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vee_hey horrorSt1uck, just remembered are you going to check out the kernel if you dont know what stuff i have from lspci haha00:29
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horrorSt1uckvee_: hi01:30
horrorSt1uckat work atm and using crappy android kb so i'll  be quick01:31
horrorSt1uckbut yes, please paste /etc/fstab, /proc/cpuinfo and lspci -n01:32
horrorSt1uckthanks and bbl01:32
vee_ for lspci -n for fstab and for cpu info, horrorSt1uck01:35
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.8]: xorg-xf86-video-nouveau: update to 1.0.4, fix man-page location02:01
niklaswehow are you vee_ ?02:03
vee_eh, hanging in there02:12
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niklaswehehe nice to hear :) im fine, sitting and looking on nagios-nrpe and ipv602:21
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niklaswebut i must patch nrpe so it works with ipv6..02:31
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niklaswedebian has a patch for it so :)02:32
frinnstI wanna play with ipv6 too!02:37
frinnstblir avis :(02:37
* frinnst is documenting customer systems02:39
frinnstid rather to anything else :)02:39
niklaswenagios isn't ready for ipv6 support.. :P03:10
niklasweI mean nrpe :)03:10
horrorSt1uckvee_ if you happen to read the log, interesting fstab you have here, not mounting any root fs huh :P03:57
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vee_hello all11:49
vee_horrorStruck, i just noticed the fstab. strange, how the hell is the machine booting then o.o11:52
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frinnstfriday night and its laundry night! my life is so rock n' roll!12:03
tilman.oO(watch out, we've got a badass over here)12:04
jaegerbadass skag?12:11
rmullhah! laundry night was light night for me12:12
rmullfree as a bird, baby12:12
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tilmanjaeger: *googles* [...] haven't played borderlands12:14
jaegerI just thought of that because when a badass appears sometimes your characters yell warnings about it :)12:14
tilmani was thinking of the meme12:14
tilmanwas too lazy to link the image, so i quoted the text12:15
tilmanthe neill degrasse tyson one12:15
jaegerah, don't know that one12:15
jaegerhe is a badass, though12:15
tilmanhaha, there's a bill lumbergh meme on quickmeme12:20
jaegermmmmm.... yeah12:21
horrorStruckvee_: good question :P13:27
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horrorStruckanyway, only thing interesting is: which fs are you using?13:30
jaegervee_: most likely you have a root= specification in your bootloader config13:32
rmullWhat do people use to organize their time, like for calendar and to-do stuff? must be command line based...13:38
rmulltilman: Thanks :D I will look at it13:39
rmullIt's written in Go?13:39
tilmannope, c13:40
rmullSeems like devtodo1 is c++ and devtodo2 is Go, and devtodo1 is unmaintained
tilmanok, c++ then13:41
rmullI'll play with the legacy version and see how it does13:42
rmullI don't think Go is packaged for crux anyway13:42
rmullI see you were the port maintainer - how long have you used it?13:43
rmullAh, good13:43
* jaeger kicks xorg-xf86-video-vmware in the junk13:44
rmulltilman: This isn't intended for multi-user usage, right? Say if I have a family and we want to coordinate our schedules13:44
tilmanit's really really basic13:47
tilmandumps .todo in the current directory13:47
rmullSeems like all the calendar stuff is a little weird13:50
rmulllike, _too_ complex or not complex enough13:51
rmullStill exploring though13:51
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vee_yea, i have the root folder specified in lilo. you're correct jaeger15:54
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vee_horrorStruck, im using reiserfs21:44
horrorStruckhi vee_21:49
horrorStruckjust finished your config21:49
horrorStruckwithout reiserFS support of course :P21:49
horrorStruckgimme 2 sec21:49
prologicso I've got a perfectly working crux-2.6 i686 openvz template now21:52
prologicwith everything up-to-date (as far as 2.6 went)21:52
horrorStruckWHY U NO 2.821:53
horrorStruckif I may ask21:53
prologicI'm unable to build a 2.8 one at this time21:53
prologicI tried but I ran into all sorts of problems21:53
prologicI need to work out a strategy to get 2.8 x86_64 built against essentially a 2.6.32 kernel21:54
prologicbecause that's the latest openvz kernel21:54
horrorStruckso you'd need to rebuild glibc right?21:54
horrorStruckagainst older headers21:54
horrorStruckwith older kernel support21:55
vee_horrorStruck, how did i do this time21:55
horrorStruckvee_: sorry?21:55
vee_the kernel config, how did i do?21:56
vee_last time you said i had a bunch of stuff missing/wrong haha21:56
horrorStruckoh i used mine as a base21:57
prologichorrorStruck, yes correct21:57
prologicwhich frinnst helped me do last night21:57
prologicbut things were still breaking21:57
prologicFATL: Kernel too OLD errors21:57
vee_thanks horrorStruck!21:58
horrorStruckprologic: but those binaries you were using were built how?21:58
horrorStruckvee_: np, hope it boots :P21:58
prologichorrorStruck, they were the binaries off the crux 2.8 x86_64 iso21:59
prologicso I would probably have to create the packages from scratch I think21:59
horrorStruckprologic: i guess you hace to start from scratch21:59
