IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2012-11-15

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vee_hello again00:56
vee_how do you do, niklaswe00:58
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vee_hi romster01:28
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Romsterhi vee01:29
diversehello everyone!01:32
diverseI just got back, so I am saying it literally :)01:33
Romsteri just got home not long ago from work :)01:42
vee_oh? kicked the feet up and took a nice long sigh yet?01:44
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frinnstoh, hes running crux on hyperv?02:01
frinnst"unspecified error"02:06
frinnsthow informative02:06
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: unbound: update to ldns 1.6.1602:20
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pshevtsovHi, I'm having trouble downloading files from HTTPS hosts with wget. unable to locally verify the issuer's authority02:57
prologicisn't there an option to tell wget to ignore this?03:00
teK__there is but I guess that github for example does use valid certificates03:00
frinnstyou need to get the certificates manually03:02
frinnstcurl has a perl-script in their tarball that does it03:02
frinnstfetches from mozilla i think03:02
frinnstand point to the generated .crt file in wgetrc or something like that03:03
pshevtsovfrinnst: Yeah, utility is called mk-ca-bundle. curl package install only its man page, but not the utility itself.03:09
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frinnstdog hair *everywhere*04:11
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cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: iputils: update to s2012111405:02
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Lukc_o/ linkmauve105:20
linkmauve1Hi. :)05:20
linkmauve1I’m very new with CRUX, I installed it yesterday night, but I like it already. Thanks for the good work!05:22
linkmauve1I come from ArchLinux, and everything I liked when I first used that distribution and which faded with the time is there in CRUX, I hope it will stay like that for a long time. :)05:24
tilmancrux didnt change much.. ever05:26
niklaswehello guys05:27
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pshevtsovHello linkmauve1! I also switched to CRUX from Arch not long ago :)05:35
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linkmauve1I very disliked the way the tried to force everyone to use systemd.05:36
pshevtsovlinkmauve1: Oh yes. I had to switch just because of that.05:41
Romsterwe will try to avoid systemd like the plague05:55
Romsterdependency handling isn't as tight as arch though but not hard t manage.05:56
pshevtsovRomster: I knew that I made the right decision when decided to switch to CRUX :)06:00
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prologicCRUX is always the right decision :)06:12
LukcNo exceptions.06:37
linkmauve1I was going to write a zsh completion for prt-get, but is there already one somewhere?07:00
teK__I began writing one with the help of a friend07:00
teK__I did not yet include it with the zsh port :\07:01
teK__should put that on my agenda, too :o07:01
linkmauve1If it’s already usable I can fix the last stuff for you. :)07:02
linkmauve1Btw your mercurial and mpd ports are slightly obsolete.07:02
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linkmauve1And also, what is the policy about languages or libraries that have the same name but provide different features, like python2 and python3, and each library usable with both?07:03
teK__I  know I already told your comapgnon that it will take until next week07:04
teK__afaik there's no policy for that topic07:04
linkmauve1I already did an overlay with your upgraded versions, so it’s not a big deal. ^^07:05
teK__we can talk about many things. As soon as I finished my thesis. :)07:07
linkmauve1What is it about?07:07
