IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2012-11-16

Kaishianyone know which framebuffer options should be enabled in the kernel to make hyper-v cooperate?00:46
Kaishior is there a generic framebuffer driver I should use00:49
prologicwon't the vga one work fine?00:50
Kaishiis that the generic one?00:56
Kaishi"VESA VGA graphics support" ?00:56
KaishiI'm pretty sure that's the right one01:02
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RomsterVESA is the generic one, unless you got one for your card in the kernel use that one01:23
zenwalkuserI get the following warning when trying to enter japanese characters on gtk2 apps:02:06
zenwalkuserWARNING **: Size mismatch when converting text from input method: supplied length = 3; result length = 902:07
zenwalkuserand it displays garbage characters, however on plain xapps, e.g in xterm it works without problems, no strange characters, do I need to rebuild glib with special option?02:08
zenwalkuserI also would like to rebuild glibc with full locale support, how to do that02:09
prologicfiddle with the Pkgfile02:11
prologicand rebuild with pkgmk -d -u02:11
prologicas for your locale issue, I'm not sure myself02:11
zenwalkuserprologic, what option is needed to get full localisation support on glibc?02:11
zenwalkuserI thing I need to have a look at the build scrits from slackware how they compiled glibc-i18n support02:12
prologicyeah that would help02:14
prologicand just copy the options they've used02:14
prologicdoing pkgmk -d -kw02:14
prologiccd src/...02:14
prologicand checking the output of ./configure --help might help02:14
frinnstzenwalkuser: you're japanese?02:17
Romsteri think you just need to generate the locales needed.02:17
frinnstmaybe you can teach me something about im and stuff for gtk02:18
Romsterfor a japanese person you speak pretty good english.02:18
prologicI did think that initially02:20
prologicusing localdef02:20
prologicI would have thought that's all one needed02:20
prologicgenerate the locales you need02:20
prologicbut I wouldn't know :)02:21
prologicI always just generate en_US02:21
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: distribute: 0.6.28 -> 0.6.3002:21
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: elfutils: 0.154 -> 0.15502:21
prologicisn't that the python new package management tools?02:22
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Romsteryeah that takes over setuptools02:25
frinnstfucking debian and their ancient versions02:26
Romsterand i remeber reading recompile gtk with nls02:26
Romsterancient versions of what?02:27
prologicI didn't realize we were shipping 2.8 with distribute02:27
prologicnice :)02:27
frinnstmysql for one02:27
Romstercentos is just as old.02:27
prologicthat makes my life a lot easier02:27
frinnstno, centos are a few versions ahead02:27
frinnstthats what gives me trouble! :)02:27
Romsteryeah simple port to maintain prologic02:27
prologiccentos are a few versions ahead?02:27
frinnstmysql  Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.1.63, for debian-linux-gnu (x86_64) using readline 6.102:27
prologicahead of what?02:27
prologicI've used centos 6.2 and it ain't ahead :(02:27
frinnstmysql  Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.1.66, for redhat-linux-gnu (x86_64) using readline 5.102:27
prologichence I started going about creating crux templates instead02:28
Romsterahead centos cherry pick commits but they are behind.02:28
frinnstError: Couldn't read status information for table general_log ()02:28
frinnstmysqldump: Couldn't execute 'show create table `general_log`': Table 'mysql.general_log' doesn't exist (1146)02:28
frinnstthats what I get because centos and debian are retarded02:28
Romsterfile a bug report02:28
prologicthen stuff them both02:28
prologicand use crux :)02:28
frinnstsomeone already has02:28
prologicproblem solved!02:28
Romsterwhy use those anyways crux02:28
frinnst seems related02:29
prologicI honestly fail to see serious benefit in using Debian/CentOS/RHL02:29
frinnstSeverity:S2 (Serious)02:29
prologicit's all software at the end of the day02:29
frinnstless maintenance02:29
frinnst(when it works)02:29
prologicpkgsync can help with the less maintainence02:30
prologicspeaking of which02:30
prologichow good is our binary package management tools these days ?02:30
prologicfor my openvz containers I want to have a single place I build packages from02:30
prologicand use something like pkysync to install on other containers02:30
Romsterdunno never used the binary tools myself.02:31
frinnstI've yet to find enterprise software that's supported on crux :)02:31
Romsterbuild it yourself? or add in needed deps02:31
prologicfrinnst, name me one that woudln't run on crux just as well? :)02:32
prologicnevermind the fact xyz inc. wont' support the platform02:32
Romsterprt-get fsearch pkgsync, no such file what's it really called?02:32
frinnstlots have rhel specific quirks02:32
prologicpkg-sync I think02:33
frinnstalso, as soon as you hit a bug (and you will) the first thing their support will say "we dont support that platform" even if its completely unrelated02:33
prologicor pkg-get02:33
prologiccan't remember02:33
prologicfrinnst, of course02:33
prologicand as we both know that's a complete cop out02:33
prologicthis coming from a software engineer02:33
Romsteryeah but the buggers wont support help if you say or show your not on there /supported/ platform.02:34
prologicyou know what I do sometimes (have done this before)02:34
prologicis replicate the environment on say CentOS02:34
prologiclet them investigate their bug/problem, fix it, supply a patch02:35
prologicthen apply it to the real environment (running CRUX)02:35
Romstercrafty but will work02:35
prologicif you have decent config management02:36
prologicit's very easy to spin up a new vm with a different distro02:36
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Romsterwhat do you use for config management?02:36
prologicI'm using ansible02:36
prologicor have chosen to do so for this project I'm working on02:36
Romsternot heard of that one02:37
prologicI'm going to create a port of this obviously :)02:39
prologicin the past I've used puppet - but ansible is just as powerful, more flexible, easier to extend (python modules that know how to talk JSON) and has very few dependencies02:40
prologicthe best feature of all is the nodes don't need to have anything installed02:40
prologicjust sshd and python02:40
Romsteri might look into that when i do VM's02:47
Romsterneed to reorganize my hdd space first.02:48
Romsterand a SSD for root02:48
Romsterdoes circuits support parallel processing too? i assume it does.02:48
frinnstprologic: only works on unix-like, no windows?02:53
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zenwalkuserglibc und glib compilation fails if locales are not removed, waht did you guys did that breaks it? ;-)03:45
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zenwalkuserwhat ist the pkg upgrade command pkgadd -u seems not to work as onl 3 files are installed from the package, and since its glibc it should be much more than that04:11
frinnstdude, dont upgrade that package04:12
frinnstif it only contains 3 files...04:12
zenwalkuserfrinnst, you force me to rebuild glibc and upgrade since you stripped all i18n support04:16
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frinnstwhat you probably want are the nls-files from all the programs04:21
