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niklaswehow can i set so ports using proxy?02:25
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prologicexport http_proxy=...02:44
niklasweyupp but I must using rsync_proxy :)02:54
Romsterguzzano opera midori02:55
Romsteri'm starting to use midori more now, flash seems to work better in that than in firefox.02:56
mastisi personally prefer the iron browser03:00
prologicmidori, iron, opera, chrome, firefox03:02
prologicwhat others are there?03:02
prologicand are they any good? :)03:02
mastisiron is chrome but without the "spyware", imho it's good and fast03:04
mastisfirefox is better if you have fast cpu and ram03:04
prologiciron huh03:04
prologicis it based on chformium?03:04
systemd_suxXRomster, iron for lin is still an ALPHA, so it might be dangerous to use that for daily internet browsing if you are security concerned03:09
Romsteroh that chromium striped off features that make it less secure.03:19
Romsterchromium feels heavy03:19
Romsteri don't see what's going for that.03:20
niklaswedoes someone know how i can use httpup for core,contrib and opt instead of rsync, the proxy we use dont allow rsync..03:43
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diversesystemd_suxX: nice name :)03:53
systemd_suxXdiverse, yeah was pissed arch has given up BSD-style init O_o03:53
diverseyeah I know. I was an Arch user once, until I took the systemd arrow to the knee.03:54
systemd_suxXdiverse, but the good side of this is, that made me checking out crux and now I like it.03:55
mastisim currently arch user and switching away because of systemd03:57
diversesystemd_suxX: indeed, i was definitely looking into going into a source based distro, until i stumbled on Crux, and I was like "Hey, it has BSD style init scripts, its closer to FreeBSD in how packages are handled, and you get more freedom. Why didn't I came here earlier?"03:58
systemd_suxXdiverse, if figured out it's source based once I tried it, I wanted to have a distri with clean design, close to BSD and following KISS03:59
systemd_suxXdiverse, I still prefer Slackware, but crux is a nice, small sexy distri and I like it too, downside is stripped i18n support04:00
diversesystemd_suxX: i remember you were having unicode issues from before.04:01
diversenot unicode, i mean IM issues.04:01
systemd_suxXdiverse, that is solved now, actually not complicated to fix once you know how, but if I want to have all user space software localized I need to do a world rebuild to get localization, that's the downside...04:03
Romstersystemd_suxX, if it's a really big issue on stripped i18n support, i could maek a clone of the tree and strip out the --disable-nls stuff.04:03
diverseRomster: create an i18n collection?04:04
systemd_suxXdiverse, also creating an initrd might be a tricky task on crux since there is no script that takes care of it, think of lvm root partition or encrypted root or raid on /04:04
Romstera non stripped out NLS po files of each port so it can display in there own native language04:04
Romsteri'm using lvm but instead of a intrid i just use a dedicated hdd for the root.04:05
Romstersoon to be a SSD when i get that in the next few days04:05
systemd_suxXRomster, well that is really kind of you but thanks, I think you couls spent your valuable time on developing crux rather than branching ;)04:05
Romsteri spend a considerable amount of time on ports as it is. wouldn't take much effort to clone and write some script to strip out the required bits for me04:06
systemd_suxXRomster, a small team must concentrate on core features, but thanks for the offer04:06
Romstersystemd_suxX, if you wanted to you could do that yourself too.04:07
systemd_suxXRomster, it would be a welcome option for some non english users04:07
Romsteri know of no one else that's using i18n though.04:07
Romstermy problem is i try todo too much -_-04:08
systemd_suxXRomster, I heard missing i18n support is a no-go for some users, enabling it might get you new users, I don#t know if that is worth spending time to branch the ports04:08
Romsteras things stand we don't have enough devaloper power/time and none of use see that as a needed feature. so that's why crux is english only04:09