teK__sparring, a python software to analyze and simulate network traffic. One goal was to implement integration into cuckoo for improving malware analysis by simulation [the] internet07:08
teK__I hope to be able to release it as OSS any time soon but my 'employer' must agree on that too07:08
diverselinkmauve1: i agree about the systemd and I never liked how the arch devs lied and screw with packages, in order to slowly prepare for systemd's takeover of the distro07:47
linkmauve1I had nothing against /lib being a symlink to usr/lib, or the simplification of rc.conf, or such things, but after that they did everything they could to break sysvinit and userscripts.07:49
linkmauve1And starting next year, they’ll remove the rc.d scripts from packages to be sure that nobody use something else than systemd anymore…07:49
diversei know, i read it. Everything they did was planed and kept progressing bit by bit.07:51
diverseAnyway, welcome to CRUX, you won't find any better distro than this.07:52
linkmauve1Thanks. :)07:55
diverseNp, i was just like you a couple of weeks ago. Lost.07:55
diverseThis channel is quite friendly and you can ask any question.07:58
diverselinkmauve1: and if you want to talk about your rage about redhat, frinnst is always a good person to chat about it ;)08:03
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linkmauve1I feel like a certain Tomoe Mami in a certain episode 3 of a certain show. \o/08:07
Lukclinkmauve1, I fear no-one will be able to understand you, under those conditions. :p08:07
linkmauve1The few who will will understand my current state of mind. :p08:08
LukcWhy do you think someone will?08:08
diverse"Watashi, ichi hito bocchi janai mono"?08:10
* diverse is currently studying Japanese08:10
linkmauve1s/ichi hito/hitori/, but yeah.08:11
linkmauve1An English translation could be “I’m not alone anymore.”08:11
LukcOh, crap. I’m gonna have to find another distro, where no kanji shall pass.08:12
diverseLukc: real men use nothing but Kanji (actually that was the case in the old-old Japanese days, only women used Kana)08:18
LukcSorry for being so vague. What I really meant was “Oh, crap. I’m gonna have to find another distro, where I’m not going to see anything written in japanese.”.08:21
diverseuninstall those font packages then :P08:22
LukcNever installed them. o/08:22
diverseLukc: use an ascii-only terminal :P08:24
diverseor client08:24
linkmauve1Is there already some ports for wayland related softwares?08:26
diverselinkmauve1: not yet, but that is a couple of years away though.08:26
diversefor official support08:26
linkmauve1I guess I’ll do the first one, then. :)08:27
Lukcdiverse, crap. If linkmauve1 uses unknown characters or words, it has to be japanese. I *know* it. ASCII will not be the answer. /o\08:27
linkmauve1I already used to use Weston on ArchLinux, along with Xwayland and everything.08:27
diverseLukc: make some sort of filter that removes Japanese characters from the screen similar to "/ignore" and boom, you can keep your unicode.08:29
diverselinkmauve1: Weston?08:29
Lukcdiverse, dude, you have absolutely no sense of humor.08:30
diversei like to play along ;)08:30
LukcYou’re not playing along. You’re playing against. /o\08:30
linkmauve1Wayland is the example Wayland compositor, it’s a bit like a WM in the Xorg world, except it’s also charged to open the DRM device and manage interactions with clients.08:31
linkmauve1Yeah, sorry.08:32
linkmauve1And Xwayland is a branch of Xorg implemented as a Wayland client instead of a KMS/DRM client, so it can display X11 clients on a Wayland compositor.08:32
Lukc(I mean, I used quotes, it’s to be interpreted as in every episode of a particular show)08:33
tilmannobody would have guessed that without your explanation08:47
LukcThis is awkward. Should I consider everyone saw TOS?08:50
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horrorStruckfrinnst: congrats!09:43
frinnstwill still keep posting stupid links and images :)09:43
