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Romstergood evening02:13
niklasweGood morning ;)02:14
niklaswehmm does someone know why the will remove iptables modules state and use conntrack instead..02:21
sammi`conntrack better?02:24
Romsterconntrack is better02:46
Romsterhaving said that i need to bump netfilter stuff.02:46
prologicuse a real firewall :)02:48
prologicMikroTik ftw02:48
Romsterlinux is a real firewall02:51
Romsteryou've gone comerical prologic, shame on you.02:52
Romsterdo you happen to know a good snippets and notes program having a ton of text files is becoming unmanageable.02:54
Romsterpreferably console based with a GUI frontend option02:54
prologicyeah I do!02:55
prologicit's called sahriswiki02:55
prologicinstall in ~30s02:55
prologicall text based - versioned with mercurial - use your own favourite editor02:56
prologicoptionally use the web based gui for display, edit, searching, history, etc etc02:56
prologicit's all kinds of awesome :)02:56
Romsteri've got quite used t git02:57
Romstersahriswiki that's a wiki not a note taker though a wiki probably is the best place for that.02:57
prologicwell you'll find it more flexible than other wikis you've used :)02:58
Romstersahriswiki use circuits too?02:58
prologicyou can store text, html, anything02:58
prologicit has renderes for html, javascript, images, text, wiki02:58
prologiceven restructred text02:59
prologicyup sure does02:59
Romstercool could intergrate that with the irc bot if you ever update that to the newer circuits framework too.02:59
prologicgreat th8ing is you can clone the wiki from the web url02:59
Romsterforget a command query bot.02:59
prologicpush and pull to/from it02:59
prologickdb has no love these days :/03:00
prologiclogin to admin:admin and try it out03:00
prologicI think you'll like it03:00
Romstermust i use mercurial though like is that hard coded no support for other backends? or perhaps it'll not be much of an issue to relearn.03:00
prologicit's also very fast :)03:01
prologicit's a no brainer to relearn03:01
prologicyou could use git and just push your changes to the "hosted version"03:01
prologicand integrate the two03:01
prologichold on a min03:02
Romsterdunno let me learn it's syntax first.03:02
prologicI had plans to integrate anyvc03:02
Romsteri have gitolite here to mange repositories too.03:02
prologicbut I haven't done so yet03:02
prologicit's syntax is standard creole03:02
prologicthere's hardly any custom stuff ot it03:03
prologicit's all standard stuff03:03
Romsteroh anyvc looks interesting.03:03
prologicand like I said it'll handle: .csv .html .txt .rst and wiki03:03
prologicyeah I do want to replace the mercurial-only backend with anyvc03:04
Romsteron another note have you had a play with romster/scrapy i wrote a very very basic spider with that to fetch urls. making a file finder so i can database in my version sort, and make metalink files too, to the sources.03:04
Romstermercurial will do for now it's not that much effort.03:05
Romsternot saying mercurial is bad or anything either just got used to git.03:05
prologicit's all very similar commands03:05
Romsterbrb customer03:05
Romsters/customer/person intersted in buying my other car/03:23
Romsterto used of saying customer -_-03:23
Romsterprologic, level 5 nd level 6 heading look to be the same size.03:28
Romsterugh another person bbl03:29
Romsterand now i'm getting tired figures.04:16
Romsterprologic, how hard is it to use some custom layout? then have the wiki inside each area?04:17
prologicRomster, quite easy04:23
Romsteralso thumbnails photo gallery auto generating the thumbnails to the bigger picture when clicked.04:24
prologichave a look at the themes04:24
prologicit's just genshi templates04:24
Romsterif it does that then it'll be ideal for another site i have04:24
prologicgallery-style stuff is not a feature unless you wrote it :)04:24
Romsterand would promote me to update it more regularly.04:24
prologicbut it woudln't be hard04:24
prologicbit of pytho, bit of js04:24
Romsterplugin style for wii perhaps if stuff can be plugable.04:25
Romsterie make a module todo thumbnails of img links.04:26
Romsteri have a need for a galery for bands we work with.04:26
prologicit's all totally plugable04:26
prologicwith plugins and macros04:26
Romsterah so that's doable then.04:26
