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alancioanybody here already using the 64 bit crux?03:52
Romsteryes but i'm using multilib03:53
alancioI thought we were going for a pure version03:54
alanciowhich I thought was good, until I realized skype is only 32 bit03:54
Romsterwe are when crux 3.0 is released well it'll be multilib tool chain with glibc-32 only in core afaik.03:56
Romsteri haven't touched skype in linux in awhile03:56
alanciothat's nice, I installed the 64 bit image from the page, and can't compile a 32-bit hello world03:57
alanciois the iso you used to install the multilib version available somewhere?03:59
Romsteri'm sure he put the 2.8 multilib somewhere else but i can't find my bookmark on that.04:00
Romsternp i can't find the multilib 2.8 rc3 file...04:04
Romsteri probably should look into skype and fix it's dependencies on multilib04:05
alanciothere is a static 32 bit skype04:06
alancioand a dynamic 64 bit04:06
alanciothe dynamic 64 bit one won't work04:07
alancioits for debian/ubuntu multilib04:07
Romstereh should be useable in crux multilib with a little effort.04:09
Romsteror pure if it's 64bit only.04:09
alancioI don't like the intermediate multilib release04:09
alancioits too much effort04:09
alancioanyway, thanks for your help, I'm going to sleep now04:12
Romsterwell 2.7.1 multilib is stable.04:13
Romsteryou don't know the meaning of effort until you've seen what i deal with <_<04:13
Romsterif you try anything let me know how you go04:20
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Romsterprologic, nogagplz sbs The Smartest Machine on Earth on now.04:50
Romstersbs1 i should say.04:51
RomsterAI stuff very interesting04:52
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prologicRomster, dude :)05:01
prologicI have MythTV05:01
prologicit's already being recorded :)05:01
prologicbut thanks for the heads up :)05:01
prologickdb is up05:01
prologickdb, commands05:01
kdbAvailable commands for help: commands help info05:01
prologicthere are probably other places I haven't fixed things05:02
Romsterplaying jepordy with this AI05:02
prologicit's all mostly just breaking api changes from circuits-1.2 to circuits-1.705:02
Romsterfigures -_-05:02
prologickdb, die05:02
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prologicwhat's pushed up to my repo works05:04
prologicfeel free to clone and give it a whirl05:04
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prologic@commands *05:04
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Romstercool next week the hunt for A. I. so watching that.05:31
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prologicRomster, most things are fixed noe with kdb06:45
Romsterk so from github or some othe place i can get it?06:47
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: qemu: 1.2.0-rc1 -> 1.2.012:32
teK__thanks frinnst for the pushing  I did not get around to build it as it does not fit into my ram at present12:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: vlc: 2.0.3 -> 2.0.412:39
Rotwangmoar swap!12:47
teK__jue: :<13:21
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teK__Rotwang: remove 3 from 4  4GB dimms as one of them screwed my machine13:22
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frinnstteK__: feel free to bump qemu-kvm too :)14:50
teK__gnar, thx14:56
* teK__ is already scared of running ck4up the next time15:15
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Lemon06Hi all18:43
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