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Romstertilman> is there a script that traverses /usr and reports files which are _not_ present in /var/lib/pkg/db? < yes sepens pkg-not00:00
Romster$ cat ~/bin/pkg-not |wgetpaste -s dpaste00:00
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: wine: 1.5.14 -> 1.5.1604:55
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Dark_lightI've noticed that 2.8 has been released also in a contrib 64 bit version, but shouldn't 3.0 be in the works now that 2.8 has been released?05:57
frinnstyes but we need a vacation :)05:58
Dark_lightfrinnst: sure :-) you earned it! I was just curious05:59
Dark_lightIt shouldn't be too long however before it gets released, I mean less than a year or did I get it wrong?06:00
Dark_lightallright thanks, and good job! ;-)06:01
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jpichi all, how would you install crux on a distant, headless server, if you can only either 0. boot from hd and 1. boot from a live distro, hd not mounted06:42
jpici've read installation wiki and faq but didn't find an awswer, which leads me to another question: is crux good for servers too ?06:43
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RomsterDark_light, i woulnd't think 64bit 2.8 be much different at 3.0 other than it'll be the 2.8 multilib with possibly some changes.07:06
nogagplzsystemd ;P07:06
Dark_lightnogagplz: systemd in 3.0?07:13
Dark_lightRomster: likely07:13
Dark_lightRomster: but multilib can be userful07:13
nogagplzprobably safe to say not on your life07:13
Dark_lightnogagplz: didn't get the expression :P07:14
Romsterit is useful have you seen the multilib ports tree?07:15
Dark_lightRomster: thanks!07:16
Dark_lightnogagplz: no seriously :P was that a not in this lifetime or it's not a safe bet ?07:16
Romsterwe will avoid it at all costs07:17
Romsterbut there is a few options we are waiting on see what happens.07:17
Dark_lightRomster: thank god07:17
Romsterindeed, nogagplz is just being himself <<07:18
Romsterfull of sarcasm hehe07:18
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Dark_lightI'm not a big fan of systemd, sure it's fast, but it seems like a change for the sake of changing and without any assurace on its reliability07:19
RomsterDark_light, we'll most likely home one overlay for 32bit compat.07:19
Romsternor do i like the fact it's bloated.07:19
rauzwhat's the best way to upgrade 2.7.1 64bit to 2.8 64bit ?07:20
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Romstergrab the 2.8 cd and install core ports over the top of the existing core.07:21
Romsterrejmerge recompile kernel.07:22
rauzk thx07:22
Romsterif you do mulitlib be sure to enable compat 32bit in kernel too07:22
Romstermight be the best idea as 3.0 will be multilib gcc and only glibc-32 in core. so it'll function at 64bit as the pure 64bit does now.07:23
Romsterbut 3.0 afaik will be that and a 32bit compat overlay for only those that need it.07:24
Dark_lightRomster: I'll bookmark that link :P07:25
jueerr, best way is to boot the 2.8 ISO and use setup to do the update07:25
Romsterbut use pure if you prefer just saying.07:25
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rauzi only reason i use multilib is for skype, to chat with my girlfriend :(07:26
Romsterwhat jue said as there is a setup helper to inject new dependencies and remove old ones.07:26
jueRomster: you shouldn't suggest the manual method until there's a real reason for it07:26
Romsteroh i've been meaning to look at updating skype.07:26
Romsterjue, right sorry, use the setup in handbood.07:27
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Romsterrauz, anything special you needed todo?07:27
Dark_lightRomster: i've read that it can work on a pure 64bit with static libs07:27
Romsterin the past on 32bit i had issues with microphone not working.07:27
rauzRomster: what do you mean ?07:27
RomsterDark_light, yeah but wasn't that a debian build only or something, seems odd.07:28
Romsternevermind i'll investigate for myself.07:28
Romsterwhen i got the time07:28
Dark_lightRomster: no idea I once saw a post on linuxquestions in the slackware forums on how to do it but never read through it07:28
Romstergot the link to it?07:29
Dark_lightRomster: here's the slackbuild
Romsteri think i'll keep that for another day to do.07:36
Romsterbut i'll get to that.07:38
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Dark_lightRomster: so is udev going to be useless eventually?07:57