horrorStruckhope so :P09:44
horrorStruckMatt + Juergen <--- looks cute :P09:46
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Kaishihey guys11:13
Kaishistill fighting with my application server >_<11:13
KaishiI managed to roll back to a stock config of our slightly-tweaked CRUX 2.711:13
KaishiI have solid backups of all the databases and whatnot11:14
Kaishibut now I'm just trying to drop in a new kernel into that 2.7 install11:14
KaishiI downloaded the kernel source from, did the usual config steps, compiled, copied into place11:14
Kaishibut now LILO isn't cooperating11:15
KaishiI've used the CRUX 2.8 installation media as a boot CD and mounted /dev/sda1 as /mnt11:15
Kaishiin a previous attempt, I then chroot'd into /mnt and tried to issue LILO commands but it isn't working11:16
Kaishilooking for ideas.11:16
Kaishino idea if the new 3.6.6 kernel will even work under crux2.711:16
rauzi ran a 3.6.5 on crux 2.7 and it works fine on my notebook11:20
jaegeras always, more info is helpful. error messages, the output from lilo, etc.11:21
Kaishijaeger: lilo doesn't give an error11:21
Kaishiit just... sits11:21
Kaishiit says LILO at the top11:21
Kaishiand that's all11:21
jaegerhrmm, never seen that one. the 3.6 kernels definitely work on 2.7, though11:22
Kaishiin a previous attempt, I got a kernel panic about the filesystem as I recall.  Started over because it was a careless error, to forget that I need REISERFS11:22
KaishiIt has to be my LILO config or something11:22
jaegerDid it work before with that config?11:23
KaishiI replaced SYSTEM.MAP and vmlinuz11:23
Kaishino other changes11:23
jaegerprobably not the config, then11:23
Kaishicould it be related to SYSTEM.MAP?11:24
KaishiI don't know what's in there11:24
rauzhave you tried to run lilo -v for more informations ?11:24
KaishiI could easily start over and pull a fresh source, if you're willing to walk me through how to config and compile the kernel appropriately.  I want to learn this but maybe I'm just doing it wrong11:24
Kaishirauz: I haven't chroot'd in so /mnt/sbin/lilo can't find /etc/lilo.conf11:25
jaegerpaste the output of lspci -k somewhere11:25
KaishiShould I chroot first?11:26
jaegerdoesn't matter for lspci11:26
KaishiI'm still sitting at a fresh terminal after doing mount /dev/sda1 /mnt11:26
jaegerthough if you want to use wgetpaste or the like you'll probably need to chroot11:26
Amnesiajaeger: question, I'm getting the following output when I try to make my package:
Amnesiathe strange thing is, the original tarball, doesn't contain a dir stating <kernel-version> at all..11:29
Kaishijaeger, I don't know how to use wgetpaste, but I can take a screenshot and upload that somewhere, like imgur or something11:29
Amnesia that's the Pkgfile11:30
jaegernope, that's pkgmk11:30
jaegerKaishi: if you're going to screenshot it, make sure you get all the "in use" lines11:30
jaegerKaishi: lspci -k | grep "in use"11:30
Amnesiathat's the contents of kernel.tar.bz211:30
jaegerAmnesia: the footprint creation function generalizes the kernel version in /lib/modules11:30
Amnesiawhat for?11:31
jaegerso packages that install kernel modules work, such as nvidia11:31
jaegerif 10 users run 10 different kernel versions and install the nvidia port, there are going to be 9 or 10 mismatches without that11:31
Amnesiaaha, I see11:31
jaegerKaishi: wgetpaste is probably worth your time to check out, it makes things much easier11:32
jaegerAmnesia: np11:32
Amnesiacould also have checked the source of pkgmk but meh11:32
Kaishijaeger: there's only like 5 lines total, so no need to grep11:32
Kaishijaeger: I'm trying to read up on wgetpaste right now11:36
Kaishibut I already have a screenshot, dumb as it may be11:36
Kaishidunno if that helps at all11:38
KaishiI just realized that it has an ISA bridge and a DEC Ethernet card11:39
jaegermineos production server? :D11:40