zenwalkuserfrinnst, please look at the glibc Pkgfile the is a line that says rm -fr patht_to_locales04:24
zenwalkuserfrinnst, what I need is unicode UTF-8 support in gtk2+04:25
tilmannot related04:26
zenwalkuserglib Pkgfile also has the line ro delet all locales and if I remove that line and recompile, it turns out the same way like glibc, package creation failed, I guess I skip the crux way of doing the package and go all the way manually configuring, compiling and packaging04:26
zenwalkuserand see how this works then04:26
tilmanyou're doing it wrong04:27
tilmanjust create an utf8 locale like it says in the handbook04:27
tilmanand use that for LC_CTYPE (at least)04:27
tilmanthen you'll have all the "unicode utf-8 support" you need04:27
zenwalkusertilman, I DID create the unicode locales and it is working in xterm, but inputting 2byte characters in gtk2+ apps like leavpad or even firefox results in garbage characters and error message that the expected line lengt from the input metzhod did not match the expected lenght and that seems related to gtk and i18n support, since I got it working the same way on almost every distribution but crux04:30
zenwalkusergtk.immodules also might play a role here, uim input method via xim works but producing garbage in gtk apps, scim doesn't work a all on crux so there IS something wrong with the way gtk or immodules or i18n support is handled in crux, I am sure I am missing something the question is just what?04:32
tilmandoes firefox _show_ unicode characters correctly?04:32
tilmanie is it only _input_ that's broken?04:33
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zenwalkuserfirefox can display japanese on webpages, and inputting works but the inputted values are just garbage, however inputting in xterm is not having those probles which makes me believe that is gtk related or immodule related04:39
Romsterfirefox shows ok given you install the correct xorg fonts to show them.04:40
zenwalkuserif you want to test your self, get anthy and uim, compile anthy, then uim whith anty support, do a gtk-query-immodules > /etc/gtk2.0/gtk.immodules generate ja_JP.UTF-8 locales, set your LC and LANG variables to ja_JP.UTF-8, create .profile and put in the following:04:41
zenwalkuserexport GTK_IMMODULE='uim'04:42
Romsterzenwalkuser, you got me curious but i have not got a need for this myself.04:42
zenwalkuserexport XMODIFIERS0'@im=uim'04:42
zenwalkuserexport XMODIFIERS='@im=uim'04:42
zenwalkuseruim-xim -engine=anthy &04:42
zenwalkuserand restart x04:43
Romsterheck that's a bit of effort.04:43
zenwalkuserthen try to type japanese in xterm. it will work AND show the correct characters, thy in firefox or install leafpad and thy inputting there, inputting works but the characters are just garbage04:43
zenwalkuserthe error showing up on pty for input length not matching is indicating a problem with the character conversion and I need to figure out why this happens in gtk apps but working in play x-apps04:46
zenwalkuserthe very same method works as a generic way to get CJK input working on any Linux distrie04:47
zenwalkusercrux is very challenging on this particular task04:49
zenwalkusersorry guys if my particular needs annoys you, but I just though you have an idea what is missing because you are decided to remove the i18n stuff from crux, I never did a LFS so I don#t know which pitfalls that has when it comes for i18n support04:52
Romsterwe are very close to linux from scratch so the /other/ distros must all do something funky to get that to work04:53
zenwalkuserRomster, that's what I am saying maybe I should try LFS as well to see how it works out, just be courios ;-)04:54
zenwalkuserSlackware is quite plain and mostly vanilla upstream, also localisization support is poor in Slack but language input works there once you know the trick ;-)  I am just courious to get behind how to enable that feature on crux04:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: p5-html-parser: update footprint for new perl04:58
frinnstyou dont annoy us zenwalkuser, its just that none of us has any experience with japanese and your needs :)05:01
frinnstits hard to support something that you've never even seen irl :)05:01
frinnstim interested in learning more about your input needs with IM and gtk etc05:02
zenwalkuserfrinnst, I mean it more generic, maybe that problem also happens for other languages that did not use lantin characters05:02
frinnstyeah im sure. but most of us are from western europe, usa, australia etc05:03
zenwalkuserfrinnst, well you are welcome to discuss that input stuff with me, but I am just a (experienced) user not an expert or developer ;)05:03
frinnstgood :)05:04
zenwalkuserfrinnst, but doesn't have the norther languages swedisch, finnish, norway some "specila characters?" we also have Umlaut characters in German language...05:04
frinnståäö! :)05:04
frinnstare you german? i thought you were japanese :)05:05
zenwalkuseryeah, that one. So that is also UNICODE or do you using the specific ISO locale?05:05
frinnstutf8 these days05:05
zenwalkuserfrinnst, no I am German ;-)05:06
RomsterGerman that's wanting Japanese chars?05:08
Romstertilman, is German iirc05:08
zenwalkuserfrinnst any screenshoot command I can use under crux and any place to upload that screen shot, so I can demonstrate what I tried to explain05:08
Romsterprt-get depinst scrot05:09
zenwalkuserRomster, yes I have to use Japanese frequently ;-)05:09
Romsteri can't see what for05:09
Romsteryou learning kanjin or something?05:09
zenwalkuserRomster, I have studied japanese and for business reason I need to communicate in Japanese ;-)05:10
Romsterah that must be difficult.05:11
Romsterhave a friend that was trying to learn Japanese and yeah showed me some of it and i was like. i barely can handle English with my disability as it is. i'll pass.05:12
Romstercould you make a wiki page on how to get it working if you figure it out on would be much appreciated.05:13
Romsteri haven't got a need but it would be interesting to have insight on how for others.05:13
zenwalkuserRomster, well for human languages I think I am a quick learner, but for programming languages I have a hard time to understand the code, and I almost fail to write my own O_o05:14
zenwalkusereverybody has his/her speciality05:14
Romstertrue i'm not much of a programmer either but i can pick a few things up.05:14
zenwalkuserwell got the screeny where to upload?05:16
*** pshevtsov has quit IRC05:16
zenwalkuserRomster, wait I have to build imagemagick to reduce the size prior uploding05:20
Romsterno rush05:20
Romsterthe fact most stuff is easy to install says something.05:21
zenwalkuserin xterm it displays like it should on ff and leafpad garbage, however inside the input method caracters are discplayd correcty (see small dropdown menu)05:25
zenwalkuserwhat the heck I am missing05:25
linkmauve1zenwalkuser, it seems your GTK+ softwares interpret the UTF-8 text as latin1 or some other 1-byte encoding.05:25
Romsterah the leafpad one is showing them squares as it can't find the glyph in the font, you need to install more xorg fonts to fix that.05:26
zenwalkuserlinkmauve1, ok how to change that locale is set to ja_JP.UTF-805:26
linkmauve1Did you try a GTK+-based terminal emulator, or a non-GTK+ graphical software, to be sure the issue comes from GTK+?05:26
zenwalkuserso gtk should use the locale set in LC_* and LANG05:26
zenwalkuserwhich is ja_JP.UTF-805:26
RomsterLANG= should be all you need to set.05:26