Romsterthe fuck O_O08:03
Romster this looks promising..08:03
Romsterhmm why is that dude still messing with udev why can't we get that greg guy back?08:04
Dark_lightit's the whole sytemd conspiracy08:07
Dark_lightoh and btw08:07
Dark_lightin those emails08:07
Dark_lightthere's even a slightly more recent one08:08
Dark_lightlinus apparently has started working on a patch for the kernel to load firmwares08:08
Romsteroh why can't linus tell the current udev maintainer to bugger off and hire a better one?08:09
Dark_lightRomster: I don't think it's up to him to decide or he would08:10
Romsterlast i tried my tv tuner card would not load it's firmware. but that was a long time ago i checked that. over 6 months.08:10
Dark_lightRomster: I too have issues with udev 182 and the wireless card firmware on one of my machiens08:18
Romsternot just me then08:18
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Dark_lightit does load but it takes ~30 seconds08:19
Romsteroh that's the delay they are talking about.08:20
Romsteri'm hoping this udev fork will become a viable option08:20
Dark_lightRomster: I also like linus idea of letting the kernel to udev's work08:21
Dark_lightafterall all it does is look into the /lib/firmware/ path load the firmware and pass it to the kernel08:21
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: wine: 1.5.14 -> 1.5.1608:24
Romsteryeah true08:24
Romsterwe'll have to wait and see.08:31
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pedjausers of ext4 beware
Romsterwe know already08:39
pedjawas anyone unlucky enough to hit that bug?08:40
Dark_lightpedja: from what I read around it seems to happen only with certain configs most users don't use08:41
Romsterand two quick umounts of the FS where the journal hasn't had time to finish08:42
Romsterand not me i'm on ext3 still08:42
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pedjait seems that it is too early to panic :)08:44
pedjano reason to panic just yet is what I meant.08:44
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pedjaI am more worried of lack of updates to jfs...08:45
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pedjadid IBM finally ditched it?08:46
Dark_lightno idea but I think it's still developed08:47
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pedjaI see activity on kernel side, jfsutils not so much.08:51
Romsterprobably stable no need for changes08:52
Romsterg'night all.08:52
Dark_lightsleep tight!08:53
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frinnstjfs got support for trim recently, no?09:06
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joe9i have a x86 machine with a 2.6.38 kernel. I cannot upgrade the kernel as an app that I use requires that kernel.10:13
joe9I tried to upgrade that machine to crux 2.8 and I get errors saying:
joe9"FATAL: kernel too old" is what it says now.10:14
joe9the setup script seems to have failed without installing any packages.10:14
joe9I realize that I cannot upgrade this machine to crux 2.8.10:14
joe9Is there any way to get it back to 2.7.1, on which it was before.10:14
Rotwangthere is a hack for that, but I wouldn't recommend it10:16
frinnstrun the 2.7.1 installer?10:16
frinnstwhat useless app is it that fails?10:16
Rotwangfrinnst: probably all of them [;10:17
joe9frinnst: am searching for the 2.7.1 cd. linuxcnc is the app.10:17
joe9Rotwang: what is the hack? I can try it.10:17
joe9even ls does not work. only cd seems to work.10:17
frinnstwell yeah glibc will not work under an old kernel10:18
Rotwangjoe9: it is a glibc function that checks for a kernel version10:18
Rotwangyou would have to override that function and then preload it10:18
jaegeror rebuild glibc with an older kernel specification10:18
jaegerwhich might require a lot more rebuilding10:19
joe9jaeger: i am better of sticking with 2.7.1 in this case, correct?10:20
jaegerUntil you know of a better solution, probably so10:21
jaegerMight be worth bugging upstream people to update the software, if possible10:21
Rotwangjoe9: what kind of software is this?10:22
joe9Rotwang:  it is a realtime linux api. controlling cnc machines.10:22
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joe9Rotwang: i cannot do that when even ls is not working, can I?10:27
joe9I have to use the installer cd to change that, correct?10:27
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jaegeryeah, that would be easiest10:39
