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Romstergood evening all01:52
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niklaswegood morning Romster :)03:10
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RomsterSiFuh, your connection is always flaky06:03
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: update to 2.20.1007:20
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: iputils: update to s2012101107:27
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: man-pages: update to 3.4307:27
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: chromium: updated to 21.0.1180.9207:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libunique: fixed build problems and removed dbus-glib as dependency07:52
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Romsterwhat happened to java 7u8 went from 7u7 to 7u908:09
Romstereven skipped u8 what's going on here.08:12
frinnstwhey probably discovered yet another huge vulnerability before they released it :)08:15
Romsterthat's what i'm guessing.08:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: swig: new maintainer08:19
Romsternot cool enough O_O wtf is the law coming too.08:35
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pedja <---yeah, right08:38
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jaegerI'd be amazed if anything could destroy android08:39
Romsteripad mini wont fit in the pocket like a galaxy can08:40
pedjaRomster: if you could put it in the pocket, then no one would know that you have an iDevice, so that you are uber cool/urban/hipster, or whatever delusional thing apple cult members tell themselves :)08:47
Romsteri always picture ithis ithat users as emo hipsters08:48
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Romsterthat flock like sheep08:48
Romsteri'm retireing for the night g'night08:50
pedjaI am annoyed by their better-than-you is a piece of hardware, dammit.08:50
pedjaRomster: g'night08:50
jaegerThe best way to show it is not to buy one08:54
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pedjaI absolutelly don't have a problem with someone buying it on a technical or usage pattern merrit.But, buying it because 'all the cool kids have it' is stupid.09:06
jaegeragreed, though I think the latter reason is more common09:06
pedjaJobs was a master marketeer, I'll give him that.09:08
pedjaglorified salesman09:08
pedjaSeeing someone like this using latest iphone is the best way to end any discussion with iFans.I laughed my ass off when I saw their faces :)09:19
joacimi dont get it09:21
joacimi dont like this new trend that apple is following. where ram is soldered to the motherboard and the ssd is some proprietary form factor09:22
joacimi dont care about the cpu or graphics as i never replace those, but i do replace the ram once in a while09:23
pedjajoacim: in the middle of the discussion how cool, out-of-this-world leet, urban is Iphone, apple fans see granpa dressed like that using the latest iphone.09:23
joacimused to be able to easilly replace the ram and drives on macbooks, but now theyre all soldered.09:24
joacimi still dont get it09:25
pedjanevermind :) it is a cultural thing here in .rs09:26
joacimand i dont think i'm emo09:26
joacimi'm more of a neckbeard who lives in his moms basement than an emo09:26
joacimi wouldnt mind seeing android die tho09:27
joacimbring back webos and kill android09:27
jaegerWhy don't you like android?09:28
joacimi dont like the custom stuff that phone makers and service providers wants to sell09:28
joacimi want a plain vanilla android phone that gets official updates for 2-3 years after the device was first made09:29
pedjabuy a nexus, then :)09:30
jaegerThat's the trade for such "openness", I guess09:30
jaegeror an iphone :D09:30
* jaeger ducks09:30
joacimi wouldnt mind an iphone actually09:30
jaegerI have one, it's nice. I don't have any other apple products, though, not quite drinking the koolaid09:31
joacimbut i was also considering windows phone 709:31
jaegerI also have a nexus 709:31
jaegerI like both for their own reasons09:31
joacimwell the thing that annoys me is that those against apple hold such extreme views, or views that are just plain wrong09:31
jaegerI do hate that apple's QA for some things is shit. iOS 5 bluetooth audio streaming is fucked09:31
joacimsame with those who are extreme apple fans09:32
jaegerWhich I hate because that's one of the few things it does that I use a lot09:32
joacimi like my mac, but i also like my home-made desktop computer09:33
joacimi dont know what to think about the google play store09:34
joacimi get the impression that there is a lot of shady stuff on their store09:34
