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nogagplz_vee, easy, just get Romster to do it00:27
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veenogagplz, i always wondered why some programs dont come with the dependencies there, so you wont need to download and install them seperately00:29
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Romsterdependencies yes they are a pain but not that bad02:12
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diversedoes cruxbot have a search function?02:13
frinnst!seen frinnst02:16
frinnststupid cruxbot02:16
frinnsti forget the commands02:16
Romster@seen frinnst02:24
clbRomster: frinnst was last seen in #crux 7 minutes and 55 seconds ago: <frinnst> i forget the commands02:24
clbdiverse: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.02:24
clbdiverse: Google, Internet, Karma, Later, Seen, ShrinkUrl, URL, and Unix02:25
frinnstah, there we go02:25
frinnst@unix ls02:26
diverse@search mplayer02:27
clbdiverse: There were no matching configuration variables.02:27
Romster@help unix02:27
Romster@help plugin unix02:27
nogagplz_@seen Romster02:27
clbnogagplz_: Romster was last seen in #crux 11 seconds ago: <Romster> @help plugin unix02:27
Romsteri thought it's meant to say i'm in here already02:28
nogagplz_guess you keep pinging off02:28
Romsteri turned off my firewall earlier to borrow the battery, i got a generator now.02:28
diverseis there a way to search ports with the bot?02:29
Romsterdon't think so but i think soemone added a API for that to use.02:30
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Amnesiaquestion, is there some way "USE flag" alike for crux?03:57
Amnesiahm ok03:57
frinnsthonestly there's really no need for it03:58
Amnesiaguess I need to build something for it then:)03:58
frinnsti missed it at first too03:58
Amnesiawell, I like the idea of only having support for what I use03:58
frinnstwell you generally only will03:59
diverseI remember asking this question before ;)03:59
Amnesia :-)03:59
Amnesia that's also pretty neat:-)04:01
RomsterAmnesia, if you need to customise make, copy the Pkgfile edit it and then add a overlay in prt-get.conf04:03
Amnesiaah neat, didn't know that that was possible, thx04:03
Romsteryou'll find the Pkgfiles are very easy to edit04:04
Romstercompared to euilds04:04
Romsterbe sure to keep each in there own directory named as the name=04:05
Amnesiayeah I just looked at some ebuilds, and they look pretty bloated04:05
Romsterin some cases maintainer of the port may consider editing options.04:05
diverseRomster: i forgot to ask, but what does the overlay do in prt-get.conf exactly?04:05
Romsterour distro is more suted to hacking your own ports if need be.04:06
Romsterprt-get uses a top down approach on prtdir04:06
Romsterso if a port exists in foo and bar then foo gets priority04:07
AmnesiaRomster: is there actually a security team or w/e ?04:07
Amnesiadon't think so right?04:07
diverseRomster: thanks04:07
Romsterwe monitor core opt xorg ports and update as soon as we see security exploits or updates.04:08
diverselike with firefox i assume04:08
AmnesiaRomster: hm ok neat04:08
Amnesiaso you actually follow the CVE's?04:09
frinnstaye: [oss-security] ftw04:09
frinnstslightly depressing read though :)04:09
Romsteryes we do04:10
Romstercrap the 100million lotto draw i won it but i only got $13.70 :|04:12
Romsterlargest in Australia so far.04:12
Romsteri got 7th division :/ half of the money back on what i paid for the ticket.04:13
Romsterah well i thought it was worth a shot at it.04:14
Romstereven though it was 1 in 42million chance of winning 1st division04:14
diversethat would have been awesome04:14
Romsterwhos used cmake alot i can't remember how you get the list of vars like you get with ./configure --help04:15
Romsteryeah considering i'm nearly broke -_-04:15
Romsteri end up doing cat CMakeLists.txt  to find the vars04:17
frinnstif you wanna make money off a lottery you should start your own :)04:18
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frinnstwith blackjack! and hookers!04:19
frinnstin fact, forget the blackjack!04:19
diversefrinnst: where would he get the money to make money?04:19
Romsterok grep option CMakeLists.txt works good enough for me.04:19
Romsterfrinnst, i was thinking of that but it's illegal :/04:20
diverseRomster: are you going to try the lottery again?04:21
AmnesiaRomster: would it be an idea to make a glsa-check alike script for crux?04:22
Romsteri had that idea after looking over that one you linked too but i dunno.04:23
