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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: [notify] exim: update to 4.80.1, security fix for CVE-2012-567104:13
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: bison: update to 2.6.304:13
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: coreutils: update to 8.2004:13
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joe9anyone still hesitating to migrate to 2.8?06:38
joe9i am on 2.7.1 and am eyeing the upgrade to 2.8, but, am not keen on spending time on any issues that might arise.06:39
joe9not sure if it is a smooth upgrade.06:39
joe9any experiences of unhappy upgrades?06:39
joacimi just cant be arsed06:47
joacimi'll get to it in a week or so i guess06:47
joe9romster, are you on 2.8?06:56
pedjaUpdate to 2.8 was smooth, but revdep list was a mile long, at least for me :)07:02
pedjajust make sure to install glu from xorg repo, I missed that one :)07:04
frinnstif you use the iso the installer will do that for you07:04
pedjafrinnst: With the fresh install, I went the upgrade route :)07:05
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frinnstit should inject those packages also if you chose the upgrade option07:06
frinnstit did for me on one of my machines07:06
frinnstas well as "rename" util-linux-ng -> util-linux07:06
frinnstand other stuff i've forgotten07:06
pedjanot here.not a big deal, though.07:07
frinnstuser error, must be07:08
frinnstdid you check the install log when it was completed?07:08
pedjaall ok.07:08
frinnsthmm, thats not good07:09
pedjaall ok not good ?07:09
pedjai made usbimage, since I don't have empty cds/dvds, and used that to update.07:10
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frinnstwell if it failed to inject those packages then something is wrong07:11
joe9pedja, so there is a upgrade route?07:11
frinnstjoe9: of course07:11
frinnstjust boot the media, mount your / and run setup07:11
pedjaunetbootin does not work, but Intels usb image writer I have from Meego did the work.07:11
frinnstwhy not just dd if=crux.iso of=/dev/usbstick ?07:12
pedjascript has some sanity checks :)07:12
pedjai tried using iso directly, it didn't work, wouldn't boot, so I made usbimage.07:13
joe9i have my root on a raid-1 partition. I can remove one disk from the raid-1, mount it, upgrade it to 2.8 from 2.7.1, then I would have to reboot with the new disk as root, correct?07:14
joe9is there a different/better way to do the upgrade?07:14
pedjaapparently usb stick was fscked, though, so iso should have worked.07:14
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frinnstyou did use the final iso, or one of the rc's? i think i forgot to run the hybrid thingy of one of the release candidates :)07:17
frinnstah yeah07:18
frinnstthen its my fault07:18
frinnst(i suck)07:18
pedjano worries, I ran hybrid thingie on it, just in case :)07:18
frinnstthe inject thingy also07:18
pedjainject took care of util-linux rename, afaict07:19
pedjabtw, i have util-linux-2.22.50 installed.07:20
pedjawrt qt4, qt-4.8.3 is latest stable, why is our still at 4.8.1?07:22
pedjaI tried to update the port, and send the patch, but source is missing from the download page, at least for area where I live :)07:24
joe9pedja: what is the "hybrid thingy"? I have a machine on 2.7.1 x86 and another on x86_6407:25
joe9do i have to worry with the "hybrid thingy"?07:26
pedjaif you download final iso, no07:26
joe9ok, thanks.07:26
pedjait is magic, so you can use the iso file with usb stick, if you don't want/don't have a cd-rom/dvd :)07:27
joe9i have my root on a raid-1 partition. I can remove one disk from the raid-1, mount it, upgrade it to 2.8 from 2.7.1, "then switch_root to the 2.8 system" -- Can I "switch_root" to the new upgraded mount?07:28
krueRomster,VileTimes: I use runit with crux as well07:36
jaegerjoe9: you shouldn't need to break your raid to upgrade07:42
jaegerpedja, frinnst: 2.8's setup-helper does inject glu if mesa3d is installed07:44
joe9jaeger: How else can I do the upgrade without breaking the raid?07:50
joe9jaeger: /dev/md0 on / type ext4 (rw,relatime,data=ordered,errors=remount-ro) -- is the mount entry for my / partition.07:51
jaegerare you trying to do it in some unusual way? Not from the CD?07:52
jaegerThe CD does support mdadm07:53
joe9jaeger: no unusual way. i just want to upgrade from 2.7.1 to 2.8. sometime ago, i think you mentioned that there was no upgrade path (i might be recalling wrongly, too)07:55
joe9"just put the cd and do upgrade on /" -- is it as simple as that?07:55
jaeger2.7.1 -> 2.8 is the proper upgrade path. :)07:55
jaegerboot the CD and do the upgrade as in the handbook07:55
