IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2012-11-02

jaegerand good night, going to sleep :)00:08
vee_good night :P00:08
vee_is there a x86/x64 build for chromium?00:10
*** clb has joined #crux00:13
horrorStruckvee_: i have one if you want00:26
vee_have what? a chromium binary?00:26
horrorStruckvee_: i have a port for latest stable on 2.800:26
vee_oh sure, ill give it a shot00:26
horrorStruckoh but sorry, it's i68600:26
vee_ahhh shoot.00:27
vee_im confused as to why it keeps failing to build00:27
horrorStruckbut it will work for x86_64 most likely00:27
horrorStruckvee_: there's no reason it would build on x86_64 ^00:28
vee_wgetpaste annoys the life out of me. i've been trying to upload a log , but says the certificate couldn't be checked, so it tells me to use the no check certificate line, but, says command not found00:28
vee_i just downloaded it let me try00:29
vee_i would just have to run pkgadd chromium, correct?00:29
horrorStruckno you have to build it00:30
horrorStruckpkgmk -d00:30
horrorStruckenjoy 200M of bloat to download first00:30
vee_awww man00:30
vee_this is why i enjoy uzbl00:30
vee_no bloat, just a simple browser, but its not in the ports, and i cant build it myself00:31
horrorStrucki found dwb to be really nice among the webkit light browsers family00:31
vee_i've never tried getting tired of chromium, i want something else, but...not too many options from the cruxs ports00:31
vee_also, if you see my kernel config, you'll probably cry xD00:32
horrorStrucktry to get familiar with packaging, it's quite simple00:32
vee_i really want to learn actually, especially since i want to get bumblebee in here00:32
horrorStruckby the way, you need some specific kernel options to use chrome sandboxing, see README00:32
horrorStrucktry with something simple, dwb for example :P00:33
horrorStrucki need a cigarette, back in 2 minutes00:33
vee_any guides/tutorials i can check out before starting? because i'd rather use something like dwb. i want a light weight laptop, even though this thing is a power house lol00:33
vee_okay :P00:33
horrorStruckthere are some guidelines in CRUX handflyer00:38
vee_i get the general jist of things00:38
vee_however, the damn dependencies...they're goolish00:39
horrorStrucksee README OR INSTALL files in the sources, they most likely list dependencies00:39
horrorStruckon configure will let you know00:39
vee_while they list then, i try to download said dependencies and install them00:40
vee_but they usually fail00:40
vee_must be doing something wrong on my end, but, -shrugs-00:40
horrorStrucktry to make a port for dwb, i'll help you if you have issues00:40
vee_going to try dwm since most of its dependencies are in the crux resp00:40
vee_so helpful horrorstruck hehe00:41
horrorStruckthat's what CRUX's website told me to do :P00:41
vee_be help? lol00:41
horrorStruckyep, on IRC00:41
horrorStruckand MLs00:41
vee_and here i thought it was because you and i had something going00:42
vee_well webkitgtk isn't in the ports00:42
vee_so im going to have to download it myself00:42
horrorStruckit is00:42
vee_wish i could contribute something other than being annoying00:42
horrorStruckIIRS it's called webkit00:42
vee_i know webkit is, didn't know gtk was the same00:43
horrorStruckit is00:43
vee_recall the days it took 4-5 hours to compile00:43
horrorStruckit's a PITA, chromium is a huge one too.00:43
vee_oh yes00:43
horrorStruckwhat's your machine ?00:44
vee_i know its bad, since even with an i7, it takes a while00:44
vee_its an 11.6 inch with an i7 3610, and a nvidia gt65000:44
horrorStruckthat should make things faster00:44
vee_they custom build computers, and, its pretty cheap00:45
horrorStruckhow much did you pay?00:45
vee_i could evne get you 30 bucks off! xD00:45
horrorStruckspecs are nice00:45
horrorStrucki have some kind of special relationship with my thinkpad, i dont think it would appreciate this discussion :P00:45
vee_love the thinkpads too!00:46
vee_the x220...00:46
horrorStrucki have a x20100:46
vee_still awesome00:46
vee_12 inches of gloriousness00:46
horrorStruckfew years old but yes!00:46
vee_did they ahve ips screens back then?00:47
horrorStrucki have no idea what ips is00:47
vee_my school had a sale on them, and i missed it. i hated myself00:47
