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prologichey Romster u around?04:31
prologic <-- my next mythtv backend build04:32
prologicwanted to know if you knew of most cost effective components whilst still keeping the Xeon and the ECC RAM (and no compromise of the HVR-2200 cards!) :)04:32
prologicmost of the asus motherboard don't seem to support ECC RAM04:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: poppler: update to 0.20.504:43
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: poppler-glib: update to 0.20.504:43
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: poppler-qt4: update to 0.20.504:43
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: tmux: update to 1.704:43
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jaegerprologic: supermicro might be a good choice for an affordable one08:55
jaegerprologic: nm, I see you have a supermicro in the doc08:55
rauzyes my i got my new pc :D08:56
jaegerI use the CPU and MB in my vmware server here at home, good combo08:57
jaegerone thing to consider is that you won't get TRIM support if you put 2 SSDs in RAID1, not in linux08:57
Rotwangwhat is TRIM?08:58
jaegerIt's what keeps SSDs performing well08:58
tilmanaka discard08:58
jaegeranother consideration: if you use mdadm to put 2 SSDs in RAID1, does it write to all the blocks on the devices at initialization time?08:59
jaegerIf so that will fuck performance right from the start08:59
jaegerOn a side note do you watch enough TV to need to record 4 shows at the same time? :)09:08
frinnstanybody else see segfaults with transmission-gtk?09:19
frinnstim downloading.. uhm.. linux isos09:20
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tilmanno, but i can call a program that downloads stuff "foo_dragare"?09:20
tilmanfrinnst: ^ ? :>09:25
jaeger never used it, myself09:26
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joe9how does crux deal with a "prt-get update <myport>" when the .footprint's of the releases are different? How does it remove the old versions' files?09:34
tilmanunlink(2) :>09:46
joe9 tilman: was that for me?09:49
tilmanmaybe you should rephrase your question p09:49
joe9tilman: how does it know the old files to remove?09:49
tilman /var/lib/pkg/db09:49
joe9oh, ok. thanks a lot.09:50
joe9tilman: just checked that file. Thanks.09:51
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joe9romster, what is going on? I am being prompted for a password again.10:48
joe9romster, i will email the .pub file, just to ensure that it is in sync.10:49
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Rotwangdoes anyone know some nice tourist places near gorlitz?11:32
Rotwangin a radius of 25 kilometers11:33
tilmanRotwang: nope, but did you try ?11:36
aonnothing to see there :D11:39
RotwangI've hoped that someone could advice a goold tourist place out of experience11:43
tilmanRotwang: i know, but i'm trying to help anyway :]11:44
Rotwangtilman: sure, thanks :}11:44
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rmullHi all.13:31
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frinnsthaters need to relax :)16:50
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krueAnyone else having trouble compiling cairo?
frinnstrest of your system is up to date?17:28
krueYes, I did a ports -u previous to that.17:31
krue(and sysup, of course)17:34
krueThis is on a server that originally had no X packages installed.17:36
krueI did a prt-get depinst cups which pulled in cairo.17:36
frinnstsorry, late as fuck and i need to get some sleep. hopefully someone else can help. I suspect the dependencies are fucked somehow (my bad)17:36
frinnstare all these ports installed?
krueSo maybe there is another dependency I need that's usually installed if you have a full X setup?17:37
frinnstprobably, yeah. but it should be listed and it's a bug17:37
frinnsthave to wait until tomorrow to fix17:37
krueDon't worry. It's not critical to solve this today.17:38
krueIt's only 18:30 here :)17:38
krueI have all of those packages installed except for xorg-libxext -- trying that one now...17:40
krueI needed libxext.17:43
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cairo: added missing xorg-libxext dep. thanks to krue17:45
frinnstno, thank you! ;)17:47
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