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VileTimesJaegar, I just wanted to say thanks for your help earlier today. Wireless and dual-monitor setup is working. That wouldn't have happened if I wasn't pointed in the right direction though.00:07
nogagplztalk is cheap00:10
nogagplzsupply him with lots and lots of booze00:10
jaegerGlad you got it sorted out :)00:10
VileTimesI'd certainly buy him a drink or ten if I ever have the chance, nogagplz.00:12
VileTimesAll I need to do now is get my software compiled and installed and it's good-bye Arch. :)00:14
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frinnsthm, what used to own usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/libxml2.pyc ?03:37
frinnstlibxml2-python has failed to update on all my boxen because this file was already installed03:37
prologicfrinnst, no=one should own it03:40
prologicit's compiled from an equivilent .py file03:40
juefrinnst: yeah, that was kind of a bug in the port not to byte-compiles the modules03:41
prologicthat's what I was going to say03:42
prologicany python port should byte-compile the *.py modules before packaging03:42
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: xsane: fix for building with libpng 1.503:46
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: samhain: update 3.0.803:46
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niklasweI really like saltstack <306:49
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frinnstwhat others did you try?08:04
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niklaswewe using puppet in our QA environment.08:09
niklasweand i have look on chef too08:09
frinnstYeah i've been meaning to give puppet a try for about a year now08:13
* frinnst is watching night of the living dead while sql 2012 is installing08:15
frinnst :)08:15
frinnstpublic domain ftw08:15
niklaswefrinnst: look at saltstack :)08:41
joacimdont you hate it when the laws gets changed right before some belowed piece of culture is about to reach public domain09:14
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AndChat-323049Hey guys if I want to my sda1 is my boot, do. I need to mount it during install?14:30
Amnesiafrinnst: looks like the bug has been fixed finally:D14:31
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vee_sorry about that, damn phone...14:33
vee_anyway, im trying to install crux, so i partitioned sda1 for my boot. however, i dont know where to mount it to, as /mnt/boot is not a directory14:34
vee_somehow, i feel like i should mkdir it14:34
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Amnesiaugh nvm what I just said-.-17:16
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v33hey guys, is there any way to log a build when it fails? i tried to build chromium, but something failed, and, would like to upload a log of it19:12
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v33sepen you still have a binary chromium i could use for the time being?19:18
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v33chromium keeps failing at the /src/base/linuxthreads.o19:29
sepenv33: for 2.7 only19:36
v33sepen ahh booger. im on 2.819:38
v33sepen thanks anyway though19:38
sepenI didn't have the time to update it on 2.819:39
v33well, once i get some kind of browser up, ill upload the log file of the failed chromium build, thanks sepen19:41
jaegerv33: pkgmk 2>&1 | tee build.log19:42
v33jaeger so the regular prt-get depinst chromium then add the pkgmk 2>&1 : tee build.log?19:45
jaegerdepends on from which command you want to capture a log19:46
v33the prt-get i suppose19:46
jaeger'2>&1 | tee build.log' will get both stdout and stderr from the command you run before it19:46
jaegerso if you want the prt-get, use that instead of pkgmk19:46
v33alright, let me give it a try19:47
v33ran prt-get depinst chromium 2>&1 : tee build.log, but i dont think it logged it, or, if it did, not sure where it is o.O19:52
jaegerif you used a colon there, it won't help19:52
v33there is no colon19:53
v33lol wait nvm19:53
jaegeryou've typed one twice now19:53
v33oh, irc makes it look like a colon, just realized its a |19:54
v33sorry about that19:56
v33i think i know what the problem is. its using the regular port for chromiun, not the x86_6419:59
v33forgot how to change it though xD20:00
v33looks like chromium isn't even in the x86 ports of anything20:17
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Romsterwhy not enable the logging facility in prt-get.conf?20:28
jaegeralso an option20:30
Romsteris libxml2-python byte compiling and installing outside of root? or i had that file on my chroot in the past for some reason and not tracked by the package manager.20:32
Romsterno seems fine now so where did that come from in the past.20:33
Romsteri never went in that directory and byte compiled anything.20:35
jaegerit was probably done automagically20:35
Romsterand to a earlier discussion i always byte compile pyhton stuff in the Pkgfile.20:35
Romsterin the ports i maintain at least.20:35
Romsteri guess so jaeger20:36
Romsterperhaps earlier libxml2-python wasn't byte compiled in the Pkgfile. but then it would have to be done as root too.20:36
Romsteroh it's a chroot in root -_- that probably explains it. i should really setup fakeroot in the chroot and drop from the root user.20:37
Romsterjaeger, did you complete the 2.8 multilib iso? got the url to it?20:38
Romsteri seem to recall only having a rc2 here currently.20:38
Romsterwish the multilib were on the contributed images download section.20:39
Romsterthough it would be short lived until 3.0 is out.20:40
jaegerThat's why it's not in the contrib section20:44
jaegerand yes, there's one uploaded20:44
Romsterthank you :) i'll bookmark that i keep forgetting the url.20:44
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: xscreensaver: fixed dependencies. removed libungif mesa3d, added giflib glu20:58
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vee_hello again everyone23:53

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