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prologicjaeger, me neither02:02
prologicseeing as I'm willing to pay for it :)02:02
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nogagplz_way to kill romster04:56
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zenwalkuserI can't get Xorg to start on fresh installed crux 2.8, xserver segfaults with (__kernel_rt_sigreturn+0x0)06:21
zenwalkuserany clue how to fix that?06:22
Romsterlooked at /var/log/Xorg...06:23
Romstergot EVDEV support in kernel?06:23
zenwalkuserRomster, evdev support is available as module06:24
zenwalkuserxorg log sais failed to load module "modesetting" and module "fbdev"06:27
frinnstcan you post it somewhere? or something similar06:28
zenwalkuserI used slackware 14.0 generic smp-kernel config as base for compiling my kernel, no probs with that kernel and xorg under slackware...06:28
frinnstwhat kernel version are you using?06:29
frinnst3.5 ?06:29
zenwalkuserfrinnst, any pastebin that supports cut'n paste upload via cli?06:29
zenwalkuseruname -r sais 3.5.4-smp06:29
frinnstwgetpaste in contrib06:30
frinnst__kernel_rt_sigreturn+0x0 usually has to do with dri and gpu stuff iirc06:32
Romsterzenwalkuser, do yo have them packages installed? pkginfo -i |egrep (modesetting|fbdev)06:33
Romsterzenwalkuser, wgetpaste06:33
Romsterin contrib prt-get depinst wgetpaste06:33
Romsteroh frinnst beat me to wgetpaste06:33
zenwalkuserRomster, I only installed the packages from the crux cd, full install, no contrib packages yet06:34
Romsterwhich flavour i686 x86_64 or x86_64-multilib?06:35
Romsterdo reaslise you probably need fbdev support in your kenel too06:36
zenwalkuseri586_x86 32 bit!06:38
zenwalkuserthe package wgetpaste could not be found, I renamed /etc/ports/contrib.rsync.invalid to contrib.rsync06:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: icu: contrib -> opt06:49
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: libsigsegv: initial import06:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: clisp: initial import06:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: t1lib: initial import06:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: [notify] texlive: initial import replaces tetex06:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: [notify] tetex: removed in favor of texlive06:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: icu: contrib -> opt06:51
Romsteri586 i have no idea on that's status.06:52
Romsternor that anyone even used that stull06:52
Romsterzenwalkuser, i'd do a "ports -u contrib" and edit /etc/prt-get.conf and enable the contrib repo in there06:53
Romsterthen that'll work06:53
Romsterbut since your on i586 it's probably best to prt-get sysup06:54
Romsterwhat branch is i585 still on crux 2.6? older?06:54
Romsteranything less than 2.7 will probably fail.06:54
frinnstwait wait wait. there's a 2.8 iso for i586?06:58
Romsternot what i'm aware of.06:58
frinnstthe binaries on the official 2.8 iso will NOT run on a i58606:58
Romsterno but he can recompile from source.06:59
frinnstyeah that will be fun06:59
Romsterbut i do not know howwell that will end up07:00
Romsteralso hopefully got texlive done right... what a pain.07:00
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zenwalkuserthe kernel I was compiling on the 2.8 crux is for i586 not the rest of the packages08:01
frinnstbut what is the hardware capable of?08:09
zenwalkusera the moment I am testing crux in a kvm virtual machine it emulates 32bit08:14
zenwalkusermaybe I should try with a x86_64 kernel config to begin with08:15
zenwalkuseris crux 2.8 64bit?08:16
frinnstthere are two versions08:21
frinnstthe official is i686 only. I've built a x86_64 iso08:21
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diverseI am interested in using Crux and was curious about the x86_64 support. Since its not an officially support architecture, how good is it?08:32
diverseI noticed with there are user contributed images available.08:34
jaegerSome of us use the 64-bit versions as our main installations, I'd say it's pretty good08:34
frinnsti've only used it since 2007 or whatnot08:35
diverseSounds good. Also what is the default init system on Crux?08:37
jaegerWe have no plans to use systemd if that's what you're wondering. :)08:38
diversethat is good to hear08:38
frinnstquite the opposite :)08:38
frinnstwe hate it with a passion08:38
diverseI heard some really terrible things about systemd and about the two stupid redhat developers that are trying to take over the core of the Linux ecosystem.08:39
jaegerI don't even care much about systemd itself, it's the attitude that everyone else should use it that bugs me08:39
diverseIt gave me angst.08:39
frinnstyeah it's a hostile takeover08:39
frinnstindeed. people are free to use what they want08:39
diverseYes, and that is why I am looking at Crux now, since it seems very pro-user choice.08:40