jaegersince the CD has no mdadm.conf on it your md0 will probably be created as md127 temporarily when you boot it. you can change it to md0 by stopping and reassembling it if you like07:56
joe9ok, got it. thanks. for one machine, I do not have a cd drive, but, I think I can use a bootable usb stick on that one.07:57
joe9jaeger: thanks.07:57
jaegerThe 2.8 ISO is hybrid, you can boot it from USB07:57
jaegerno problem07:57
krueHas the multilib iso been released?08:04
krueThanks, jaeger. I hope to have time this weekend to upgrade.08:13
jaegernp08:14 must be on another planet...09:02
jaegerIt takes a while for packets to get here from the mars rover :D09:02
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pedja14min6s from Mars.This takes longer :)09:04
pedjaand it fails...09:04
jaegerdoh, heh09:05
pedjaI'll leave exim update for later, lunch time.09:05
NecrosporusHave you ever tried to count how many times CRUX was downloaded?09:08
frinnstgrep -c crux-2.8-x86_64.iso access_log09:10
frinnstbest I can do :)09:10
Necrosporusjaeger, what's the difference compared to one from both seem x86_6409:28
Necrosporusfrinnst, that's from
kruejaeger's iso is multilib. frinnst's iso is pure 64bit.09:45
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frinnstNecrosporus: yeah10:04
Necrosporuskrue, pure means with just /lib instead of /lib64 ?10:05
jaegerNecrosporus: pure only runs 64-bit code. multilib runs both 64-bit and 32-bit10:09
jaegerthey both use /lib for 64-bit libraries, multilib uses /lib32 for 32-bit10:09
Necrosporusjaeger, so the difference is kernel support only?10:10
jaegerNo, it's more complicated than that10:10
jaegerthe toolchain has to support both as well10:10
jaegerkernel, gcc, glibc, binutils, etc.10:11
frinnstqt4 diff from my desktop10:50
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RotwangI dont know how this happened but raspberry pi came from rs components10:59
RotwangI don't remember paying for it11:00
Rotwangso now I have two raspberrys11:00
Rotwangor raspberries11:00
RotwangI think I'll put them together into a cluster :D11:00
jaegernice :)11:02
Rotwangtheir leds are quite bright so I'll additionally have a lamp11:04
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krue "systemd is yet another Linux init system that includes a coffee machine"14:39
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pedjacoffee machine is actually usefull and has far fewer moving parts :)14:53
pedjato cite Linus "udev maintainers are barking mad" <--paraphrased, that14:56
jaegerstop the crazy!14:58
pedjaamen to that14:58
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passagerhi, I am new here, French speaking, comingfrom NuTyX, the French distro using the Crux's tools having closed her activities last evening15:27
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passagerwhat is the most easy way to install Crux? does Crux install and use Kde incl. Office? Calligra or Kde-Office15:30
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frinnstno, the crux install is very minimal15:41
frinnstthere is a kde repository though15:42
passagercan I use the packages from NuTyX in Crux?15:42
passagerah ok? well15:42
frinnsti dont know anything about nutyx, sorry15:42
passagernutyx is/was a very complete distribution using the tools of Crux to make the packages15:44
passagerand installable as Linux runs from an other distribution (!)15:44
passagerwith packages as Crux packages in *.pck.tar.xz15:44
passagerI actually always use Nutyx in my desktop PC15:45
frinnstcrux packages are just tarballs. there are no scripts or other magic that does stuff once you install something15:45
passagerand have Kde 4.9.2 and Calligra 2.5.215:45
frinnstwell, a database tracking packages and files exist15:46
tilmanpassager: does nytux use the same package format as crux?15:46
passageryes, I suppose absolutely15:47
tilmanthe name nytux seems to make much more sense than nutyx15:47
passagerthe manpages of our tools are the French translation of the Crux pages15:47
frinnstbtw, all nls stuff is stripped from crux. so you'll end up with english packages15:48
passagerit would be no problem!15:49
passagerI am accoutumed to use them! I only never did learn English at school15:49
passagerI can write, use software, and from time to time read the doc ;-) (depending if the author did use the vocabular I am accoutumed to!)15:50
frinnstWell i suggest you setup a virtual machine and try it out :)15:57
passagerthank you! bye!16:02
joe9where can I find the pure frinnst's x86_64 iso?16:12
frinnstmaybe someone with +rw can add it to the download page?16:14
joe9is it as simple as: sudo dd if=crux-2.8-x86_64.iso  of=/dev/sdc -- where sdc is my usb disk?16:25
