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Romsterjoe9, didn't you send me a dsa key already then it was working fine after i fixed the fault i had here.01:55
Romsterjoe9, done01:57
frinnstwhats with all the key-exchanges? :)02:07
frinnstif the keys seemingly get corrupted you probably have bigger issues to worry about02:07
Romsteri don't friggen know why i must keep changing it none of mine nor nogagplz's get messed up at all.02:09
prologicgot my electic imp today02:14
prologicgod it's tiny02:14
prologicnow to wire it into my ducted AC02:14
frinnstI dont think they like being called "imps"02:14
frinnstyou've watched too much game of thrones02:14
Romsterwhat's a imp other than a small creature.02:19
prologicyou guys ser seriously behind the times :)02:22
prologicdon't you read rss feeds of slashdot, arc technica, the verge, etc?02:22
frinnstsure but i have a fever, be nice! :)02:23
prologicI have a sort shoulder from coding all day :/02:23
prologictime for a beer02:24
prologicor two02:24
frinnststill not getting it. stupid marketing talk on their website02:24
prologicyes ok so technically in a nutshell02:25
prologicit's a board (or series of boards) that you plug an Imp (SD-card sized SoM) into02:25
prologicthe SoM (Imp) has built-in wifi02:25
prologicthe programming language it comes with is called squirell an embedded OOP language02:25
prologicyou can upload new code all through it's web interface02:26
prologicand it all hooks up to the cloud all automagically02:26
prologicall secure, etc02:26
Romsteri prefer than google.com02:26
prologicthe daughter b oards which I got the standard dev kit for has a few gpio pins on it02:26
prologicfor reading sensors, turning things on/off etc02:26
frinnsti tried to use duckduckgo, i really did.. but FUCK bing searches are useless02:26
Romsteri haven't had time to even read slashdot.02:27
frinnstprologic: cool02:27
prologicso basically I'm going to write the daughterboard + imp (slotted into it's slot obviously) into my AC - probably via my ducted AC's serial header02:27
prologicthen write some code to detect whetehr the AC is on or off and another bit of code to turn it on or off02:28
prologicmaybe even to determine the thermostat's temperate02:28
prologicand voila my AC will be on the web02:28
Romsterhmmz so suggest to duckduckgo to remove bing searches.02:28
* Romster turns on prologic's AC in winter time :P02:28
frinnstprologic: cool, give me access once you have it up and running02:28
prologichaha nice try02:28
prologicit's all encrypted and secure over ssl02:28
prologiconly I will be able to control my Imps :)02:29
Romsterfor now.02:29
prologicno forever02:29
prologicuntil SSL is broken :)02:29
Romsteroh great now i can imagine tiny imps going around the house doing commands you tell them to do.02:29
prologicthat's why they called it "Electic Imp" :)02:29
prologicit has that conatation to it02:29
prologictotally cool stuff02:29
prologicread up about it02:30
prologicwatch their videos02:30
prologicit's totally awesome :)02:30
Romsteri like automation jut not got into it.02:30
prologicputting everyday things on the web02:30
prologicI plan to (time permitting) to hack it and run my own server in-house at home02:30
prologicie: reverse engineer it all02:30
prologicfrinnst, I know all about ssl vulnerability :)02:31
prologicbut then I write code for the web - so I ought to know :)02:31
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Romsterwhat's a few more wifi transmitters on the already crowded 2.4GHz band02:38
prologicI'm gonig to have to work this stuff out on my own02:38
prologicthere's very little developer docs02:38
prologicthat I can find02:38
prologicit's in your house dude :)02:38
prologic2.4GHZ ain't crouwded in my house :)02:38
Romsteri know and probably very low power02:38
prologicI think you power this thing veitehr via mini-USB-B02:39
prologicor via some pads that seem to support 3.4V to 16V DC02:39
prologicI know you just plug the card in (Imp)02:39
prologicbut then what :)02:39
Romsterread meaningless docs then  figure it out for yourself then write a doc for everyone else.02:40
prologicit's looking that way02:41
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Romsteris there one to even link up to smart meters :D02:43
prologicif there isn't02:44
prologicyou'd just build it yourself02:44
prologicspeaking of smart meters - you recommend anything for us Aussies?02:45
Romsteri fear it's encrypted and runs on it's own frequency too.02:45
prologicanything that Energex will support/supply?02:45