Romsterstuff like that is on the crux commits mailing list.04:23
Romsterso subscribe to that and you'll know when.04:24
Amnesiashould be too hard04:25
Amnesiaah, people are already working on it?04:25
Romsterwe have a ML for it.04:25
Amnesiait'd be quite neat04:27
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Romsterprobably there is $20 Million this thursday04:33
Romsterperhaps we could grep the ML for security commits *shrugs*04:34
AmnesiaRomster: heh will do04:34
Amnesiaare you winning the lottery^^?04:34
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Romsteri won but nothing to write home about.04:38
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AmnesiaIt'd definitly quite working if I'd win the lottery-.-04:43
Amnesiaugh, typlepra04:53
Amnesiadiverse: perhaps got any cure for it?04:54
diversesleep is always a good cure04:54
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Amnesiaheh most likely04:57
Romsteri got some ideas if i won enough to do it05:04
Romsterinvest in a business for one.05:04
Romsterno point in hording all the money like a tight arse.05:05
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AmnesiaRomster: your tsocks port is malfunctioning, the following source link is valid atm:
Romsteralot of crap is malfunctioning, i'm trying to fix virtualgl atm.05:18
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frinnsthm, a server reboot for the ext4 bug might be a good thing to do. eventhough its close to impossible to hit the bug06:05
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frinnst*dont turn off the wrong machine*07:04
Romsteryour a bright one frinnst07:07
frinnstim wiping a production server so yeah, double check to make sure its the right one :)07:09
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Romsterbe sure your logged in the correct one, i've done that before.07:38
frinnstoh i cant wait for tomorrow when this fucking election in a country where i dont live is over and no longer dominates EVERYTHING07:39
frinnsti know more us politics than swedish07:40
joacimi have a habit of running shutdown right after logging in as root.07:40
joacimeven tho i only wanted to changed some configurations or update my system07:40
frinnstits a esxi host07:41
* frinnst is installing hyperv 3 instead07:41
Romsterlol i'm hearing it in australia too.07:42
frinnstwould be brilliant to shut down the wrong one and drown in alerts :)07:42
joacimeven technology blogs write about the election tomorrow07:42
Romsterand not have any way to power it back up and be on the other side of the planet while the sysadmin is asleep.07:43
frinnstluckily the hardware is only 5 metres from my office :)07:43
* Romster imagines frinnst using a broom handle to press power button while not moving out of chair.07:44
frinnstmy glamorous office:
frinnstit's just as big as it looks :)07:50
Romsterwell makes for keeping warm in winter easy07:52
frinnstit never gets over 20C even with the heater at full blast even during summer07:53
niklaswefrinnst: are you serious.. is that your office.. ? I would be hippish in that room....07:54
frinnstyep, not much office space down here07:54
frinnstit used to be a barrack with a bed for some poor sap to sleep in07:54
Romsteryour summers must be cold.08:33
jaegerfrinnst: so it was you who stole my car key!08:33
frinnsthaha, i thought you drove a subaru?08:34
Romsteri suppose you don't suffer confined spaces.08:34
frinnstor does those look just like vw/audi's?08:34
jaegerfrinnst: I do now, yeah... I didn't a few years ago :)08:34
jaegerI drove a vw for a while08:34
frinnsti drive a boring golf. multifuel(e85) so it's "green" and i pay no tax on it. retarded rule since it uses more fuel than a gti even when driving on petrol08:35
frinnsti've begun to convince myself that its a good excuse to perhaps get a gti instead08:36
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linXeainstalling CRUX 2.8 to replace my old 2.5 version.  Using sata this time, which modules do I need to remember when compiling the new kernel? Quite slow hardware so another recompile is not very tempting.09:01
jaegerlinXea: depends on your specific drive controller. can you paste the output of 'lspci -k' somewhere?09:05
linXeausing the ICM809:05
linXeaICH8M <-- to be specific09:05
jaegerprobably uses ata_piix09:06
jaegerlspci -k should tell you09:06
linXeaPIIX4 :)09:06
linXeathank you very much.. I forgot about that command09:06
jaegerno problem09:06