vee_the had the 220's with i5's going for i think 6-7 hundred00:47
vee_with the hd screen00:47
vee_i found out the day after they stopped selling em'00:47
horrorStrucki love the x series00:47
vee_they're really nice00:47
horrorStrucki mean, thinkpad x-series :P00:48
vee_the guy next ot me in class has a 22000:48
vee_and he has ubuntu on it00:48
horrorStruckare you studying CS?00:48
vee_oh no00:48
horrorStruckthen what if i may ask?00:48
vee_im decent with computers, fix em' (windows stuff), but not my major00:48
vee_im going to persue a bachelor in english then off to law school00:49
vee_well, webkit failed00:49
horrorStruckwhat happened?00:49
vee_something about the gperf has function geneartor to compile webkit00:49
horrorStrucktry to ping Romster_00:50
horrorStruckanyway, i'd be interested to hear if my chromium port builds fine on your machine00:50
horrorStruckkeep in mind you need all the files, not only the Pkgfile00:50
horrorStruckthere's an important patch included00:51
vee_i tried running pkgmk -d chromium, but that doesn't seem like what i should do00:51
vee_im not sure if it needs to be decompressed, as its name is just chromium xD00:51
horrorStruckpkgmk -d00:52
horrorStrucknot chromium00:52
horrorStruckactually 'fakeroot pkgmk -d' would be better if you have fakeroot installed00:52
vee_i should move the chromium file to /usr/ports/opt/chromium then im assuming00:52
horrorStruckcreate a folder in your home dir00:53
horrorStruckput all the files from my link inside this folder00:53
horrorStruckcd into this folder00:53
horrorStruckmake sure you have fakeroot installed and run:00:53
vee_ah there is more than one file....i only downloaded the chromium file :P00:53
horrorStruckfakeroot pkgmk -d00:54
horrorStruckget them all :P00:54
horrorStruckas you already tried to build chromium, i would assume you have all deps already installed00:55
horrorStruckpkgmk doesnt handle deps00:55
vee_give me one sec00:57
VileTimesCrap ... and I'm in the middle of a Webkit compile as well.00:59
horrorStruckvee_: i have to go back to work but i'll read the irc log, good luck01:00
vee_thanks horrorStruck01:02
VileTimes... almost done... please don't fail.01:02
vee_horrorStruck says variable name not specified in Pkgfile01:06
vee_VileTimes, let me know if it compiles for you01:06
VileTimesIt worked, vee_. I tried and failed once already today trying to get it to install as a dependency for xombrero. I figured I'd try it as a dependency for Midori and that worked.01:09
vee_strange, just realized webkit must have compiled, since chromium requires it, and, chromium tried to build01:11
horrorStruckvee_: the issue you mentioned happened trying to do what?01:32
horrorStruckvee_: chromium does not depend on webkit01:32
vee_tried the pkgmk -d with all the stuff in in a particular folder01:34
horrorStruckmodified anything?01:38
*** Lukc has quit IRC01:39
horrorStruckyou tried with fakeroot?01:39
*** Lukc has joined #crux01:39
horrorStruckyou need to install it first, if yes01:39
vee_i tried it with fakeroot, and it was installed, but said some daemon couldn't start up01:42
*** VileTimes has quit IRC01:42
horrorStruckanyway, strange error01:42
*** tilman has quit IRC01:42
vee_i ran fakeroot pkgmk -d and it said fakeroot, while creating message channels: function not implemented this may be du to a lack of sysv ipc support fake root error while starting faked daemon01:43
vee_and lists the kill usage01:43
*** tilman has joined #crux01:43
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o tilman01:44
horrorStruckah your kernel lacks ipc support01:46
vee_face palm. but wouldn't pkgmk -d work without fakeroot?01:46
horrorStruckvee_: as root01:49
horrorStruckbaack to work s01e0201:49
vee_Pkgfile: line 4: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'01:49
vee_Pkgfile: line 4: `<!DOCTYPE html>'01:49
vee_=======> ERROR: Variable 'name' not specified in Pkgfile.01:49
vee_forgot copy paste splits up the line. :P01:50
horrorStruckyou dl01:50
frinnstwhy are you writing pkgfiles in html?01:50
horrorStruckyou need to dl the raw file01:50
horrorStruckbbl work01:51
vee_not sure what the raw file is, but everything in your port is in here, and also downloaded the chromium file...01:53