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joe9what is the best livecd out there? my knoppix cd does not seem to work and I do not have a crux 2.7.1 cd.10:46
joe9i have some blank dvd's available but no cd's.10:47
joe9don't bother. found a working knoppix dvd.10:51
joe9will boot up in that. mount the crux 2.7.1 iso and go from there.10:51
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rauzafter the upgrade should i recompile my system ?11:51
joe9rauz: try revdep11:52
joe9will the crux .iso image work if i write it to a dvd?11:54
joe9dd if=..iso of=..dvd drive?11:54
rauzjoe9: revdep ?11:59
jaegerjoe9: it should, dvds work with iso9660 filesystems as well12:05
joe9jaeger: thanks.12:12
joe9rauz: yes, that will show all the broken ports12:12
joe9you can also do "prt-get update -fr `revdep`"12:13
rauzand where can i get the revdep12:14
jaegerIt's part of the prt-utils port12:15
joe9isn't it already on the system?12:15
jaegernot by default12:15
rauzshit my system is screwed12:21
rauzi can't compile prt-utils: cannot open shared object files12:23
jaegerwhat's the exact error message?12:27
rauzgrep: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory12:28
jaegerso grep is trying to find but can't12:29
jaegeris this after an upgrade?12:30
jaegerlibpcre is in core, should have been upgraded properly if so12:30
rauzjup after the upgrade from 2.7.1 to 2.812:31
jaegerwhich* files are in /lib?12:32
joe9rauz: i had that issue too.12:41
rauzin /lib are
rauzjoe9: how did you fix it ?12:42
jaegeras a temporary fix you could symlink to and recompile grep12:42
jaegerthen remove the symlink12:42
joe9rauz, created a symbolic link of both libpcre's12:42
joe9rauz: exactly as jaeger's recommendation above.12:42
joe9there are quite a few ports that break with the libpcre.12:43
joe9urxvt, etc.12:43
rauzok that worked i was able to recompile grep now should i use revdep12:44
joe9why not do "prt-get update -fr grep"12:44
joe9to recompile grep to use the latest libpcre?12:44
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juerauz: how did you do the upgrade? Looks like you've upgraded grep but not libpcre?12:45
rauzjoe9: i already recompiled grep and now i was able to install prt-utils that means i have nove revdep12:45
rauzjue: downloaded the 2.8 x86_64 iso bootet from cd and did the upgrade12:46
rauzafter that i used rejmerge12:46
rauzcompiled new a kernel and rebooted12:47
juehmm, that's indeed bad :( Do you see something like 'Upgrade completed successful' after you run setup?12:50
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juerauz: no idea why the upgrade of libpcre to 8.31 failed on your system, no other reports like that until now13:09
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joe9i want to burn the crux iso image to a dvd. will cdrecord do the trick?13:20
joe9found it:
juejoe9: we don't have cdrecord, but you can use wodim instead13:25
joe9ok, will check that out. Thanks jue13:25
juenp, it's in opt/cdrkit13:26
joe9i did this to write to a dvd:
joe9but, the crux dvd is not being recognised.13:46
joe9is there something I should do to have it bootable?13:46
joe9jaeger: any thoughts, please?13:46
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jaegerjoe9: no idea there, sorry, should work fine as far as I know14:11
rauzjoe9: i burned it with wodim on a dvd an it just booted14:11
joe9rauz: ok, thanks. might be the bios does not recognise bootable dvd's, I presume.14:13
joe9worked fine with a cd.14:13
jaegerseems likely, then14:14
joe9jaeger: thanks.14:16
joe9jaeger: quick question, to back down from a 2.8 failed installation to 2.7.1, I am doing the "upgrade to 2.7.1". Is that a bad idea?14:17
jaegerwell, it will miss some things that are one-way between 2.7 and 2.8 but nothing you can't fix manually be adding/removing packages14:26
jaegerlike glu being added alongside mesa, etc.14:27
rauzwhat's the best way to rebuild my whole system ?14:27
jaegerrauz: the entire thing? prt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst)14:28
rauzthx jaeger14:28
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deep42thoughtHi there!14:39
deep42thoughtHas crontab lost functionality or changed its config-style?14:39
deep42thoughtor might the initscripts have been turned off to move the whole thing to systemd (as arch does)?14:41
deep42thoughtI'm asking, because my crontab didn't want to do its jobs :-/14:41
