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vee_wait. he didn't compile anything in the mean time00:13
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vee_what voip do you guys use? dont want to put skype on this system01:04
vee_though its not morning here...will be soon01:26
niklaswevee_: :) where it the clock 08:30 in the morning :)01:30
* niklaswe like "home office" :D01:31
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zenwalkusergood morning01:33
niklaswehow are you zenwalkuser ?01:35
zenwalkuserniklaswe, still a bit sleepy ;-D01:35
niklaswehehe :) then we are you two ^^01:36
AmnesiaRomster: yes, I understand, but even then I guess it's not mandatory if you put it in your fstab:)01:40
vee_strange...just installed skype and it keeps saying /usr/bin/skype no file or directory01:48
RomsterAmnesia, i added it to prevent accidentally compiling as root.01:48
Romsterset up your system how ever you like01:48
AmnesiaRomster: are you referring to the first field, or the user option ?01:49
Romsteruser field01:49
Romsterwhat first filed are you referring you?01:49
Romsterif unsure look in the man page.01:49
AmnesiaRomster: checked that, but your fstab entry looked as follows: pkgmk /usr/ports/work tmpfs size=1G,uid=XX,defaults 0 001:51
Amnesiaand I was wondering how the "file descriptor" field can be pkgmk, but it appears it accepts complete gibberish01:51
Amnesiabtw s/user/uid01:52
Romster# <file system><dir><type><options><dump><pass>01:53
vee_think its because its running the 32 bit skype...blah01:53
Romstervee_, all the deps for wine are done for you in multilib01:54
Romsterskype is pretty crap, i jsut use it on my phone now.01:54
Romsterlinux one is shittie01:54
Romsterfirst field can even be none too Amnesia i don't think that's that important.01:55
vee_dont think i have a multi lib in /etc/ports01:55
Romsteryou on the multiblib iso or pure?01:55
vee_what would you suggest i use. i really dont want skyp eon this computer...01:56
vee_i think its the pure 6401:56
Romsterthen you wont be able to use wine unless you updated with the multilib iso. as for skype... get your friends to go on viber or something?01:56
RomsterMS owns skype now and they are migrating MSN to skype too.01:57
Romsteri bet they wont support linux01:57
vee_kinda regret doing the pure. might redo the system with multilib iso01:57
Romsteroff to darts later01:58
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Amnesiawho exactly manages the opt branch?02:23
Amnesiacause I found a missing dep for wpa_supplicant02:24
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v33just reinstalled crux with multilib support03:31
v33i added the multilib stuff to prt-get.conf, but, when i update, it says it cant access the port...03:31
v33wait im sorry, update works, while installing something it says it cant access that port03:32
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frinnstdear god, stop reinstalling :)04:10
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horrorStruckis god using CRUX or i misunderstood something04:50
* tilman is rebooting to update to crux 2.804:54
tilmanwish me luck04:54
* horrorStruck is crossing fingers04:55
tilmanseemed to have helped05:28
* tilman updates a gazillion packages for the libpng abi break05:31
tilmanfrinnst, jaeger: 2.8's init scripts failed to mount my cd from /dev/sr0. it seems it didn't even try that device05:39
tilmanfrinnst, jaeger: init:60 is bogus. it doesn't evaulate to _all_ devices but just one05:40
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*** linXea has joined #crux05:46
frinnsttilman: /dev/sr0 was created by mdev atleast?06:10
frinnstgod i want one06:18
Romsterhaha vee oh man have to say he is persistent at the least06:19
tilmanfrinnst: i believe you grep/awk combo is at fault06:27
frinnsthm, dont have a cd here to test with06:29
frinnstnice empty 5.25" slot sucking in dust06:29
frinnstsee, this is what happens when you retire?06:30
* frinnst blames tilman 100%06:30
tilmanyou'd need at least _two_ cdroms to test this anyway06:31
frinnsthm, yeah06:34
frinnstreproduced in virtualbox06:34
frinnsthow ugly06:34
frinnstI take it you have two optical drives? or does it somehow fail with just one too?06:36