vee_i have guess that was it thanks frinnst01:59
Romstervee_, midori is around.02:03
vee_oh, hi romster!02:03
vee_now this thing lists a whole bunch of missing stuff...02:05
vee_i still think prt-get build of chromium fails because last time i remember, i had installed it from the x86 ports02:05
Romsteryou on 64bit?02:10
vee_that would be awesome02:11
vee_think thats what i did last time02:11
vee_doesn't look like its in the ports though02:13
Romsterthere is also opera too02:17
vee_a 64 bit in the regular contrib folder?02:18
Romsteryes on the x86_64 contrib02:18
vee_when i go to the contrib x86 64, there is only dev86, libreoffice opera virtualbox-bin and gcc-fortran, no chromium02:18
Romsterno chromium is source based you compile it02:20
vee_eh, ill just install opera then02:21
vee_i've been without a browser for too long lol02:21
Romsteri can try to compile it once i got the source.02:23
Romsteri did compile uzbl in the past too.02:24
vee_aww, would love to use that little boogar02:24
vee_horrorStruck wants to teach me how to keep a repo type of thing, once i get the hang of it, maybe ill maintain uzbl. then i can brag about how much work i do around here02:25
Romster hack that up and compile it.02:26
Romsteractaully it should compile as is02:27
vee_would love to toy with it, problem is, i'd have no idea what to do with it haha02:27
Romsterdon't yo ever make any Pkgfiles?02:32
Romsterthis is a distro for experienced users or those that are willing to learn...02:32
Romsteri'll add one to my repo shortly.02:32
vee_i'd love to learn, except, i wouldn't know where to start02:33
Romsterread the crux documtation for a start on how Pkgfiles work, learn how to compile stuff with make configure.02:34
vee_ill do that02:34
vee_in the mean time im going to try to play with this ubl pkgfile02:35
Romsterpkgmk pkgmk -i02:36
Romsterpkgmk ; pkgmk -i02:36
Romstershoudl be all you need todo stick it in say ~/ports/uzbl/Pkgfile02:36
Romsterproviding you got the dependencies already that should build and install it.02:37
vee_i have to work on the dependencies02:37
Romsterprt-get depinst git gtk webkit02:39
vee_git and gtk are installed, webkit failed last time i tried02:40
Romsteri can test that shortly i just made a x86_64 chroot a moment ago02:40
vee_was talking about gperf hash function or something02:41
Romsteri haven't had time to go though all my ports for 2.8 yet02:41
Romsterwebkit 1.10.102:42
Romsterthis will take some time02:42
vee_well, if there is any way i can help let me know02:43
frinnstAmnesia: cool, in what kernel version?02:58
Amnesiafrinnst: 3.6.4, the problem did occur yesterday after a large period of time03:03
Amnesiatrying to disable thinkpad_acpi now03:03
vee_romster checked the dependencies for uzbl, you need libsoup too, so, i went ahead and installed that too03:08
Romsterpizza and compiling such a lovely life :D03:09
vee_kinda jelly03:09
Romstertry kernel 3.6.603:09
Romsterwebkit pulls in libsoup03:09
vee_oh...well, already installed it lol03:10
Romsterthough i remember i couldn't bump libsoup in older 2.7 due to older glib03:10
Romsterglib-networking will need a bum as well03:10
Romstermight want to wait until i do that all or try for yourself while you wait.03:10
vee_i think its safer if i wait for you haha03:11
Romsterhi Pingax03:11
vee_hey romster, im going to reboot and be right back03:23
*** vee_ has quit IRC03:23
*** v33 has joined #crux03:25
v33im back03:25
Romsteri noticed03:26
Romster love that quote03:26
v33nothing gets passed you :P03:26
Romsternot often03:26
v33suppose i can try harder03:27
Romsteri can't be erevywhere says the that's in 34 channels03:27
v3334 channels....O.O03:28
Romsterover 8 networks03:28
*** zenwalkuser has joined #crux03:28
Romstersorry on 803:28
Romsterdifferent groups03:29
Romsterhi zenwalkuser03:29
v33theres been a lot of new faces on crux...i've bee gone for too long03:29
Romstermultitask short attention span03:29
zenwalkuserhow do I enable normal user to use fuse? Is it enough to app the group fuse and let this user be a member of it?03:29
Romsteryeahi've noticed the past few weeks i think we are getting the systemd refugees off arch03:29
zenwalkuserHi Romster03:30