systemd_suxXRomster, yep as I said I can live with it as I still can rebuild if I need i18n, crux is not may main system so don#t waste your time on that, but initrd support and a mkinitrd script would be nice, could try to make a live version of crux then once...04:10
Romsterbut if someone else wanted todo the work for it sure go for it, we can have that repo as a contributor i8n flavour of crux.04:10
Romsterjaeger, had some initrid script i think. he might share it.04:11
Romsterit's really a matter of heading to LFS and seeing how to build a initrid04:11
diversesystemd_suxX: which language is on your system?04:11
jueniklaswe: yeah, the URL is something like
Romsteri relate crux to LFS with a package manager04:11
* systemd_suxX overwhelmed by how familiar the crux comminity is, developer and users are on constructive dialog04:13
diverseThat is the benefit of having a small community.04:13
diverseand everyone is friendly! \o/04:14
systemd_suxXdiverse, my system is german with additional japanese language support ;)04:14
prologicwe try to be :)04:15
prologicall of us!04:15
systemd_suxXbtw, how do ya determine which dependencies should be listed in your Pkgfile?04:15
prologicyou build the port04:15
prologicover and over again04:15
prologiceach time cleaning your system04:15
prologicRomster developed some scripts and ways to help with this - by using chroot's04:15
prologicI'm doing something similar myself with openvz04:16
systemd_suxXprologic, do I need to list build deps as well, how about deps that ar part of core or opt? Do I only list runtime deps of community and own repo?04:16
prologictypically you don't list build deps04:17
prologicand usually not core04:17
prologicbut definately opt and contrib or others04:17
prologic*I think* though - usually if you build a port and publish it to your own repo04:17
prologicyou should also publish it's deps in your repo04:17
prologicunless they are in opt/contrib04:17
diversesystemd_suxX: btw, if you want a good terminal that supports multi languages, take a look at mlterm. Its written from scratch and is said to have legendary utf8 support.04:18
prologicotherwise it makes it harder for others to install your port (they'd have to get some other repo as well)04:18
systemd_suxXproligic, diverse, thanks for the hints04:21
prologicnps :)04:21
diversesystemd_suxX: to spark you interest even more, the developer is Japanese. So he knows what he is doing. ;)04:22
prologicit's pretty trivial to build a crux chroot btw04:22
systemd_suxXdiverse, ;D04:22
prologicmkdir my_chroot && mkdir -p my_chroot/var/lib/pkg && touch my_chroot/var/lib/pkg/db && pkgadd -r my_chroot pkgs/*.tar.xz04:22
prologicand steal the setup-chroot from the cd to mount/bind dev/proc/sys/tmp and enter the chroot04:23
Romsterlets not forget sepens/pitallos safe-env too that did a similer thing to my chroots but with a loop mounted file.04:24
prologicI should check that out :)04:24
Romsteri might use openvz if i get my hands on your work prologic :P it would be easier to test more stuff by running it.04:24
Romsteri was thinking of using logical volumes instead since i have lvm at my disposal but i haven't done anything like that yet04:26
prologicRomster, you can right now04:29
prologicgrab some spare hw04:29
prologicor re-install ProxMox VE on some existing hw04:30
prologicand download my templates04:30
prologicProxMox VE installs LVMs be default04:30
prologicand automatically partitinos up the host hdd appropariately04:30
Romsterah nice i do need more hdd space first then i can do that04:31
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: masqmail: fix permisssion mode of /var/lock05:15
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: libevent: update to 2.0.2105:15
cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: automake: update to 1.12.505:16
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diverseyou know, i was wondering, could you have the site post a log of the port updates on the site?06:04
diversewhatever updates cruxbot spits out, it can be automatically updated on the main site.06:05
diversejue: thanks06:11
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virusshi !06:44
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virussi try to install the php library gd but when i try it tells me that doesn t exist06:46
ccssnetive ran into that before on openwrt. i forget what solves it06:57
