id and dbus-uuidgen --ensure worked for me01:31
spaceninjaRomster: ok01:31
Romsteris dbus-uuidgen asking for /etc/machine-id ?01:32
Romstercould it be because you got cpu-id enabled in your BIOS?01:34
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Romsteri always have that disabled01:36
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Romsterspaceninja, ^01:37
Romsterprt-get deptree gimp |grep dbus01:38
Romsterno dbus to be found01:38
Romsteronly gnome-mplayer seems to need it01:39
Romsterwhy not normal mplayer?01:39
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Romsterand that URL no other than Lennart01:41
spaceninjaRomster: I have to check bios out, do it later, does the normal mplayer have a gui?01:41
spaceninjaIm recompiing dbus01:41
Romsterno but i'm sure sure there is a frontend for mplayer01:41
Romsteri mostly use xine-ui01:42
Romsterthough it's fat on dependencies01:42
nogagplzsmplayer isn't a bad frontend for mplayer, but it needs that great hulking bastard qt401:42
Romster another qt one01:44
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Romstermorning sepen01:49
Romsterspaceninja, if you must do evil mkdir /etc/machine-id then it should work01:53
Romster gtk mplayer forntend dunno how good that is.01:53
Romsterah forget it 200201:54
sepenRomster: I just pushed giflib to opt/2.8, after that it requires some more changes to dependent ports, please take a look of opt/fontforge01:54
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Romsterseems most frontends are old as the hills01:54
sepenit requires to replace s/libungif/giflib/ and also I think you should replace util-linux-ng too01:55
Romsteri just touched fontforge the other day too -_-01:55
Romsterit links to that therefore it's listed.01:55
Romsteroh you did to 2.8 branch01:56
Romsteri haven't touched anything in 2.8 yet01:56
Romsterold feature request is old -_-02:00
Romsteri'll fix that up shortly when i remember how merge my changes from 2.7 to 2.8 then edit affected ports.02:02
sepenRomster: ahh ok02:02
Romsteralso if you got any ports that sued setuptools that's now changed to distribute02:02
sepenso please wait, I'll do the same for imlib2 which also requires a little change in 2.7, later a merge to 2.8 and also a final change to replace libungif02:02
sepenseems the same case, please wait to me02:03
sepenand Romster, all you need to merge is to checkout 2.8 and do git pull02:03
Romsterreally... what about the differences we don't want out of 2.7 in 2.8?02:04
Romsterdon't i have to cherrypick around those?02:04
sepenRomster: 2.8 is created from 2.7 so if something is broken you should fix that on 2.8 like ever02:04
sepensee for example syslinux02:05
sepenit requires only a fix for new 2.8 but not for released 2.7/2.7.102:06
Romsteryeah uh yeah but doing a mege from branch 2.7 to 2.8 will pull in all the older 2.7 chagnes into 2.8 which would affect syslinux for example...02:07
Romsteror does it refuse to and ask for rebasing commits?02:07
Romsterit's been awhile since i've done this on git02:07
sepenits a merge, so it shouldn't overlay anything02:07
sepensee all merges done by jue02:08
sepenyou can't apply a diff change to a file if that patch is not applicable02:09
sepenRomster see;a=shortlog;h=2.802:10
sepenthere are 3 commits after the last branch merge02:10
sepenif problems appeared you'll see a nice 'merge conflict' like happens with dbus, iirc02:11
sepenin this case you should resolve the conflict, but that is not a hard task  imho02:12
sepenmaybe I'm wrong but I just following guides here #Merging branches02:14
Romsterlooking at gitk --all i see what's there.02:15
Romstersepen, you done committing?02:15
sepenyes for 2.8 changes02:16
Romsteruh i really need ot setup a 2.8 chroot to do this properly.02:23
Romstermerged at least.02:24
sepenI used safe-crux for that since rc002:24
sepenbut I finally use rc2 (now) to update my desktop02:24
Romstergot ym safe-build for that too but i need to download the 2.8-rc1 iso02:24
sepenuse rc202:24
Romsteroh rc2 is out...02:25
sepencheck out your mail02:25
Romsteruh did we go with multilib glibc-32 and stuff?02:25
sepenjaeger sent an announce02:25
sepenwell I need some time to do the update here02:26
Romsteroh wait we are on't dong i686 currently first...02:26
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Romsterthat was only sent this morning no wonder i haven't read it yet...02:26
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Romsterwhen are we creating contrib 2.8?02:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: apr: update to apr-utils 1.5.102:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: ocaml: update to 4.00.102:38
spaceninjaRomster: I get "/etc/machine-id" is not a regular file" When I run the post-install script with sh03:20
nogagplzis yours a directory03:21
spaceninjagoing to check the permissions03:22
spaceninjanogagplz: yes it's a dir03:28
sepenniklaswe: gm03:28
spaceninjahave to read the fixing maching state mailing thing03:28
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Romstermorning niklaswe03:32
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niklaswehow is it guys?03:38
niklaswehave someone build a rendering cluster?03:44
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spaceninjaRomster, deleted gnome-mplayer and gimp :p05:23
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rauzknows someone a good tool to convert docx files to txt ?06:21
sepenantiword doesn't do that?06:27
sepenno idea about docx but iirc it worked for all .doc files I have06:27
rauzi have forgotten the name of the tool thx sepen06:34
rauzwill there be an inofficial x64 build from 2.8 be like 2.7 ?06:37
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horrorStruckrauz: 2.8 is the last i686 release, CRUX will become x86_64 only.06:42
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horrorStruckand 3.0 (the x86_64 version) will be out soonish after 2.806:43
rauzah ok i thought 3.0 will take some time06:44
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frinnstrauz: you can play with x86_64 rc here:
frinnstnote, rc2 is a bit broken at the moment, building a new08:30
frinnstrc1 should work fine08:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cairo: update to 1.12.409:21
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frinnstrc2 is up again09:25
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Romster if your bored the comments in this are worth reading.09:38
Romsterfrinnst, damn it i already downloaded it *mumbles*09:39
horrorStruckthanks Romster , i had a look at the link you've posted yesterday i guess, pretty interesting as well09:39
Romsternp horrorStruck09:40
horrorStrucksome other knobs to play with if you haven't already: net.ipv4.tcp_early_retrans, net.ipv4.tcp_fastopen, net.ipv4.tcp_limit_output_bytes09:41
Romstertrying to figure out is westwood+ was a bad choice for ADSL09:41
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Romsteropening the window too fast would cause my far too much ingress latency bursts09:42
Romsterand i look at the clock 00:4209:43
horrorStrucki havent measured anything but cubic (i think it's default IIRC) always seemed to give the best results09:47
Romsterhunting around for some research into what works best or if another expermental one exists09:50
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hcaulfield57Just curious if you guys were aware of the udev fork?15:29
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* nogagplz sneaks after hcaulfield57 to silence him16:32
jaegertoo late but yes16:32
frinnstheh. my webserver was just indexed by the swedish royal librarys cultural inheritance project for swedish websites17:43
frinnstmy crux ports are stored for eternity!17:44
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lowefrinnst: cool!18:20
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: mesa-demos: readded21:14
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