IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2012-11-17

cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: wine: 1.5.16 -> 1.5.1700:02
Romstervee_, seen the emulators repo?00:05
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prologicwe have an emulators repo?00:07
*** SiFuh has joined #crux00:07
vee_oh no, i haven't00:09
vee_prologic, you have vba in your repo i believe00:09
prologicahh yes I do00:10
prologichave played many gameboy games in it00:10
vee_does it by any chance have gameshark?00:10
prologicI don't think so00:10
vee_think this is the repo romster was talking about:
nogagplzemulators is massively out of date at the moment though00:14
vee_just saw xbox, dosbox, and i think a ps2 emulator. drool*00:16
nogagplzxboxdrv is a daemon for xbox controllers00:16
nogagplzpcsx2 is a ps2 emulator though00:16
prologicthere are xbox and ps2 emulators?00:17
nogagplzcxbx is the only active xbox emulator, and it's moving at a snails pace for windows only00:18
jaegerps2, yes00:18
jaegerxbox emulators are crap00:18
prologicnice to know there's a ps2 emulator though00:18
jaegerpcsx2 is really good in windows... not sure how well the graphics plugins have kept up in linux00:19
nogagplzjaeger, gsdx was ported, the hardware renderer is pretty weak but software is fine in linux if you have the power00:19
prologicI ought to integrate pcsx2 and vba into my main mythtv frontend00:19
jaegertakes a hell of a lot of power to make the software renderer worth it, I imagine00:20
jaegerprobably ok at native resolution but that looks like ass00:20
nogagplznot really00:20
nogagplzit's pretty magical00:20
nogagplzdolphins software renderer though.... eek :P00:21
jaegerI try to avoid software renderers :D00:23
prologicyeah software sux :)00:24
nogagplzwho could say no to 2560x2112 wind waker :P00:24
jaegerxenoblade chronicles :)00:24
nogagplzdid you know pandoras tower also has an english release now00:26
jaegeryeah, though not in the US00:27
nogagplzmeh, like anybody lives in the US ;P00:27
vee_now thats classy....haha00:59
diversenogagplz: what do you mean by software renderer?01:06
nogagplzrendered on the01:07
nogagplzCPU not gpu01:07
diversetherefore more weight on the cpu then necessary?01:08
nogagplzdepends how it's implemented I guess01:08
nogagplzthe pcsx2 software renderer seems to be magical in its execution (ie extremely usable)01:08
nogagplzwhereas dolphin by comparison not so much01:08
diversewell i guess they pull some dark magic to optimize it like crazy01:09
nogagplzin the case of pcsx2 though the opengl renderer is piss poor while software does much better, so your back is to the wall01:09
diverseeven on the latest svn pull?01:09
nogagplzgabest, the guy who did gsdx is a wizard :P01:09
nogagplzyeah, the guy who was doing the opengl renderer has been busy01:10
Romsteropt-multilib: wine: 1.5.15 -> 1.5.1701:24
Romsterso if you built wine already vee_ i've bumped it to the most recent version.01:25
vee_it failed somewhere down the line...was too lazy to post it01:26
Romsterbuilt for me from scratch in a clean chroot.01:26
vee_ah, well, ill try again01:27
vee_just going to update the ports01:27
Romsterbe sure you add01:28
Romsterprtdir /usr/ports/core-multilib01:28
Romsterprtdir /usr/ports/opt-multilib01:28
Romsterprtdir /usr/ports/xorg-multilib01:28
vee_oh i've added them01:29
Romsterabove the other prtdir entries.01:31
Romsterthen it should work01:31
Romsterprt-et sysup too01:31
Romsterprt-get sysup01:31
vee_ah. haven't done the update...01:31
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Romsterpkg-clean ins in romster repo designed for VM and chroot cleaning.01:33
Romsteris in01:34
vee_chroot cleaning o.O01:35
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vee_ xorg-inputproto-32 failed01:40
prologicRomster, how does it differ from prtwash -a -s -p01:41
Kaishipkg-clean and prtwash, what do they do?01:44
Kaishijust cleanup the sources or something?01:44
vee_looks like it01:45
vee_ prtwash  is  a bash script to clean the port tree of the CRUX Linux distribution. You can clean a single or multiple directories01:45
vee_       or the entire port tree. With the given options it is possible to choose what kind of files the program should delete.   A  test01:45