Romsterwe all get the same generic smart meter afaik.02:45
prologicthat's not what I mean02:45
prologicI _know_ you can get Smart Meters02:45
prologicfolks in the US do02:46
Romsterwould be interesting if ya could read the current power use off the existing RF in smart meter.02:46
prologicwhether or not Energex here will kick up a stink or not is another matter02:46
Romsteryou can not not get one one since it's compulsory.02:46
prologicsee I'd want to pump that data into something like cacti02:46
Romsterand graph it02:46
Romsterbest bet would be a camp on amp meter. transmitter.02:47
Romster something like that02:48
Romsteronly one that works on the wifi band and some protocol that can be easily used.02:48
Romsterbut you need the type that can be install in the circuit breaker board.02:49
Romsterthere would be very little luck getting any smart meter where the user could read the data.02:50
prologicWelcome to Electric Imp!02:53
prologicWelcome to the Electric Imp Planner. To get started, you'll need to get yourself an imp and commission it. Once that's done, come back here and you'll be able to build a Plan around your imp to accomplish tasks.02:53
prologicIn the meantime, check out our forums and our developer wiki to learn more.02:53
prologicOh yeah baby :)02:53
prologicI'm in!02:53
prologicjust had to signup - duh02:53
prologicnow what to power this sucker with02:54
prologicdo I have a mini USB-B cable02:54
Romstermini or micro usb?02:54
prologicfor those that don't have one or aren't into this thing yet:02:55
prologicAn imp must be associated with the following to be functional:02:55
prologicAn impee (a host board with socket for the imp, e.g. Hannah or April)02:55
prologicThe owner's electric imp account02:55
prologicAn electric imp mobile app02:55
prologicWiFi connection to the internet02:55
prologicThis is the case both for end user imps and those to be used for impee development purposes. For the best experience, we recommend that you follow setup in the order of the proceeding sections.02:55
prologicso yes - it is standard wifi technology that's used here02:55
RomsterThe owner's electric imp account <- sounds comerical there.02:56
Romsterso why do you need a interface board when any ol' wifi AP could do?02:56
Romsterfor the network sdie of it02:56
prologicwhat no02:57
prologicit just connected to the home wifi02:57
Romstera host board with socket for the imp, e.g. Hannah or April02:57
prologicmine is secure - so that's going to be interesting02:57
prologicneed to supply it with a password somehow02:57
Romsteroh for plugging the sd wifi imp into..?02:57
prologicI recall (watchihng the videos) that you configure the Imp by using your iPhone02:57
prologicthey built an App that flashes at the Imp to configure it02:58
Romsteri have a android phone but that probably works just as well.02:58
prologicnot just for pulgged the Imp into02:58
prologicbut for connecing the Imp to things like a Coffee Pot02:58
prologicor AC02:58
prologicthe board (I got the April) has 8 pins on it02:58
Romsteroh that..02:58
prologicI can use them for either input or output02:58
Romsteri had plans on a micro at some point to do automation and some electronics that i could do but i'd get stuck on the programming02:59
Romsterseems i wont need to resort to anything that complicated anymore.03:00
Romsterif i do some automation03:00
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prologicjust get an Electric Imp and April board03:11
prologicand you're 1/2 way there03:11
prologicwriting the code is easy03:11
Romsterfor you it is. i have to go for awhile network testing, apparantly a customer has the same slowness around this time03:12
joe9romster, thanks. it works like a charm now.05:41
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Romsterjoe9 lets hope it stays that way :)07:00
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Romster not even safe here anymore...09:01
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Rotwangit gets me every time12:38
Rotwangpanda that tries to eat that plant is so funny12:38
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NomiusDid anyone tried to build chromium in 2.8rc3?12:49
NomiusI'm having these errors:
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frinnsthm, seems 3.7-rc1 broke nfs mounting for me15:57
frinnstserver is 3.4, client is 3.715:57
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frinnstlol @ germany16:28
frinnst4-4 bitches!! :D16:28
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