IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2012-11-07

vee__not necessarily00:00
vee__gary johnson00:00
lxkrakenSpiteful I'm not sure what Gary Johnson has to do with a presidential race...00:04
vee__do believe he was running for president00:25
lxkrakenIf you say so. I've never heaard of him.00:27
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tilmanhooray epic politic system that only has two relevant parties00:47
lxkrakenLike it or not, presidential elections in the US are super important for everyone around the world. What's unfortunate is that we don't get to vote.01:01
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vee__tilman its sad that people think its only republicans and democrats that they can vote for01:27
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.8]: libdrm: update to 2.4.4001:43
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: nvidia: update to 304.6401:44
cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: make: rework patches, add patch to fix bug #3065301:44
cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: iputils: update to s2012110601:44
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vee_has anyone ever ran those linux distro firewalls?01:48
Romstervee_, built midori yet?01:49
Romsternope i use crux for my firewall01:49
vee_oh, no i went with firefox01:50
vee_haven't used midori in ages01:50
vee_my router is acting up, so, i want to use the router/firewall distro and create one that'll actually function01:50
Romsterjust use crux01:52
vee_as a router?01:53
vee_i was thinking of picking up those mini systems and havin that do everything through something like ipcop or untangled01:55
Romstercrux has iptables iprotue2 ipset what more do you want and i got conntrack stuff in contrib too.01:55
Romsteroh crux be too heavy for that, i got a old pc for my gateway01:55
vee_what are teh specs on the system you are using? i was planning on going with an atom processor with 1-2 gigs of ram. maybe a dual core01:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: boost: 1.51.0 -> 1.52.001:58
Romsterpentium D 2.8Ghz i think it was 128MB ram01:59
Romsterdoes a ton of other things too like web server squid dns cache others01:59
vee_oh. i was actally going to ask if you had cache setup for web pages :P02:00
juevee_: using a box with Intel D510MO board as router, works really nice with crux, even though it's a bit oversized for the purpose :)02:00
vee_@jue, thats what i really wanted to do, but, i have a pentium 4 pc laying around with 2 gigs of ram that i wouldn't mind using as a router. except...power consumption would be a besh02:02
Romstervee_, trhow a pentium D cpu in that uses less power than a 4 does02:04
Romsterget then cheap02:04
vee_romster, but does it still ue quite a bit?i wanted to do what jue suggests, but not sure what the power differences would be02:05
Romstermy 250watt psu beeps of overload when i comiple else it's ok02:05
Romsterso it's mostly under 250 watts02:06
vee_checked online and yea, pentium d's are about 250, pentium 4's are about 26002:06
vee_somehow, though, i get the strangest feeling someone has used backtrack to crack my network. it slows down randomly, and then picks up again02:07
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juevee_: there's a review for the D510 at tom's hardware ->,2507.html02:13
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vee_i was thinking of using the rpi, seems like it might have enough juice for it02:17
frinnstonly one nic on those02:18
frinnstunless you use a dongle or something02:18
vee_frinnst was thinking of picking up a multi port usb thingie to make it work02:19
frinnstwee, the first windows update for server 2012 is 170mb02:20
frinnstI use a hp microserver as a firewall02:20
frinnstreally recommend them02:20
frinnstcheap too02:20
niklaswefrinnst: do you aslo have an hp n40l ?02:21
frinnstno, the old n36l02:21
frinnstmight get the new one, or wait for gen3 :)02:21
frinnsti need more storage! :)02:21
vee_300 bucks eh02:22
frinnstworth it02:23
frinnsti have 4x2TB in it02:23