vee_       mode is provided.01:45
vee_god damn it, keep forgetting copy paste doesn't paste one thing, it breaks it down01:45
Kaishithat would probably be a good idea then, to keep the ports stuff clean-ish01:46
prologicyeah I use prtwash all the time01:46
prologicbut Romster , how does pkg-clean differ?01:46
vee_wondering if it could do all the directories at once, or, it has to be specified01:46
Kaishihow do I get it? is it available via ports?01:46
prologicvee_, it can01:46
prologicprtwash -a -p -s01:46
prologic-a -- automatic01:46
prologicprt-get depinst prt-utils01:46
prologicit's in opt01:47
vee_i have installed it, but you have to specify at least one path, right01:47
vee_keeps saying unkown architecture01:47
vee_perhaps thats why there is a pkg-clean?01:48
Kaishiprologic: why depinst vs install?01:48
prologicvee_, no01:48
prologicjust -a01:48
prologicKaishi, habit01:48
prologicdepinst installs dependencies too01:49
vee_not sure what the unknown architecture is about....strange01:49
Kaishido you get an error if dependencies are missing otherwise?01:49
nogagplzprologic, I think clean is supposed to remove all installed packages barring core01:49
Romstereh i haven't used prtwash so i can not comment there.01:49
prologicso what does pkg-clean do then?01:50
prologicis it a clone(ish) of prtwash?01:50
Romsterpkg-clean only pkgrm's all ports but core and a few select others to use prt-get depinst foo again to test another port.01:50
Romsterbasically to find missing dependencies in ports and to generate clean footprints01:52
Romsterwithout having to redo the chroot/vm after every prt-get depinst01:52
vee_just thought i should pont out for lols that i just found out you can download the pkgmk file and install a program instead of getting an rsync file and wht not01:53
Romsterhmm i'll fix that port vee hang on01:53
prologicRomster, cool01:55
prologicsounds like a handy tool01:55
prologicmind if we collaborate on a mini project involing such tools?01:56
vee_still dont get why this prtwash keeps saying unknown architecture selected -_____-01:56
Romsterin romster/pkg-clean i should add a man page to it too. it's part of the old safe-build thing i was using.01:56
prologicchroot / openvz - very similar goals01:56
Romsteri just stuck it in it's own port for now until i know what to put it with.01:56
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vee_Romster, is it called pkg-clean in the database?01:58
Romsteryeah i jsut added it it's in my ports romster/pkg-clean soit wont be on portsdb yet01:59
Romsterbut you can get it now with ports -u romster ; prt-get install pkg-clean01:59
prologicRomster, talk in -devel01:59
vee_oh okay thanks romster!02:00
vee_what other goodies have you guys been hiding from us?02:00
Romstervee_, if you commnet out that find what files do you get in /usr/share?02:01
prologicI now maintain crux 2.6, 2.7 and 2.8 x86_64 openvz templates02:01
vee_sorry Romster not sure what you mean02:01
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Romstercd /usr/ports/xorg-multilib/xorg-inputproto-3202:02
Romster$EDITOR Pkgfile02:02
Romstercomment out find by appending a #find to the start02:02
Romsterpastebin the new files you get02:02
Romsterno i dind't mean that...02:04
Romsterchange fine to #find02:04
Romsterthen save and exit then pkgmk02:04
Romsterpastebin the shell new files02:05
Romstermight be all doc but i need to be certain.02:05
vee_oh i see, alright let me run it and post02:05
vee_foot print mismatch, but i ignored it02:06
vee_installed just fine :)02:07
Romsterugh i wanted to see that footprint missmatch02:12
Romsterseriously either i'm bad with English or you do not comprehend what i'm saying.02:13
Romsterguess i'll have to find the ports needed to generate manuals etc install and try to find it myself.02:13
Romsternevermind i fixed it vee_02:16
Romsterports -u xorg-x86_64-multilib ; prt-get update -fr xorg-inputproto-3202:16
vee_oh, sorry Romster, my bad. was continuing the install, and talloc-32 failed. i haven't done anything yet, would you like the pastebin?02:19
Romsteri fixed xorg-inputproto-32, what's u with talloc-3202:21
