IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2012-11-11

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nogagplzwonder if he was using deluge01:35
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RomsterAmnesia, uid=XX is only needed really if your building your ports with fakeroot as say the pkgmk user and not as root05:20
Romsteromit it if your not using pkgmk user or fakeroot05:21
Romsterfrinnst, you also add xorg-libxi to gtk305:22
Romsters/also/also need to/05:24
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frinnstoh right05:39
frinnstyou reminded me of that but i forgot05:39
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: gtk3: added missing xorg-libxi dependency05:41
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markumanare you all running i686 or x86_64?07:57
horrorStruckit's mixed07:58
markumani  used arch linux for ~8 years. but now i want to give crux a chance08:02
horrorStrucki've been there08:04
horrorStruckyou'll soon find out that CRUX is even more simple then what arch used to be (i switched 2 years ago)08:08
markumanyes, arch has become more complicated since beginn of 2012. that's why i want to change08:09
horrorStruckbasically, CRUX is LFS with ports and BSD-style initscripts08:12
markumanthat's exactly what i want08:14
horrorStruckwelcome then :)08:14
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: cifs-utils: update to 5.810:13
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: sylpheed: update to 3.3.010:13
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Plazmawhat is cruxbot written in?10:34
tilmanthe original version was ruby10:34
tilmannot sure if its been rewritten since10:34
Plazmaahh neat10:35
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v33jaeger, saw the movie you suggested. seems pretty interesting17:21
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nogagplzv33 are you using deluge and the magnet links don't work?19:23
v33oh, im using transmission-gtk, but, it only had like 24 peers, and, it was taking for ever for the 2 peers it did find to send me the goodies19:41
v33also, heads up on flash player. there is a md5sum mismatch19:42
jaegerany of you guys played Dark Souls? I'm streaming some of it if you're bored, at
joacimi'll have a look20:20
joacimshould really be sleeping, so it wont be for long20:20
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v33what 32 bit dev libraries would i need to get wine up?21:19
Plazmanice to see crux still has a bit of a following and is active :)21:22
nogagplzjaeger is that in wine21:23
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jaegernogagplz: sadly, no. it doesn't run in wine yet21:28
jaegerthe streaming part is doable with ffmpeg, just no way to play the game itself in wine21:29
jaegerv33: take a look at the dependency list for it21:29
nogagplzwhew, saves me the $46 on steam then :P21:29
v33checking whether gcc -m32 works... no21:30
v33time to destroy google haha21:30
jaegernogagplz: heh21:31
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vee_just saw your post about the stream. sorry i missed it jaeger23:57
nogagplzI was watching it23:57
nogagplzhe rolled into a hole, pushed through some branches23:57
nogagplzlit a fire I think23:57
nogagplzyou know, typical crux maintainer adventures23:57
vee_ah. seems abotu right haha23:59

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