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Romstermorning niklaswe and good evening from down under01:45
Romsterunterwulf thinks i686 will die as soon as x86_64 takes over not really so, i'm sure there will be a bunch of maintainers still01:46
Romsterthe way i'm going i wont have any x86 boxes left to need i686 myself though01:47
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niklasweRomster: how are you ?02:10
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Romstergreat work is over had dinner and gonna head to darts soon02:24
Romsterstill haven't bothered with java opengl bindings yet02:27
Romstermmm coffee02:31
Romsterok bbl02:55
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frinnstnoo :)06:14
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: iptables: update to
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jaegerhrm... ubuntu 10.04's GDM is showing a user that's been removed from the system but I can't find where it's cached10:42
sepen$ sudo grep 'foouser' -r /*10:44
jaegerI already tried that :(10:44
jaegertook a long time and didn't return anything useful10:44
jaegerin this case it's a machine running centrify directcontrol, authenticating via active directory10:49
jaegerflushing the centrify cache didn't fix it10:49
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jaegerah ha! the documentation isn't quite correct. the cache can't be cleared while the client is running, have to stop the client and then clear it (which requires --force because the client isn't running :P)11:07
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jaegerso far centrifydc is the least annoying way to get linux to auth against AD that I've configured11:11
jaegercentrify, likewise open, and samba/winbind are the methods I've used11:12
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frinnstanybody else had firefox crashes with the latest cairo?13:00
jaegerI've not updated it yet13:01
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pedjafrinnst: no crashes here.13:14
pedjasince ff uses bundled cairo, how can system update break it?what am I missing here?13:15
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spaceninjahi, I'm trying to start mpd automatically, I've tried to make a rc.d script, but the sound is n/a in ncmpc. But when I start mpd with my regular user, the alsa sound is available. I've tried to add root in the audio group, but still it's n/a. Then I thought I could put "mod /etc/mpd.conf" in $HOME/.bashrc, but then it keeps starting mpd everytime I open a new virtual-terminal in Xorg, where else can I start it?13:28
spaceninja"mpd /etc/mpd.conf"13:29
spaceninjahm maybe xinitrc :p13:35
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enteput su user -c 'mpd /etc/mpd.conf' into /etc/rc.local?13:44
enteah, he's gone13:44
frinnstduh, he DID give you 10 minutes to respond13:46
frinnstbad form, ente13:46
ente<input type=hidden name=save value=yes>13:49
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