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Romsterwhy is it this builds in the chroot but not on my system, seems files shift...02:35
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sporkboxWhich init system does CRUX use by default?02:38
diverseinitscripts and no systemd ;)02:38
sporkboxdiverse: :)02:38
sporkboxCool, I'm thinking about trying CRUX sometime.02:39
Romsterbsd like init scripts02:39
sporkboxFigured I'd ask02:39
Romsterbe sre to read the doc on crux.nu02:39
prologicsporkbox, yell if you wanna have a feel for what it's like02:39
prologicI have a vm up and running02:39
prologicI'll probably pull it down soon :)02:39
sporkboxI used to use Arch, which was inspired by CRUX. I left to Gentoo to get more control, and I've come to enjoy source-based.02:39
sporkboxprologic: oh, cool02:39
prologicGentoo has control - if you like pulling your hair out :)02:40
sporkboxIndeed. :P02:40
prologicCRUX's level of control is like a calm ocean breeze :)02:40
sporkboxI enjoy Gentoo. My only issue so far is that I made the fatal mistake of going no-multilib.02:40
sporkboxAnd 64-bit Flash seems to not want to display streams on :02:41
sporkboxThat's a small price to pay for such a nice system, though.02:41
diversesporkbox: actually I think I know you. You were the former Arch Linux user that IgnorantGuru reference on his blog. Your blog was very informative. Good to see you here. :)02:41
sporkboxdiverse: Whoa. :O02:41
sporkboxSmall world!02:41
prologicI'm pretty sure CRUX is entirely made up of our rc port (BSD-style init scripts on top of sysvinit), pkgutils (our low-level package management tools), prt-get (our higher level package management tool) and not much else02:41
sporkboxThanks for the compliment. I tried to give the Arch guys the benefit of the doubt re: systemd, but the more I read, the more angry I got, and thus my rant. >_>02:42
sporkboxIG's a great guy, too.02:42
prologicsystemd is a bad choice for Arch IHMO02:42
prologicmy colleague at work uses Arch02:42
prologicI'm not a fan of complex systems (from the latin word complect)02:43
sporkboxIt's really a shame, too. If not for the systemd debacle, I'd still be using Arch because I enjoy its PKGBUILD system and pacman.02:43
prologicanything that mixes features into a single thing is too complex for me02:43
prologicand systemd does that02:43
sporkboxprologic: Yep.02:43
diversesporkbox: i feel the same way02:43
prologicheh Arch's PKGBUILD  hmmm02:43
prologicpersonally I prefer CRUX's Pkgfile02:43
prologicway way simpler02:43
sporkboxPKGBUILDs come from CRUX and BSD's ports-style files02:44
prologicthe only thing I've ever wanted is support for reading and caching Group: in prt-get02:44
sporkboxSo go figure :P02:44
prologicyeah I know :)02:44
prologicArch borrowed/stole a lot of features from CRUX02:44
prologicliberally of course ;)02:44
sporkboxI took a quick look at a pkgfile from CRUX and it looks like a simpler, cleaner PKGBUILD02:44
diverseprologic: pretty much stoled and abused :P02:45
sporkboxAs soon as I get my second box up and running properly, I'll probably give CRUX a shot.02:45
sporkboxI enjoy Gentoo but I can see maintaining it getting in the way of doing things at times.02:45
prologicdiverse, agreed :)02:45
prologicI've used Gentoo for a short time many many years ago02:45
prologicI felt it was too cumbersome02:45
sporkboxIt takes some heavy reading prior to installing IMO.02:46
sporkboxNothing wrong with that; Gentoo's just not for the faint of heart.02:46
prologicfor not much gain02:46
sporkboxI love USE flags, though.02:46
sporkboxAwesome concept.02:46
prologicpersonally I don't :)02:46
prologicI prefer prt-get edit <port>02:46
prologicfollowed by prt-get update <port>02:46
prologicbut of course that means you have to _knoew_ the software you're using02:47
sporkboxI tend to be a bit OCD, so I love controlling every feature of every package.02:47
prologicwhich most CRUXers are okay with obviously :)02:47
sporkboxedit and update, eh?02:47
sporkboxdoes that just let you edit the pkgfile or something?02:47
prologicthat's pretty much the work flow around here02:47
prologicthat's why many folks maintain their own versions of ports02:47
prologicwhich is why we have so much duplication02:47
sporkboxDuplication's not always a bad thing. Redundancy for good ideas. :)02:48