KaishiI think my kernel doesn't have support for ISA or anything DEC, but I have a different vNIC to use once the kernel is installed, which would remove that need :)11:40
jaegernot much there, ata_piix and tulip11:40
jaegerI've got no experience with hyperv but I can give you a config that works in esxi if you think it would be useful at all11:40
Kaishijaeger: yep, a but of a custom hack job my team and I have put together as a demo for what we can do11:41
KaishiESXi != hyperv11:41
jaegeryes, I know this11:41
Kaishicompletely different kernel drivers11:41
jaegerwell, yes and no11:41
jaegerdifferent for vnics, etc., but not for the ATA driver11:41
Kaishibut, 3.4 or forward has hyper-v drivers either as options or as modules11:41
Kaishifor the system time sync11:41
Kaishifor NICs and ... a few other things11:42
KaishiSMBUS maybe11:42
jaegerso? nothing says you can't take a known working config and just add the options you want to it11:42
Kaishihyper-v is *excellent* when used with a new kernel, IMO11:42
KaishiOh yes, absolutely.  I'm not saying no to your config :) I'd like to try it11:42
Kaishibut I'll have to wipe and reinstall11:42
Kaishiwhich I can do11:43
jaegerwhy would you have to wipe and reinstall?11:43
Kaishibecause I lack a functional kernel at the moment, and have no way to pull a fresh one, don't I?11:43
jaegeryou can build a new one from the ISO if your network driver is supported11:44
jaegertry modprobe tulip and ifconfig -a11:44
jaegersee if you get a network interface11:44
jaegerit's probably already loaded, based on the lspci output11:44
jaegeranyway, the kernel config is here:
Amnesiaquestion, prtcheckmissing compares the files in /var/lib/pkg/db with the actual files present right?11:45
Kaishiokay.  I guess I could do that.  I could even use the source that I have already downloaded, if I can access it11:45
Kaishiwait a sec11:47
Kaishithis config is x86-6411:47
Kaishiand the VM is currently x8611:47
jaegerthat's fine11:47
Kaishiit won't be a problem?11:47
Amnesiaaccording to prtcheckmissing two files are "missing" but in reality they're two symlinks on my disk..11:47
jaegerjust make sure you select the proper CPU options when you configure it11:47
jaegerAmnesia: no idea there, never used it11:47
Kaishijaeger: ifconfig is showing no network connection11:48
jaegerifconfig or ifconfig -a?11:48
jaegerthe difference is important11:48
Kaishiifconfig -a shows the eth0 but no IP address11:49
Kaishidhcp missing or something?11:49
jaegerso the interface is there, run dhcpcd11:49
jaegeror set it manually11:49
Kaishithe 2.8 ISO doesn't have dhcpd apparently11:50
jaegerno, of course not11:50
jaegerbut it has dhcpcd11:50
Kaishiderp moment11:50
Kaishiokay, got the config stored in /mnt/boot11:51
Kaishibeside another config11:51
jaegerwill be AFK for a bit11:52
Amnesiajaeger: fyi, it looks like it follows up symlinks:)11:54
Kaishicurrent shell can't find "make" for doing the menuconfig11:56
Kaishiwhere would it be?11:56
KaishiI checked /mnt/sbin and /mnt/bin11:56
KaishiI just chroot'd into /mnt12:00
Kaishiand now it works12:00
Kaishiis there any reason to not use "extended attributes" when selecting filesystems?12:01
teK__% lsattr /etc/passwd12:02
teK__---------------- /etc/passwd12:02
teK__suggests: not really12:02
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Kaishisorry about that12:18
Kaishigot disconnected12:19
Kaishiso, filesystem Extended Attributes: should this be enabled in the kernel or not?12:19
rmullKaishi: I don't enable it because nothing I use depends on it.12:21
rmullIt is not essential to a functioning system.12:21
rmullIf you discover breakage down the road, fix it then.12:21
Kaishiwhat about "set system time from RTC on startup"12:26
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KaishiI've configured a new 3.6.613:02
Kaishiseems more consistent with the 3.0.1 kernel that I started with, and with jaeger's ESXi kernel13:02
KaishiI guess we'll see if this works any better.13:05