vee_dont need all that power for a little firewall lol02:23
frinnstnot if you only want a firewall. but it can do more :)02:24
vee_oh im sure with all that power, it could, and with 8tb, i can store tons of porn to watch here and there, but just want a router/firewall haha02:25
vee_alright, im off to bed. night everyone!02:41
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niklaswecan someone recomend a nice nagios dashboard?03:30
prologicgroundworks is okay03:32
frinnstthats not a nagios dashboard, romster03:47
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Romsterlol no that's a random picture.03:50
Romsteryou tool :D03:51
frinnstwhy cellphone cameras are a good idea:
linXea"I like being able to fire people who provide services to me." –Mitt Romney, using an unfortunate choice of words while advocating for consumer choice in health insurance plans (January 2012)03:57
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Amnesiaquestion, is the assumption that most libraries are backwards compatible incorrect?04:04
Amnesia(I'm trying to compile qemu-kvm, but it's failing because glib-2.12 isn't installed, glib-2.34 is installed though)04:04
prologicAmnesia, correct04:05
prologicyou can never assume that04:05
Amnesiahm ok04:05
prologicyou should review the changelog and release notes04:05
prologicit really depends ont he project and whether they stick to semantic versioning or not04:06
prologicif they do: then x.y.p where x is breaking change, y minor change and p patch04:06
prologicand I'd say upgrade qemu-kvm :)04:06
prologicsome version requirements aren't always >= x.y.z04:07
frinnstglib should be backwards compatible04:08
frinnstfairly compatible atleast04:08
prologicyou'd think so :)04:09
prologicor hope so!04:09
frinnstAmnesia: you could install "qemu" instead and run with kvm support04:09
frinnstqemu-kvm is fairly deprecated i think04:09
Amnesialol, is kvm nativally supported nowadays?04:09
frinnstfor x86_64 it is04:09
Amnesiaand what about x86_32?04:10
frinnstqemu-kvm might be a bit more optimized, but qemu runs "good enough"04:10
frinnstno, dont think so04:10
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Amnesiaqemu-kvm should still compile ffs:P04:10
frinnstyeah, i built it not too long ago without issues04:11
Amnesiaon 2.8?04:11
frinnstdont remember any issues04:11
linXeayou need to add support for it in your kernel.. should still compile though, I think04:11
Amnesiayeah obviously I added those04:12
linXeaI built it yesterday, and it works on 2.8, 3.5.404:12
frinnstlinXea: "qemu" only supports kvm on x86_64 i think04:12
AmnesiaI'm stuck at the configure stage04:12
frinnstqemu-kvm supports more04:12
Amnesiadue to glib:)04:12
frinnstbuilding qemu-kvm now..04:12
frinnsthm, compiling..04:13
Amnesiacrux 2.8  x86_32 native or x86_64?04:13
frinnstx86_64 multilib04:15
Amnesiax86_64 native over here04:16
Amnesiashould't really matter though04:16
frinnstcan you paste the error someplace?04:17
frinnsti dont see any checks of glib at all during configure04:17
frinnst=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/qemu-kvm#1.1.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.04:17
frinnstdoes "revdep" complete without errors?04:18
frinnstsome errors might be expected, binary only-crap and other shitty software04:19
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Amnesiarevdep doesn't output anything04:25
frinnstyou could use -kw (keep work) and check the config.log in the source tree04:28
Amnesia/tmp/qemu-conf-15187-18866-22092.c:1:33: fatal error: bluetooth/bluetooth.h: No such file or directory04:41
Amnesia/usr/include/features.h:330:4: warning: #warning _FORTIFY_SOURCE requires compiling with optimization (-O) [-Wcpp]04:47
Amnesiawhy the heck am I getting these strange errors:P04:47
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frinnsthum, you dont use any wierd ricer-cflags, do you?05:03
Amnesiajust using the stock config05:13
frinnstyou can compile everything else?05:15
frinnstdoes qemu build?05:15
frinnsti dont see any expected cflags in use?05:25