sporkboxThere's still a canonical source for the main pkgs though, right?02:48
sporkboxthe core repo?02:48
prologicsporkbox, try it out :)02:48
prologicCRUX 2.8 x86_6402:48
vee_read regretted not going with a multilib, perhaps you should try the multilib one :)02:50
sporkboxvee_: Gentoo? Yeah. Thing is, it's difficult to switch to multilib without basically reinstalling.02:50
sporkboxI tried to follow a guide, but it hung up on compiling sandbox and I couldn't get it to cooperate.02:50
sporkboxAt least my system wasn't borked, though. :)02:51
vee_woh, i meant if you decide to try crux, which i think you'd really like, you should try the multilib verison02:52
sporkboxWell of course! :)02:52
diversesporkbox: i think you will like this distro more :)02:53
sporkboxExperience has taught me that a multi-purpose box can't (easily) go pure 64-bit and expect to have flawless Flash and gaming yet :/02:53
sporkboxdiverse: Maybe I will. I still haven't settled on my new "home" yet, so I'm still looking around.02:53
sporkboxSweet, CRUX fits on a CD02:54
prologicd'uh :)02:54
prologicon a ~250MB CD at that02:54
sporkbox257 MB for the 2012-10-25 release02:54
Kaishioptical media, what's that02:55
diverseit can be flash on usb as well02:55
sporkboxSmaller than Arch02:55
sporkboxdiverse: ofc02:55
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sporkboxI have a USB stick around here...02:55
prologicthe openvz image is only 117M compressed02:55
sporkboxThis makes me wish I had a spare hard drive to shove into my box and try right now...02:56
prologicspin up virtualbox02:56
sporkboxhm. I don't remember if I enabled that in my kernel02:57
* sporkbox checks.02:57
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sporkboxprt-get has a printf, that's awesome03:03
sporkboxCustom output for scripting!03:03
*** Rotwang has joined #crux03:07
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sporkboxDoes prt-get search only search what's currently installed?03:08
vee_no, you can search for programs in the repos too i believe03:09
Rotwangin repos defined in prt-get.conf03:09
vee_alright good night guys, nag you tomorrow03:10
*** vee_ has quit IRC03:10
diversesporkbox: btw, another udev fork just came out and is sponsored by Gentoo, so this could be of interest to you:
diversethis one appears to have been forked just a couple of days ago, so its new.03:23
Romsterwonder what will become of the other fork03:25
*** horrorSt1uck has joined #crux03:26
diverseRomster: i wonder about that too. That one was forked off of udev 182, where as udev-ng is freshly forked from github03:26
diversewell fd.o's git i mean03:27
*** horrorStruck has quit IRC03:28
RotwangRomster: it seems that wxgtk depends on xorg/glu, I'm filling bug report atm03:48
Rotwangit seems that glu moved from mesa3d to its own software component03:49
*** horrorSt1uck is now known as horrorStruck03:51
sporkboxHm, does CRUX have a pkg for the nvidia xorg driver?03:52
sporkboxI see nouveau and nv in ports03:52
Romsteri'll fix that shortly03:55
horrorStruckhej niklaswe03:59
niklaswehow are you guys?03:59
niklaswehehe :)04:01
Romsterpre-hangover going out to drink and play pool04:02
*** kInOzAwA has joined #crux04:03
diverseRomster: have fun04:03
*** kInOzAwA is now known as Guest362904:03
prologicpre-hangover - staying home and coding, working on crux stuff, drinking and eating pizza04:03
sporkboxWell, compiled my new kernel to support virtualization. Just gotta reboot after I'm done downloading the iso.04:03
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Rotwangprologic: drinking tea?04:08
prologicbug wisers04:08
prologicbud wisers*04:08
prologicI can't type already04:08
diverseprologic: no, it really means you are into programming ;)04:08
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*** Rotwang has joined #crux08:28
diverseit seems like udev-ng is gaining popularity in slashdot, reddit, and phoronix.08:51
joacimtoo popular for me09:11
*** spacea has joined #crux09:13
spaceaso many people!09:14
spaceaI am really interested in trying out crux - I wanted to know about how easy it is to setup proprietary drivers in crux? ATi to be specific09:15
joacimshouldnt be too hard09:22