ccssnetinteresting nickname btw...06:58
virussi want to use the php function imagerotate but it show me nothing06:58
ccssneto right. check if imagemagick is installed06:58
ccssnetor if its related06:59
virussi tryed echo '<?php if(function_exists("imagerotate")){echo "GD is installed\n";}else{echo "GD is not installed\n";} ?>'06:59
ccssnet1 thing youll relize on gnu/linux many packages are writen ontop of other apps as well06:59
virussit tells me gd is installed ... stragne06:59
virussnever hear about imagemagick, thanx ! i will look at this07:00
virussits a software ? not a php library ?07:01
ccssnetsoftware yes07:01
ccssnetits a complete command line image tool kit07:02
virussah its not what i need, i need php to rotate an image in a webpage javascript real time07:02
ccssnetand it comes with a generic gui as well07:02
ccssnet07:58:05       ccssnet | 1 thing youll relize on gnu/linux many packages are writen ontop of other apps as well07:02
ccssnetagain ^07:02
ccssnetit may or may not require it07:03
ccssnetlike i said, i forget what solved it for me. but imagemagick came to mind07:03
virussthanx, i try to locate the php log need to see what happen when i try the function07:04
ccssnetgaze url gd07:05
ccssnetotherwise its this ^07:05
virussyay i searched for it but its down07:06
ccssnetheres a dependencies tree for gd07:08
ccssnetapears its not imagemagick based07:08
virussits all the ports i need to install for gd to work ?07:09
ccssneteverything that says depends is a mandatory dependency for gd.so07:09
ccssnetfrom a compile time perspective07:09
ccssnetrun time... remove build tools like gcc07:10
ccssnetfrom the list07:10
ccssneta few of those are sourcemage gnu/linux specific. ignore the ones that start with smgl-07:10
virussi dont arrive to locate php log do you know something about it ?07:12
ccssnetvaries per distro07:12
ccssnetbut most are /var/log/somewhere in here07:12
virussi have all but not php lol07:13
virussthis is why i hate linux, too many folders hard to find what i need07:14
ccssnetgoogle may know07:14
ccssneteh once your used to it, it all makes sense and is easy to navigate07:14
ccssneta great chart to print out07:15
ccssnetits getting old... but still good07:15
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virussah its a great thing thanx a lot07:16
ccssnetno problem07:18
ccssnetwell. im off for now, good luck07:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: gconf: 3.2.3 -> 3.2.5, new dependency gtk307:19
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: help2man: 1.40.11 -> 1.40.1207:19
virussok thanx07:19
virusssee you !07:19
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Romsteri forgot about that page O_o spying on me hehe07:22
diverseRomster: its watching your every move.07:27
Romstereven the wiki page07:28
diversetotal privacy invasion?07:28
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Romsteri'll call it a night soon if i keep messing with ports when i'm this tired i tend to make a mess.07:36
diverseRomster: good idea07:37
Romsterpast experience later on go wtf did i do that for for on previous commits.07:38
diverseplus you do your brain a favor07:39
diverseWe need you to be fully charged.07:41
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KaishiHey guys, quick question: does anyone have a list of packages from 2.7 that aren't a good idea to update to 2.8 / use prt-get to update?07:46
KaishiI know udev and gcc07:46
KaishiI'm trying to put together a complete list07:46
Romsterhmm that sakura update will have to wait for vte version bump.07:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: libtorrent-rasterbar: 0.16.3 -> 0.16.507:47
Romsteri'll end up killing more brain cells at work during the day anyways diverse07:47
Romsterwell udev is fine if oyu enable the 2 kernel options07:48
Kaishialso, tangent, what's the command to list currently running services?07:48
Romsterwhy is gcc bad to update?07:48
KaishiRomster: but how do you enable those kernel options without recompiling your kernel?07:48
Romsteri could probably compile a list of broken ports on 2.807:49
KaishiRomster: I heard something about breaking gcc so I put that on a "do not update" status07:49
KaishiI'd like to get this environment fully updated but I'm trying to pace myself07:49