tilmani have two06:38
tilmani wonder if the format of /proc/sys/dev/cdrom/info changed at some point06:39
tilmancause the awk (print $3) makes no sense whatsoever with the current format06:39
frinnstoh, nice url06:39
tilmangrep 'drive name:' | sed -e 's/^drive name://'06:39
frinnstasdfg us-keyboard06:39
frinnstappears as "drive name:      sr1   sr0"06:42
frinnstso it only scans sr106:42
Romsterexotic hardware to have more than 1 optical drive06:43
frinnstnot really ;)06:43
frinnstmaybe not common these days06:44
tilmanwhy does contrib/webkit require both gtk2 and gtk307:10
tilmanseems odd07:10
joacimonly pirates who sell bootlegs at their campus needs more than one drive07:11
* tilman edits handbook.txt:07:12
tilman"if you are a pirate who sells bootlegs at their campus, please boot from the second optical drive."07:12
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frinnstgtk3 depends on gtk2 anyways07:14
tilmanwtf are they doing?07:15
frinnstactually no, i dont think it does07:15
tilman# Depends on: gtk, xorg-libxi07:16
tilman --enable-gtk2-dependency07:16
frinnstits built with --enable-gtk2-dependency but that might only be to make them play together more nicely07:16
frinnstmust look into it, my brain is fried07:16
frinnstbut anyways, gtk3 is evil07:16
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frinnst3.6 depends on two new useless libraries and dbus07:16
tilmanback to my original complaint about webkit ;)07:16
frinnst\o/ ?07:16
tilmanso i updated to crux 2.8 so i could try the steam beta07:20
tilmanrequired new glibc07:20
tilmanand now it just dies with another craptastic error message07:20
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux07:21
frinnsti managed to get it to semi-run07:21
frinnston multilib07:21
frinnstlooked for lots of /lib32/ crap07:21
joacimi hope they decide to support case sensitive file systems this time07:22
tilmanseems like i'm missing some font package07:22
tilmanX Error of failed request:  BadName (named color or font does not exist)07:23
joacimtheir mac client has issues when users choose to run their /Users on a case sensitive filesystem07:23
tilmanmaybe the 75dpi packages...07:23
tilmanfrinnst: i guess you don't have access to the machine where steam runs for you right now?07:25
frinnstit doesnt, I just downloaded the tarball and ran it.. according to strace it crapped out on all the missing libs07:27
tilmanoh ok07:28
horrorStruck tilman no sure how helpful or not but anyway:
tilmanhorrorStruck: yeah, looking at the dependency list right now :)07:30
horrorStrucklooks aweful07:31
tilmanthis rehabdoll character has a xorg-font-liberation port07:31
tilmanmaybe that helps07:31
tilman(it doesn't)07:34
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Romsteroh gawd please tell me pulseaudio is optional along with dbus07:35
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frinnstheh, sry :)07:47
frinnstsystemd relies on dbus for lots of stuff. Im sure it will be integrated into systemd at some point :)07:49
horrorStruckCRUX kFreeBSD?07:53
frinnstCRUX kLinuxFreeBSD07:54
horrorStruckonly replacing the poettering bits, sounds challenging08:00
jaegertilman: does this produce more useful results?: grep 'drive name:' /proc/sys/dev/cdrom/info | awk '{ for (i = 3; i<= NF; i++) { printf("%s ", $i) } }'08:55
tilmanjaeger: yep. shows both drives. there is no trailing newline though, but i'm not sure if that will be an issue08:57
jaegerthat's intentional08:57
jaegerfor the init script it makes sense :)08:57
tilmanhang on a second08:57
tilmanon my systems, the 2nd drive comes first in /proc/sys/dev/cdrom/info08:58
tilmanmaybe we should pipe the output of your command through sort?08:58
tilmanit would be more intuitive if the live system tried the drives in order08:58
jaegerIs it important that they be scanned in order?08:58
tilmanprobably not08:58
jaegerIf it is I don't mind, just want to keep the calls to a minimum :)08:58
jaegerthat's a terrible password :P09:03
Amnesiayep xD09:04
Amnesiaand now it's completely useless:D09:04
tilmanAmnesia: try pwgen09:04
Amnesiatilman: wrote my own script for it09:04
tilmanyour script sucks, by the looks of its output09:04
Amnesialol that's still an old one I use for crap/bogus accounts:D09:05