frinnstcan you paste /etc/pkgmk.conf somewhere?05:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: webkit: remove -j1 make is now patched to work with multiple build jobs05:26
Romsterzzz later05:28
frinnstso you dont have a pkgmk_work_dir set, yet it compiles using /tmp ?05:28
frinnstoh, the previous paste was config.log output?05:28
Romsterok weird i just tried that in a chroot05:31
Romsterglib-2.12 required to compile QEMU05:31
Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/var/ports/packages/qemu-kvm#1.1.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.05:31
Romsterstraight after configure weird05:32
Amnesiayep same here05:33
Amnesiafrinnst: and yep the first one was config.log, sorry05:33
Romster1.1.0 is a old version too.05:35
frinnstdont think qemu-kvm has released 1.2 yet05:35
Amnesiayes there is05:35
Amnesia1.2.0 is available05:35
Amnesiasame error though05:35
Romsterconfigure is being a dick05:44
Romstershould be >= 2.1205:44
Romstertired heading to bed g'night05:45
Amnesiahm fail, I'll try and edit configure later on05:45
frinnstwhy does it work for me then?05:49
Amnesiayou've got the same glib version?05:49
Amnesiahm could you poste your configure script?05:52
Amnesiafrom 1.1.0 that is05:52
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Amnesiafrinnst: does one of your pkgconfig dirs contain a glib pkgconfig file?06:27
frinnstyeah the glib port installs a couple of .pc files06:30
angry_vincentany plans with mdev?06:31
angry_vincentcurrent situation with udev/gnome/system seems very unfortunate06:31
Amnesiafrinnst: mos likely that's the cause06:32
frinnstangry_vincent: udev works for now06:33
frinnstwhat am i looking at?06:33
angry_vincentfrinnst: so, udev-182 until the ned of days? :)06:36
angry_vincentthe end*06:36
frinnstheh, well until there's a better alternative06:36
frinnstmdev is very basic06:36
Amnesiafrinnst: yep, it's glibc's contents06:37
frinnstwhat does that have to do with glib?06:37
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Amnesiawell, the pkgconfig files are mising06:50
Amnesiamissing, causing the configure script to give the glib error06:50
Amnesiadoes your glibc package have exactly the same contents, or does it also contain the pkgconfig metadata?06:51
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cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.8]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
frinnstdont confuse glib with glibc07:48
frinnstglib should install without any footprint errors07:49
frinnsttry rebuilding it07:49
frinnstglibc does not contain pkgconfig crap iirc07:49
frinnst(that would be stupid)07:49
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
AmnesiaI admit it would, but the configure script determines whether glibc is installed using the pkgconfig files08:46
Amnesia(as far as I saw, I could be wrong)08:46
frinnstnot glibc! glib!08:46
Amnesiaugh fuck:P08:46
frinnststeam: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.24, BuildID[sha1]=0xd7c10225333018a3a37cc08fc9439552cda549e7, not stripped08:46
frinnstalso fuck08:46
frinnst32bit crap &/"¤(")#e08:46
frinnstim building qemu-kvm on my headless server now. appears to work08:50
frinnstso i've tried on 3 different machines08:50
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.8]: nvidia:update to 304.6408:53
Amnesia'll look at it this evening08:55
Amnesiathanks for looking08:57
Amnesiafrinnst: no sources available of steam?09:03
Amnesiaor a x86_64 release09:03
frinnstits a closed beta09:07
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frinnsthopefully a x86_64 release will be available later on09:08
AmnesiaI see09:08
frinnstseems to run on multilib atleast: "Updating Steam..."09:09
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jaegerhuh... I didn't even notice had an issue tracker until the mate thread on the ML09:11
frinnstaccess("/home/fredrik/Steam/.crash", F_OK) = 009:11
frinnstlots of missing libs :)09:12
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Amnesiahm alrighty then, lets fix qemu-kvm..11:40
*** lasso has joined #crux11:45
Amnesiafrinnst: is "gthread-2.34.pc" present on your installations by any chance?11:52