Romstertype "locale" to see what it's set too.05:27
zenwalkuserits ja_JP.UTF-805:27
zenwalkusermaybe the locales was generated wrong, but why is it working in xterm then?05:27
Romsterthe rest of the LC_* gets set from LANG except LC_ALL in most cases that should be left alone.05:27
linkmauve1zenwalkuser, did you launch the GTK+ software from a terminal where the locale is correctly set?05:27
zenwalkuserlinkmavel1 yep i launced the app from a pty05:28
Romsternot sure but perhaps logout and back in after setting locales?05:28
zenwalkuserRomster already done :(05:28
Romsterif you haven't already05:28
zenwalkuservery interessting problem isn't it?05:29
linkmauve1zenwalkuser, try in a GTK+ terminal and in a non-GTK+ graphical software.05:29
Romsterx input method.05:29
linkmauve1Qt, gtk3, anything you want.05:29
Romster--disable-xim and --enable-xim.� These options can be used to control whether GTK+ will be compiled with support for XIM. (The X Input Method extension, used for Japanese input.) The default is yes.05:30
Romsterwell that's not disabled so that's ok05:31
Romsterwonder what that is in ubuntu port i just googled.05:32
Romsterif you haven't already make a Pkgfile for that too.05:34
Romsternot sure if scim-uim UIM bridging input engine for SCIM is needed too.05:35
Romster may help too.05:36
Romstersorry i can't be much more helpful zenwalkuser05:37
linkmauve1Which is the best way to publish a port? httpup or rsync?05:43
prologiceither or05:44
prologicI publish mine as mercurial these days (my personal repo)05:44
linkmauve1Oh, that’d be even better.05:44
prologicof course most folks publish their presonal repos as rsync/httpup05:46
prologicI'm just weird :)05:46
linkmauve1I prefer your way, it’d be much better integrated to my natural workflow.05:46
Romsteri would prefer git but i export it to httpup05:48
Romsteri can offer git you push and i auto generate httpup and get you listed on ports database.05:49
Romsteror you can list it on your host and run a post-commit hook to do repogen05:49
Romsterand email the portsdb maintainer to be listed.05:49
Romster any suggestions on my pkg-url script?05:56
Romsterthinking i should add the ability to read ports trees from prt-get.conf than from current PWD06:00
Romsteroh and a prt-get quickdep list of of urls too. for those that have no net at home could download files at work etc.06:01
Romsteror even use it to cron a download job06:02
linkmauve1There, I have my repository:
Romsteri hope you will export it for httpup/rsync use. or we'll have to do something for a hg driver in ports.06:08
Romsteri see you got lua too.06:09
linkmauve1An obsolete version, because Prosody isn’t ported to 5.2 already.06:10
linkmauve1What would be needed to do an hg driver?06:10
linkmauve1Err, in which package(s) should I add that? :)06:10
Romsternever mind that takes some effort06:12
Romstermight look into that later.06:12
linkmauve1I’ll continue to see which packages I’m still missing, and package them.06:13
Romsterin that case you could possibly call that lua name=lua51 and be sure to not allow it to clash with installed lua. then point Prosody to lua51 locations/names06:14
Romsteruntil such times that Prosody can use system lua.06:14
Romsterelse anyone using your repo will be stuck with older lua.06:14
Romsterjust a suggestion. but being your own repo you can do what you like.06:15
zenwalkuserRomster scim is not working at all in crux and in my experience with CJK input under unix uim is the preferred way06:15
Romsteri dont know any of that i just pasted some stuff i found.06:16
Romsterin the hopes it's useful to help you with gtk and qt06:17
Romsteri do know that if you see squares your missing a xorg-font-* to supply the glyph it's looking for.06:17
zenwalkuserlinkmavel1, which gtk terminal is available in the community ports?06:18
Romsterzenwalkuser, another minoor point we use --mandir=/usr/man06:19
Romsteri see prosody using /usr/share/man06:19
Romsterand you don't need to quote everything in source=()06:20
Romsterother than that ports appear to look fine.06:21
zenwalkuserRomster, you actually want to address this to linkmauvel1 not to me, won't you? ;-P06:21
Romsterexcept on lua drop the Maintainer: Danny ... line and keep the packager and you as maintainer.06:21
Romsteruh am i talking to the wrong person...06:22
Romsteroops i am06:22
Romsterlinkmauve1, what is said above to you...06:22
Romsterwhy does this always happen to me06:22
Romsteri seen prosody and immediately thought zenwalkuser06:23
zenwalkuserRomster, don't worry ;-)06:23
Romsterlong week at work i fix computers all day every day.06:23
Romstertoday was a little different i recovered a broken raid0 array too.06:24
Romsterwith another tool might i add.06:24
zenwalkuserRomster, there is a way to recover a broken Raid0 !?? Please tell me how!06:24
Romstermost times it's just recovering with ddresuce then chkdsk or running other recovery software.06:24
Romsteryeah there is.06:24
Romsteryou ignore the on disk metadata and use a tool that can assemble it and test for how many files are found and if they are corrupt or not.06:25
zenwalkuserRomster, but I guess only partially recover is possible if the raid0 consist only of 2 disks where one is compleatly gone...06:25
Romsteri only had a 2 disk raid0 so i only had 2 combinations to try and i knew the stripe size.06:26
zenwalkuserWow, you could recover 99,9% of your data?06:26
Romsterwell one had 15 bad sectors missing partiton layout and of course messed up metadata or raid array kicked it out and said it's not a raid member disk anymore.06:26
Romstercustomers data.06:26
Romsteri recovered all but them files that landed in the 15 bad sectors.06:27
zenwalkuserRomster what if 1 disk of the raid0 array is physically broken... still possible to recover partially stuff from the remaining disk or is it just gambling?06:27
Romsteryou would only get files if they fitted in one of the 2 stripes.06:28
Romsterelse rest would be garbage.06:28
Romsterbut i would't count on that.06:28
Romstercustomer /thought/ he had a raid1 mirror.06:29
Romsteri was like yep sold him a new disk... he rings later can't add it to the array i go there and look and see raid0..... ugh who set this up...06:29
zenwalkuserRomster, LOL I tell you what, a friend of mine experinced the very same situation... O_o06:30
Romstervery lucky customer i had to ddresuce 1 leg of the raid0 before i could assemble it and copy files off it. oh i forgot to mention i had to redo the partiton layout but that was easy to match the other disks partition size06:30
Romsteri have a feeling the on board raid controller defaults to raid0.06:31
Romsterat creation.06:31
zenwalkuserinteresting, input method did not gets activated in aterm, but in xterm06:31
Romsteri tell ya some days i wish i stayed in bed, the stupid things i find.06:31
Romstercan't tell you the tool i used. but i did have a poke around linux for a tool and didn't find one.06:32
Romstercould probably make one with alot of effort.06:32
Romsterdmmapper would be put to use.06:32
Romsterparts of mdadm code and rest would have to be done to test each combination.06:33
Romsterand offset and chunk size and for raid5 xor data blocks too.06:33
zenwalkuserRomster, but imagine how boring life would be if there are no idiots out there ;-P06:33
Romsterpretty much a big effort than using the tool i have already06:34
Romstertrue we make our money off them.06:34
