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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mdadm: update to 3.2.603:28
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xf86-video-nouveau: update to 1.0.303:30
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spaceninjathink pip needs to have distribute instead of setuptools on dependencies05:45
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pedjavirtualbox-bin requires libpng14, so I added the port for it that installs only, and symlinks.That should not break anything, right?08:42
pedjaonly apps that explicitly look for libpng14 would be using it?08:43
* tilman still has libpng1.2 lying around in /usr/local/lib :/08:44
pedjathanks :)08:44
tilmanis there a script that traverses /usr and reports files which are _not_ present in /var/lib/pkg/db?08:44
tilmanprtorphan is installed ports vs _available_ ports (available=is in /usr/ports somewhere)08:48
tilmanpkgfoster isnt it either08:48
tilmanguess i could write one08:50
pedjago for it :)08:51
* tilman has hot water with lemon juice to treat his cold08:53
tilmanand it tastes so fucking awful08:53
pedjatry tea, leamon juice and rum :)08:59
tilmani can't handle rum09:00
pedjaok, then put a little honey instead.09:01
tilmani should have mentinoed09:02
tilmani _did_ put honey in09:02
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tilmanmore than a little actually :D09:02
* tilman cringes09:02
pedjaI don't have a cold yet, but serial sneeze is driving me nuts :)09:03
tilmani know the feeling, i get hayfever in spring09:04
RotwangI didn't expect to have to shavel snow off my car in october09:04
tilmanwe had first snow today too09:05
tilmanor rather last night09:05
pedjaI expect the snow on Monday, when I go to work :)09:05
tilmanin case anyone else needs it ;)09:07
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joe9the latest firefox is not compiling on 2.8 x86_64. does anyone notice this? something about libpng and apng not found.09:22
joe9firefox: relocation error: /usr/lib/firefox/ symbol png_get_first_frame_is_hidden, version PNG15_0 not defined in file with link time reference09:22
joe9when I start the old version.09:23
joe9realized the issue. using an old libpng09:24
juetilman: please teach cruxbot to use the 2.8 branches ;)09:25
tilmansepen is running cruxbot these days09:26
frinnstjoe9: you obviously lack libpng from 2.809:26
tilmanactually has been since last 2 years09:26
joe9frinnst: yes, thanks.09:26
frinnstplease do a full sysup09:26
joe9will do, thanks.09:26
Rotwangso there is a new crux09:26
jseIndeed \o/09:27
frinnstRotwang: thunderbird needs a couple of bumps btw09:28
juetilman: didn't know that, thanks for the info09:29
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RotwangI need an idea for my thesis09:43
Rotwangall I can find is shit09:43
pedjatechnology hates me today...09:53
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sepenyep, I should fix cruxbot to 2.8 sorry09:55
pedjais something wrong with contrib-x86-64.git?or is it me, being a retard?again...09:55
sepentilman: do you know about my pkg-dbnot script?;a=tree;h=refs/heads/master;hb=master09:58
tilmansepen: obv not09:59
sepenI wrote that along ago09:59
sepentilman: take a look maybe could help09:59
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VileTimesSorry for the kernel-newb question, but is there a way to save all of the output from a boot process when the kernel chokes? It's a little difficult to figure out where my compile went wrong when most of the messages fly off the screen.18:41
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horrorStruckVileTimes: never tried myself but anyway: pause_on_oops=600 initcall_debug debug ignore_loglevel19:32
VileTimeshorrorstruck: I put this in the kernel .config file?19:33
VileTimesThanks, horrorStruck. I found a nice article on on the mighty arch wiki that should point me in the right direction:
VileTimesI wouldn't have found it if you hadn't mentioned "pause_on_oops".19:57
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horrorStruckVileTimes: np21:52
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Flynnhey guys i'm kinda interested in trying out CRUX but have no idea what it's like other than similar to Arch (please don't find that insulting)22:35
Flynnor pre-SysD Arch should i say22:36
Flynnbut i have no idea what the package management is like, I'm currently leaving Slackware and looking for something a little more practical22:36
FlynnInstead of just going back to Debian, i'd like to try something new22:36
Flynncan anyone explain to me what the packaging is like, and the package availability?22:37
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