frinnsti installed crux on hyper-v earlier today13:17
Kaishihow's it going?13:18
frinnstit was pretty painless13:18
Kaishithat's my feeling about it too13:18
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Kaishiwhen the kernel components to support hyper-v are present, it works fantastically13:19
frinnstyeah seems hyperv doesnt present a normal nic as vmware and other solutions does13:19
Kaishihyper-v has 2 different NICs you can use13:20
Kaishione is a hyper-v-specific NIC, which linux3.4 or higher should support13:20
Kaishiand one is a DEC Tulip 2114013:20
frinnstoh, i didnt see that as a option in hyperv13:21
Kaishiwhich hyper-v calls the "legacy network device" or something like that13:21
frinnstgranted i didnt look very far :)13:21
Kaishibut it works just great13:21
Kaishiuntil recently, the legacy one was the only option for networking a linux/bsd VM13:21
Kaishiquick question:13:23
KaishiI replaced my kernel with the freshly compiled one13:23
Kaishicopied system.map13:23
Kaishiand now I'm trying to run the "lilo" command, but I'm getting "Fatal:raid_setup:stat("/dev/sda")13:24
Kaishibut there's no RAID involved13:24
Kaishiif I made no changes to lilo.conf, then I shouldn't need to run "lilo" right?13:24
frinnstdoes lilo complete the "install"?13:24
Kaishinot sure.13:25
Kaishiit's the bootloader13:25
frinnstyeah but can you paste the entire output?13:25
KaishiI already retyped the whole thing13:25
KaishiFatal: raid_setup: stat("/dev/sda")13:25
frinnstoh, it didnt print "Added CRUX  *"?13:26
Kaishibut there was a crux install previously13:26
Kaishiand lilo should be installed13:26
Kaishiand my lilo.conf shouldn't need a change13:26
frinnstare you in a complete environment when you run lilo?13:28
Kaishiit's mostly busted :)13:29
frinnstgoogle suggests /proc and /dev are not mounted13:29
Kaishiwell I chroot'd away from /proc and /dev13:29
frinnstbut you mounted them to the chroot, right?13:29
frinnstotherwise stuff will not work13:29
frinnstmount --bind /proc /chroot/proc13:29
frinnstsame for /dev13:29
Kaishimount: mount point /chroot/proc does not exist13:30
frinnstyou need to do that from outside the chroot.. and /chroot might not be your path :)13:30
Kaishihow do I drop out of chroot?13:30
frinnstare you doing this from the crux install cd?13:30
KaishiI'm using the crux install CD to work on a busted filesystem13:30
frinnstif you mount your broken root-fs to /mnt you can just run setup-chroot and it will do it for you13:32
Kaishiapparently /mnt/dev doesn't exist?13:32
frinnstis the *filesystem* busted, or whats wrong?13:33
Kaishiit's a long story13:33
frinnstyes, and i've avoided reading it :D13:33
KaishiI meant filesystem in the POSIX way13:33
KaishiI have a relatively clean install of CRUX 2.7 that needs a modern kernel13:34
Kaishitried to compile a kernel myself but it wouldn't boot.  LILO just sits at "..................................."13:34
frinnstok, so your crux install uses sda1? as its rootfs ?13:34
Kaishisda1 is root, sda2 is swap13:34
frinnstok, so from the crux-cd mount sda1 to /mnt13:34
frinnstrun setup-chroot13:34
frinnstrun lilo or whatever you are trying to do13:34
jaegerif ti wasn't answered earlier, you need to run lilo every time you update the kernel, even if lilo.conf didn't change13:35
KaishiI'm trying to do just that right now13:36
Kaishino more error message :)13:36
Kaishithis is good13:36
frinnstwee, so give it a go and hope for the best :)13:37
KaishiI think I'll try rebooting it now, I can always get back to this point via booting the CD again.13:37
frinnstyeah. pro lilo tip: when building kernels: use "make install" to copy the kernel to boot and run lilo in one step13:37
KaishiBooting the kernel.13:38
frinnstwill copy the kernel to /boot/vmlinuz and move the old to /boot/vmlinuz.old13:38
Kaishi[ 0.000000] tsc: Fast TSC calibration failed13:38
Kaishi[ 0.104984] Failed to access perfctr msr (MSR c0010004 is 0)13:38
