IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2012-11-05

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vee_read in the logs about google tracking...use duckduckgo.com00:18
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prologicvee_, what's that?00:49
prologiclooks interesting00:49
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vee_prologic sorry, just saw your message. its a search engine that doesn't track you...pretty neat stuff01:34
vee_anyone else getting slightly caught up in those "free software" stuff?01:34
diversein case if you don't want Google to spy on you01:36
frinnstthats hardly news01:38
frinnstduckduckgo relies on bing for results01:38
frinnstergo searches suck01:39
frinnstI used to use scroogle, but that service went down a year ago01:39
prologicyeah well01:41
prologicit's pretty hard to create a new search engine these days01:42
prologicwhen the big boys already have the data indexed01:42
diversehey frinnst o/01:44
diversethat systemd did another software invasion, this time with consolekit. Now it has logind to replace it :P01:48
vee_better than using google i suppose01:49
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frinnstscrew you guys, im going home!09:57
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horrorStruckwhat?! and the new cairo??!09:59
frinnstwhat new cairo?10:01
horrorStrucknew release yesterday10:01
frinnstoh, yeah .810:01
frinnstwtf is up with my ck4up?10:01
horrorStruckwebsite is not updated10:02
horrorStrucki couldnt DL the archive for some reason, i had to clone the git tree10:03
horrorStruckit always failed at ~70%10:03
frinnst2012-11-05 17:05:30 (365 KB/s) - 'cairo-1.12.8.tar.xz' saved [42113752/42113752]10:05
frinnstahh, stupid me, didnt check for .xz files10:07
frinnstanways, *home*10:07
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: mod_perl: footprint-fix for perl 5.16, fix build issue wrt LARGEFILE_SOURCE10:31
cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: tzdata: update to 2012i10:32
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: cairo: update 1.12.810:35
rmullHey, does this mean that 2.7 will no longer be receiving updates?10:52
rmullNow that 2.8 is out10:52
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jaegerrmull: it will receive some, those that seem important. security updates, etc.11:04
jaegerbut no longer full development11:04
rmulljaeger: got it. thanks11:07
lxkrakenHey, jaeger, I'm unable to build hplip. I'm getting this error: prnt/cupsext/cupsext.c:1165:35: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type11:08
lxkrakenIs there something I'm doing wrong?11:08
lxkrakenActually I'm getting a whole stream of those errors referencing a bunch of different line numbers.11:08
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jaegerIt probably needs to be updated for cups 1.6 or gcc 4.7, I'll look into it11:09
jaegerlxkraken: looks like the current version builds without patching, I'll update it to 3.12.10a11:12
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lxkrakenThanks a lot, jaeger. I'll try and build again in a few hours.11:23
jaegerthanks for pointing it out11:23
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tilmanRotwang: it should say "hot" though :)12:17
Rotwangmust be drank with a monocl and a high-hat12:31
lxkrakenEverything works, jaeger. hplip builds nicely. Thanks again.12:44
vee_she was decent looking back she looks hideous12:49
jaegerlxkraken: good deal13:04
vee_how is everyone doing today?13:41
jaegernot bad here, you?13:50
vee_eh, been eating too many war heads, tongue is numb ol14:02
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rmullWow, I haven't had warheads in years14:37
vee_i have a pack of 400...feel free to take a few :P14:44
rauzwhat are war heads ? some kind of candy14:46
rmullrauz: Very sour candy14:46
vee_very very sour candy haha14:47
rauzso not nukes :D14:47
vee_never tried nukes...14:47
rauzno i was joking about nuclear nuke (=> nuclear war heads :D)14:49
vee_i think there is a candy called nukes14:52
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rauztime for bed, gn815:05
rmullrauz: See you15:05
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v33the fork of gnome2 looks kida nice17:52
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v33any linux related stuff i can do to bring the cpu temp down? i've already setup the ondemand cpu scale18:50
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lxkrakenjoin #linux20:31
lxkrakenLet's try that again.20:32
krue /s for lxkraken: ////////////20:43
lxkrakenCareful, those are sharp.20:59
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veehello again21:18
veei feel like the kernel is trolling me. it says the mei driver is in the misc, but there is no misc, im assuming its staging21:31
veenever mind, im confirmed for blind....carry on lol21:35
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veehey romster, in your virtualgl pkgfile, the first command is cd vgl, was wondering where exactly its cding into? i made a director in root called vgl, butit says directory not found so it stops building23:18
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veehow do you guys put up with dependencies, they're a nightmare!23:57

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