zenwalkuserRomster, furter analysing shows me that my input problem is xim related, input method only works with uim-xim bridge, but that ignores Unicode in gtk apps, however disabling xin and trying to use uim directly for inputing end in uim did not gets activated06:39
zenwalkuserso I guess the native gtk.immodule support is somehow broken in crux... I just can't figure out why06:40
zenwalkuserRomster, so probably /etc/gtk2.0/gtk.immodules is ignored in crux, any idea how to make crux using that config?06:41
* niklaswe playing araound with my new nexus 706:50
teK__you mean like installing CRUX, don't you?06:53
Romsterzenwalkuser, you did run the gtk post-install script?06:53
Romsterit's a good idea to run that after installing other immodules too.06:53
zenwalkuserRomster, no no need to do that on other distries even *AFTER* installing additional immodules... will try that06:58
Romsterthose probably run it for you on every port that needs it.06:59
Romsterlibrsvg is the same deal06:59
zenwalkuserslackware not06:59
Romsterwith gdk-pixbuf07:00
zenwalkuserbut it works anyway07:00
zenwalkuserwhere to find that gtk-postinstall script?07:00
Romsterprt-get info gtk07:00
zenwalkuserpRomster thanks, no gdk-pixbuf in the ports? maybe that's one reason for my problem?07:02
Romsterif you add your own immodules that file gets installed into "prt-get fsearch gtk-register" says /usr/bin/gtk-register07:02
Romsterso just sudo gtk-register07:02
zenwalkuserRomster, I think the immodules are registered, but the config file telling X when to use which is ignored07:03
zenwalkuserusually it is under /etc/gtk-2.0/gtk.immodules07:04
Romsterso just do the same sudo gdk-pixbuf-register07:04
zenwalkuserbut I had to create the file myself under crux, so not sure if this is recognized, it seems not07:04
Romstermost stuff is in /usr/etc/07:04
Romsterexcept for daemons and core ports.07:05
Romsterdoing something wrong if you have to make the file yourself.07:05
Romstermay need to configure your port to use that location.07:06
Romsterbut that's usually the default.07:06
zenwalkuserRomster, finally got it working!!!! Hurray you made my day!! I can't tell exactly what it was but after running /usr/ports/opt/gtk/ and /usr/ports/opt/gdk-pixbuf japanese Input works correctly in GTK apps and firefox, will try libreoffice now!07:08
Romsteri thought it may have been a missing module due to stale cache, i've hit that problem before but not with input text.07:09
*** kInOzAwA has joined #crux07:16
*** kInOzAwA is now known as Guest3477307:16
zenwalkuserRomster, that is a case for the wiki, don't ya think?07:18
zenwalkuserNow having Japanese input working on crux, I really consider to allow a test on a real physical machine ;-)07:19
*** Guest8864 has quit IRC07:19
Romsterabout the cache's not really crux is orientated for experienced users those should know about that.07:19
Romsterthough how to get jap on crux is a good one for a wiki page.07:19
Romstersupplying ports and a README on final setup would be good enough too.07:20
Romstereven if it's just for yourself, you'll thank it in years to come when you do a new setup and forget how you did it.07:20
zenwalkuserRomster, well I thought I AM an experineced user using Zenwalk and Slackware for years and beeing a power linux users since more than a decade...07:21
Romsterhehe sometimes even i forget something.07:23
zenwalkuserRomster, but cool that I learned I always was missing a step because someone else has already prepared that, doing the same on crux was a good experience to learn which steps are really necessary07:24
zenwalkuserdo I need to register in order to add a wiki entry for japanese input?07:24
horrorSt1ucktalking about japan, i just created a tomoyo port and started playing with it, looks like a very nice tool07:26
zenwalkuserwill write a wiki entry hope I still remeber all the steps, too much testing in between ;-P07:26
Romsteradding your own ports collection with them ports and mentioning adding foo to /etc/ports/ then issuing prt-get depinst foo bar baz and the other setps to set vars in /etc/profile or in the users shell is would be nice. oh and getting your repo listed on portsdb too.07:26
Romsterperhaps mentioning to run them cache regeneration steps too.07:27
Romsteryou get pampered in other distros and when you use crux you get all sorts of issues not realizing that there is more to learn.07:28
zenwalkuserRomster, I guess I am not very familiar with creating ports and setting is so that it will work out of the box, did the stuff manually for now but I can briefly describe the necessary steps in case someone will try to reproduce07:28
Romsterhrmm now i'm not sure why i submitted ed a bug report for aqsis what even uses that...07:28
*** horrorSt1uck is now known as horrorStruck07:28
zenwalkuserOh, btw I am not sure if recompiling glibc and glib also had an influence on that07:28
Romstersure wiki's can be edited anyways.07:28
Romsterprobably not unless you changed an option on configure07:29
Romsterzenwalkuser, making packages i crux is probably the easiest slap the commands you used into build() and be sure to install everything into $PKG07:31
Romsterjust look at other ports on how it's done.07:31
zenwalkuserRomster, thanks maybe I'll find the time to do that and test it, many thanks for your hint with the register and cache stuff, seems that was the solution07:34
Romstersadly there is no way to handle a post install hook on pkgadd currently.07:35
Romsterso stuff like that should be added to the README file in the port for POST-INSTALL:07:36
Romsterusers are meant to read them files and go ah that's what i need todo to finish up the install and get it to work07:36
Romsterwhere more hands on than arch is.07:36
Romsterbut you do learn more doing it this way.07:37
Romsteri'm just glad we are seeing new crux users.07:37
Romsterhas just been the usual us in here most of the time. and the occasional ones on mailing list when thee is a problem that don't come on irc.07:38
frinnsti need coffeeeee07:39
Romstermore of a hobby distro but i use it for a firewall and desktop just add ports for what ever is needed. no need for a million different distros for each task07:39
Romsterthat's one long url.... must be some anti linking going on there regenerated regularly or something.07:41
zenwalkuserRomster, the setps that does I did manually before, so the missing part war gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders --update-cache07:44
zenwalkuserfrinnst, seems slack is doing that once in the postinst script07:48
zenwalkuserso crux gtk should update the cache once the package gets installed07:48
*** dkoby has joined #crux07:48
frinnstwe ship a "precompiled" cache. but tbh. i've probably not kept that up to date. and i've never verified how it works07:50
frinnstthere are issues with postinst scripts for packages that come with the ISO07:50
zenwalkuserfrinnst, may consider to generate the cace dynamically after installation will avoid such problems like I have faced...07:54
zenwalkuserfrinnst, Romster, what exactly is gdk-pixbuf cache good for?07:55
zenwalkuserfrinnst, Romster, according to the package description in Slack gdk-pixbuf is in charge for gtk image processing that my include TTF and rendering as well as converting between formats, am I right?08:01
frinnstsounds right :)08:10
tilmanfont rendering? that sounds wrong08:26
zenwalkuserfrinnst, well, I am glad I've got that sorted out - with the help of you guys, of course08:26