jaegerIf it would help, send me your .config and I'll compile a kernel for you. got fast hardware here09:07
linXeathats not necessary BUT I appreciate the offer :)09:07
jaegerfrinnst: I'm curious to hear what you think of hyper-v vs esxi after a while using it09:08
niklaswelinXea: hey :)09:12
linXeaoh, hi there niklaswe  :)09:12
frinnstjaeger: we are only gonna use it for one customer (replica)09:13
frinnstinstalling win 2012 makes me die inside09:13
jaegerfrinnst: ah09:13
niklaswelinXea: nice to see you here man..09:14
niklasweno time to go from work and take a beer :D09:14
linXeaI am here every now and then. Been using crux for many years. Been too long since i upgraded this box though.09:15
jaegeryeah, 2.5 is a bit out of date now :)09:16
linXeaBeer is nice, that sound like fun. I dont believe we have met yet. Only person I have met from ULUG is dunzor.09:16
niklaswelinXea: we haven't meet yet..09:17
niklaswe*poff time to go*09:17
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* jaeger starts another mate rebuild09:52
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.8]: xorg-xf86-video-ati: updated to 7.0.011:39
frinnstme want11:49
jaegerwill be interesting to see how that new controller performs11:52
jaegertoo new to know yet11:52
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veethat ssd looks glorious12:21
frinnstthe smaller models look quite affordable for normal use12:25
tilmanfrinnst: your chair? (pic)12:25
frinnsttilman: hah, no12:26
tilmanyour boss'?12:26
frinnstbut im thinking of "surprising" my boss :)12:26
veebut wouldn't it be noticeable?12:28
frinnstpossibly not if you approach your desk from the front and just sit down12:29
frinnstbut his desk is facing the wall, so might be a bit tricky :/12:29
veepaint the can black12:41
veeor what ever color the bottom part you're taping it to is lol12:41
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frinnstno colors anymore I want them to turn black13:09
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darkarchanHello everyone!14:44
darkarchanI want to ask if I'll be able to install and run properly CRUX.14:45
darkarchanI have run user-friendly distros before14:46
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veeyou can, but its fairly hard.14:46
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darkarchanand Arch linux without problems14:46
veei tried doing that, and without the help of jaeger, probably would have failed14:46
darkarchanisnt the handbook good?14:46
veeif you're familiar with compiling the kernel, you should be fine14:46
darkarchansadly no:(14:46
darkarchanI will read more on the net14:47
darkarchanI font really get how things work14:47
darkarchanmaybe I can do it but I dont understand it14:47
veeyou should read the gentoo wiki, its pretty helpful14:48
darkarchanI've read that the book "Linux Kernel in a Nutshell" is good too14:50
veeyea, the kernel isn't too complicated once you play with it14:51
veeyou can try compiling it in a virutalbox and see if you can get it to work lol14:54
darkarchanwas about to do that :)14:54
darkarchanty for the answers14:54
darkarchangood night.14:54
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lxkrakenAnother potential Arch refugee. Imagine that...14:56
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yawniekhi, i'm looking for a distro with recent packages but not so much updates than arch for running as server os. is crux suited for that?15:05
lxkrakenCrux is very good for that, but it really is up to you whether you update your system or not with Crux.15:06
lxkrakenArch linux had some massive changes recently.15:06
lxkrakenPeople really didn't have a choice.15:07
lxkrakenYou do have to compile your own kernel which is a significant difference to Arch.15:08
yawniekbut you can install binary packages?15:09
lxkrakenNo, Crux is a source-based distribution.15:09
jaegeryou can install binary packages, yes, if you have them built15:09
yawniekso whats the main differences to gentoo?15:09
jaegerThere's no central binary package repository, though15:09
jaegerno USE flags is the big thing15:10
rmulldifferent init system15:10
rmulldifferent package manager15:10
rmulldifferent politics15:10
jsePkgfiles are much more simple and straightforward compared to ebuilds.15:10
rmullfewer users :P15:10
yawnieki used to by sysadmin at a company with 100+ gentoo boxes. nuff said15:10
rmullI liked gentoo15:11
rmullI used it for most of my linux "career"15:11