v33oh yea, i heard how arch was changing a whole bunch of things up03:30
v33install script or something03:30
zenwalkuserfrinnst, jaeger I finally got xorg working, the xorg-xf86-video-cirrus and xorg-xf86-video-fbdev was missing, I didn't knew crux is not shipping all the xorg drivers with the install cd...03:31
v33i think it only installs the vesa drivers with xorg03:32
zenwalkuserfrinnst, jaeger, now I hope you can help me how to enable automount of cdrom via fuse for normal user, installing fuse does not create a group fuse, so I suppose the is some handwork necessary... I am also missing the power group03:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: glib-networking: 2.32.3 -> 2.34.003:33
Romsterzenwalkuser, only the most common and most used ones.03:34
Romsterthe rest are in the ports tree.03:34
Romsterports -u ; prt-get depinst foo03:34
zenwalkuserRomster, if I kneew this before it would have saved me a lot of time for kernel recompile... ;-) I tought it is a framebuffer problem in the kernel...03:35
v33very strange stuff. i have dbus and wicd started, lspci -k shows my ath9k in use, ifconfig shows wlan0, but wicd doesn't find any wifi lol03:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: libsoup: 2.38.1 -> 2.40.103:41
v33woot, libsoup103:41
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: gst-plugins-base: rename dependency util-linux-ng -> util-linux03:42
Romsteri thought it was too... usually Xorg.log will say can not find xorg module foo03:43
Romsterv33, stop using ifconfig that command should be nuked.03:44
Romsteruse "ip addr" instead03:44
v33well, ip addr shows eth0, no wlan0....03:46
Romsterand kernel module is loaded and firmware is not missing dmesg?03:46
v33i just compiled sakura so i can check all the messages03:46
frinnstzenwalkuser: just do it via fstab03:47
frinnstyou can specify user/group in there03:47
v33doesn't seem like any errors are found03:47
Romsterlook earlier up like jsut after disk controller for firmware03:48
v33dmesg comes up in it, but doesn't show any errors03:48
v33ill look more into it tomorrow03:49
v33i look foward to seeing webkit finishing, so i canget a browser in her03:49
v33good night everyone, and thanks for yoru help romster03:50
*** v33 has quit IRC03:50
zenwalkuserfrinnst, no fuse automount feature in xfce4 under crux?03:53
zenwalkuserno java runtime in crux ports? It's a requirement for libreoffice03:55
frinnstnever used fuse for automounting anything03:56
frinnstyes, java exists: "jre"03:56
zenwalkuserfrinnst, prt-get depinst jre tries to download an archive and then fails with file doesn't exists03:59
frinnstcheck the readme in that port03:59
frinnstits oracles fault :)04:00
frinnstyou need to download it manually and agree to their license stuff04:00
Romsterjre jdk exists04:00
zenwalkuserRomster it tries to install the package and then fails with "usupported scheme file"04:00
Romsterwhat exactly does?04:01
zenwalkuserRomster, it downlodas jre tgz and then fails with the error "unsupported Scheme file", that's all04:04
Romsterhmm odd that04:05
Romsterput the file in the same directory as the Pkgfile04:05
Romsteredit the Pkgfile source to omit the file:///04:06
Romstershould worka s is dunno why i'm about to reink a CISS system so i'll be afk for a while04:06
zenwalkuserhow do I pack my crux kernel as a package? o04:09
frinnstyou usually dont04:09
frinnstguess you could create a port for it if you like04:10
zenwalkuserfrinnst, so when rolling out crux on a bunch of machines with similar hardware, I always have to compile the kernel again? Well, I could copy the whole filesystem...04:11
frinnstwell you can ofcourse create a port and build a package for it04:13
frinnstthe kernel is just another porgram, sort of, after all04:13
frinnstand configure the bootloader in a post-install script04:14
Romsterzenwalkuser, i got some in my romster repo04:15
zenwalkuserfrinnst, any good documentation on how to create crux ports for beginners? I remember creating that for arch linux was kind like pain in the ass, while on slackware it is so easy ;-)04:15
zenwalkuserRomster, can I have a look at that port?04:15
*** horrorStruck has quit IRC04:16
joacimzenwalkuser: there is something in the handbook.