joe9frinnst: any thoughts, please?16:25
joe9frinnst: thanks.16:25
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Romsterkrue, mind showing me your work to get runit going or did you pinch most of my ports and just reworked them?18:15
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Romsteryet antoehr firefox update ugh18:30
jaegerfrinnst just likes to torture you19:00
Romsteri think qt4 did that enough to frinnst  already19:05
Romster something wrong i can't get it to update19:06
jaegerAnyone have an ubuntu 10.04 desktop install handy?19:07
Romsteri've tried multiple times.19:07
jaegerIt was updated in 2.819:08
Romsteroh so i' now i'm forced to update to 2.8 when i know not all the stuff i use builds yet -_-19:08
Romsteri know i can manually bump it19:08
jaegerthat's a bit of a strange thing to say19:08
jaegera firefox bump doesn't force you to 2.819:09
Romsterno but something like that should of been bumped in 2.7 and 2.819:09
Romsterfor a time period anyways, for the slower ones to move to 2.819:09
Romsterlike 6 months or something.19:09
Romsteror is that just too much effort for a small distro like us?19:10
Romsteralso i dunno what i'm gonan do with tetex in 2.8 other than package an older gcc just to compile that unless i can find  patch to fix it.19:11
frinnstright, forgot to push to 2.719:14
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] firefox: updated to
Romsterthanks frinnst i was going crazy not realising it wasn't in 2.719:15
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PingaxFor information, main alsa project's ftp server is down, so alsa-lib-1.0.26 can't be downloaded. I've found it there :
PingaxAs firefox requires it...19:47
frinnstyeah it's been down for a month or somethign19:50
frinnsttheir bugtracker is also down19:51
nogagplzpulseaudio saboteurs at work19:52
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prologicI now have an proxmox ve server if anyone would like to attempt to create a crux vz template?21:32
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Romstera month...22:09
RomsterPingax, i got a mirror of most distfiles here
Romster's|$|export ...| adds to end of every line how do i append with sed than using echo foo >>22:10
Romsterelse i have to drop to root to do echo foo >> /.../foo22:11
Romsterwheres i can do sudo sed ...22:11
jaegeryou could do sudo tee, probably22:12
jaegerthough I'll admit I don't exactly understand what you're asking, that sentence was really hard to parse22:12
Romsteri'm seding some lines already with sudo sed ...22:12
Romsteri'd like to append some lines to end of file using sed if possible.22:13
Romster found that but that adds to end of every line.22:13
jaeger'echo blah | sudo tee -a file' perhaps22:13
Romstersurely sed has a regex to append a single line to end of file.22:13
Romsterappend to a new line that is...22:14
jaegerdon't know, I'd probably just use sudo tee for it :)22:15
Romsteri could of figured that out.... i want some regex fu <<22:15
Romstertrolling the net.22:16
Romsteri know i could insert to line number perhaps.22:16
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Romsterhmp i guess everyone just sues another tool than to learn REGEX22:20
jaegerwell, using a simple tool for a simple job is kinda the unix way22:22
jaegerif there's a sed regex to do it, great, but if not, there's always another option22:22
Romsterwell line 1 is easy to do with 1 but end of file is another deal22:23
jaegertry sed '$a whatever'22:25
Romsterthat does end of line though22:25
Romsteroh hmm maybe not lets see22:25
jaegervindication/jaeger ~ $ cat testfile22:26
jaegervindication/jaeger ~ $ sed -i '$a WTF' testfile22:26
jaegervindication/jaeger ~ $ cat testfile22:26
Romstereek seems every second line gets that.22:27
Romsteroh $a damn i did a22:27
jaegerthe $ is important, think of it regex-style22:28
Romster$ = end22:28
jaegerand don't give it a pattern match or it will append to every matched line22:28
Romsteromg ty jaeger that is it.22:30
Romsterfunny i can't find that searching on the net22:30
Romstereven with 'regex end of file Anchor'22:30
jaegerI just tried a couple things until it worked22:30
Romsteri'm a idiot for not thinking of a22:33
Romstercrap a few lines i have #export and it screws up on those.22:40
Romsteri even escaped it with \# but on single quotes that probably wont work.22:41
Romstermight jsut have to use tee -a :/22:45
Romstertee it is on all of it i just can't figure this out22:49
Romsterand of course tee works flawlessly i guess the moral of the story is don't learn how another tools does it jsut pick a easier tool to use when you don't need something as complex22:56
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