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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: nfs-utils: fix unmount of nfs4-mounts if /proc/self/mounts is used instead of a real /etc/mtab04:20
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Romsterepic fail05:41
horrorStruckerrf... <-- ext4 potential corruption, patch available05:54
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frinnstsee? you should all use btrfs! :)06:36
horrorStruckyeah, btrfs has it bult-in :P06:46
frinnstno dataloss yet!06:56
frinnstdunno, how long have i run it by now? 7-8 months?06:57
frinnsttwo machines, a total of about ~7TB06:57
horrorStrucki've bricked at least one drive few years back, never tried it again :)06:59
frinnstheh, lots have happened since :)07:00
frinnstit actually is usable now. a bit slow in some situations perhaps07:00
frinnsttook 5-40 seconds to save a 1kb txt-file with vim on an ssd07:00
frinnstfixed in 3.7 :)07:00
niklasweI really sucks on varnish...07:02
horrorStrucki've seen lzo comp was giving great speed improvements, do you use that?07:03
Romstersee that's why i'm still on ext307:19
frinnst<bad joke> hey Romster! debian called! they want their filesystem back! </bad joke>07:24
Romsterso bad i don't even find it funny07:26
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frinnstthey must be the only distro that defaults to ext3, no?07:36
frinnstthey might even have moved to ext4 with squeeze07:36
Romsteri'd rather stick with a tried and tested FS until the bugs are ironed out of the newer ones.07:39
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: prt-get: update to 5.1911:38
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jaegerman, the current flash plugin is a crashy bastard12:37
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*** jaeger changes topic to "CRUX 2.8 | Homepage | Ports | Paste | xorg mouse/keyboard problems?"15:53
sepenueauaue congrats team!! keep the good work ;D15:54
jaegerThanks :) Hope everyone enjoys it. :)15:55
PingaxWait wait, i'm just installing 2.7.1 :(15:55
jaegerPingax: an upgrade from 2.7.1 to 2.8 should be a simple matter, for what that's worth15:59
rauznice 2.816:04
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Necrosporusfrinnst, I don't think btrfs is any more stable than ext416:56
* frinnst hands Necrosporus a pint of irony16:56
NecrosporusOh, CRUX 2.8 is out. I think, I would make a news article for linux site on it16:57
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NecrosporusWhat's the difference between util-linux and util-linux-ng?18:35
NecrosporusWhy replaced?18:35
NecrosporusWhat do you think about openbsd installer?
jaegerNecrosporus: util-linux-ng got renamed upstream18:37
NecrosporusWhat is about original util-linux?18:43
jaegerI don't know the story, maybe they got merged or util-linux was superseded18:43
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NecrosporusWhy did you remove 3.4 section?18:52
Necrosporusfrom handbook I mean18:52
Necrosporuslynx -dump > hb27; same for 28; diff -u0 <(sed 's/\[[0-9]*\]//g' hb27) <(sed 's/\[[0-9]*\]//g' hb28) | kwrite --stdin18:53
NecrosporusThis way I checked out the differences, seem like only changes were replacing grub1 with grub2 and removing a section18:54
nogagplzis the multilib crux 2.8 up anywhere yet19:01
jaegerrc3 is, which is not far off... but haven't built a 2.8 yet19:04
nogagplzhmm ok no worries19:05
NecrosporusDoes crux include any DM or WM on its install disk beside twm?19:08
NecrosporusAlso why there's no kernel still? I think it wouldn't hurt if CRUX CD included a kernel package, like Slackware19:09
NecrosporusYou can even port Slackware slackbuild for kernel to crux build system19:10
NecrosporusOr it's mean user can try using the kernel image from CD itself?19:11
Necrosporus* meant19:11
Necrosporusif they are too lazy to compile the kernel themselves19:11
jaegerlazy people aren't the intended audience19:11
jaegerThe ISO includes openbox, to answer the previous question19:16
jaegersection 3.4 was no longer accurate19:17
NecrosporusSo there was still boot floppy linux image support for 2.7.1?19:26
NecrosporusSection is not accurate, maybe, but was the installation kernel expanded to support more hardware, making building custom kernels not necessary?19:27
jaegertechnically it wasn't available for 2.7.1 either19:28
jaegera boot floppy could still be made manually but the mkbootfloppy thing hasn't been updated in ages as far as I know19:28
jaegerGo look at the hardware list in the 2.8 handbook19:29
NecrosporusSo 2.8 x86_64 is not here yet?19:32
Necrosporusjaeger, I guess, to make boot floppy one need a loader + kernel image. Where can one find a loader?19:35
jaegergoogle is probably where I'd start... lilo or syslinux are likely good bets19:36
jaegercan you not install from usb or cd?19:36
NecrosporusI was just curious.19:40
NecrosporusIs crux really going to stop supporting i686 or just to adopt x86_64 officially?19:41
NecrosporusNews article20:00
NecrosporusIt's on russian20:01
NecrosporusSuggestions are welcomed20:01
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NecrosporusGo to /usr/src/linux-3.6..x, configure and compile a new kernel.21:06
NecrosporusA mistype in handbook21:06
Necrosporustwo dots instead of one21:07
joacimit is future proof21:07
jaegerfixed it, thanks for pointing it out21:11
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NecrosporusCRUX-arm is still 2.7.1 though21:17
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NecrosporusWhat's generating locales for glibc?21:41
Necrosporusdoes it mean programs no longer compiled without NLS?21:41
NecrosporusWhich software were used to make handbook.txt for the install disk?21:47
NecrosporusAlso seem like CRUX install media lacks tools like ntfsutils22:12
Necrosporusthat's bad because it means there's no way to resize windows partition using CRUX install media22:12
pedjaFF devs, burn in hell...apparently 4Gb of RAM is not enough to build their precious browser...22:22
pedjawth happened, I could build it on 2.7...22:24
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