joacimthere should be something on the wiki too04:21
Romsterportdb on crux.nu04:22
Romsteri got ink on me04:22
*** horrorStruck has joined #crux04:23
*** tilman has quit IRC04:49
nogagplzoh so you know about his amateur porn career :P04:58
frinnstthen i guess that's not "ink"?05:23
Romsterjust lovely i think i got a print head issue.05:33
Romsterthe continuous ink system wasn't so continuous... just fond out it went dry to the head and it's probably damaged. all because of the damn clips that hold the hose held it so well it cut off the ink supply.05:35
Romsterfu printer05:35
Romsteri'm gonna make my own clips not using those fucks that came with the kit anymore.05:36
Romsterzenwalkuser, if you haven't found it it this is a bit dated but bump the version and it should work
Romsteri went back to compiling the kernel by hand got lazy05:37
frinnstprobably easier for normal use05:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: pekwm: 0.1.14 -> 0.1.15 picked up orphan port05:46
Romster@seen rehabdoll05:54
clbRomster: rehabdoll was last seen in #crux 1 year, 8 weeks, 3 days, 1 hour, 15 minutes, and 43 seconds ago: <rehabdoll> yep05:54
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan06:37
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zenwalkuserI created locales with localedef as mentioned in the crux handbook, I also exported $LANG $LC_ALL and $LANGUAGE to my locale but still get english only messages, how to get the system localized for normal user?07:12
*** dkoby has joined #crux07:27
Romsteryou shouldn't set LC_ALL that is a override.LNAG should be enough. didoyu log out and log back in? did you check with the locale command?07:57
frinnstwhy not LC_ALL?08:12
frinnsti use it here at work08:13
frinnstdoes what i want08:14
frinnstgranted, i know jack shit about locales as locales are a mystery :)08:14
frinnstzenwalkuser: what are you hoping to get? you do realize crux strips all nls stuff from packages. so you might be out of luck if you want program outputs to be something other than english08:16
RomsterWarning: Using the LC_ALL variable is strongly discouraged because it overrides everything.08:17
Romstersetting LANG should suffice08:18
zenwalkuserfrinnst, oh well I see, but what#s the point of generating locales then if all the progs output and gui are us english only?08:20
Romsterzenwalkuser, i'd assume it's because crux by default strips all nls files.08:23
Romsterin every port.08:23
zenwalkuserRomster, ok so I need to modify the build-scripts and then recompile world?08:25
Romstersounds as if you came from gentoo.08:26
Romstercorrect me if i'm wrong frinnst but what zenwalkuser needs is to not strip all NLS from every Pkgfile and recompile?08:26
Romsterunless your just after the glibc locale and noting else from other programs.08:27
zenwalkuserRomster, no I came from Slackware but I was playin' around with freeBSD before checking out crux ;-P08:27
Romstermake[1]: execvp: /bin/sh: Argument list too long08:28
Romsteroh great how do i overcome that.08:28
zenwalkuser--disable-nls, wow looks like a bunch of work to get a fully localized system08:31
Romsteryeah :/08:32
Romsteri used to maintain hvl (high voltage linux) fork of crux ages ago with NLS enabled. but ti's a ton of work. (had other changes too)08:32
zenwalkuserCorrect me if I am wrong, but crux' origin is not the US, it's Norway and now the core Devs come from Germany and US, so shouldn't there native language support for european languages?08:33
Romsteri personally would prefer NLS ona nd jsut have pkgmk/pkgadd strip out unneeded locales. but that's probably not KISS principal for crux and we haven't got alot of man power.08:33
Romsterthat would make sense but i guess they are well versed in english.08:34
Romsterask them when they are awake.08:34
zenwalkuserwell, I can live with an englisch only system but how about language input and character display? Will I be able to get read and write support for japanese?08:34
Romsterwell i can show Japanese characters with the right fonts installed just fine.08:35
Romsterlanguage input i have very little experience on that.08:35
Romsterhmm patched make...08:36
zenwalkuserRomster, seems like the input methods are not in the ports collection, such as uim, anthy, scim, kinput etc...08:36
Romsteri have no idea how input works08:36
Romsterif your really keen and i get a few users i was thinking of bringig hvl back to life and track crux except have NLS on runit instead of sysvinit and not much else changed.08:37