spaceajoacim: I couldn't find anything related to it via a search so I thought I'd ask09:23
cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: dhcpcd: updated to 5.6.309:25
joacimi'm trying to find it, but i cant remember what those drivers are called anymore09:25
spaceajoacim: You can get them from the vendor's website...09:26
joacimi'm trying to find the prot for it.09:27
spaceaoh! there is a port!09:27
joacimi can only find something called radeon-ucode, but i dont really know what that is09:29
frinnstspacea: depending on your hardware and 3d needs, i would recommend to use the free driver09:29
spaceafrinnst: the free driver doesn't work with my card09:30
spaceaRadeon HD 785009:30
*** jse has left #crux09:30
spaceatell me about it09:31
spaceaso I am just trying crux for the heck of it09:31
spaceawhy do you guys use it over other distros?09:31
joacimi like it09:31
frinnstit gives me what i need without any annoyances :)09:32
spaceadifferences compared to arch?09:32
joacimno system d09:32
spaceathat's it?09:33
frinnstnever used arch, so cant say09:34
joacimit looks like radeon_ucode should support your chip with the pitcairn fw09:39
joacimthe gentoo wiki contains some information about building your kernel with these.09:41
*** Kaishi has joined #crux09:44
diversespacea: no systemd, packages are compiled, light on dependencies, more freedom, no lies or bullshit from developers, and a more friendly community. ;)10:17
Kaishialso it's easy and fun to learn CRUX :)10:17
diversethe list goes on as you can see.10:17
Kaishi"fun to learn" is probably the top priority for me10:18
*** sprit has joined #crux10:22
diversePkgfile files are also simpler (which the idea was originally started in Crux)10:22
spritHi! good day, i neel help with kernel :(10:23
Kaishito me, crux is in the same sphere with arch and gentoo, but way more approachable :)10:23
spaceadiverse: I guess those are pretty solid reasons :)10:24
spaceaI wanted to install the 64 bit version10:24
spaceaare 64 bit ports easily available?10:24
RotwangI have this little request from someone who has some time10:24
joacimsprit: what about the kernel?10:24
joacimspacea: they are10:25
Kaishirotwang, what do you need?10:25
RotwangI need someone with:10:25
Rotwangcrux 2.810:25
Rotwangkernel with ipv6 support10:25
KaishiI can bring up a VM to that effect if no one else has something close10:26
spritI always wanted to install crux, but i have always problem with kernel, kernel panic and others more...10:26
Rotwangon a desktop computer10:26
Rotwangso I have this problem, I'm trying to update teeworlds port10:26
spritI have experience in GNU/Linux, but never with the kernel joacim10:26
Kaishisprit: you're probably missing a couple important options in compiling the kernel or something10:27
Rotwangbut teeworlds wont wok, I'm betting it is a ipv6 issue10:27
KaishiI just started messing with it heavily a couple of days ago and it's been a ball :310:27
Kaishirotwang, what's teeworlds?10:27
horrorStrucksprit: i can make a minimal but working config for you if you want10:28
frinnstsprit: make sure you build the following not as modules: your sata/scsi controller, scsi-disk, filesystem10:28
horrorStruckor do this ^10:29
Rotwangsprit: you could try with initramfs as well10:29
Kaishirotwang: does that mean you'd need X?10:29
Rotwangfrinnst: congrats on your core ascention10:29
spritI love all minimum has sure why the kernel fails me (sorry my english, i speak spanish)10:29
RotwangKaishi: yes10:29
frinnstRotwang: thanks, but its buisiness as usual :)10:30
spritRotwang, Yeah, I do, but there are other options I usually disable the inecesarias see, there are some manual compile the kernel?10:30
Rotwangfrinnst: btw. I found some time to upgrade crux on my ci env, so I'll be updateing tb shortly10:30
*** joe9 has joined #crux10:30
Rotwangsprit: it is usually good to know what a certain option does before you disable it10:30
frinnstsweet.. Im thinking of splitting out xulrunner from firefox. thunderbird should build against it these days. also would make thunderbird a lot easier to maintain :)10:31
Kaishisprit: you can manually compile your own kernel, but you need to be careful in which options you select.10:31
