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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xcb-proto: update to 1.803:21
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-libxcb: update to 1.903:21
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: squid: update to 3.2.203:48
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: whois: update to 5.0.2003:48
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prologicany of you used ddrescue to recover data from a damaged cd/dvd?04:54
nogagplzRomster would be the go to guy for that04:55
prologicyes yes he would :)04:56
prologicknowing what he does for a living and hobby :)04:56
prologichow's crux 2.8?04:56
prologicI'm still on 2.6 :(04:56
nogagplzdunno haven't tried it yet actually04:57
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Romsteryes i've done it on a dvd/cd use -b204805:48
Romsteralso cd polish works wonders in some cases05:49
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cairo: build without --enable-tee06:48
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unterwulfHi channel! Could someone tell me what is the best actual way to install CRUX via NFS?08:54
unterwulfAs per my understanding the apprach described on won't work for current CRUX install medias.08:54
unterwulfBecause it uses CD filesystem as rootfs and I don't see a chance for linux to boot from it (no init, no /bin/sh etc).08:57
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frinnstthe setup script pretty much just installs the pkg's for you09:16
frinnstexactly what are you trying to do?09:17
Romsteryou can dd the iso to a usb stick if you have no optical drive.09:18
unterwulfYes, I know. Moreover, I have an optical drive =) But it would be very nice to use NFS instead.09:21
Romsterboot off NFS?09:22
Romsteri've never had a need to try09:22
Romsterjaeger, might know09:22
Romsterhe deals with servers09:23
unterwulfNo, I know how to boot via NFS and it works for CRUX as well. I am asking if there is an official way to *install* via NFS.09:23
unterwulfHm =)09:25
Romsternot what i'm aware of, though i have loop mounted the iso on a running system ran a for loop to pkgadd to the system and reboot it's hacky and can sometimes be more effort that the outcome.09:25
Romsteryo trying to install to many identical machines?09:25
Romsterfreecode has some multicast boot cd you could probably roll one with crux.09:26
unterwulfNo, I have different machines that I need to reinstall from time to time and I already have a server with NFS. So it's more than logical to install via NFS in this case =)09:27
unterwulfThat is why it is better to use "universal" install kernel from ISO.09:28
unterwulfActually it doesn't not look like a big deal to implement NFS installation for CRUX.09:29
unterwulfI am wondering why is has not been already implemented.09:30
jaegeranother method is detailed in
jaegerit should work with the current initramfs installation09:31
jaeger(I have not tested it in a long time, though.)09:31
jaegerAn important note is that pxelinux.cfg would need to include an initrd statement09:34
unterwulfThanks, jaeger. I have already ended up with a similar approach and failed on mounting media via NFS. That is why I am asking if this supported officialy. Because default install kernel seems to have nfs support.09:37
unterwulfNot media, files copied from media to nfs share.09:38
jaegerIt is not supported by the setup script itself, no. If you were to boot the media and mount an NFS export with the packages in the proper place it might work but I've not tested that09:38
jaegerThe short answer is that it isn't officially supported. The longer answer is that it can probably be made to work09:39
unterwulfI've got it. Is it a principal position or CRUX people just don't need it?09:40
jaegerI think it just hasn't been needed by CRUX users much, it hasn't come up for discussion often that I can recall09:41
Romsteri can't recall anyone ever asking about it.09:42
Romsteri can see where it could be useful though but haven't had a need.09:43
Romsterunterwulf, perhaps if you get it working submit a patch to the bug tracker feature request.09:43
jaegeror update the wiki documentation09:44
unterwulfBTW, in some russian community there was information that CRUX are going to drop i686 support in next version. It was like a shock for me because CRUX is the only distro that I can bear with and most of my hardware are not x86_64. Can someone cofirm this information?09:48
jaegerThat is correct, you can see the original mail here:
jaegerMy guess is that someone will maintain an unofficial i686 version but we decided the main focus would be x86_64 with limited manpower09:51
unterwulfBad news =( It looks like soon OpenBSD will be the only option for me.09:54
unterwulfAnyway, is there people interested in i686 except me? I mean is there a real possibility of unofficial i686 version?09:56
unterwulfIf you are looking for maintainers for i686 I can probably be one of them, but not the only one =)09:58
jaegerI expect more people will be thinking about it as the 3.0 release comes near. For now it's not too close since 2.8 will still be i68609:59
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