Romsterbut as it stands not enough to warrant the effort to maintain every port out there.08:38
*** tilman has joined #crux08:38
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o tilman08:38
Romsteryou could just keep a local copy of them few ports you need to modify for input methods? and overlay that on top of prt-get.conf08:39
zenwalkuserRomster, i have pagaged the necessary stuff (uim, anthy and fonts) for zenwalk, looks like I need to get the missing stuff done by myself (again)08:39
Romstercrux is a largely user contributed system, if something doesn't take your fancy edit it.08:39
zenwalkuserRomster, the build-scripts seems very small, just copy one of them, change source download url, title and build options will work?08:40
Romsteri /might/ be able to help but i have a huge workload as it is now, adding your own ports collection to portsdb might be an option, and if oyu got no where to host i can host the ports themsels with gitolite08:41
Romsterpretty much yes08:41
frinnstnorway is scandinavias toilet08:41
zenwalkuserRomster, thanks for the offer, but I think I learn more and have fun to get things sorted out myself for language input. ;)08:42
zenwalkuserfrinnst, crux.nu08:42
Romsterzenwalkuser, np share the ports when your done i'm still keen on what you do.08:43
zenwalkuserfrinnst, well I should have checked distrowatch before posting, sorry ;)08:43
jaegerNiue is in the south pacific ocean, not norway :)08:43
zenwalkuserRomster, well that depends if I will continue using crux for a while after my normal testing ;-P08:44
frinnstbut .nu translates to .now so it's a popular tld here08:44
frinnstand .se used to be restricted to companies and gov08:44
zenwalkuserfrinnst, ah I see08:44
frinnstso "ätskitochdö.nu" would translate to "" :D08:45
zenwalkuserRomster, I like the community here and the system is quite nice, what bothers me is just the missing localization support.08:45
frinnstzenwalkuser: where are you from?08:46
Romsteri do't get why anyone in any port of the world can use a TLD not even from the same country there in or site is targeted too.08:46
Romsterzenwalkuser, could file a feature request in bug trackeron :)08:46
zenwalkuserfrinnst, from Germany and you? From Sweden?08:47
Romsterwe have the up coming crux 3.0 we will be working towards too.08:47
*** vaddi has quit IRC08:47
frinnsti've always used english operatingsystems. swedish would be very alien for me08:47
Romsterso now is prime time to get features in08:47
frinnstyeah but i dont think you should get your hopes up for nls support08:47
zenwalkuserRomster, I vote for localization support ;-P08:47
Romstertrue i wouldn't hold my breath on it.08:47
frinnsthow do you debug anything with error messages in non-english? :)08:48
Romsteri honestly think we shouldn't strip doc and locales and if we don't want those rm -r them after installing.08:48
Romsteroh i hate debugging in another language it's near impossible.08:48
zenwalkuserRomster seems like xim and gtk-immodules support is already there, so only uim and anthy are missing for CJK input08:49
Romsterget it working show us how /simple/ it is to fix and maybe who knows.08:49
Romstercrux is nice but it's not polished like other distros.08:50
zenwalkuserRomster, I have a look if I get familiar with your way of ports creation, I am still feel more comfortable with slackware-style build scripts instead of working with templates...08:50
frinnstand how much extra space it requires08:50
Romsterbut we like it this way it's basic08:50
Romstermold it to your needs08:50
zenwalkuserRomster, frinnst, yes don#t add bloat to crux, if the stuff is in community it's fine, but recompiling the whole system to have localization support is a show stopper IMHO08:51
Romsteri could agree to that but i also only use english so i'm being selfish for saying it's not a big bother for me but i woulnd't mind seeing it strip less of locales and rm them in pkgadd like you can set stuff in pkgadd.conf08:54
zenwalkuserRomster, must the source in tar.bz2 format, I got an error when using tar.gz09:01
zenwalkuserbsd tar error opening archive, does it not work with tgz format?09:04
Romsternope anything that libarchive handles09:04
Romsteryou sure the archive is not corrupt?09:04
zenwalkuserRomster, than why is it complaining about "unrecognized archive format"09:05
Romsterwell pkgmk uses bsd tar handles the usual stuff.09:05
Romsterfile foo.tar.bz209:05
Romsteror tar.gz09:05
Romsterboth work fine09:05
zenwalkuseryou are right the download was corrupted, will try again09:06