zenwalkusertilman, that was my assumption because updating the gdk pixbuf softed out a problem with displaying japanese characters which are 2byte ttf fonts08:27
* zenwalkuser lean back fully relaxed after a good cup of tea08:30
tilmanzenwalkuser: interesting. it might very well my impression was wrong :)08:34
zenwalkusertilman, no I think you're right, it hasn't to do any font rendering but maybe is related to convert between different encodings like ISO to UTF-8 as well, however that is just a vague assumption from an ordinary user08:36
*** Guest34773 is now known as kInOzAwA08:45
*** kInOzAwA has quit IRC08:45
*** kInOzAwA has joined #crux08:45
*** zenwalkuser has quit IRC08:52
*** Kaishi has quit IRC09:30
*** vaddi has joined #crux09:37
*** cr0nz3r0 has joined #crux09:49
*** dkoby has quit IRC09:59
*** kInOzAwA_ has joined #crux10:04
*** Kaishi has joined #crux10:05
*** kInOzAwA has quit IRC10:08
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*** cr0nz3r0 has joined #crux10:13
joacimulster. is that in ireland or something?10:26
*** joacim has quit IRC10:27
*** joacim has joined #crux10:27
Kaishiif I am attempting to compile a kernel on an actively functional system, do I need to chroot before doing so?10:35
Kaishicool, that's what I thought10:36
KaishiI'm working on adding framebuffer support to that kernel I got working yesterday10:37
Kaishialso, I want to cut even more drivers and enable a few optimization flags I forgot10:37
Kaishidefault kernel compression was gzip, should be LZMA or ... the X one, which is just LZMA2 as i understand it10:37
Kaishididn't set to optimize for size10:38
KaishiCPU type was set to PENTIUM II10:38
Kaishistuff like that10:38
Kaishibut hey! it runs :)10:38
horrorStrucklzma will most likely be slower to boot. it's good if you need to save a few kb10:39
Kaishi20GB root partition with 2GB SWAP and 100GB data partition10:44
Kaishikb are off the radar10:44
horrorStruckanyway, the decompression speed difference shouldnt /that/ noticeable except if your kernel is super fat and your CPU is super slow10:46
KaishiI'm trying to keep the kernel super tight10:48
horrorStruckmy ocd ^10:50
Kaishithen maybe you can offer tips!10:50
horrorStrucki can make a config for you if you want10:51
Kaishithat's nice of you :) I'm really just trying to strip it down to the bare minimum for Hyper-V11:07
KaishiI figured out the 2 NIC drivers that can be used.11:07
*** himynameisphil has joined #crux11:09
horrorStruckHyper-V <-- my offer just expired :P11:13
Kaishibut I already have it working!11:18
KaishiI'm just trimming fat11:18
KaishiI trimmed most of it before my current compile, but since I need to add default VGA framebuffer support, I'll need to recompile anyway11:18
*** sungem has joined #crux11:24
KaishihorrorStruck: Any suggestions for processor config flags when running in a VM? Should I just turn everything related to hardware monitoring off?11:30
Kaishithe hypervisor is monitoring the hardware itself11:30
*** Rotwang has joined #crux11:32
horrorStruckKaishi: i dont know anything about Hyper-V unfortunately11:33
Kaishiit isn't that different from other VM platforms other than the device drivers, but i have that part configured perfectly already11:34
*** kInOzAwA__ has joined #crux11:36
horrorStrucki have no idea how it handles hardware11:36
Kaishiokay, no worries.  How about low address space stuff? I'm reading the help pages on each option as I go, but some are a little cryptic11:37
Kaishithe default value I have here is 4096, but the help page says it is reasonable to be at 6553611:37
Kaishithat's a huge gap11:37
*** cr0nz3r0 has quit IRC11:39
horrorStrucki just keep default for this, you can change it at run time however so you could experiment11:39
*** kInOzAwA_ has quit IRC11:39
Kaishikernel debugging: yes or no?11:48
horrorStruckdo you intend to do some debugging?11:56
horrorStruckbut, this brings some interesting options11:57
horrorStrucklike DEBUG_STRICT_USER_COPY_CHECKS or DEBUG_SET_MODULE_RONX or DEBUG_RODATA which are nice security additions11:58
horrorStrucknot sure if STRICT_DEVMEM depends on it but it's nice to have too11:58
horrorStruckit doesnt11:59
*** Kaishi has quit IRC12:10
*** sungem has quit IRC12:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: fbgrab: png.h no longer includes zlib.h12:51
*** Kaishi has joined #crux13:17
*** lasso has joined #crux13:18
*** linXea has joined #crux13:35
*** linXea has joined #crux13:35
*** vee_ has joined #crux13:37
vee_hi fellas13:39
vee_face palm. just realized the multilib rsync files aren't in the ports13:45
Kaishinew kernel works perfectly13:45
KaishiSo now I gotta decide on which software I can safely upgrade from ports, without breaking apps or scripts13:46
vee_cant even seem to find the multi lib rsync files o.O13:57
jaegervee_: the rsync files are included, they're not added to /etc/prt-get.conf13:58
Kaishiis the right way to automatically mount a partition to use fstab?14:05
Kaishimount /dev/sda3 /mnt/sda314:06
Kaishimount: /dev/sda3 already mounted or /mnt/sda3 busy14:06
Kaishimount: according to mtab, /dev/sda3 is already mounted on /mnt/sda314:07
Kaishithe data is missing14:07
Kaishiso I'm assuming it isn't mounted, it was there before14:07
Kaishimaybe I should try commenting out the line in fstab, rebooting and manually mounting?14:09
Kaishijust to see if that's where the mistake it14:10
Kaishiuh oh14:13
vee_jaeger, they aren't in /etc/ports, i have added them in prt-get.conf though14:13
Kaishimanually mounting it isn't working any better... is it possible that my data, which I moved and which seemed to be present before, is now gone?14:14
joacimi'm guessing you've either mounted the wrong partition, or put a new filesystem on it.14:20
Kaishihuh? I made the filesystem using mkfs before mounting it manually, and then editing my fstab to match14:23
Kaishiis that not the right way to do it?14:23
*** vee_ has quit IRC14:26
joacimdid you use mkfs on the partition _after_ you moved your files to it?14:27
joacimthat's good14:27
Kaishifdisk, mkfs, mount, mv14:27
Kaishiand ln -s14:27
Kaishiin that order14:28
joacimwhy did you use ln?14:28
KaishiI needed to link a folder on the disk to another folder?14:28
KaishiI'm trying to isolate a particular folder so even if I have to wipe sda1 and reinstall crux, I won't compromise my data, which would be on sda314:29
Kaishiswap is sda214:29
*** kInOzAwA___ has joined #crux14:33
Kaishicould changing my processor family in the kernel break the filesystem?14:36
*** kInOzAwA__ has quit IRC14:36
KaishiI'll be back in a bit >_<14:38
*** Kaishi has quit IRC14:38
jaegerI bet vee overwrote his rsync files with a non-multilib version of the port, heh15:06
*** SiFuh has quit IRC15:13
*** SiFuh has joined #crux15:15
*** Kaishi has joined #crux15:20
*** SiFuh has quit IRC15:20
*** SiFuh has joined #crux15:22
KaishiI still don't know what I did wrong with my partition / mount15:23
s44Kaishi: post your fstab on pastebin. Mayby can i help.16:04
Kaishis44: I'd love to, but since it's running in a VM and is console only, I don't have a good way to copy and paste it >_> I could try to pipe it out to a file and upload that, or I can take a screenshot16:05
Kaishiwgetpaste I don't have16:05
s44Ok, sshot will be ok16:06
Kaishijust a sec while I bring it up16:07
s44Or use netcat (i'm using it to transfer data between server and vm)16:07
s44Ok, i'm here.16:07
KaishiI don't have that either16:07