joacimbut that can be true about the apple app store too09:34
jaegerI haven't used it much, myself09:34
jaegerI'm not really the target market, I suppose. I use both the iphone and the nexus 7 but I don't use nearly all of the stuff that's available, only a few things09:35
joacimi would probably get an iphone or an ipad. the applications that i think i would enjoy are only for iOS-devices09:38
joacimand i have never seen any good alternatives for android09:39
jaegerThe things my android device gets used for most are ebooks reading, email, jabber, irc, and some ssh09:40
jaegerobviously not the case for everyone but in my case the ios and android devices can both do all these things09:41
joacimi'm thinking comic books and rss feeds09:42
joacimcomics via comic zeal09:42
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: jdk: updated to 1.7.0_0909:54
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cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: jdk:update to 1.7.0_0910:26
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: jre:update to 1.7.0_0910:26
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pedjafrinnst: any eta for crux-2.8-x86_64-rc3?12:04
NecrosporusWhen is CRUX 2.8 going to come out?12:12
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pedjaNecrosporus: when it is ready[tm]12:29
frinnstpedja: dunno if i'll bother13:33
frinnstmost(all) x86_64 specific stuff were fixed with rc213:33
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jsepedja: hahah, man, that hipster and apple-lover grandfather is funny as a thought. :D13:49
jseNo problem with Apple's products. Its vocal fans are what I find annoying.13:52
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pedjafrinnst: so I should use rc2?I'd like to test few binary-only apps that I use.13:58
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frinnstyeah14:43 times ahead :)14:48
pedjait seems udev is b0rken.again.
frinnstheh, yeah14:51
frinnstit's an epic thread14:51
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tilman"Two-faced lying weasel"14:53
pedjaI like when Linus goes to rant mode :)14:54
jseYou know you're in the wrong when the big whigs like Linus admonish you in public.14:54
tilmanI am leery of the fact that the udev maintenance14:57
tilmanseems to have gone into some "crazy mode" where they have made changes14:57
tilmanthat were known to be problematic, and are pure and utter stupidity.14:57
pedjaI'd like to buy Nix from that thread a beer, he summed what is wrong with udev development nowadays pretty nice :)14:57
tilmanpedja: thanks for the link :D14:57
pedjaI found it on lwn, always an excelent read.14:58
tilmantrue :)14:59
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tilman> Al, that -><- close to volunteering for maintaining that FPOS kernel-side...15:04
tilmanlove reading al viro's mails when he's annoyed :D15:04
tilmanfucking piece of shit15:05
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NecrosporusWhat is better, NetBSD or CRUX?15:41
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pedjadefine better15:44
jaegerbetter is subjective, only you can answer that15:48
enteboth are excellent operating systems15:49
pedjajaeger: I read what you wrote in Yoda's voice :)15:51
jaegerpedja: :)16:13
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nogagplzsomething about a cgi yoda fighting really hurt the character imo16:14
frinnstcan someone explain what the point of a spam email containing this, and only this: grandmother in silversmith That anyhow pancake daytime?16:16
frinnstwhat is it, trying to screw up spamfilters or what?16:17
tilmanfrinnst: so how about that pancake time?16:17
jaegerThe only point is to waste your time, which it is doing successfully :D16:17
frinnstat work we keep getting spam from "people" wanting to buy "racks"16:19
frinnstshelve-racks, tie-racks.. whatever16:19
frinnsti dont understand what the scam is :)16:19
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jaegerIt doesn't have to be a scam, it could be lots of idiots :)16:21
jaegermore likely it's mass-mailing BS that's configured wrong16:21
frinnstwell, the addressed emails are sent to the domain we use for rack rental :)16:23
pedjanogagplz: cgi yoda was the most lifelike character in the movie :)16:24
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Romsterbbl work21:00
Romsteracrux, i knwo about boost but newer version breaks deluge and i wasn't prepared to bump it until this bug is solved
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cyrus-sasl: Fixed building with db version 521:59
NomiusAnyone was able to build volumeicon?22:06
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