prologicyes I think so22:00
vee_i hope it boots too. :P22:00
prologicbut not really having done too much iso/image/chroot building22:00
prologicI think I'll wait for Rosmter and/or frinnst to help out a bit22:01
prologicbut crux-2.6 is all working perfectly22:01
prologicso if you guys want that template I'll upload it somewhere22:01
prologicI'm using Proxmox VE 2.2 virtualization (openvz based)22:01
horrorStruckprologic: can't you just rebuild a clean toolchain+pkgmk and start from there22:03
prologicon the proxmox host?22:04
prologicthen start a new chroot and build into there?22:04
horrorStruckto create your template22:04
prologicyeah well I think so22:04
prologicbut I think Romster has some chroot building scripts to help22:04
vee_what exactly is this template, if i may ask22:05
prologican openvz template22:06
prologicof crux22:06
prologicso you can run crux on paralells, virtuosso, proxmox ve, openvz (vanilla) and probably other openvz based platforms22:06
vee_ah, sounds pretty interesting22:07
vee_sadly, this requires a quick google of openvz, brb22:07
vee_oh, so kind of like a crux for virutal machines22:08
prologiccrux for the cloud :)22:08
prologicwe've never had a openvz template before22:08
vee_well, that sounds pretty cool22:09
prologicnow we do (at least of 2.6)22:09
prologicsince none of you suckers wanted to get paid $100 to do it for me :)22:09
prologicI did it myself :)22:09
prologicyou snoooze you lose :)22:09
horrorStruckprologic: just curious, you followed the slackware template creation wiki page?22:13
prologicbasically read through the arch template creation page22:13
prologicwhich was all horribly broken and out dated22:13
prologicbut basically "got the general idea"22:13
prologicit's basically just creating a chroot really22:14
prologicand taring that up22:14
horrorStruckyeah seems pretty straight forward22:14
vee_well, time to reboot. if i dont come're in trouble horrorStruck22:14
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horrorStruckthis is taking too long :P22:17
prologiccrux doesn't boot quite that quickly22:17
prologicspeaking of which22:18
prologicI'm also going to get runit going22:18
prologicI think runit will fit crux's need nicely22:18
horrorStrucki think Romster_ made some runit experiments too IIRC22:19
prologicI'll have a chat with him to see what he thinks22:19
prologicwe need a new init replacement/alternative22:20
prologicI opt for the later22:20
horrorStrucki'm happy with what we have now but my machines' design are simple22:20
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vee_strange...there is no wifi even with your config22:22
horrorStruckvee_: you alive?22:22
vee_yea, i forgot to install the modues the first time. i freaked out a bit. haha22:22
horrorStruckis ath9k loaded?22:22
vee_sure looks like it22:23
prologichorrorStruck, hence I said "alternative"22:23
prologicdo you guys want to test out this vm?22:23
horrorStrucki have no experience with openvz at all22:24
prologicby test I mean shell into it22:24
prologichave a play22:24
horrorStruckvee_: interface is up?22:24
vee_ifconfig shows wlan022:24
vee_wicd-gtk has nothing22:24
horrorStruckvee_: try to make sure wireless works with cli tools first so you'll know if it's a wireless issue or wicd one22:25
horrorStruckprologic: where is the machine?22:25
vee_horrorStruck, i have no idea what i would need to do. haha22:26
prologichorrorStruck, hosted in AU22:26
prologicthe host/physical is du'h :)22:26
prologicthe vm is a vm is a vm :)22:26
horrorStruckso i headr you like vm22:26
vee_can i wget pronz for you?22:26
prologicyou can22:27
prologicbut it'll just get destroyed eventaully :)22:27
prologicso hardly any point22:27
vee_whats is your preference22:27
horrorStruckvee_: what type of encryption are you using for your wireless?22:27
vee_once i figure out whats going on with this wifi, i wouldn't mind ssh'ing into your machine22:27
prologicI need to write vz startup scripts for crux now22:27
prologicadd_ip, del_ip, set_hostname22:27
horrorStruckvee_: you set up wpa_supplicant?22:28
vee_horrorStruck but wicd-gtk would show available networks22:28
vee_without it, right?22:28
horrorStrucki dont know anything about wicd22:28
vee_wpa_supplicant is installed, still says no wireless networks found22:29
vee_what do you use?22:29
horrorStruckvee_: you have wireless-tools installed?22:29
vee_uhh...that i dont22:30
vee_and that seems to be why i cant connect22:30
horrorStruckmaybe a good idea to install it22:30
vee_dont recall installing it last time, and somehow the wifi worked -shrugs-22:30
vee_or, maybe i did and dont remember22:31
horrorStruckonce you have it installed, just run: iwlist scan22:32
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vee_finally, wire free22:34
horrorStruckabout mplayer, does it run properly now?22:36
vee_oh yea22:36
vee_tweaked a few stuff in the kernel after some time of googling, and, i got it to work22:36
vee_thanks again horrorStruck!22:39
horrorStruckvee_: BTW, it's 3.6.6 config i've pasted, you may want to run make oldconfig if you use it with an other kernel22:39
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prologicif you guys wanna play with this vm22:44
prologicpm me for the password :)22:44
vee_oh, okay. thanks!22:55
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