s44compile or use ports, more in google. My english is bad, so i will not explain it ;-) I have many problems with writing simple sentences.16:09
Kaishisda3 is the problem16:12
s44I saw in the log. Give me a moment.16:13
s44Kaishi: what's the problem? When you run `mount` can you see there sda3?16:16
s44`ls /mnt/sda3`?16:17
jaegerKaishi: why not install wgetpaste?16:17
s44I have just boot my crux vm.16:17
KaishiI suppose I can, I jsut haven't concerned myself with installing new software when I'm trying to troubleshoot16:17
Kaishik have wgetpaste16:18
s44Kaishi: in the last columnt of line mounting your root (/) should be "1" i think16:18
Kaishis44: I can mount the disk just fine but the data is gone.16:18
jaegersounds like you overwrote the data or put it in the wrong place16:19
Kaishibut I didn't overwrite anything.  i had folders and acls there16:19
Kaishiand I checked both the mount and the symlink16:19
Kaishiit was working16:19
Kaishiand then I compiled a new kernel, rebooted, and it's gone16:20
Kaishibut it's using the same fs as /16:20
Kaishis44: why do you think sda1 should have "1" for "pass" ? I don't know what they all do16:21
Kaishinone of the other mounts have 1 for pass16:21
Kaishionly the commented lines do16:21
*** vaddi has quit IRC16:22
joacimi'm thinking that the data isnt on sda3 at all, that it is on some other partition.16:23
s44I usually write "1" there, since i have started with linux.16:23
s44Kaishi: try to boot a livecd and mount sda3 under it.16:24
Kaishiwell, I can ls -R from root and see if I can find it anywhere else16:24
s44As jeager said:  like you overwrote the data16:24
Kaishioverwrote with what?16:25
Kaishisda3 had directories and files, with acls16:25
Kaishiand now it has nothing16:25
Kaishichecking the whole of my root filesystem, I'm not finding those files anywhere else16:26
Kaishiso they're gone16:26
KaishiI can recreate them so long as they aren't going to keep disappearing16:27
jaegerKaishi: if you unmount /dev/sda3 do they sppear in /mnt/sda3?16:27
Kaishihmm that's a good idea jaeger16:28
Kaishilemme check16:28
Kaishi... unmount isn't a valid command?16:28
jaegernope, use umount16:28
Kaishimount -u maybe?16:28
Kaishifound them16:29
Kaishijaeger had it16:29
jaegerso you copied/moved the files to /mnt/sda3 *before* mounting the partition16:30
s44jaeger: good tip :-)16:30
KaishiI didn't though16:30
Kaishimaybe the mount failed silently or something16:30
jaegeryou did. that is how that happens, heh16:30
jaegerwell, yeah, somehow the order got messed up16:30
s44I'm done for today. Good night.16:31
Kaishiso you can only mount things to folders that exist16:32
Kaishithat's annoying.16:32
joacimthats the way it works16:33
joacimand it should throw an error when you try to mount on a folder that doesnt exist16:33
Kaishiokay hold up16:34
Kaishimv /mnt/sda3/* /mnt/sda3tmp/*16:34
Kaishishouldn't that work?16:34
Kaishibut now the data is just gone, into the ether16:34
jaegerdon't use * on both, that could be really confusing16:35
Kaishialready done16:35
jaegerif you have /mnt/sda3tmp/directory and you mv /mnt/sda3/* /mnt/sda3tmp/*, it all goes into /mnt/sda3tmp/directory16:35
Kaishithe goal was to move all the data from /mnt/sda3 to /mnt/sda3tmp16:36
Kaishi100% of it16:36
jaegerSo most likely the data is just in a place you didn't expect now16:36
jaegerif it's really gone completely then something is very wrong with that VM16:36
Kaishilike in the folder rather than the mount?16:36
Kaishibecause if so, then the same thing happened again16:36
jaegerwhat's in /mnt/sda3tmp now?16:36
KaishiI mounted sda3 there16:37
jaegerwhat's in it now?16:37
KaishiI'll unmount it and check16:37
Kaishisda3tmp is empty16:38
Kaishi /mnt/sda3 is also empty16:38
jaegerWish I could ssh into that VM because I really don't understand at all what you're doing, heh16:39
Kaishifound it >_<16:39
KaishiI have the data on the disk now, just in the wrong spot16:40
Kaishiworking on it16:40
jaegerwhere did it end up?16:40
Kaishiit made a subfolder in a weird spot16:42
KaishiI got it all in place now16:42
Kaishiand just checked the symlink16:42
Kaishieverything looks good, acls preserved and everything16:42
Kaishithe next things I need to do are to figure out which packages, if any, I can safely update16:44
*** joacim has quit IRC16:44
*** joacim has joined #crux16:45
Kaishisomeone said that using LZMA2 would be slower to boot than gzip, but it's actually a lot faster16:46
*** zenwalkuser has joined #crux16:51
*** zenwalkuser has left #crux16:55
*** lasso has quit IRC16:57
*** Rotwang has quit IRC17:02
*** s44 has quit IRC17:05
*** spider44 has joined #crux17:05
*** vee_ has joined #crux17:17
vee_jaeger...i dont think i over wrote them. o.o any way to grab the rsync files again?17:17
*** Pingax has quit IRC17:24
*** linXea has quit IRC17:33
vee_also, just noticed i have a pentium 4d with 2 gigs of ram sitting around doing nothing...also has a spare nic in there. really want to turn it into a firewall now, but lazy. though i have to ask, is there some kind of content filter one might be able to install in it? itwill be using crux17:50
* Kaishi coughs "pfsense"17:50
Kaishifreebsd not crux, but similar in a lot of way17:51
Kaishivery active development community17:51
vee_was going to do pfsense, but, want to install a gateway firewall. it wont work with pfsense, and romster kinda talked me into using crux17:53
vee_sorry gateway antivirus17:53
Kaishipfsense has havp17:56
Kaishithat's as close to gateway av as you get right now I think17:56
Kaishiyou can build it all yourself using crux and I don't want to discourage discovery/exploration/DIY17:56
Kaishibut pfsense is extremely mature and works out of the box17:56
Kaishiand requires very little effort to bring up or maintain17:57
joacimelectricity must be cheap in your area when you'd want to use a pentium 4D as a firewall =)18:01
Kaishilike 8 cents per KWH or something18:04
KaishiI run servers in my home :318:04
ccssnetjoacim: lmfao18:04
prologicyeah geez18:04
prologichow much is electricity in your area?18:04
prologichere it's ~22c/kWh18:05
ccssnetnot sure for here18:05
KaishiI use an Atom D525-based server I built for pfsense18:05
Kaishigateway firewall ntp igmp-proxy, basic stuff18:05
ccssnetatom's are what? 35 watts?18:07
ccssnetfull system18:07
joacimit is about 0.0565 US dollars per kWh here.18:08
joacimtho this year has been pretty cheap compared to previous years18:08
prologicmy god18:09
vee_use to have 2 pentium 4's and 1 i7 running int he house, electricity bill wasn't tat big of an issue haha18:09
prologicyou guys in the US pay 1/5th the energy cost compared to us Aussies18:09
prologicthat stinks18:09
joacimi live in norway18:09
vee_ murrica18:10
ccssnetelectricity is not cheap here in massachusetts18:14
vee_we have a powerplant here in california...perhaps thats why its not that bad. however, gas...its insane18:16
ccssnetwell, intel systems from 2003-2006 where power hogs. good luck with your firewall18:18
frinnsthalf of my electricity bill is taxes18:19
frinnst0.3691 + 0.29 SEK/kWh18:19
vee_ouch. its kinda sad...i wonder if my i7 is more efficient than the p418:19
ccssnetmy customized/modded router uses 15watts peak, and i got it battery backed up which keeps it live for 12 hours (8 hours longer then my modem stays up from its battery)18:20
ccssnetvee_: yes it is18:20
ccssnetevery p4 i run into when working as a pc tech, i suggest they scrap it and build new18:21