Amnesiaeverything compiles fine when I edit the check for the pkgconfig metadata:)11:57
Amnesiaso there's 2 possibilities, your configure script differs, or you've got the library's metadata installed11:57
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jueAmnesia: hint, use 'prt-get fsearch gthread*.pc' to see what is installed12:10
jueAmnesia: FWIW, qemu-kvm builds just fine here on i68612:10
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Amnesiafound the cause, shame on me-.-13:05
*** Rotwang has joined #crux13:06
frinnstwhat was it?13:13
frinnstromster saw it too in his chroot i think13:13
Amnesiafrinnst: I confused glibc with glib13:20
* Amnesia runs13:20
frinnstyou didnt have glib installed?13:21
frinnstbut did you do a depinst?13:21
frinnstso, its a bug then13:21
Amnesiaglib isn't set as a dependency for kvm13:21
frinnstyou should file a bug if you have the time. tek is a bit afk for a week or so13:21
frinnstjust to make sure it gets fixed13:22
frinnstyeah, flyspray13:23
frinnstor if you dont wanna set up yet another account you could email him13:24
frinnstprobably easier13:24
Amnesiaflyspray ?13:24
frinnstour bugtracker13:24
Amnesiaah yeah13:24
Amnesiamy bad13:24
AmnesiaI'll PM him on IRC13:24
Amnesiawhen he's available13:24
Amnesiaanyway, say I've got a package with 5 dependencies, and remove the package13:25
frinnstan email is probably better, harder to ignore :)13:25
Amnesiais there some way to remove those unneeded dependencies automatically?13:25
frinnstnot automagically, but you can run "prtorphan"13:25
jaegerthat's probably not quite what you want13:26
frinnsta port can still be needed even if listed by prtorphan, so be careful13:26
Amnesiahm, how do you folks prevent a bulk of unneeded packages over time?13:28
frinnstpersonally I dont find it an issue13:28
frinnstmaybe i look over the installed ports every once in a while and clean out crap i dont need13:29
Amnesiawell, I could make a backup of pkginfo -i every time I install something, and then diff the old and new output13:30
Amnesiaguess that should also work13:30
Amnesiafrinnst: do you know all dependencies that well:P?13:30
frinnstwell, unless you have a big DE installed you usually dont have much crap installed13:31
AmnesiaDE ?13:31
frinnstdesktop env. (gnome, kde)13:31
Amnesiaah ok13:31
Amnesiamakes sense13:31
Amnesialiking it pretty much so far:)13:32
jaegerI wrote a script that checked that sort of thing a while back but it probably needs to be updated, if I can even find it13:33
jaegercalled it 'leafports'13:33
Amnesiastill got it?13:35
jaegerPossibly but I honestly don't know. Will have to look for it13:35
jaegerwell, I said that but I found it rather quickly13:36
jaegerIt's very limited, my intent was to add features to it. This is just a quickie script, will paste it somewhere13:36
jaegerare you running x86, x86_64, or multilib?13:37
jaegeryou might want to add to line 8 so it doesn't tell you about things in core-x86_64 or opt-x86_64, for example13:39
*** linXea has joined #crux13:39
Amnesiadamn, crux's neat13:40
jaegerThe script has no way to tell which things you WANT, only which things aren't depended on by others... so keep that in mind :)13:40
frinnstoh right, stupid me13:41
frinnstprtorphan doesnt do that13:41
frinnstnot at all13:41
Amnesialemme see what prtorphan actually does:)13:42
frinnstjust lists ports that does not belong to a repo13:43
pitilloabout pkginfo -i and diffs may be this can be interesting (snapshots of installed ports;a=tree )13:43
Amnesiayeah I understand13:44
jaegermight be interesting to add a feature to pkgadd to save snapshots somewhere13:45
jaegerwell, prt-get maybe13:45
jaegermy brain and fingers are on different tracks13:45
AmnesiaI must admit, I'm quite impressed by crux's simplicity:)13:46
frinnstyum has support for btrfs snapshots. might be fun to implement for prt-get/pkgadd :)13:46
jaegerprobably not too difficult for someone who knows c++ (which isn't me)13:47
jaeger(in the case of prt-get)13:47
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vee_how do you do, jaeger13:51