Romsterjust the point of me learning this then.04:26
prologic is an example of a completely different theme04:27
prologicand it picks up the thtme and any css/template based customization right out of the repo04:28
Romsterthat looks different to the last time i looked at that.04:33
Romsterstill going with the hosting again i see.04:34
Romsterie7.js wish i had of known that years ago.04:37
prologicnah I don't do crap with shortcircuit04:39
prologicother than host the domain, a few websties, eamil, etc04:39
Romsterhmm k then you got the hosting services on that shortcircuit page though.04:40
Romsterprobably needs a face lift on text to your other projects04:41
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Romsterhi sepen05:23
entecan someone paste their (high-contrast) Xdefaults terminal colours?05:52
enteI'm only finding crap05:52
ente(or maybe not crap, but definitely nothing suitable for black background)05:53
ente this screenshot looks kind of good, but the data below doesn't match :(05:54
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krueI use solarized:
enteJudging by what it looks like with these Xresources, solarized needs a special colorscheme for each application?07:39
joacimi tend to find my colour profiles on the arch linux forums07:49
joacimthey have those monthly screenshot threads07:50
enteyeah, been there08:01
entepeople are mostly into unreadable schemes08:02
enteI tried 20 different, and they all were low-contrast08:02
entesorry if I'm ranting too much here08:02
jaegerI like zenburn and solarized08:02
ente"The main thing I was going for was visibility: every color should be easily visible on top of every other color. I might be able to get that and still tone down the intensity...It'll take some fiddling though. I agree that the colors are fairly bright, but it doesn't bother me.08:03
entethis is exactly what I want, but his scheme doesn't match the description08:03
enteit's probably just me who's weird here08:03
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frinnstwhy the fuck can i mount two nfs4 shares - pretty much identical setup - on my desktop09:25
frinnstbut only read/write to one of them?09:25
frinnstreading/writing hangs09:28
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frinnsthm. now I managed to break the working server, too09:38
frinnstso, now the "good" server started working again09:50
rmullcomputers are such a PITA09:59
teK__% hostname10:00
enteNFS sucks10:04
entea misbehaving server can hang all clients10:04
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frinnstso fucked up11:10
frinnstV4 Call SETCLIENTID11:10
frinnstV4 Reply SETCLIENTID Status: NSF4ERR_DELAY11:10
rmullThere's this:
rmullPeriodically checks the NFS server for accessibility, umounts if it doesn't respond11:28
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jaegernfs is a pain. nfs4 is worse. nfs4 with kerberos is fucking voodoo11:52
jaegerIronically I use a lot of nfs but it's nearly all version 311:53
Rotwangand nfs is shitty if it comes to lots of small files11:54
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* ente compiles linux in a ramdisk12:23
* ente hopes it's big enough12:24
Rotwangthat's what she said!12:25
tilmanfwiw: 656Mlinux-3.6.212:25
enteyeah, but after build, it's not so small anymore12:27
tilman^^^ after build12:27
entewell, I'm building a generic debian kernel12:27
enteby the way, I'm still at work12:27
tilmango with 2 gig then12:27
entedu said 4.2G, and it's still building12:28
entenow 5.5G12:28
entealthough there are probably 10 copies of all modules in there, because it's installing them to build a package12:28
entethere we go, no space left on device12:29
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enteI was already done, but the nvidia module is making it a bit harder12:30
enteand debian, of course12:30
enteand movind it to a different location rebuilds the entire kernel, of course12:32
tilmanwhat's the build time?12:32
* ente restarts in screen12:32
entesystem specs: 4 cores + 4x HT, i7 860, 8G RAM12:35
ente10 jobs12:36
entestill compiling, I'll let you know how long it took12:36
* tilman upgrades guruplug kernel from 3.1 to 3.412:40
ente(and why, if I may ask?)12:41
tilmannot feeling that comfortable running an ancient kernel12:42
tilmanand 3.4 has longterm support12:42
tilmanbut yeah, crosscompiling12:42
