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frinnstubuntu awesomeness:
frinnstpedja: :)01:46
eighty4frinnst: I'd imagine the pussy riot search would be interesting...01:46
Romsterdungen sex lol02:01
frinnsti like the "anal..yze" example :)02:01
frinnstsuch a stupid idea. I'd rather pay the microsoft tax than to watch ads02:02
Romsteri would rather hack it to not show ads at all02:04
Romsterubuntu is oging down hill with advertising02:04
frinnstwell obviously, yeah. But if the choice was ads or upfront $$ i'd rather pay i think02:05
* frinnst owns an ad-infested android :)02:05
Romstermint will probably take over.02:07
Romstermy phone is android and it's not ad infested.02:10
Romsteryou must have a tablet or something similar?02:11
Romsteralso windows 8 launch day tomorrow02:11
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Romsterflash sucks big time i can't wait for it to die permanently.02:23
frinnstno, galaxy s2.. but there are lots of ads in android apps and crap02:49
frinnst+ its developed by an ad-company02:49
frinnstbut i block all ads :)02:49
Romsterah i got the galaxy s3 4G02:56
frinnsthow does it fit in a pocket? it seems insanely large02:56
Romsterjaeger, building multilib and frinnst you doing the x86_64 crux 2.8 iso?02:56
frinnsti think my s2 is too big02:56
Romsteri have large pockets02:56
Romsterbut i do feel it in my pocket.02:57
frinnstyeah, i finished the bootstrap during the night. need to do some final touchups and build the iso. will do that tonight02:57
Romsteri'm 6' 2" and like 92cm waist so i have decent sized pockets.02:57
frinnstalso, you can hide it in your beard :D02:58
Romsterlol no and i havne't got much of a beard since i shaved it off.02:58
Romsterit's pretty short now.02:59
frinnsthow could you!02:59
Romsteri had to let it grow back i looked like a freaking porn star with just my moustache02:59
frinnsti've started growing for a couple of weeks now. i'm getting tired of showing ID when i buy beer (im 32 ffs)03:00
Romsterso you can pass for a teen with no facial hair eh.03:00
frinnstwhat can i say? the lack of sunshine keeps my skin young :)03:01
Romsteri used to look pale white since i was up mostly night time.03:02
frinnstI get maybe a total of 5 minutes of sunshine each day during winter03:13
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Romsterheck i get more than that.03:48
Romsterso prologic you watched that sbs show i mentioned about wattson? the other day yet?03:56
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prologicno I haven't yet04:01
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Romstermissing out on awesomeness05:40
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niklaswehmm why cant parted handle ext3...06:08
Necrosporusfrinnst, for now ubuntu is free software yet, so you can disable that ads without much problems. Though I'd rather use other GNU/Linux distro, like Slackware06:13
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NecrosporusMotif is now released under a free software license, LGPL:
NecrosporusSo I think it would be nice if CRUX include it along with CDE08:31
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jaegerIf I never see CDE again that will be ideal09:57
frinnstso, maybe head home and roll out a 2.8 x86_64 iso?10:01
frinnstsounds like a plan10:02
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jaegerfrinnst: sounds good :)10:15
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tilmancongrats on the release guys12:02
tilmanNecrosporus: are you necrofagnus?12:03
NecrosporusI don't think so. What is that?12:07
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frinnstfucking snowing.. how depressing12:56
tilmano/~ the first flakes of snow guide me to my last path way o/~13:23
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VileTimesHello all. Have you seen this:
VileTimesDoes the new release of Crux address this?19:54
Romster<frinnst> <- lol20:18
RomsterVileTimes, crux does not package the kernel20:19
Romsterfeel free to pick a kernel version not affected.20:19
Romsterhaving said that pf-kernal has added that patch already20:21
VileTimesRight, so if I pick up the latest kernel from (I think it's 3.6.3), I should be ok? Or will I have to go with something pre-3.5?20:32
Romsteri thik 3.6.3 is affected20:34
Romstersays the patch was applied on top of 3.6.320:34
Romsternot sure when that bad patch was added to the kernel though20:34
VileTimesThanks, Romster. I'll check that out.20:34
Romsteri use that patch set for BFS and BFQ20:35