jaegerDoing well, you?13:51
vee_having my breakfast, so very well at the moment lol13:52
vee_you know, before working out, i use to skip breakfast and have lunch at 1 till 3, now...if i dont eat, ill pass out, and i almost have13:53
*** lennart has quit IRC13:54
vee_not sure if jue or romster are here, but if i were to use crux as a firewall, would i be able to get a gateway antivirus for linux installed to scan all the traffic too?13:56
*** lxkraken has quit IRC13:57
tilmanvee_: sure13:58
tilmanwait, what?13:58
tilman"all the traffic"?13:58
*** lxkraken has joined #crux13:58
tilmanusually such applications are targeted at a specific kind of network traffic13:58
tilmaneg http13:58
tilmanor mail13:58
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vee_ah, was looking for an http one...suppose all traffic is a bit to broad14:09
vee_do you have such a thing yourself? i know clamav has someting similar, but its pretty weak14:10
tilmani don't know of a free one14:11
tilmanand yeah, clamav kind of sucks ;D14:11
tilmanare you sure you _need_ this?14:11
Amnesiadon't all antivirus scanners suck:-)?14:17
tilmanyes, but clamav sucks more14:17
*** markuman has joined #crux14:23
vee_well, personally, i dont, but, i have a few people here on the network that could use it so i have one less thing to fix haha14:28
vee_i had my dad on ubuntu for a while, got him a new laptop, and is happy with windows 7. i made a terrible mistake14:28
jaegerIt's not a terrible mistake if it does the job and he likes it14:29
tilmandon't tell him that like this14:29
tilmanhe might misunderstand ;)14:29
*** vaddi has quit IRC14:30
vee_it is, because every time something little goes wrong, i have to fix it14:31
vee_where as with linux, nothing every really happened. -shrugs-14:31
lxkrakenI always tell people I know nothing about Windows when they have problems, which is actually true.14:33
joacimmy brother used ubuntu. he managed to break something quite oftne14:36
joacimbecause he thought he could just install shit on his own14:36
joacimbut that was never the case14:36
joacim"why cant i just download things and install it the way i want to?"14:36
tilmanie thw windows way?14:37
joacimi tried to get him to stick to whatever it was he could find in the repositories, but he absolutely had to get the latest firefox or some other random thing that at the time wasnt packaged14:37
joacimpretty much14:37
joacimhe manages to break windows too, but not as often as he broke his ubuntu14:38
joacimyou know, he actually installed one of those things from the ads telling you that you've got 99 viruses.14:39
tilmanokay, that's bad14:39
vee_oh, my dad isn't that bad...haha14:43
joacimmy brother hasnt caused anything major lately tho. been pretty quiet for the last couple of years14:46
vee_there is this one meme i found really said something like "if your family members find out you're good with computers, you're going to have a bad time"14:50
tilmansouthpark ski instructor14:50
vee_yea, that guy!14:52
joacimit doesnt help that i cant stand seeing broken computers14:54
vee_i've been looking at eset antivirus, which i might hsove on here, and only enable the http scanning to scan the traffic....wonder if that'll work14:54
vee_joacim: i cant stand seeing computers that are so buggy...i feel the need to help too14:54
joacimmy uncle wanted me to help with something really simple, which was kinda true, but i ended up spending the whole evening updating everything.14:55
joacimthese people dont ever update their software14:55
vee_what i hate more than that, is when they ask you to fix something, and something else doesn't work and they blame you14:56
vee_"it was working before you fixed it"14:56
joacimthink i'll do what john gruber do, say "i dont know anything about windows"14:56
joacimand dont recommend platforms that you yourself use14:57
vee_well, i made my friend switch to crux14:57
vee_even though i set everything up for it, he seems to be doing just fine haha14:57
vee_crux doesn't support arm processors, does it?15:00