tilmanmake oldconfig is the worst part =)12:42
enteI hear you12:42
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entesolved the problem with yes "" | make oldconfig12:43
tilmansomewhere inbetween 3.1 and 3.4 they changed the net config12:43
entebut of course that's insufficient12:43
enteyeah, exactly12:43
tilmanso i got asked about each net vendor12:43
entebroke my girlfriend's wlan drivers12:43
tilmani hardly remember *how* to build the damn thing12:43
enteluckily, this machine doesn't have wlan12:43
entebuilding BSD kernels is so much easier12:44
entetilman: real 14m51s, user 80m50s sys 7m34s12:49
entenot fast enough, even though I'm used to several hours12:50
enteI'm starting to hate the debian build system12:55
enteit pulls shit out of nowhere12:58
entelike this nvidia kernel patch I want to disable12:58
enteI rm it, and remove it from the patch list, and it still finds it somehow12:58
entesame for build system fixes12:58
enteit's not enough to fix around in debian/, you also have to go to /usr/share/kernel-package/whatever/blabla/fufu/asidhoiueqt/blabla.mk12:59
enteif you just fix debian/, it just fucking ignores your changes and overwrites12:59
tilmanit's been 10+ years since i build a kernel the debian way12:59
tilmancan't help you there ;p12:59
enteI'm just letting out my anger12:59
tilmaniirc i _usually_ just built it manually anyway13:00
tilmanbecause i couldn't see the point of using mkkpkg or whatever it was called13:00
entewell, it creates a distributable package13:00
entebut yeah, it's pointless13:00
tilmanduh ;)13:01
tilmani mean, i was only building a kernel for this one machine13:01
enteyeah, me too13:10
entebut who knows how often I'm going to do this13:10
jaegerAnyone running solaris 11 successfully authenticating via active directory?13:19
jaegerI can get my test box to create a computer account in AD but not auth users so far =/13:20
tilmani once added AD/ldap support to a unix product. remote end was windows server13:23
tilmanholy mother of fuck that was goddamn annoying13:23
tilman(no prior exposure to AD at all)13:23
tilmanalso, in that project i had my first solaris contact13:24
tilmanholy SHIT that was weird as hell sometimes13:24
jaegerall things active directory + unix are a bit odd...13:26
jaegerthere are several different ways to do it and a million different bits of documentation on the web13:26
jaegerofficial and otherwise13:26
jaegersamba+winbind, likewise, centrify, to name a few13:26
tilmangood luck sir13:27
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frinnstaah, tilman left13:43
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frinnstwanted to rub 4-4 in his face13:43
frinnstoh, he returned \o/13:43
frinnst4-4 motherfucker!! :D13:43
tilmansuccessful kernel upgrade on an embedded device ftw13:43
tilmanfrinnst: don't care, sorry13:43
frinnstaaaw :(13:43
tilmanfrinnst: was pretty annoying in the office this morning13:43
tilmanevery 5 minutes another guy comes in13:43
tilman"the game! blablbalblablalaala .."13:44
tilmanheard the same conversation 3 times13:44
tilmanopen space office sucks13:44
tilman"improve communication huehuehuehue"13:44
jseCorporate herp derp.13:45
tilmanto the max13:45
jseNext they'll say it allegedly improves trust and shows "everyone is equal".13:46
tilmanjse: ! no separate offices for managers13:46
jseSoon supervisors, managers, bosses will be merely called "friends".13:48
tilmandon't get me started13:48
frinnstI moved my office to a smaller one, instead of having to share13:48
jseHence three simple words: corporate herp derp.13:48
tilmanimagine an open plan office and coworkers who have the most annoying laugh in the world13:49
tilmanactually just one coworker13:49
tilmanbut still13:49
jseAll it takes is one.13:49
* tilman tries really hard not to start ranting big time :D13:49
enteemail signature is something I can't get right13:51
jseHow so?13:52
entemaybe Moritz Wilhelmy, Chief asshole13:52
entedunno what to put there13:52
tilmanSent from my PDP-1113:52
enteat the same time, I'm sick of editing the mail to start with Hello and ending with Best regards, ... each time13:52
jseWonder how that would work. Some sort of serial dial up to another box with networking?13:53
entePDP-11 speaks ethernet13:53
enteat least some13:53
tilmanjse: never thought about that. was just so annoyed at those "sent from my iPhone" signatures13:53