Romsteri'm still on ext3 partly because i've been on that since i set up this pc and partly because i prefer tried and tested to bleeding edge FS20:40
VileTimesYeah, I've been on EXT3 forever ... until I switched out my hard drive in an upgrade  and thought, "Why not? What could possibly go wrong?"20:42
Romsterfamous last words eh :D20:43
Romsteri thought about it for root but since i haven't had to format since 2005 i just haven't bothered20:43
VileTimesI can't imagine the sort of havoc this must be playing at some hosting companies or larger data centers - that's if they're using EXT4 of course.20:44
Romsterthy'll probable be on a oldr kernel thats not affected20:45
Romsterthough with VMs thesedays each VM would have it's own problems to deal with, unless it's vserver20:46
VileTimesTrue. I guess it only really affects those using bleeding edge, like ArchLinux users - who's ranks I'll be leaving soon. Forcing the switch to systemd was a little too much for me.20:47
Romsteryrah i thought they said awhile ago they would not use systemd20:48
Romsteror was i reading wrong20:48
Romsterso that's why your here we are sort of like arch but more cut down20:48
VileTimesThe latest install media is now packaged with systemd. I know Gentoo is giving a pass on systemd. They're sticking with OpenRC.20:49
Romsteryeah i know about gentoo and someone in here mentioned that slackware is not using systemd either20:49
VileTimesI've always had a soft spot for Crux. The packaging system is really very good.20:52
VileTimes... or more accurately "port" system.20:52
Romster even Linus is having ago at them20:54
Romsterafter screwing up pulseaudio he nows does the same for udev.20:55
Romster and waiting on what happens here.20:55
Romstercrux is easy to add packages too.20:56
VileTimesI'm not saying it's bad software necessarily, I just think people who run distros should force their users into massive changes that really haven't been properly tested.20:56
Romsterbut seems more prefer arch?20:56
Romsterwe even debated going back to static nodes.20:56
Romsterpersonally i'd like to give a knuckle sandwich for forcing udev to be in systemd20:57
Romsteryet saying he'll support the udev only builds then you need all this other crap for systemd just to build the udev part of it, that's why LFS has there own Makefile to get around that.20:58
VileTimesYeah, that's just silly. Linux is about choice, and it should always be about choice.20:58
Romsterthe thing i see is one tool one job, udev manage nodes events ok fine20:58
Romstersystemd take over udev init system hal dbus not ok by me.20:59
Romsteran event daemon in kernel perhaps might be better for replacing horrible dbus.20:59
Romsteri was using runit and i see recently on another init project too.21:00
Romstergood luck to any other init system when systemd takes over.21:00
VileTimesDid you find any performance improvement using runit?21:01
Romsterit's a really heated debate personally i'd like to see Lennart/Kai not working on linux.21:01
Romstertons, on multple core systems like my quad core.21:01
Romsternot so much when it's runnign but services started really fast.21:02
Romsteri've kept my work if you want to hack on it.21:02
VileTimesI don't really blame them. They're just trying to get work. It's those who have a say in what gets put into a distr that I have a beef with. Why are they fawning over them?21:02
Romsteryou should make it a rule to always be on this channel when you can too. learn something new.21:02
Romsteri don't get how he got in so easily21:03
VileTimesYeah, I'll definitely make a point of it.21:03
Romsterfeels dirty21:03
Romsterfeels liek he has rammed a really huge truck up the back of a buz box car21:04
Romstertaking over21:04
VileTimesI'm pretty sure it's about money (it almost always is), but I don't know enough about Fedora/Red Hat/Ubuntu to really understand why.21:05
RomsterVileTimes, i have a fork on crux that has the runit in it it's not actively maintained currently but that'll cange later on it's more of a crux system with some changes here and there.
Romstermight be a bit hacky i knew less then21:07
Romsteri run multilib crux now21:08
Romsterbbl work21:08
VileTimesBookmarked. I've got a lot of thinking and planning to do.21:08
VileTimesOk. Thanks for the help.21:08
Romsterlook at the home page how to install hvl it's old but it'll help you if you want to hack on runit, let me know i got a local git server. can even hsot ports if you like21:09
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