vee_didn't see anything about it online15:00
vee_face palm*15:01
vee_though compiling on an arm processor might take a considering getting me a rpi15:01
rmullwoot, crux-arm15:01
joacimi dont think it should be too bad15:02
rmullvee_: They are working on integrating rpi support15:03
rmullI'm sure they'd love some help :P15:03
vee_not sure how much help i can offer, probably annoy the life out of them with my kernel panics as i do here...haha15:03
joacimcurrent arm-processors seems to be doing more than my current desktop cpu is capable of15:03
rmullWell, they'd be supplying the kernel config15:03
rmullsince everyone will be on the same CPU15:04
rmullThat's not to say you can't modify it, of course15:11
vee_trying to find who is working on it15:14
vee_well, if i do get me a rpi crux is the only thing i'd want on
rmullvee_: You should hang out in #crux-arm if you're interested15:17
rmullThe two guys doing the most work are pitillo and sepen15:18
*** frinnst_ has joined #crux16:06
*** frinnst has quit IRC16:08
*** frinnst_ is now known as frinnst16:08
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Amnesiaquestion, I made a package, but am getting the message that $dir/foobar isn't empty16:10
Amnesiais there some way to prevent this to happen?16:10
Amnesia(tell pkgrm to remove the contents first for example)16:10
jaegerthat's pretty vague, you should figure out what it wants to remove and why, first16:11
Amnesia#1: could not remove bla1/bla2/bla3: Directory not empty16:13
Amnesia#: could not remove bla1/bla2: Directory not empty16:13
Amnesia#3: could not remove bla1: Directory not empty16:13
Amnesia#2 *16:13
Amnesia that's the packagefile16:14
jaegercan you paste the error log?16:14
jaegerok, that's FAR more useful16:18
jaegerthat is output from pkgrm, not from pkgmk16:18
jaegerall it means is that files have been created in those directories that were not part of the port16:18
jaegerIf sabnzbd created them you could just delete them yourself but pkgrm doesn't know about them16:18
Amnesiajaeger: sorry, should done that from the beginning:p16:19
Amnesiajaeger: it's impossible sabnzbd created files, since I hadn't run it yet16:20
jaegerdo you see why I was asking what and why, though? :)16:20
jaeger16:13 < Amnesia> #1: could not remove bla1/bla2/bla3: Directory not empty16:20
jaegerthis line, for example16:20
jaegerthere's nothing about pkgrm or what the actual files and dirs are16:20
Amnesiapkgrm removes the files in /var/lib/pkg/db right..?16:20
Amnesiafor the specific package ofc16:21
jaegerso after removing the package, go look in those dirs and see what's there16:21
Amnesiahm checking those dirs in the db files16:22
jaegercheck what's in them as well16:22
Amnesiaah guess it were old files16:24
Amnesiasabnzbd indeed converted some files to bytecode16:24
Amnesiaheh I'm on a failing spree16:24
Amnesiathx jaeger16:26
Amnesiasorry for wasting your time16:28
jaegernot a waste of time if you got something out of the troubleshooting :)16:29
Amnesiawell, it pretty much made sense:p16:30
jaegerso if something similar happens again you know where to look/start16:31
Amnesiatrue that16:32
*** vee_ has quit IRC16:36
jse/sb end17:06
jseNice scroll fail. :P17:06
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joacimwhere would be a good place to host your personal ports collection?18:32
*** linXea has quit IRC18:35
jaegermaybe googlecode or github?18:48
joacimi could try that18:49
Romsteror on my host if you want that email me a dsa key and i'll set one up after work19:09
joacimsounds interesting. I'm still looking around as i'd like to use my own domain, but that is not horribly important.19:19
joacimi'll probably send you and email once i've given up19:22
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vee_if i want to turn a machine into a firewall, dont i need multiple nics21:25
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jaegervee_: depends on the setup. if you can do VLANs you don't but for the most part yes21:42
vee_wonder if there are any multi ethernet port usb ones21:46
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