enteit has an AUI output, you can plug a transceiver into it13:53
jsetilman: no kidding about that...13:54
jsePlenty to rant about email abuse. :P13:54
enteputting that into your signature doesn't make the situation any better, though13:54
entejse: do you have a blog (post about it)?13:55
enteI'm happy to link to rants I agree with13:55
tilmanspeaking of which...13:55
jseShould add this to a to do file.13:55
tilmannotmuch + patched mutt is a *very* nice setup13:55
entetell me more13:55 iirc13:56
enteI've been wanting to use notmuch for a while, but was turned off by the fact that the only usable interface at the time was for emacs13:56
tilman+ offlineimap in my case13:56
enteyeah, mbsync here13:56
tilmanente: same same. then i read someone mentioning mutt-kz13:56
jseIs notmuch a mail search engine?13:56
entea mail indexer13:56
jseMight be confusing it for something else.13:56
tilmanpretty much13:57
tilmaninsanely fast fulltext search13:57
enteit uses xapian as a search engine13:57
enteyou can add tags to your mail as you please, etc13:57
tilmanjse: you'll end up tagging each mail instead of using separate physical mailboxes13:57
tilmanand then define 'virtual mailboxes' based on searches for tags13:57
jseSeparate mailboxes have worked well enough.13:57
enteI used sup for a while, then I broke it and went back to mutt13:58
enteI loved sup, but it was written in ruby13:58
enteby the way, the mail index grows relatively fast13:58
enteI ended up with a few gigabytes for not even that much mail13:59
jseSounds slightly excessive to me.13:59
jseThe point is striking a balance between saving the important mails you get and then archiving or even deleting everything else deemed not important.14:01
enteI archive everything14:01
enteI'm currently at about 140G, most of which is from this year14:01
enteNetBSD lists are high-traffic14:02
enteoh, wait, 140G was my boss14:02
enteI'm at 1.7G14:02
tilmani delete my local list archives regularly14:02
enteI archive them to mbox and gzip them14:03
jaegerhey, porn gets HUGE when you uuencode it14:03
entenot only porn14:03
jsejaeger: I know, right? You can't be a serious email user if you don't send huge binary archives.14:03
jseEveryone knows email = ftp in practice. ;)14:04
enteyeah :/14:04
jseOne-off 1-2M emails are not a problem now but we all have those contacts who push the bounds of email.14:05
tilman1.) receive copy of 15 MB powerpoint file14:06
tilman2.) have manager forward you another copy14:06
tilman3.) ???14:06
tilman4.) WIN14:06
entewell, it's convenient14:07
jaegertilman: "sent from my iphone" can be fun if used correctly... I once sent an email with the signature "Sent from my iPhone 5" to a mac fanatic here about 2 weeks before the iPhone 5 release14:07
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jaegerjust for grins14:07
tilmanjaeger: hahahaha14:07
enteand that way you don't need a third party hoster for images14:07
jsejaeger: zing. :D14:07
jaegerThen I didn't answer my phone or IMs for a while :D14:07
entepeople like my mom, who send around images14:07
jaegerThe worst for me is when someone wants to send me a screenshot. They know how to use the windows 7 snip tool to take the screenshot but then they lose their shit when it comes to getting it to me somehow14:08
enteNetBSD 6.0 was released14:08
jaegerThen it becomes reasonable in their minds to print it out, then scan the printed version with the same printer because it has the ability to email a PDF from what was scanned14:08
tilmanthat's pretty good14:08
jsejaeger: *facepalm*14:09
jaegerthat's the worst *I've* gotten but I've heard all kinds of inception-style stories about this sort of thing14:09
tilmanthe worst i heard was the guy who put his laptop on the photo copier14:09
enteSent from my scanner14:09
jseHaha, nice.14:10
tilmanpersonally i like when they fail at taking a shot of a single window14:10
tilmanand end up having a shot of the whole desktop, and then failing at using the crop tool14:10
jaegerThe snipping tool in windows 7 is one of the best things ever added to windows14:11
tilman(you know, extra ~5 pixel borders)14:11
jaegerdoesn't solve all problems but it does make things somewhat easier14:11
tilmannever seen or used it14:11
ente interesting14:19
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