jaegerI used to do that as well, though the number was less than 100+. I built everything on a centralized build box and used those packages to update the rest15:11
yawniekjaeger: we could do that only partly. there have been very different systems around, even sparcs15:13
jaegerEven so it could undoubtedly be done for some groups at least15:14
yawniekfor my personal stuff i switched to arch some years ago, at work i had a centos farm last year.15:15
yawnieksomething between arch and centos would be nice. arch just moves to fast, centos too slow15:16
yawniekbut simple packages sounds interesting15:18
niklaswegood evening!15:18
frinnstcrux requires some love if you want to keep it up to date15:21
frinnstoh, stupid scroll thingy15:21
veeso uh...steam is on ubuntu now15:22
yawniekin what regards frinnst ?15:22
jseJust means that sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty compared to the major distributions out there.15:23
lxkrakenI think that's really good new, vee. We might see more driver development as a result.15:23
frinnstsmall stuff, like restarting updated daemons, building from source15:23
frinnstit will not hold your hand15:23
jseIndeed. That's a feature, not a bug.15:24
frinnstdebian, rhel etc will restart an updated daemon. crux will not15:24
veecrux is a bit unforgiving at times, especially when you're running around nekkid not knowing what to do haha15:25
yawniekfunny enough in general it was faster to fix things under gentoo b/c stuff was clear and simple. whereas in centos there is so much magic15:25
frinnstyeah but there's a lot of "magic" in gentoo too iirc15:25
yawniekbut then again i spent hours on configuring kernels and trying to install special stuff15:26
frinnstmany years since i tested it15:26
yawniekim actually very happy now with arch, its just a little too desktopy centric as a production server os15:26
veedoes X stil occasionally crash?15:27
frinnstI ran centos on my desktop at work for about a year. it was horrible15:27
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rmullyawniek: It's not so hard to install crux - the most involved part is configuring a kernel. You don't need to compile anything other than a kernel to get it up and running, since the base installation ships with precompiled binary packages.15:32
rmullTherefore, just try it for a day15:33
niklaswefrinnst: why did you ran centos for desktop?..15:33
rmullWhether or not it fits your need as a server depends on your server's jobs, IMHO15:33
frinnstI needed stuff to work quickly when i started15:33
frinnstspending a few days getting my desktop to feel "just right" and having all the apps i needed was not an option :)15:34
frinnstand there was no multilib crux at the time (thanks jaeger/romster!)15:34
frinnstand the app i needed was only supported on rhel so15:35
niklasweah I see, I should choose arch or debian i think.. instead of centos..15:35
jaegerI can pretty much get along with any distro if I need to :)15:36
frinnstyeah me too, for a limited period of time :)15:36
jaegerI have CRUX 2.8 and Ubuntu 12.04 on my desk right now, heh15:36
jaegergot a couple fedora installs around as well as one RHEL for a specific app15:37
jseY'know, all that good stuff. All courtesy of LART Poettering heh.15:37
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Amnesiais there any possiblity that pkgmk doesn't like underscores in source urls..?16:48
jaegerthey should be no problem when used properly. you might need to escape variables16:49
Amnesiasource=($name/$name_$version.orig.tar.gz) <- the $name_ is being ommitted16:49
jaegerfor example, $name_$version doesn't work too well, $name_${version} does16:49
jaegerunderscore is an acceptable character in a variable name16:50
Amnesiahm ok16:50
jseAmnesia: is that a port you've created?16:50
jaegerfor clarity I'd recommend using ${name}_${version} when an underscore is required16:50
Amnesiathat's working, neat16:51
Amnesiaright next step, coloured manpages16:56
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lxkrakenSo how many are following the elections in the US?18:34
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: asterisk: Updated version, Improved startup script, removed ilbc dependency, fixed permissions of config dir21:06
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lxkrakenI called it. :)23:51
vee__i dont like either of them, but that romney dude seems talks like he knows nothing23:51
lxkrakenObama is better than Romney. It's the best choice for everyone.23:52

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