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jaegertilman: jue beat me to the more efficient one :) this work? - awk '/drive name:/ { for (i=3;i<=NF;i++) { printf("%s ", $i) } }' /proc/sys/dev/cdrom/info09:09
tilmanbtw, in case the media cannot be automatically mounted, the init script tells the user to mount it manually in /media/.tmpsomething/.media (or w/e)09:10
tilmanit fails to mention that you then need to manually mount it again once the system is up09:11
jaegermakes sense09:11
tilmanwhat happened to me was that when i ran the setup script, /media wasnt mounted =)09:11
Amnesiatilman: does the job:)09:12
jaegerI should probably also change that to be a slightly more friendly path09:12
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: nfs-utils: update to 1.2.709:13
Amnesiahow does steam run on tux btw?09:14
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.8]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: update to 2.20.1309:14
tilmanAmnesia: i can't get it to work (the beta that is)09:14
jaegerquite well if you use the system for which it's designed, I hear09:15
Amnesiawhat games are supported?09:15
tilmanthere's a list in the linux_gaming subreddit09:15
tilmanmostly indie stuff09:15
Amnesiahm let me see09:16
tilmanunless you're in the beta ;D09:16
Amnesiathe list doesn't look too bad imo09:18
tilmanhave you played Amnesia Amnesia?09:18
tilmando it09:19
tilmanvery well done09:19
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frinnstscary as hell, no?09:26
frinnsti think i've seen youtube clips from it.. with the people playing screaming in fear09:29
AmnesiaI'll give it a shot09:29
tilmanyou know i'm a smart person09:29
tilmanso i played at daytime09:29
tilmanthere's people telling you you got to play it when it's dark09:30
tilmanbut seriously, who's retarded enough to do that? :D09:30
jaegereternal darkness on the gamecube was another game that was fun to play in the dark09:30
tilmanfrinnst: is that the totallybiscuit one?09:30
jaegerwas pretty scary back in its day09:30
tilmantbh, i found doom3 scary too09:30
frinnst"Amnesia Reaction Compilation"09:30
tilmanthe only downside to amnesia is that the scariest level is near the beginning09:31
tilman(the water level)09:31
Amnesiano amnesia for me this evening09:32
AmnesiaI'll be migrating to crux \o/09:32
* tilman 's webkit build process aborted after something like 120 minutes09:35
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markumani'm going to install crux for the first time atm. is the default kernel config useable or do i have to tune it a bit?10:16
jaegerYou'll need to tune it a bit unless you want to create an initrd/initramfs, which isn't supported by default10:17
markumank and kvm isn't too by default10:17
markumaninitramfs is checked by default10:19
markumanjust the source file(s) aren't10:19
jaegerthe installation ISO uses an initramfs but creating one of your own is a manual process currently10:20
markumanok, now it's building. but that was a suprise that you've got to compile the kernel :)10:24
jaegerIt shouldn't be a surprise, it's in the handbook :)10:24
markumanjaeger: i've just read the facts on wikipedia. after using 8 years arch linux, crux sounds perfect10:25
jaegerwell, for reference,
markumanyes, i read it parallel10:26
markumankvm was disabled too10:26
frinnstyes why would kvm be enabled in the install-kernel?10:29
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markumanbut a better prepared kernel config for the installed system would be nice10:32
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overburnhey guys any idea why when i try installing crux i get a hard reboot before grub is loaded?11:19
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vee_openldap failed when compiling chromium13:16
vee_cant really give a pastebin of it, still getting the system up13:18
tilmanany specifics related to fontconfig/freetype that changed with crux 2.8?13:31
tilmanmy fonts look ... different and i can't remember what might be the culprit13:32
jaegernot that I can think of but I've never been too careful about my font setup14:24
frinnstme neither, but iirc there was quite a few changes with the freetype release in 2.814:30