frinnstso, ~ 10 us cents /kwh18:21
ccssnetfrinnst: i think its 2.5c /kWh here in massachusetts but im not positive18:21
frinnsti used 349kwh last month18:22
* frinnst has the bill besides the keyboard18:22
* ccssnet to lazy18:22
frinnstim about to pay it now :(18:22
ccssnetugh its that day18:23
vee_really want to go to norway.18:23
ccssnetyou got moving money?18:24
ccssnetid like to move there also18:24
frinnstim surprised you pay that little joacim, guess its all that oil you guys sit on :)18:24
joacimwhat's in norway?18:24
ccssneti just lack passport, and moving money...18:24
frinnsteveything else in norway seem to be very expensive otherwise18:25
ccssnetjoacim: whats in norway is some of the best schools in the world18:25
joacimfrinnst: it was 1.01 NOK per kWh in february of 201018:25
ccssnetand ehm, true freedom18:25
frinnstyeah it was expensive as hell in sweden in 2010 too, and 200918:26
frinnststupid winters18:26
frinnstand dry summers18:26
joacimall the schools are the same. you cant freely choose based on your own personal convictions.18:26
joacimand our schools are growing in size. larger classrooms and fewer schools.18:27
ccssnetstill better schools then currently in most of usa18:27
joacimyeah i guess =)18:27
joacimthere is no prestige in going to some expensive private university18:28
ccssnetjust makes you akward socially ^18:28
ccssnetbut yea18:28
joacimi see a lot of small things to complain about, but that might be because i have to live here =)18:30
joacimi notice how much nicer the roads are as soon as i reach the swedish border18:31
vee_the scenery must be nice in norway18:32
joacimgoing to a public university or college is generally free tho. you only have to pay for your own books and some random administrative fees18:32
ccssnetall schools should be this way ^18:34
vee_30k tuition in america18:34
*** prologic has quit IRC18:34
ccssnetrediculas prices18:34
joacimi pay maybe 400 NOK at the beginning of each semester18:34
frinnsthow is it with student loans in norway these days?18:34
frinnstthey are written of if you graduate?18:35
frinnstor perhaps thats just a myth planted by norwegian spies to get the glorious people of sweden to move there? :)18:36
vee_swedish women....drooooool18:36
joacimabout 40% is written off i think18:37
joacimbut thats only if you pass your grades in a timely fashion18:37
joacimyeah we have some swedish women in norway too18:37
vee_russian/ukranian women...they're something else too18:39
joacimfrinnst: is it true that swedes dont understand norwegian?18:42
*** prologic has joined #crux18:46
prologicwee for storms18:46
*** prologic has quit IRC18:53
jaegervee_: reinstall /usr/ports/core-multilib/ports18:59
vee_ah, theres a copy in there. sweet, thanks jaeger19:16
frinnstjoacim: well its dificult to make out what you say sometimes19:19
frinnstreading it is no problem19:19
frinnstI usually end up speaking english instead :)19:20
frinnstand on irc it usually becomes a mix of swedish/english/norwegian19:20
joacimthere is something we call svorsk =)19:28
horrorStruckGentoo sponsored project19:41
*** prologic has joined #crux19:41
prologicI'm back to using znc as a bouncer19:43
vee_romster, there was a copy of it19:45
frinnstwow, an irc-bouncer.. how -98 of you :)19:47
Romsteri got a pentium d as my firewall i tend to agree as soon as i compile the 250watt psu beeps it's overload head off.19:48
*** kInOzAwA has joined #crux19:48
Romsteri have another box to repalce it with when i get the time to do that though more modern amd x64 or something cpu forget the exact model.19:48
*** kInOzAwA is now known as Guest5537719:48
Romstervee content filtering setup squid and one of the other ports to filter with.19:49
frinnstI love my hp microserver19:49
Romsteri just reuse old boxens, i had a p2 then a p3 then now a p4d19:51
*** kInOzAwA___ has quit IRC19:52
frinnstI used to do that too.. but they are generally semi-noisy, big and use a lot of power19:52
prologicyou guys really ought to run up Mikrotik Routerboards as your rouers :)19:52
prologicthey are all kinds of awesome19:52
Romsterit's in the kitchen out of my room :P19:52
prologicand way less headaches19:53
frinnstI have mine behind my couch :)19:53
Romstercan it run apache and gitolite and other stuff like that too prologic ?19:53
Romsterintend to move deluge onto it off my desktop at some point too.19:53
frinnsti have a core2quad with 8-9 disks in various sizes for backups.. i'd like to replace that with another microserver and 4-5 3tb drives19:54
Romsterare those 3tb wdgreens reliable?19:55
prologicRomster, no19:55
horrorStruckmy crux router/fw box <3
frinnsti have 4 2tb greens currently. so far so good19:55
prologicbut at $100 a board completed packaged up, with Gigabit ports19:55
prologicyou can't argue you withat :)19:55
prologicit just does routing :)19:55
prologicand firewalling19:55
prologicI have a RB750G and RB751G UhnD in my home19:55
Romsterso it would do half of what i needed todo.19:56
prologicat 1/10th of the cost :)19:56
prologicI like to keep things separate19:56
Romsterhmm separate might be a valid point.19:56
prologicif your router died19:57
prologicso would the things you run on it :)19:57
Romsterhow much are those things anyways19:57
prologicif my router dies19:57
prologicit's $50 to replace it19:57
prologicclose :)19:58
prologicplug it into your dsl model in bridge mode19:58
prologicand bob's your uncle19:58
Kaishimy setup costs about $300-350 and is 1U, 25W from the wall, and can handle all the roles and throughput you could need within reason.19:58
frinnsthmm. I have a open wireless AP running. I need to check those logs and see how many leeching neighbours i have19:59
prologicnice price there for a 1RU setup19:59
prologicbut like I said, I like to keep things separate and distinct19:59
frinnstits not connected to anything though :)19:59
prologicyou should put a hotspot on it20:00
prologicwith a cc payment system20:00
prologicand see if anyone's stupid enough to pay for it :)20:00
frinnstits been running for a month or so20:00
Kaishipaywalling your internet to keep your neighbors out20:00
prologicI do it :)20:01
KaishiI just harden up my internet.20:01
Romsteranything to make a buck20:01
prologicyeap :)20:01
Kaishiand use gigE for everything20:01
prologicno point in hardening it up20:01
Kaishiwifi is for temporary things only20:01
joacimthink i'll go for something atom with my next file/everything home server. Something small and quiet that i can place out of the way.20:03
*** kInOzAwA_ has joined #crux20:04
KaishiI can show you my build if you're interested.  I rather like it, and the network engineers at my work were impressed enough to build some duplicates for themselves.20:05
joacimshow away =)20:05
Kaishiit's been almost 2 years since I did it but I think I can dig it up20:06
*** Guest55377 has quit IRC20:08
KaishiI can link you the parts I used20:09
Kaishithere a few chassis that work, this is the cheapest:
Kaishibut I prefer the version that mount the opposite way, so that the I/O ports are on the face, like network gear20:10
Kaishi  <--board but you can get something comparable, maybe a different model.  Just make sure it has 2x Intel gigE NICs20:10
Kaishi  <-- replace with any other cheap DDR3 SODIMMs20:10
Kaishithen pick a storage medium of your choice.  USB, SD, CF, or be like me and rock a hybrid HDD20:11
Romsterheading out but i'll read the backlog when i return20:13