Romstermy guess it he file itself is labelled wrong extension than it's compressed with or it's corrupt09:06
Romsterif in doubt look at the other Pkgfiles too.09:06
zenwalkuserRomster, how to get pkgmk work without downloading the source when the souce is already in the same dir as the PKGfile09:15
Romsterwhat i do is set PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR="/var/ports/distfiles" in pkgmk.conf and throw all the source files in there if oyu got them already09:17
Romsteralso set PKGMK_DOWNLOAD="yes"09:17
zenwalkuserRomster, it's the same pita like with Arch linix's AUR, that's why I like slack build scripts, you are not bound to the format of any templates09:19
zenwalkuserI just wanna compile the stuff from local source and make a package...09:20
Romsterthere isn't much of a template at all to go by.09:20
zenwalkuserRomster, so why it is telling me that the directory does not exist it even did not try to extract the source when there is no URL given in the PKGfile09:21
Romsteroh you can do  file:/// but why not specify the source url and if the files are already downloaded in PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR then it'll use those09:21
Romsterbecause you did not create a directory?09:21
zenwalkuserRomster, what if those files are not avbailable via any server yet?09:22
Romsterfor the files to save to?09:22
Romsteri don't know what the heck your doing /exactly/09:22
zenwalkuserno what if the source is not distributed via any download yet?09:22
Romsterthen throw them in the same directory as the Pkgfile and list the file directly in source with no .*://09:23
Romsteri suggest reading the hand book09:24
zenwalkuserboy, it's working if specify file:// in PKGfile, can please implement a fallback to search for pwd/$name-$version.tar.* if no source url is given?09:25
Romsterif no source url is given pkgmk expects to see the file in the same directory as the Pkgfile is.09:26
Romsterif you want to use it from PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR then use file://filename.tar.bz209:26
Romsteror what ever the file is called just an example09:27
zenwalkuserRomster, got it working, compiling quick and dirty package now and see if I get japanese input working, if it went well I let you know. ;-) Thanks for the advice and your support09:37
Romsteri'm off later.09:49
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frinnstweekend motherfuckers!11:06
frinnst(polite as usual)11:06
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vee_sup everyone13:22
vee_romster, i hope webkit hasn't given you too much trouble13:22
jaegerworking on a centralized CUPS print server13:31
vee_sounds interesting. how is that going?13:31
jaegerpretty well now, took me a while to strike a good balance between editing the config file directly and using ubuntu's GUI config tools on the client13:32
vee_wait, you're on ubuntu?13:33
jaegerNo, but most of the linux users I support here are13:33
jaegerAnd most of my server infrastructure is ubuntu13:34
vee_ah. why ubuntu, if i may ask13:34
jaegerFor the most part it works well, is easy to manage, and is user-friendly13:34
jaegerOn the server side of things, it's well-supported13:34
vee_seems about right. when will you switch them over to crux and make them compile their own kernels? :p13:35
jaegerNever. :P Most people don't want to do that13:35
vee_haha that would be funny though. jaeger with a whip, yelling DO IT NOW13:35
jaegerI'm the nice admin around here, heh13:37
vee_admin eh? i have to many stupid questions do you get?13:39
vee_is glade3 essentially pyglade?13:43
jaegerLess than you might expect. The linux users are pretty advanced here13:55
jaegerThe windows guy gets most of the questions13:56
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vee_hey jaeger, what font do you regularly use? dejavu is kinda boring14:19
jaegerdejavu, liberation, bitstream vera, whatever... I'm not super picky about fonts14:20
vee_liberation sounds nice lol14:31
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v33you guys took out rox file manager?14:54
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vee_pcmanfm fails:
nogagplzcould try a quick hack like export LDFLAGS="$LDFLAGS -lm" in the pkgfile I guess16:00
nogagplzbut change -lm to whatever you actually need16:00
vee_so adding the export LDFLAGS="$LDFLAGS -lm somewhere in the build?16:05
vee_sorry nogagplz, have no idea what that is lol16:05
nogagplzprobably before the configure line16:06
vee_oh, alright16:06
vee_let me give it a shot16:06
