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vee_so, how is everyone00:33
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tilmanjue: got the _9th_ mail from that OIN guy today ._.01:23
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Romstervee_> wonder if there are any multi ethernet port usb ones, be a bottle neck and i haven't seen any usb3 ones01:45
vee_yea, i was reading how they can hinder performance...02:11
vee_was thinking of getting a pci card, but, those run quite expensive, im trying to get a low budge "router" going02:11
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frinnstsome nice morning music, perhaps?
nogagplz_it's 7:55pm!02:57
frinnstno its 10 am03:07
juetilman: me too ;)03:41
frinnstheh, what do they want?03:44
frinnstopen invention network, right=03:44
rauzi hate to draw sequenzdiagrams the are so much work04:01
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zenwalkuserRomster, Jaeger, finally I got Japanese Input working in Crux using uim with anthy!08:58
zenwalkuserRomster, Jaeger, The packages of anthy and uim are done quick and dirty and without dep-checking but as a proof of concept I got it working after doing some manual tweaks on the configs like creating gtk-immodule file locales and put some startup into .xinitrc and .profile09:00
zenwalkuserRomster, Jaeger, the only downside is, that due to missing nls support it won't work for gtk applications ;(09:04
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* tilman hytters med naven at 3rd party voters ;))10:30
tilman"it's another 4 years of gays, liberal ideas and handouts"10:31
tilmanholy shit10:31
jseVoters: Alzheimer's Disease and masochism all rolled into one.10:37
frinnsthaha, insanity10:41
tilmanbeing an european it's kinda hard to believe this shit :D10:41
frinnsthaha yeah10:41
frinnstobama is fucking right wing10:42
tilmanmaybe they should exhume mccarthy so he can hunt down all these communists10:42
frinnstnah, vampire hunter-lincon would stake him on the spot10:43
frinnsti bet atleast 70% of those rants are because hes black10:44
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jsefrinnst: no offense but you wouldn't recognize political labels if they slapped you silly.11:36
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rmullhello vee_12:23
vee_how are you rmull12:25
jsehi vee12:26
rmullvee_: I'm okay12:26
rmullDoes anyone here have any experience with automated testing of source code?12:27
vee_been looking at this posts on twitter and facebook about obama winning...12:28
vee_makes you want to rip a fist full of pubes out reading them12:28
jseTake a deep breath, relax and ignore 'em. :)12:30
vee_been reading arguements about abortion left and right, and, how america was founded on christianity, and how the founding fathers were christian...12:31
vee_neither of those are true12:31
jseThe Founding Fathers were religious people but the nation itself is blind to all that.12:32
jseBesides, countries can't be religious.12:32
vee_they were diests, yes, but that doesn't make them christian. i forgot which one it was, but they flat out said america isn't found on christianity. like cmon...12:33
jseSure, some countries do have all sorts of government thugs enforcing some arbitrary set of morals and values, nevertheless, that's just people.12:33
vee_i suppose. its just annoying how the internet is full of information, and idiots refuse to utilize it and would prefer to regurgitate the lies fox news (which should be a comedy show btw) tells them12:35
jseHuman nature in action. We always go for the low hanging fruit.12:37
vee_i feel like it should be common sense to see the "other side" of the story...but thats just me being sane i suppose12:38
tilmanvee_: well, bad news is that your country is doomed or so i heard12:38
tilmanso have fun in hell, sucker :D12:38
jseDon't believe the hype.12:40
vee_i dont know man...i feel like hell is being surrounded by all these redneck retards hurr aboshunn keel baybeez bad god save us all12:42
vee_its all ive been hearing12:42
jseIgnore it and do something else. Simple. :)12:42
tilmanvee_: sorry if my link made you mad :D12:43
jseThere's nothing you can do about the white noise herp derp being spouted left, right and center.12:43
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vee_i dont know, slowly getting over the anger and starting to laugh. signs of becoming crazy haha12:45
vee_i noticed the kernel has laptop graphics switching support, but, there is no optimus for linux. does the kernel handle it, or...still need bumblebee12:58
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frinnstjse: heh, sure i do14:03
frinnstjust that the political labels in the us seem a bit different from the rest of the world14:04
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jsefrinnst: fair enough on that point.14:06
jseNevertheless the "right wing" moniker is patently false.14:07
vee_i recall some time ago, a few people did something to their kernel and stated that it helped boot times...was wondering what it was14:07
jseWas it included in the source or was it a third party patch?14:07
vee_honestly dont remember, it was quite some time ago14:08
jseOnly thing coming to mind right now is changing the kernel's compression option.14:08
vee_eh, no biggie i suppose14:13
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.8]: xorg-libpixman: updated to 0.28.015:22
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vee_so a 96 on my csi midterm16:56
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Dark_lightHi everyone, what's the word on 3.0 ?17:48
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jaegerDark_light: we haven't started official work on it yet18:12
Dark_lightjaeger: ok, is there a plan of action or something where I can follow further developments? (besides the mailing list)18:12
jaegerMuch of the discussion happens on IRC, otherwise the mailing lists and there will probably be a TODO30 page soon in the wiki18:14
Dark_lightgreat I look forward to the TODO30 :-)18:15
jaegerif you haven't read it yet the "CRUX next II" mail gives some ideas of the plan for 3.0, though nothing detailed18:17
Dark_lightyeah I read it a few months ago, so it's going to be almost pure 64 with the option to add a compact32 repo to add libraries right?18:20
Dark_lightoh also what exactly will/could be the differences with 2.8 64bit ?18:21
jaegerthe toolchain probably won't be much different, other ports will be updated18:23
jaegerand yeah, the compat-32 repo will be available but not required. only the glibc-32 port will be installed by default18:24
Dark_lightmy main concern is if I go 2.8 64bit now what challanges will I find if I want to "updated it" to 3.0 ?18:25
jaegercan't say for sure until we're closer but probably not many challenges. the repo layout will be simpler, too18:26
Dark_lightWhat do you mean by the repo layout will be simpler?18:26
jaegerwell, if you install multilib now, you have overlays18:28
jaegerfor core, you have core, core-x86_64, and core-multilib18:28
jaegerin 3.0 it will just be core.18:28
Dark_lightoh yeah sure18:30
Dark_lightI'll probably go for 2.8 now, just have to wait for next week for the laptop to get back from lenovo (it's the second time in a month I have to send it, they just don't test what they're supposed to fix)18:33
jaegerdoh, that sucks18:33
Dark_lightyeah, they have to fix the mic, or better a broken cable/contact of the mic that's on the right screen lid, last time they just changed the webcam/mic, didn't even turn it on and sent it back18:36
Dark_light2 weeks wasted just to get a mic working :-/18:37
Dark_light(if it does this time)18:37
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