Kaishithen get a riser card and a dual-port PCIe 4x NIC20:13
joacimthere is something like that i'm planning20:14
Kaishiso 4x gigE with a hyperthreaded dual-core processor @ 1.8 GHz, 4GB DDR3-1066 (or faster, whatever you like, just keep it cheap), and as much storage capacity as you want20:14
Kaishiall in a rackmount chassis20:14
joacimtho i will probably get a more traditional home m-itx case20:14
joacimwith room for 2-3 drives20:14
RomsterKaishi, i like that idea20:14
Kaishii've never seen mine exceed 11% CPU even at full load, and my ISP is 150/6520:15
jaegerprologic: my pfsense router: :D20:15
Kaishiso the down of an OC320:15
jaegerer, that was for horrorStruck, not prologic, sorry20:15
KaishiI reject Alix over the lack of PCIe20:15
jaegermisread the backlog20:15
jaegermy router has no need for PCIe20:15
Kaishibut in general they're cool, extremely good for the money20:15
Kaishijaeger: good luck getting 4x gigE without PCIe20:16
jaegeras I said, no need20:16
Kaishisince even 1x gigE can fully saturate the PCI buss20:16
jaegerthis is my home router, not a work thing20:16
Kaishi>_> my home runs 100% gigabit20:16
jaegersame here, except for the cable/router20:17
joacimi only have one single wired computer (my desktop)20:17
jaegerno need for it there, I don't have a gigabit stream from my ISP :P20:17
jaegerthat would be ridiculous20:17
jaegerI don't plug servers directly into the router20:17
Kaishipassing files between machines20:17
jaegernot at home20:17
KaishiNo but gigabit switch20:17
jaegerthere's a gig switch for that20:17
jaegerso again, the router does not need gig ethernet20:17
Romstermine has for squid and other stuff and distcc20:18
Romsterprobably overkill though20:18
Kaishiexactly, when the router is more than just a router, it can take advantage of the gigE20:18
joacimI have netatalk and lighttpd on mine20:18
jaegerI offload all those sorts of jobs to other machines, prefer to keep the router pretty limited20:19
Romsterok now i'm out later20:19
Kaishialso futureproofing for when a good >100Mbit ISP is available20:19
joacimi'm actually content with my 12/5 Mbps line =)20:20
joacimtho i might get 90/10 Mbps around newyears20:20
joacimsomething my isp is doing about their lineup. i'll either get 90/10 and pay the same, or get 12/5 and pay less.20:21
*** tilman has quit IRC20:27
*** tilman has joined #crux20:29
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o tilman20:29
*** diverse has joined #crux20:52
diversehey did you guys get zenwalkuser's IM problem solved?20:54
diversehorrorStruck: udev-ng looks promising20:55
diverse"Gentoo Sponsored" <- Hell yeah!20:56
horrorStrucki haven't checked, do you know from which version they forked?20:56
diversei don't know either, i assume they just pulled from the latest commit20:57
diversemaybe they might cherry pick some of the good features that get added to systemd udev20:58
diversehowever Lennart and that other guy are very crappy maintainers for udev :P20:58
horrorStruckCloning into 'udev-ng'...21:00
diversehorrorStruck: I am going thru their commit history and they have been working on this for many months21:02
diversehorrorStruck: their history goes back way over 2 years21:15
diverseunless commits21:15
diversewhich brings the question, why did this gentoo user fork udev while there was already a udev fork from Gentoo?
horrorStruckdiverse: that's fd.o history you're seeing21:24
horrorStrucki mean that's original udev history21:25
diverseah right21:25
diversehorrorStruck: ok, it looks like the fork was started from November 1221:28
diverseok, take it back, its November 1521:29
diverseso, just started yesterday21:30
horrorStrucki dont have enough skills to have a strong opinion on this but according to linus/al/alan it would have been better to fork the code when greg stepped down21:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: nvidia: updated to version 310.1921:31
diversehorrorStruck: that is true, because they messed up with a lot of things21:31
diversehorrorStruck: it would be great if Linus and co were to integrate udev in the kernel instead of having it be userland.21:32
horrorStruckdiverse: you're an arch refugee, right?21:32
diversethat is correct21:32
horrorStruckviro what "that >.< close" to merge the code into the kernel sources21:34
diverseit would save a lot of the headache of forking and have people we trust to maintain it instead and work uniformly with the kernel.21:35
joacimi'm guessing there arent that many usable or convenient alternatives for udev on desktop computers.21:37
diversejoacim: mdev comes 2nd21:37
joaciminteresting. i'm already fairly experimental when it comes to that stuff, so i might try it. if i can be bothered.21:39
diversejoacim: linkmauve1 is planning on building that for his system, it might interest you to talk with him on his findings.21:40
horrorStrucksepen has a wiki page on doing this21:41
joacimi need to check the wiki more often21:41
diverseits based off of Gentoo's wiki article, which has more information. You might want to have a look at that as well.21:42
joacimi cant reach their wiki. seems to be dead or not responding21:42
joacimfor me at least21:42
joacimi wont be doing any of that today anyways.21:42
joacimnot a good idea to do such things right before bed21:43
diverseits slow for me too, probably a problem with their servers atm21:43
*** _mavrick61 has quit IRC21:43
*** _mavrick61 has joined #crux21:45
*** dkoby has joined #crux21:57
prologicCan exclude patterns in tar be given as globs?22:03
vee_strange...libpng-32 fails saying zlib isn't installed, prt-get says it is22:22
horrorStruckvee_: what about zlib-3222:27
vee_prt-get doesn't find it o.O22:29
jaegerdid you add core,opt,xorg -multilib to the prt-get.conf file?22:29
vee_have everything except xorg, yes22:29
vee_dont tell me its in xorg...22:29
jaegerit's in opt22:30
jaeger /usr/ports/opt-multilib/libpng-3222:30
jaegernot libpn-32, zlib-3222:31
jaegerin core-multilib22:31
jaegersorry, brain isn't working22:31
vee_let me check it out22:31
jaegernor are fingers, apparently22:31
* jaeger gives up22:31
vee_well, it is there...weird how prt-get doesn't see it. maybe i should update the ports, or spelled it wrong22:32
vee_cant wait tll wine is finished. gunna play me some pokemon crystal like a sir22:33
jaegermake sure {core,opt,xorg}-multilib are first in prt-get.conf22:34
diversevee_: what preventing you from playing on an emulator?22:34
jaegerand if you had to reorganize your rsync files or whatever, definitely update ports22:34
horrorStruckvee_: prt-get-bashcompletion <-- no spelling error anymore22:34
vee_horrorStruck will check it out, jaeger, yea probably need to update haha, diverse CHEATS!22:35
*** c0x has quit IRC22:35
vee_really got use to visual boy advance22:35
diversewhy do you need wine? it works natively on linux as well.22:36
vee_but i read that there is no gui on it, so, no gameshark. gameshark....god i feel like a 9 year old22:37
diverseactually it does have a gui but it doesn't have as many options as the windows one.22:39
diverselast time i recall using it22:39
vee_prologic has one in his ports22:46
vee_maybe ill give it a try22:46
*** vee_ has quit IRC22:53
*** vee_ has joined #crux22:54
*** SiFuh has quit IRC22:55
*** SiFuh has joined #crux22:57
*** SiFuh has quit IRC23:35
*** SiFuh has joined #crux23:36
*** SiFuh has quit IRC23:42
prologichave one what?23:42
*** SiFuh has joined #crux23:43

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