frinnsti'll let you know when i have a port working10:31
Rotwangfrinnst: I'll have to investigate this tb - xulrunner linkings10:32
Rotwangfrinnst: ok10:32
spritOh, and there a manual to know the settings?10:32
horrorStruckpress ?10:32
horrorStruckfor help ^10:32
*** s44 has quit IRC10:34
KaishiYes! discovering that was so awesome for me10:34
Kaishilike legitimately awesome, no hyperbole10:34
KaishiI spent like 4 hours just reading kernel documentation10:34
Kaishiand selecting only the right options... and then, feeling scared, gave that new config a compile...10:35
Kaishi\o/ success!!10:35
Kaishilast night was awesome10:35
Kaishimy team has been really impressed with my progress on the backend of our server.10:35
Kaishiit's apparently a lot more stable and connects faster too10:36
Rotwangbtw. any recomendation on filesystem that allows you to share iscsi disk?10:42
Rotwangor any other way10:43
Rotwangwe have tried gfs and lustre10:43
Rotwanganything else worth trying10:43
KaishiI normally do all my fileserver stuff in OpenIndiana10:46
Kaishifor ZFS10:46
Rotwangonly linux stuff10:47
KaishiFUSE has a ZFS port but I dunno how good it is10:47
Kaishiyou can reject my recommendation but ZFS is a magical filesystem.  someday BTRFS will be as good, I hope10:48
Rotwangfuse + zfs I don't like that10:48
KaishiEXT4, reiser3, ZFS, and NTFS are the only filesystems I ever deal with these days.10:49
Kaishiin reverse order of frequency oddly, heh10:49
Kaishithe new microsoft filesystem is pretty cool, similar idea/spirit to btrfs and zfs, only proprietary and requiring windows server 2012 >_<10:50
Rotwangthank god I do not have to deal with windows anymore10:51
Kaishieh, you say that.  Server 2012 is the most POSIX-y windows yet, and I kinda love it.  I mean it's still windows but, it feels... livable :)10:52
RotwangI've heard good things about new windowses, but they cannot erase their past10:54
Kaishican be installed CLI only yet do any of the roles, mgmt through powershell, interfaces to handle multiple boxes concurrently (WinRM), and all the love from kerberos.  I need to integrate CRUX with kerberos next >_> that'll be a challenge10:54
joacimi dont know. i think theyre getting more and more complicated and messy10:55
joacimi remember enjoying win2k way more than i do vista/7, but i dont know if thats just nostalgia.10:55
Kaishijoacim: I'm a windows server engineer by day, if you can believe that :) I've been using server 2012 since beta, and I can say it's a lot cleaner and easier to manage.  I mean, I can do real configuration and whatnot via powershell scripts.  VBscript is gone forever.10:57
*** dkoby has quit IRC10:58
Kaishirotwang, I can't agree with the "can't erase past" thing.  Things change, people change, we have to evaluate what we have to work with right now.  Because inevitably, so too will _we_ change10:58
KaishiI mean I'm a windows engineer but I use solaris, bsd, and linux about as much as I do windows10:59
Rotwangyes, but past experience and hate cannot be forgoten11:00
Kaishithat's change11:00
RotwangI remember hours trying to make things work11:00
Rotwangwonderful cmd.exe11:00
KaishiTHat's how I felt about linux and bash for a long time11:01
Kaishiit's just a learning curve11:01
Rotwangwritten by drunk algol programmer11:01
Kaishialso cmd is dead11:01
Kaishipowershell is in11:01
joacimoh how i miss ms dos11:01
Kaishiand here I just removed the MSDOS filesystem options from the linux kernel11:02
joacimthose systems were actually fun to use11:02
KaishiI don't miss working with drivers from back then11:02
KaishiI will say this: the windows approach to drivers in the current paradigm is pretty excellent.  Almost never does the layperson need to go find and install drivers since Windows Update can deliver them, and they're usually posted to that db about 10 days after release from the devs11:03
*** spacea has left #crux11:04
Kaishi10 days of testing11:04
KaishiI wish there were aptitude for windows, or heck, I'm coming to rather love prt-get11:05
PantoufleKaishi: the Store is going to be the evil, bureaucratic version11:09
Rotwangthe Store?11:10
KaishiI have mixed emotions about all the win8 stuff11:10
PantoufleWindows 8’s thing11:10