* diverse also likes the BSD-style init systems08:42
jaegerYou could always install it in a VM and see if you like it08:46
diverseIts a good idea, I will do that to get familiar with it, so it could help me migrate from the system I am currently on.08:49
niklaswegaah i hate this rainy weather..08:56
niklaswesometime sweden sucks..08:57
diverseniklaswe: in a way to cheer you up, you are much better off there than with the hurricane weather that is currently impacting the US east coast. Those people don't have any power. Imagine, no internet for weeks!08:59
jseComplaining about rainy weather = most definitely first world problem. :)09:00
horrorStrucksepen: got my emails? not that I'm crying for an answer, just curious :P09:02
horrorStruckalso, 31C here, at 9 pm, sweating like a pig. niklaswe you are lucky :)09:03
frinnstbah. when I left work yesterday it was pitch black outside09:05
frinnstwinter suuuucks09:05
sepenhrrorStruck: yeah but didn't time to answer, sorry09:06
sepen*err, horrorStruck09:06
frinnstdyslexia :)09:07
sepenahhahaha ;D09:08
diverseFrom handbook: "$ pkgrm bash, This will remove all files owned by the package, no questions asked." Yeah I do pacman -Rns everytime I remove packages. This fits me perfectly. :)09:10
horrorStrucksepen: no problem at all. again, just curious, thanks.09:11
sepenthanks to you for your reports ;)09:12
sepenafter a new release appears there are lot of work to do too, but we are humans09:12
horrorStrucknp, just started using chromium. it's nice09:13
frinnstdiverse: pkgadd / pkgrm are seldom used. prt-get is a nice frontend that you'll probably end up using a lot more09:19
frinnstprt-get depinst <package> etc09:19
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diversefrinnst: what does the prt stand for?09:26
frinnstport :)09:26
zenwalkuserany generic kernel config for crux 2.8, I tried several times with configs that works on other distros e.g slackware and zenwalk but still facing problems09:27
frinnstare those configs relying on a initramfs?09:28
frinnstthe default config from the crux iso is *usually* a good startingpoint. You just need to make sure some drivers are built into the kernel and *not* as modules09:29
zenwalkuserfrinnst, no I used the slackware-huge config which build most of the drivers into the kernel and also standard zenwalk kernel does not need an initrd but has issues on crux09:29
frinnstscsi-disk, sata-controller, filesystem etc09:29
zenwalkuserthe system is damn slow when scrolling on tty and xorg cannot be started09:29
frinnstbut the system boots?09:29
frinnstwhat kind of hardware do you have?09:30
zenwalkuserfrinnst, yes straigt into runlevel 209:30
frinnstlspci -k |wgetpaste09:30
zenwalkuserfrinnst, running it in KVM virtual machine09:30
jaegerthe slow tty scrolling sounds like using the fb console with an unaccelerated driver such as vesa09:30
frinnstiirc, ata_piix is used for the disks09:31
jaegerdoes that change if you boot with vga=0 on the command line?09:31
zenwalkuserjaeger, well cirrus driver is compiled into the kernel09:31
frinnstyou need the modesetting driver for X09:31
zenwalkuserjaeger, I did not specified vga modus, the thing is crux seems to not set kms09:31
jaegerthat depends on your kernel config09:32
jaegerFor what it's worth KMS probably isn't required to get X working in KVM if it uses cirrus, that's a pretty generic and well-established driver09:32
zenwalkuseris there any howto on howto build an initrd on crux? I can#t find a initrd skeletton nor any scripts there09:32
frinnstzenwalkuser: I have crux running with X on kvm at home. I can post the kernel config I use in ~2hrs or so09:33
jaeger(I don't use KVM myself so don't take that as a guarantee)09:33
frinnstkms for cirrus/qemu is pretty new and it was in staging for 3.6 i think09:34
frinnstso its possible you're building with out it09:34
zenwalkuserIt's strange I use the same config where I got all stuff working under slackware inc. running in qemu/kvm, but it is not working well for crux, but somehow I like the port system of crux and would be nice to get things working to play around.09:34
jaegerzenwalkuser: I can give you an experimental mkinitramfs script for crux if you want to test it but it's not something there's been much (or any) demand for in the past, so it's not robust09:35
jaegeronly supports basic configurations right now09:36
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zenwalkuserfrinnst, maybe it's not the kernel but xorg? When trying to compile kernel under crux as lzma compress image it stoops with an error about cannot allocate ressources, I circumvent this problem by using bzip2 compression on the kernel image now09:36
jaegerthat sounds like running out of memory on the compression09:37
zenwalkuserjaeger, so no official initrd support? How do you lvm, raid or encrypted root device?09:37
