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frinnstwhy do people abuse the #!/bin/sh shebang?02:15
entefor what? looking 1337? meaning bash?02:20
frinnstyeah, bash02:28
frinnsthad to spend an hour helping a customer because of some lazy fuck02:29
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frinnstnice, new flashplayer. resolves only 24 CVEs04:10
entehow many remain open? ;)04:20
ente(for now)04:20
enteand of course, flashplayer might be shitty code, but it's also under heavy attack04:21
Romsteronly O_O04:36
* Romster abuses #!/bin/sh by insisting i use #!/bin/bsh when unsure about portability.04:37
frinnstwell thats the right thing to do04:49
Romsterat least it wont break that way04:50
niklaswejaeger: there?05:29
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frinnstmight be awesome07:17
jaegerniklaswe: I am now07:20
niklaswejaeger: check priv pls :)07:24
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sepen54 min left07:35
frinnststupid weather07:38
sepenbest wishes to Felix07:41
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frinnstyep, what a nutcase :D07:50
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rmullGot an SSD for my laptop to replace dead HDD13:48
rmullgood times13:48
jaegerlove my SSDs, never going back :)13:53
nogagplzwill be cool when they have ginormous capacities and cost nothing, until then though...13:59
jaegercooler :)13:59
nogagplzcan't miss what you don't have though :P14:00
jaegerspeaking of SSDs, got a Mach8 IOPs 100GB on my desk14:03
jaegerIt goes in the SAN, though, not my workstation14:04
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frinnstjaeger: what a waste :D14:12
jaegeryou have NO idea14:13
jaegerfuck oracle storage in the face14:13
jaegerI've been getting data off of it like rats from a sinking ship14:13
jaegerjust finished removing all my VMs from it today14:13
frinnstwee, firefox 326714:24
frinnstor whatever version they are on14:24
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: firefox: updated to 16.014:33
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