Kaishirotwang: MS made a new applet engine and created a store to publish those applets11:10
PantoufleOr, as I call it, « badly done tiling window management for illiterate »11:10
Kaishisimilar idea to Apple's AppStore or GooglePlay11:10
Rotwangyeah, I was about to say that it sounds appleish/googlish11:11
KaishiI don't use it, outside of a few very handy apps11:11
*** sprit has quit IRC11:11
Kaishimost of my work is cli or powershell11:11
Kaishiscripting that is11:11
KaishiI need VIM for powershell,11:11
Kaishiholy crap11:12
Kaishithat just hit me11:12
KaishiI remember when I used to loathe vi11:12
Kaishiif anyone needs, here's the powershell 3.0 installer for win7:
Kaishialso new WMI, woo11:13
Kaishiprobably 20% of my job is WQL against WMI11:13
KaishiWQL is basically SQL for WMI, just slightly different11:14
Kaishi95% SQL11:14
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*** horrorSt1uck has joined #crux12:07
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*** horrorStruck has joined #crux12:22
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*** vee_ has joined #crux13:13
*** joacim has quit IRC13:18
*** joacim has joined #crux13:18
*** muhaha has joined #crux13:45
muhahahow i install gnome in crux?13:45
*** Guest63188 is now known as kInOzAwA14:05
*** kInOzAwA has joined #crux14:05
*** joacim has quit IRC14:18
*** joacim has joined #crux14:19
jaegermuhaha: as far as I know there are no currently maintained gnome ports for crux but you could make a set of your own if you like, or use mate14:32
vee_i heard mate was considerably lighter too14:32
jaegerit's about the same as gnome 214:32
muhahamate is faster and light?14:33
muhahai need one windows manager faster, i cant use dwm :(14:34
joacimopenbox is nice, if you just need a window manager14:34
jaegermate is very much like gnome 2, it's not going to be lighter than a standalone WM14:34
joacimthere is xfce is you rather have a desktop environment14:35
muhahai cant use windows minimalist, wanted to use but i cant not14:35
muhahaI remember in a previous version of the site appeared crux for gnome14:37
*** unterwulf has joined #crux14:37
unterwulfHi. Does the official CRUX bug tracker have no functionality to reopen bugs or I am just missing something?14:39
muhahaI will try to compile everything if I succeed, I will make a port! thanks all :)14:42
vee_oh i thought i read that mate was a bit lighter than gnome3. well, muhaha, dwm is pretty easy, just started using it a few days ago myself14:42
jaegermuhaha: if you decide to use mate, take a look at
jaegerif you decide to use gnome instead, you'll have to make your own :)14:43
jaegerunterwulf: I believe it does14:43
muhahavee_ dwm is awesome! I use it for a long time, but I need gnome because if :(14:44
*** Nomius has joined #crux14:47
unterwulfjaeger: Huh, it was not easy but I found the button "Request re-open". Thanks.14:49
muhahaIre to compile gnome, wish me luck! greetings and thanks14:52
jaegergood luck :)14:53
vee_woot woot. going to seafoam the car today :D15:05
*** muhaha has quit IRC15:06
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*** muahhaa has joined #crux16:37
muahhaaError, error, and more error, fcking compile gnome16:38
frinnstgnome is a bitch16:38
muahhaathe bitch not is gnome, the bitch is my boss.16:42
frinnstdont they offer some kind of install-script-package thingy these days?16:47
jaegeryour boss might be a bitch but I'd say gnome is, too :P16:49
nogagplzyou know the old saying16:50
nogagplzlike desktop environment like boss16:51
muahhaahahaha, my boss want a gnome, I refuse to install debian! crux rlz!16:52
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC16:54
vee_how do you guys manage to convince your boss to run linux17:06
vee_i keep trying to tell the people i help out to do the same...they say no, even though i have everything setup, and have it look similar to their previous desktops17:06
muahhaajaeger, mate includes all programs?17:09
muahhaavee_ easy, with two sentences, "more money"17:09
jaegernot all yet17:12
muahhaai need the necessay, e.g file manager17:13
vee_i gave em' all the benifits, they wouldn't budge. eh, more viruses, more work for this guy17:17
joacimi dont even have an av on my windows install17:49