vee_woah. that did it. thanks nogagplz :D16:07
nogagplzno worries16:07
vee_gotta ask though...why is it on every install of pcmanfm i've done there have been no folder icons, or any icons for that matter16:08
nogagplzI think you had to set the icons you wanted to use in some gtk config file16:08
vee_oh, makes sense. thanks again, ill look into it16:09
nogagplz this should tell you what's what for the icons16:09
vee_ah, gotta find an icon theme then. alright, i think i can manage from here16:10
nogagplzsure, have fun16:16
vee_fixing linux is rarely fun haha16:23
Romstervee_, i've given up on it until after i get back sunday i am heaidng out very very soon, as soon as i grab a few files then i'm out of here16:46
vee_haha thats fine. i got opera up, so for the time being, i have something to play with16:55
niklaswefrinnst: there??16:59
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vee_there was a readme regarding gsettings schemas when something failed...where was that little boogar? transmission is crashing because of it17:35
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joacimonly 10 broken packages after upgrading to 2.818:56
jaegernot bad18:57
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lxkrakenHey folks. I'm trying to compile VirtualBox from contrib and it stops saying that the BCC variable wasn't found. I checked to see if there was a port for BCC, but it doesn't see so. Has anyone else managed to install virtualbox and if so, what steps did you take?19:50
*** SiFuh has joined #crux19:54
jaegerCan you paste the error message somewhere like I haven't tried to compile it, myself, but that might help19:55
lxkrakenSure ... hang on.19:55
jaegera quick search in the ports indicates bcc is in dev8619:55
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jaegeris dev86 installed? Do you have /usr/bin/bcc?20:01
jaegerdev86 is in the virtualbox dependency list, it should be pulled in if you run 'prt-get depinst virtualbox'20:01
lxkrakenNope. I'll install now. Thanks for the help.20:03
lxkrakenYeah, I was kind of a goof and went, "What the heck is that!?" and ctrl-C'd it. Still learning to trust the prt-get depinst.20:04
jaegeryou can always check what it'll install before doing it with 'prt-get depends <port>', too20:05
lxkrakenuh-oh ... seems like patch isn't going to work. The Pkg file is looking for 0.16.18 when there's only 0.16.19 on the dev86 site.20:08
jaeger0.16.19 seems to be current in ports, are you running CRUX 2.8?20:12
lxkrakenyes ... hmm20:13
jaegerat least it is in x86_^$20:13
jaegerx86_64, too20:13
jaegercurse you, fingers!20:13
lxkrakenYeah, I'm not running 64bit.20:14
jaegerlooks like it hasn't been updated in x86 yet for some reason20:14
jaegerYou could try updating your local copy of the port or send an email to the port maintainer20:15
lxkrakenI'll give that a shot. Hey, how does one become a port maintainer anyway? I've been thinking of putting together something for SpaceFM and udevil which I really like.20:16
jaegerTake a look at
jaegerbest way to start is to maintain a personal ports repository somewhere20:18
lxkrakenOdd ... I can't find any repositories for x86_64. What is it called?20:21
jaegerx86 is currently the only official arch so the x86_64 repos aren't published on the portdb, if that's what you mean20:22
lxkrakenIf I got to and do a search for dev86, I get the one in contrib. Nothing mentioning a specific architecture.20:22
jaegeryou can look through them at if you like20:22
lxkrakenAh! Thanks.20:22
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br87What the fuck is Crux? ( no disrespect)20:31
lxkrakenA source-based linux distro with an  excellent package manager20:35
br87how is it compared to Arch?20:38
lxkrakenArch uses a lot of compiled programs, but you do have the option of compiling from source by using AUR. I'm actually a former Arch user. Moved to Crux last week.20:40
lxkrakenDownloaded all of the files from gitweb and tried to compile dev86. No luck. I shot an email off to the package maintainer.20:43
lxkrakenI guess Virtualbox will have to wait.20:44
jaegerwell, 2.8 is very new, there are plenty of ports that likely still need updates20:44
lxkrakenIt sure is. Crux quite literally switched to 2.8 moments after I completed a 2.7 install... which was last week.20:45
br87who invented Crux?20:45
jaegerPer Lidén20:47
br87I would like to say something " childest" .. lol just for fun20:47 " in Portuguese" , means: naked cross20:48
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