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prologicIf anyone would like openvz templates of crux 2.6, 2.7 or 2.8 (x86_64)01:21
prologicThey are here:
prologicI'll find a better more permanent home for openvz templates at a later date01:21
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frinnstgreat. i have to remove .net v4 and reboot multiple times to install a exchange windowsupdate02:18
zenwalkuserfrinnst, wow more deatails please for my curiosity collection ;-D02:22
vee_have any of you guys tried winter camping?02:33
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frinnstwhy would one do something stupid like that?02:42
frinnstits freezing!02:43
vee_well, with the proper gear, it seems like something fun02:44
vee_i went to northern russia once...ONCE.02:44
vee_that was cold02:44
vee_off to bed, good night everyone03:08
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frinnstdiverse: what?04:28
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diversefrinnst: what do you think about wayland? Will crux support it in the future?05:02
frinnstits probably a few years away, no?05:03
frinnstnever tried it05:03
diverseit seems like an interesting alternative, but it will be some time before its probably supported in other software apps or drivers.05:06
tilmanexactly, that's why it's kinda pointless to run it on the linux desktop right now imho05:11
frinnsti found a livecd with wayland but it didnt run in qemu05:12
frinnstso i got bored and removed it :)05:12
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pshevtsovHi! Does anybody knows how to make git svn work on crux 2.8 x86_64? Got the following error msg when try to git svn init --
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juepshevtsov: guess you need contrib/subversion-perl?05:37
pshevtsovsudo prt-get depinst subversion-perl --
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juepshevtsov: new source URL ->
pshevtsovjue: Should I make changes in /usr/ports/contrib/subversion-perl/Pkgfile ?06:00
juebetter copy the port to soemwhere else, because your changes will be overwritten by the next 'ports -u'06:01
juebut yes, change the source= line in the Pkgfile06:02
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jueor you can just download the sources manually and put them into your PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR06:03
jue(which is the directory of the port by default)06:03
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pshevtsovjue: Well, I installed subversion-perl. git svn still don't work, but the error message changed --
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frinnstwill attempt to install subversion-perl07:24
frinnstpshevtsov: subversion-perl 1.7.7 will work07:29
frinnstit will produce a footprint error if you are using 2.8 - looks like that port needs some love07:30
frinnst(that footprint missmatch error is safe to ignore)07:31
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zenwalkuserhow to clear the downloaded sources to free disk space?09:22
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jaegerzenwalkuser: take a look at 'prtwash' in the 'prt-utils' port, and PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR in /etc/pkgmk.conf if you want to separate them09:30
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zenwalkuserjaeger, I'll have a look thanks09:51
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cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: tzdata: updated to version 2012j10:04
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: wvdial: disabled problematic compiler optimizations, fix for FS#85810:53
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: unison: update to 2.40.10210:53
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: poppler-data: update to 0.4.610:53
Amnesiadiverse: yep, guess it was an issue that I manually added the user to /etc/passwd11:00
Amnesiait worked fine when I removed it, and added it using user_add11:00
Amnesiaquestion, is there some way to fake another user just like fakeroot fakes being root ?11:01
Amnesiasince I don't build as root, I can't chown11:02
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joacimyou know. you made me really paranoid with that problem of yours.11:28
joacimi had to check my /etc/passwd becauseo f it11:28
frinnsthah, good old australia:
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joacimIn Oslo you get a fine if you call a cop a horse's dick, nobody cares if you do the same up north11:54
Amnesiafrinnst: know how to change the owner/group from files in a pkg?11:59
Amnesia(non root)12:00
frinnstwhat are you trying to do?12:00
frinnstim slightly distracted but type away - i'll read it eventually :)12:00
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Amnesiafrinnst: I build my package as a normal user, and like to create packages which contain files owned by other users12:03
Amnesiabasically the same as fakeroot does, but then another user12:03
jueAmnesia: that's exactly what fakeroot does12:04
Amnesiayep, but afaik fakeroot only supports faking a (e)uid of 012:05
Amnesianot something else12:05
juerun 'fakeroot pkgmk' as a normal user and you are able to chown files within the port to other users12:05
Amnesiathat'd run pkgmk with a faked (e)uid of 012:06
Amnesiabut not another uid12:06
juesorry, I don't get the problem ;)12:07
Amnesiajue: I want to create a custom port, containing all my custom config files12:08
Amnesiabut obviously, not all of the iles need to be owned by root/pkgmk12:09
Amnesia.vimrc should be owned by my casual user12:09
juemaybe a example might help, let's look at opt/masqmail:12:09
juethere's a 'chown mail:mail $PKG/var/log/masqmail/*'12:10
Amnesiayeah read it12:10
juewhich will work if I run 'fakeroot pkgmk' as user jue12:10
Amnesiaugh nvm12:10
Amnesiasorry I wasn't thinking 'bout the working dir, but the actual location where the files should be installed12:11
Amnesiachown's perfectly possible12:11
Amnesiasorry for wasting your time-.-12:12
Amnesiawhy the heck do I keep continuing asking stupid questions...:P12:13
Amnesia /ignore Amnesia ^.^12:28
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frinnstfucking galaxy s2, broken piece of shit13:31
niklaswefrinnst: :(13:32
frinnsteither some wierd hardware thing or firmware13:33
frinnstits random "!¤13:33
niklasweit´s sweet that nrpe working with ipv6 now :)13:36
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guzzan0Hi, i need small help, i need install in crux kde, is stable kde4 in crux?13:40
jaegerguzzan0: take a look here:
jaegerguzzan0: also maybe
guzzan0yes, but... is stable? because it is not official13:43
jaegerI cannot answer that, sorry, I do not use KDE13:43
guzzan0Uhmm, looking...13:43
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guzzan0Me neither, I wanted to install crux in my job, thanks :)13:45
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vee__hello everyone14:13
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Rotwanghow to say in english that I'm not working at the moment14:48
tilman"in between jobs"?14:48
RotwangI'm after my work hours?14:48
RotwangI was speaking with foreigner over the phone not so long ago14:49
Rotwangand he couldn't grasp a concept that it is 5:30 in my timezone14:49
tilman"you're calling after office hours" maybe14:49
Rotwangand I'm not working at that particular moment14:49
tilmanfollowed by a bunch of sorries14:49
Rotwangyeah, that sounds nice14:49
Rotwang5:30 AM14:50
tilmanyou're answering your phone at that ungodly hour?14:50
RotwangHe woke me up anyway14:50
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Rotwang"Ticket is done!! Can I close it now?"14:51
Rotwangwith chinese accent14:51
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tilmanso it's a coworker, not a customer?14:52
Rotwanganyway, working for big corporation is always fun14:58
Rotwangmaybe except banking sector14:58
frinnsttieto, right?15:22
diverseAmnesia: you kind of scared me earlier as well15:36
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frinnsthah yeah i read that.. insane15:56
* nogagplz installs mcafee on all of Romsters computers16:00
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Rotwangfrinnst: yeah16:31
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Romsterinstalled win8 and did a transfer off vista to win8... i so do not like win819:25
Romsterfugly interface19:25
vee_vista...why vista?19:46
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