Amnesiahm question, when I check my /etc/passwd @ crux, I'm able to see the password hash, but @ debian all the hashes are in /etc/shadow, and not only the root one14:36
Amnesiawhat arranges this behaviour exactly?14:36
frinnstyou should not see passwords in /etc/passwd, they should be in shadow14:37
Amnesiathat's what I thought :P..14:38
frinnstclean install?14:38
vee_are there any tiling managers in the ports?14:39
vee_i only see evilwm14:39
jaegercheck the portdb14:39
Amnesiafrinnst: got any idea o0?14:40
Amnesiarerunning passwd, and changing it doesn't seem to solve it14:41
frinnstcore/shadow handles all that stuff14:41
Amnesiagot shadow installed14:42
frinnstis /etc/shadow completely empty?14:47
Amnesiait does contain the hash of root's password14:47
Amnesiabut not the one from my other users14:47
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teK__/etc/login.defs handles that stuff, you want to check it first. Another test would be to change a user's password or add a new one and inspect /etc/{passwd,shadow} afterwards14:49
frinnstyes, ^^ that14:49
teK__you may use strace on passwd(1) or useradd(1) for the fun of it14:50
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Amnesialet me have a look:D14:51
AmnesiateK__: I found a bug in the qemu-kvm port btw14:51
Amnesiait's missing glib as a dependency14:51
teK__I will check the logs in about one week if al of us are lucky...14:52
teK__and thanks for the heads up14:52
Amnesiaand secondly it installs stuff in /usr/libexec14:53
Amnesia <- fixed Pkgfile14:53
tilmanfrinnst: all i see is a boring version bump14:53
tilmanfrinnst: but maybe it's just the new freetype version14:53
frinnstyes the upstream version14:54
teK__k thanks14:54
frinnstnot ours14:54
tilman    - Minor  improvements to  the TrueType  bytecode  interpreter  and15:01
tilman      glyph loader, the auto-hinter, and the B/W rasterizer.15:01
tilmanthat's probably it15:01
tilmanhow i fucking hate when important changes get filed under "minor improvements"15:01
tilmanso nobody ever finds them15:01
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* tilman is building
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diverseAmnesia: did you solve that passwd shadow issue?17:58
jaegerI'm curious about that as well18:11
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vee_kinda enjoying dwm...maybe ill make a port of it haha19:18
jaeger@seen sepen19:19
clbjaeger: sepen was last seen in #crux 1 week, 4 days, 0 hours, 39 minutes, and 18 seconds ago: <sepen> I didn't have the time to update it on 2.819:19
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: gl-select: updated for CRUX 2.819:23
vee_sepen left us...19:27
*** Plazma is now known as Plazma-3742819:47
rmullvee_: Packaging dwm is kind of silly.19:53
Romsteroh lovely not only do we have murderfs now we have murderantivirus19:56
Romsterwelp back to work19:56
vee_oh the mcafee thing? yea, saw that19:57
vee_rmull i was kidding haha as long as one can extract it, they can install it19:57
vee_pcmanfm fails
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o tilman20:27
vee_still cant seem to find a decent voip for the computer...ekiga looks dull20:39
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vee_god i hate ups21:18
diversevee_: have you looked into spacefm as an alternative to pcmanfm?21:19
diverseits by the same guy who wrote pcmanfm-mod21:19
vee_oh, no i haven't. let me have a look see21:23
vee_hm...doesn't have too many dependencies, i might be able to actually compile this myself haha21:25
diversevee_: its a pretty extensible fm21:31
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vee_got it to work...seems much nicer21:41
vee_i keep looking at the Pkgmk files, and some dont have dependencies in the build process other than up on top where it lists what it depends on. so confusing21:43
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diversevee_: ?21:56
vee_im trying to figure how to build certain programs through the use of Pkgfiles and am puzzled by how people deal with dependencies22:00
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guzzan0_Hi, i need small help please :)23:15
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