joacimnever had any viruses17:49
joacimso i stopped caring about preventing them17:49
joacimrun without one for 3-4 years nwo17:49
*** lasso has quit IRC17:56
Romsteralso post-hangover :D18:21
jaegervee_: I get jobs that specifically require it :)18:28
*** kInOzAwA_ has joined #crux18:33
*** muahhaa has quit IRC18:36
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*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux18:54
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*** SiFuh has joined #crux19:02
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vee_deep freeze is awesome...use to use shadow defender, it was quite good. jaeger: lucky you. IT jobs here are pretty hard now....everyone is cheap19:12
*** guzzano has joined #crux20:10
guzzanoHi, i need help please20:10
guzzanoI installed the kernel, but kernel say: VFS: Canont open root device,or unknow-block(0,0): error-620:11
guzzanoKernel panic - not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknow20:11
jaegerguzzano: that usually means your kernel config is missing support for either your filesystem or your disk controller20:11
guzzanoMy fileystem (ext4) is compiled and my disk controller20:13
jaegeras builtin <*>, not module? <m>20:13
guzzanoYes <20:13
jaegerok, then what is your disk layout? and the bootloader config?20:14
guzzanoKernel say: Plase append correct "root=" boot option bl bla bla... my bootloader config is with grub-mkconfig20:15
jaegercan you paste the config file somewhere as well as the output from 'fdisk -l' ?20:16 or similar20:16
guzzanocomplete?  I have to do by hand20:26
jaegeryou could use ssh or wgetpaste, perhaps20:26
jaegeror just make sure that your grub config root= option matches the correct partition where / is20:27
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o tilman20:30
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*** dkoby has joined #crux20:40
*** horrorSt1uck is now known as horrorStruck20:47
vee_we've been getting a lot of people coming in lately...what in gods name did arch do20:49
Romsteryeah it's been hectic in here lately.20:56
vee_sure new faces cant be too bad21:00
*** dkoby has quit IRC21:26
*** guzzano has quit IRC21:26
*** _mavrick61 has quit IRC21:32
*** _mavrick61 has joined #crux21:33
joacimthey all came from arch?22:08
*** Kaishi has joined #crux22:33
prologicarch is screwing everyone over with systemd22:56
prologicit's an awful choice22:56
*** guzzano has joined #crux23:09
guzzanoEy jaeger, I installed wgetpaste and say: "Resolving...  failed: certificate no valid... intent --no-check-certificate"23:12
*** vee_ has quit IRC23:14
jaegerguzzano: does wgetpaste have an option to ignore certificates?23:16
guzzanoYes, but apparently does not work23:17
jaegerI suppose you could create ~/.wgetrc with "check_certificate = off" in it23:19
jaegerI would NOT leave that there permanently, though23:19
guzzanoI've compiled the kernel 32 times hahhahaha. As it did not work I created my own script, fsdisk and grub logs?23:22
jaegerrepetition is a good learning tool, sometimes23:23
guzzanofdisk and grub
jaegerdoes "blkid | grep sda2" match b6f6cfbc-2ea3-47eb-a447-9614a2165dba ?23:33
jaegerok, good. can you also paste the kernel config file?23:36
jaegerthe grub config looks fine23:36
jaegerout of curiosity, what is /dev/sdb? the partition table output is odd23:37
guzzanosdb is a disk usb23:38
jaegeroops, forgot to ask, can you add "lspci -k" to that?23:39
jaegerand lastly which filesystem did you use?23:42
guzzanoext4 and is compiled23:43
jaegerok, so I was right earlier when I said this: 20:13 <@jaeger> as builtin <*>, not module? <m>23:43
jaegerthose both need to be y (<*> in menuconfig)23:44
guzzanowtf? in menuconfig say... <*>the extend 4 (ext4) filesystem and <*> ext4 extended attributes and posis access23:46
jaegerhrmm, very strange. if menuconfig says <*> then where did the gist come from?23:46
jaegerif you look at line 2046 of the gist it's definitely =m23:47
jaegersame with ata_piix on line 106323:47
guzzanoInsurance is my mistake. reparare it, thank you very much for your time jaeger, you are awesome!23:51
jaegernp, hope it helps. :)23:51

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