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vee_hello agian00:15
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vee_woah, just found laptopmode tools is available for crux o.o00:51
vee_oh, the link is dead00:52
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vee_hey jaeger, i was curious what you use to control your backlight when you're not plugged into the power adapter01:30
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frinnstanybody else see segfaults with transmission-gtk ?08:55
horrorStruckfrinnst: rtorrent here but i think i've read something about latest libtorrent-rasterbar creating this kind of issues09:03
horrorStruckah, no sorry, totally unrelated. it was with deluge and not segfaulting issues09:05
horrorStruckespecially as transmission doesnt seem to use libtorrent-rasterbar. most useless posts of the day \o/09:08
frinnstyeah i use rtorrent too on my other box09:29
frinnstthe segfaults seem to be very random09:29
frinnstcan run just fine over a week or so, then crash09:29
frinnstno big deal and i've not bothered to try and debug it. just curious if anybody else seen it too09:30
horrorStrucki'm dl'ing crux-2.8 with it right now just to test but i dont think i'm going to run it that long09:30
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vee_good"what ever time of day it is where you live"13:13
rauzfrinnst: i have a few torrents downloading right now with transmission-gtk runs fine13:20
vee_rauz how did you fix the schemas error o.O13:24
rauzpuh i don't rember in detail but i read something from gentoo users that did the trick13:25
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frinnstvee_: read the readme in gtk313:42
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vee_still cant figure out that schemas thing -___-14:22
jaegerwhat's the error?14:32
vee_(transmission-gtk:4538): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: No GSettings schemas are installed on the system14:33
vee_Trace/breakpoint trap14:33
vee_there was a read me somewhere that had you install something but...cant find it anymore14:33
frinnst20:42 <frinnst> vee_: read the readme in gtk314:33
vee_man...this is why i hate using irssi, it doesn't show the previous messages. i looked in gtk2, not 3...thanks frinnst14:36
frinnstincluding a readme in gtk3 is far from optimal14:38
frinnstwill be fixed in the future (tm)14:38
vee_i was browsing the handbook for it. maybe i should keep a track of all the things that i struggle with, document it, and someone could incorperate it into the handbook somehow. it'll be user friendly(er_14:39
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vee_wxgtk fails for vlc
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horrorStruckvee_: install glu18:06
vee_hi horrorStruck18:09
horrorStruckhi vee_18:09
vee_how do you do?18:10
horrorStruckjust woke up so :\18:10
vee_i've had 3 hours of sleep, im in the same boat18:10
horrorStruckglu.h used to be shipped with mesa3d but not anymore starting version 9.0, it's a sperate port18:13
horrorStruckseparate* (or something)18:13
vee_ah okay18:14
horrorStruckyou may want to open a bug report18:15
vee_i think i was using someone elses ports, thats why it failed because i tried to install it again, and it failed. using the default port seems to have gotten a lot further18:16
vee_anyway, you have work today?18:17
horrorStrucki dont use vlc but i wonder if you have to modify the port to use wxgtk18:17
horrorStruckyep, working today... no motivation however18:17
vee_i had installed mplayer, but, i tried watching an avi with it and it crashed lol18:18
vee_ewww, work :/18:18
vee_what do you do, if you dont mind me asking18:18
horrorStrucki'm working in a printing company18:18
vee_that sounds interesting18:19
vee_thailand, right?18:19
vee_hope it isn't too hot18:19
horrorStruckhandling the production of mass retailing businesses18:19
horrorStruckthe shit that goes in your mailbox18:19
horrorStruckhot it is18:19
vee_but you have such amazing beaches...18:20
horrorStruckwish i could actually see them18:20
vee_work that much huh?18:21
horrorStruckquite a bit18:21
horrorStruckprinting is 24/718:21
vee_well, at least you keep yourself busy ey18:22
vee_fixing computers, well, too much down time gets annoying as hell18:22
horrorStruckfor vlc, i guess you need soemthing like --disable-qt4 --enable-skins218:23
vee_well, its still building so...fingers crossed lol18:24
horrorStruckok :)18:24
horrorStruckbbl, coffee preparation18:24
vee_enjoy :)18:25
vee_wonder if mplayer crashes because of my nvidia card18:38
horrorStruckit should work great wih vdpau, any interesting info when it crashes?18:44
vee_crashed by bad usage of cpu fpu ram.18:47
vee_noticed when i ran lspci -k neither of my video cards are listed, so i recompiled to kernel to get that to work18:47
vee_give me one sec while i reboot18:47
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vee_i think its video card related18:50
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horrorStruckyou're using nouveau or nvidia driver?18:50
vee_well, back on gentoo, i asked the people at bumblebee if i should build support for it and they said no, leave it blank, so i have. right now, im trying to use my intel card, but, lspci -k doesn't show it up18:51
horrorStrucki could have a look at your kernel config if you want, this evening18:53
vee_i915 came up, so the intel hd is working. but if you wanna take a look see, i dont mind. perhaps you can find a tweak or two. but here is the pastebin, if you're interested.18:54
horrorStruckok i'll have a look after work, have a nice day18:56
vee_you too :)18:56
horrorStruckhmm that's not a kernel config :P18:57
horrorStruckIPC problem again, you really need to fix that18:57
vee_oh, let me get the kerel for ya one sec18:58
horrorStruck# CONFIG_SYSVIPC is not set <--- shitstorm guaranteed19:00
vee_just enabled it....shit storm of what magnitude?19:01
horrorStrucknothing irreversible, it should be better now19:02
vee_gotta recompile and much compiling19:03
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: webkit: 1.8.3 -> 1.10.121:51
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diverseis there going to be a plan to use Gentoo's udev fork?23:57

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