jaegernot official, no. I imagine some users have done it on their own but whether or not those users have posted documentation I'm not sure09:38
zenwalkuserjaeger, yes but 1GB Mem in the virtual machine should be enough, don't you think? I got recent kernels compiled on machines less than that09:38
jaegerIs that 1GB available in the VM? If you run 'free -m' do you see it all?09:39
zenwalkuserjaeger, yep dedicated memory for the vm09:39
frinnstyeah the default for qemu is 64mb or something09:39
jaegerIt was a guess, I'm no qemu/kvm expert :)09:40
zenwalkuserjaeger, but I must admit it's the firast time for me to compile a kernel inside a virtual machine, I prefr real hardware for that.09:40
jaegerVM hardware is easier, it's always consistent. :D09:41
jaegerone kernel config will work on a lot of VMs09:41
zenwalkuserjaeger, but it's slower and things that never happen in vm may happen on real hardware and vice versa, vms have a higher changes for race conditions IMHO09:42
jaegerI can't offer much there regarding kvm or qemu but I do a LOT of VM work in VirtualBox and way more in VMware ESXi09:43
jaegerincluding all my crux builds09:43
zenwalkuserif I finished my kenel build, can I then reinstall the basic package set from the crux cd just to make sure it is not the xorg that causes troubles?09:43
frinnstyou can run the installer again and do an upgrade i think09:43
frinnstor, manually pkgadd -u them09:44
zenwalkuserfrinnst, and it will ask which config files to keep?09:44
frinnstyeah you manage stuff like configs with "rejmerge"09:45
frinnstsee /etc/pkgadd.conf for details09:45
joe9zenwalkuser: used it to make my own initramfs image for boot to a root raid-1 partition09:46
jaegerYou could do that but I'd recommend trying one thing at a time to narrow down the problem, myself09:46
zenwalkuserfrinnst, thanks. Looks like a lot of things to lean for me, I came from slackware and I am not a beginner, but crux is giving me a hard time to get it up running, grr09:47
frinnstIt's not that different from slackware really. I moved from slack to crux too09:47
frinnstbut unless you have experience with building a kernel i guess it can be a bit troublesome09:48
zenwalkuserjoe9, thanks for the link09:48
joe9zenwalkuser: i learned a lot by doing that and appreciated crux's simplicity while doing so.09:48
zenwalkuserjoe9, simplicity is one of the reasons why I became interessted in crux ;)09:49
joe9zenwalkuser: another useful url that helped me
zenwalkuserfrinnst, what riddles me is, if I copy slackware precompiles huge kernel and the modules to the crux root fs and setup lilo to boot that kernel, crux boots but xorg does not work but that kernel basically should work, same when I compile from source using that config09:53
jaegerzenwalkuser: can you paste the Xorg.0.log file somewhere?09:53
joe9zenwalkuser: checkout syslinux. lilo is not in active development, unless what you are doing is something simple.09:54
frinnstyeah, but the crux userland might differ in some important aspects. Since the kernel *does* boot, there probably is something different in X, dunno09:54
zenwalkuserjaeger, at the momentz I giving a second try with another custom config, after that I will see if I can post the Xorg logs09:55
joe9i doubt X would work. the paths, etc., might be different.09:55
jaegerX paths won't be configured in the kernel, though, unless something very odd is happening09:56
joe9i thought he said that the kernel booted fine09:56
joe9zenwalkuser: jaeger is very knowledgeable, if you are new to this irc. Hail the king!09:56
frinnstI suspect there's something different with regards to the X drivers, kms and the kernel version09:56
frinnstthere is a specific kms driver for qemu in new kernels 3.6 or something. I dont think the regular cirrus driver will work with the X drivers shipped with crux09:58
frinnstbut yeah, your xorg log would be nice to have :)09:58
frinnstcat /var/log/Xorg.log |wgetpaste09:59
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zenwalkuserguys, thanks for your kind advice, I'll have to leave now but will be back on this channel to report about my progress with crux10:05
frinnstzenwalkuser: i can give you a working kernel config in an hour or so10:05
jaegerok, good luck10:06
zenwalkuserthnks will come back with questions for sure10:08
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frinnstif he returns:
joe9rmoster, you around?11:55
joe9romster, changed the version of youtube-dl:
joe9Romster: new version is 2012.10.09
joe9romster,: it installed and works fine11:57
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cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: vim: update to 7.3.71213:18
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: gvim: update to 7.3.71213:19
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vee_hello all14:52
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c0xubuntu dev's: ;)23:37

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