jaegerwe don't use systemd but as for the rest, need an error message or log message or something14:47
jaegerAs far as I know it's working fine14:47
jaegerdoes it work if you restart it manually?14:48
deep42thoughtjep, seems it just didn't start at bootup14:48
deep42thoughtbut all other services did start properly14:48
jaegercrond is in /etc/rc.conf?14:49
deep42thoughtSERVICES=(net crond sshd ftpd ntpd) # nfsserver)14:49
deep42thoughtsshd, ftpd,ntpd are started correctly14:49
deep42thought(net too, i suspect)14:49
jaegeranything about cron in the system logs?14:50
deep42thoughtI'll pay attention in the future to this, maybe I can reproduce it ;-)14:50
deep42thoughtthx, anyways :-)14:50
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niklaswedoes someone know how i can play snes-games on a xbox 360?15:32
hiatoHeyo all, I was wondering if anyone might help advise me on setting up CRUX. In particular, I followed the install guide and got to the stage of installing lilo. It does not seem particularly impressed by this notion. Fatal: Trying to may files from unnamed device 0x0010 (NFS/RAID mirror down?)15:33
joe9hiato: check out syslinux15:34
hiato(a google search proved to return nothing particularly fascinating)15:34
joe9lilo seems to have reached a dead end and grub2 is way too complicated, imho.15:34
joe9syslinux seems to have gotten it right.15:34
hiatojoe9: ok, cool, I shall do so. I figured it may have something to do with btrfs/qemu and the lot15:34
nogagplzniklaswe, there's retroarch for xbox and xbox 360, has a bunch of emulator backends including snes15:34
nogagplzI think it's up on xbins, how you get it on there though is your problem however I have nfi :P15:35
joe9and the #syslinux irc channel folks are pretty helpful, hiato.15:35
hiatojoe9: awesome, ta for the advice :)15:35
niklaswenogagplz: what is nfi?15:36
nogagplzno fucking idea15:37
niklaswenogagplz: hehe okey :) I believed it was a console or something :P15:39
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VileTimesOk ... I'm at my wits end. I can't count how many times I've recompiled and no matter what kernel version I try, I always get the same error: /lib/udev/rule_genertor: line 54 /dev/null: Read-Only filesystem <- This scrolls by twenty or so times until it evenutally grinds to a halt saying that it doesn't recognize /dev/sda3 "Possibly non-existent device?"16:27
VileTimesHowever, I did manage to catch a discrepancy in the Crux handbook. setup-chroot adds one extra command to those listed in the install process.16:29
frinnstdevtmpfs is builtin and automounted?16:29
*** frinnst has quit IRC16:30
VileTimesFor instance, I plug in my usbkey and I get the error udevd[1039] inotify_add_watch(6, /dev/sdb, 10) failed: no such file or directory16:31
VileTimesI'll check frinnst. Thanks for the tip.16:31
*** frinnst has joined #crux16:32
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VileTimesThe missing command is: mount -t devpts devpts /mnt/dev/pts16:33
VileTimesfrinnst, that flag wasn't set. I'll recompile. Thanks again.16:37
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jaegerVileTimes: there's also an option in the kernel config to automount it for you16:44
*** tnut has left #crux16:44
niklaswehm maybe I should upgrade to 2.8 tomorrow16:46
VileTimesSeems like it's a section I've generally overlooked. I did add the CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT to my latest config so that should hopefully rectify the problem. Thanks, jaeger.16:48
frinnststupid daylight savings16:59
frinnsthaving to hunt around for clocks "ยค!"#16:59
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VileTimesThanks for the help. I learned a lot.17:14
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rauznow my update to 2.8 x86_64 is finished everything works fine yeah :D17:33
frinnstyou should run a revdep just to make sure17:36
frinnstespecially if you run X17:36
rauzi rebuilded the whole system :D17:37
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: p5-html-tagset: footprint update for new perl version21:01
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estulticiaI'm looking at the handbook but can't find any packages repo address22:30
estulticiawhere are they?22:30
jaegerthe main ones are included in the install, check out /etc/ports/*.rsync22:39
jaegerotherwise take a look at
estulticiathanks jaeger22:41
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