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vee_hello hello02:06
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prologicbr87, crux is awesome03:06
prologicno really it is03:06
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cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: bash: update to 4.2.3903:40
cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: perl: update to 5.16.203:40
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joacimdont think my 2.8 upgrade went as smoothly as i first thought04:55
joacim"configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables"04:55
joacimwhen i try to build gcc04:56
horrorSt1uckdoes gcc -v even work?04:56
joacimit reports 4.7.204:57
horrorSt1uckdid you modify any flags?04:57
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joacim-march=native. but i've used that for ages.04:59
horrorStruckare you in i686?04:59
joacimi'll figure it out04:59
joacimx86_64. forgot to tell you that.04:59
joacimwell. i'll figure it out. i just wanted to vent =)05:00
horrorStruckok ok :)05:00
joacimnope. pure.05:00
joacimi'm wondering if reinstalling everything from core would be a good idea05:00
joacimi mean by using the prebuilt packages from the cd05:01
horrorStruckthat would certainly solve the problem at least05:01
horrorStruckbut that's strange, i upgraded 3 machines without any issue05:02
horrorStruckhow did you handle the mpc bump?05:02
joacimi'm thinking i might have forgotten to run ports -u, or i did it before i ran rejmerge05:03
horrorStruckthe bump broke gcc05:03
joacimoh. hmm. that might be the one05:04
horrorStruckjust wondering if you didnt forget to nuke some symlink somewhere :P05:04
joacimi havent done anything special05:05
horrorStruckyou can't build anything, right?05:06
joacimnow i can build again05:10
joacimreinstalled gcc and everything it depends on05:10
horrorStruckfrom the CD?05:10
horrorStruckcool :)05:10
joacimi think what happened was that i either forgot to run ports -u or rejmerge. it ended up with me downgrading gcc and all related libs when i tried to sysup05:15
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joacimaight. everything is going well06:13
joacimit was all just a case of pebkac06:14
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frinnstremember that you probably need to modify contrib.rsync since it does not install per default07:10
joacimdid that already07:17
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rmullOn every crux install I've ever done, during bootup, I get an error that comes from /etc/rc13:15
rmullumount: /sys: device is busy...13:16
rmullmount: none already mounted or /sys busy13:16
rmullI can see the umount and mount lines in /etc/rc but I have no idea why this would happen13:16
rmullAny ideas?13:16
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frinnstwhat version is that?13:46
frinnstremove /sys, /proc from fstab13:47
rmullfrinnst: 2.7.1 and 2.713:52
rmullThanks, I will try that13:52
frinnstdont do it for 2.713:52
rmullAh... what should I do instead?13:53
frinnstupgrade to 2.8 :)13:53
frinnstnot sure why sys would be busy during early boot13:54
juermull: is your /etc/mtab a symlink?13:56
rmulljue: no13:56
rmullAlso, according to mount, /sys is not mounted, but /sys contains data13:57
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lxkrakenHello vee15:20
lxkrakenYou're pretty new to Crux as well, right?15:20
vee_farily new yes, still have quite a bit to learn15:23
lxkrakenYeah, same here. It's quite a change, but it's worth it. My laptop has never been so responsive.15:24
vee_ah yes. if you strip out all the junk out of the kernel that you dont need, and, go with light weight de/wm and what not, it becomes quite fast. my laptop takes about 7 seconds to boot15:25
joacimgod. netatalk 3.0.1 loves to produce file conflicts.15:26
joacimis it safe to simply remove those conflicting files from the packages?15:26
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frinnstjoacim: you should probably try and strip those out of the port16:28
frinnstseems it ships its own libevent library?16:28
frinnstmust be possible to disable and use the system lib instead16:30
joacimthe arch pkgbuild has --without-libevent-header --without-libevent-lib16:31
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joacim <- i found this, and i will try the patch later16:34
joacim <- i also get this build error when i add --without-libevent-header and --without-libevent-lib to my pkgfile16:36
vee_how hard would it be to take a gentoo ebuild, and, convert it to work with a pkgfile?16:42
joacimthe magical patch worked16:47
joacim=======> Installing '/usr/ports/packages/netatalk#3.0.1-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.16:48
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vee_hey romster, virtualgl has a mismatch in the md5sum17:23
vee_can one ignore a md5 mismatch from pkgmk i thought it was -im, but that doens't seem t17:27
lxkrakenIt-'s -um17:30
joacim-im should be correct if you want to ignore the md5sum. -um updates the saved md5sum.17:31
tilmanpkgmk --help17:35
joacimit is all about being social these days17:36
lxkrakenSpeaking of which, has there ever been a Crux forum? Or even just a sub-foum on
vee_sorry guys17:40
rmulllxkraken: I don't know if one has /ever/ existed, since I wasn't around since the beginning, but there is a mailing list17:42
lxkrakenYes, and I've subscribed, rmull. I'm wondering it mightn't be useful to have a forum so that recurring questions can be answered by simple forum search.17:43
tilmanlxkraken: there's a searchable archive for the mailing lists =)17:44
tilmanlxkraken: it seems a mailing list is a better cultural fit for crux than a forum17:44
lxkrakenYes, that is important, tilman, and it's probaby the best answer for why there isn't a forum.17:45
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rmullrecurring questions would be best answered in the wiki18:00
joacimi must say that i'm guilty of never searching forums18:01
joacimi do search on wikis tho18:01
lxkrakenI use whatever helps ... forums, even documentation from Linux From Scratch and other distros.18:05
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vee_that was a quick fix romster o.O, though now prt-get says its an unrecognized archive format18:39
nogagplzmight have been complaining because the download was broken18:41
vee_hm. would clearing the downloads in the folder help?18:42
nogagplzjust delete that file it got and try following the link in the pkgfile manually to see what's up18:42
vee_alright, let e give that a try18:43
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vee_that seems to have done it, thanks nogagplz18:47
vee_virtualgl failed to build:
vee_install: cannot stat './linux64/bin/vgllogin': No such file or directory18:49
nogagplzlooks like vgllogin isn't where it's expected to be18:52
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vee_maybe romster will here my plea19:30
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