KaishiINIT: version 2.88 booting13:39
Kaishiignore those first two things I take it?13:39
frinnsti'd say so13:39
Kaishirdate is still trying to help keep the clock in sync, it was off by 30 seconds13:39
Kaishithat hyperv clock sync driver is freaking vital13:39
frinnsti would (and am) using ntp for timekeeping13:40
KaishiI would love to be doing the same13:40
jaegerwonder why the clock is so bad13:40
Kaishibut I am on crux 2.7 and afraid of touching the packages13:40
Kaishivirtualizing the RTC probably has something to do with it13:41
Kaishiand sharing CPU cycles13:41
jaegersure, but it's not nearly that bad on some of the other virt platforms13:41
frinnstyeah its not uncommon13:41
frinnstbsd had major issues on oldish versions and esxi iirc13:41
frinnstwell, some people had issues with those combinations. im sure others ran it just fine13:42
jaegersadly also not constrained to virtualization. I had some dell servers at a previous job whose clocks were terrible13:42
jaegerseveral minutes a day terrible13:42
Kaishiwhat was the command to check all loaded drivers?13:42
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Kaishialso, how can I change the resolution of the screen output from 640x480 to something more modern?13:42
Kaishilsmod just shows the tulip driver13:43
KaishiI compiled the hyper-v stuff directly into the kernel because it'll be needed.13:43
PantoufleLukc: I’ll install CRUX or FreeBSD next13:43
PantoufleDo not want the systemd plague13:43
frinnstyeah there is no one command to list all drivers. only modules13:43
LukcPantoufle, you can use Crux’s ports on FreeBSD, too. :D13:44
PantoufleIs there any reason I should do so?13:44
LukcBecause it’s fun?13:44
PantoufleBesides your fetish on packaging?13:44
LukcHey. Didn’t we agreed on not talking about this in public? :(13:44
KaishiI swapped the legacy NIC for the real hyper-v NIC and we'll see if that works now13:45
jaegerlspci will show the driver in use, though13:45
KaishiI'll check that next13:46
Kaishiframebuffer output change, how?13:50
jaegertake a look in /usr/src/linux-$(uname -r)/Documentation/fb/13:51
frinnstkernel and lilo13:51
frinnstyeah, and a ton of good documentation on the intarwebz13:51
Kaishichecking that now13:51
Kaishiso it's just lilo.conf?13:51
Kaishiooo vga = ask13:53
KaishiI like that sound13:53
Kaishisomething about "append"13:54
Kaishilooks like you can just set "video=<x_res>x<y_res>13:55
16WABBXZYgreat, somehow java segfaults on a crux 2.813:57
16WABBXZYor is it just me?13:58
niklaswegood evening14:01
Kaishithat didn't work14:02
horrorStruck16WABBXZY: the only java usage i have is running minecraft (server+client) and i haven't had any issue, ever.14:05
*** 16WABBXZY is now known as Rotwang14:07
Rotwangthat's weird14:08
KaishiI keep getting my resolution code rejected14:14
Kaishicould it be that I don't have framebuffer support in my kernel?14:15
Kaishibecause if so, then dang it14:15
LukcThere are still people living without framebuffer support in their kernel. :(14:16
Kaishiaccidently maybe14:16
Kaishii can always recompile it with that added if needed14:16
Kaishiit's a VM, but I hate this tiny res14:16
Kaishiback later.14:20
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vee__so is everyone15:04
PantoufleNot too depressed.15:06
rauznot so good, to much shit at the university :(15:06
vee__sure it'll all turn out for the best15:23
vee__i have class too, and when i'm back, ill provide emotional support for you two15:24
vee__haha, adios guys15:24
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Kaishiokay this is weird:16:51
Kaishi /usr/ports is empty16:52
Kaishiprt-get and ports both don't seem to work16:52
Kaishioh, need to do ports -u first I guess16:53
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RomsterKaishi, yes ports -u19:29
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: clisp: fix buiding19:50
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