Romsterthe broken gcc has been fixed in gcc 4.7.207:49
Kaishithe gcc on 2.7 is only 4.5.3-107:50
Romsterwell that hasn't got that bug as it was introduced in the 4.7.0 series but 4.7.2 fixed it.07:51
tilmanupdating gcc using the iso should be fine07:51
tilmanmore safe than building the new one yourself w/ prt-get update actually07:51
Romstermake a new environment install crux 2.8 on it retest07:51
tilmansince the package on the iso is 'known good'07:51
horrorStrucklibmpc bump breaks gcc07:52
KaishiI'm looking to avoid breaking anything in a fully functional 2.7 environment, while getting as close to current as possible.07:53
tilmanKaishi: my recommendation is to do the update using the 2.8 iso, and then update remaining ports manually07:54
Kaishiback to the udev thing, what is the right order of operations to safely update udev and change the kernel config without breaking anything?07:54
tilman1.) update kernel (make sure you have DEVTMPFS activated)07:54
horrorStruckupdate kernel first07:54
tilman2.) update udev ;)07:54
Kaishitilman: I'd be fine with updating to 2.8 via the ISO but first I want to make sure my custom kernel isn't going to get broken07:54
tilmanit's not gonna get broken07:55
tilmanjust update to kernel 3.6.x07:55
tilmanif that works with your current system, it will work with 2.807:55
Kaishiwhere is the DEVTMPFS listed? ^^07:55
KaishiI'm on 3.6.6 and it's running great07:55
jaegeryou can search in menuconfig with /07:55
tilmanuse menuconfig's search feature (type / )07:55
tilmanmodprobe configs && zgrep DEVTMPFS /proc/config.gz07:55
Kaishi(should I update gcc / make / automake, etc. before the kernel?)07:56
jaegernot necessary07:56
jaegerpossibly undesirable since the new packages are built against a newer glibc07:57
tilmanyou dont need to update the kernel at all07:57
tilmannobody cares whether its 3.6.6 or 3.6.707:57
tilmani mean, in _this_ context it doesn't matter07:57
Kaishi(I searched against DEVTMPFS and I'm seeing Symbol: DEVTMPS [=n]07:58
jaegerunless you never updated udev, in which case you might not have the DEVTMPFS options enabled07:58
tilmanerr, correct07:58
tilmanwhat i meant is: the differences between 3.6.6 and 3.6.7 don't matter here07:58
jaegerindeed :)07:58
Kaishiokay, so to clarify07:59
KaishiDevice Driver, Generic Driver Options:08:00
Kaishi"Maintain a devtmpfs filesystem..." should be enabled?08:00
Kaishiand then "Automount devtmpfs at /dev..." should also be enabled?08:00
jaegeryes, as well as the automount option08:00
Kaishiokay, and then after that's present, then reboot into the new kernel, THEN update udev?08:00
Kaishior, update udev before the reboot?08:00
tilmanderp question08:00
tilmanthink about it ;)08:01
tilmannewer udevs need DEVTMPFS08:01
tilmanso boot into the updated kernel first08:01
Kaishitilman: I'd love to think about it, but I don't know what devtmpfs, udev, or automounting this actually means >_<08:01
tilmanif you didnt update the kernel, all our talk about updating the kernel would be pointless ;d08:01
jaegersdll, new udev requires those 2 kernel options08:01
jaegerer... well. home row!08:02
tilmanactivating those 2 options don't break _old_ udevs tho08:02
jaegerthe point is if a requires b, do b first08:02
KaishiThat's what I was looking for.08:02
jaegersimple logic08:02
tilmanbtw, you do keep your old kernel image around, right?08:02
Romsteralso on 2.7 if you haven't already pkgrm module-init-tools ; prt-get install kmod before updating udev.08:02
tilmanso you can always boot into the known good one in case you screwed up the new kernel :)08:02
Kaishia -> b != b -> a.  I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a <-> b08:02
jaegeryou're making it more complicated than necessary08:03
jaegerfor what it's worth you can do both at the same time, even08:03
jaegeras long as you have those kernel options when you boot with the new udev you're set08:03
tilman[X] I'm feeling lucky^Wconfident08:03
KaishiI appreciate all your patience with me.  I'm learning a lot, and you guys have helped a ton.08:04
KaishiI'm still not sure who's in charge around here, but, thanks everybody :)08:04
tilmanthis is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for crux to quadruple its user base with all those arch rejects ;)08:04
*** tilman sets mode: -o tilman08:05
diverse*ahem* arch refugees08:05
Kaishitilman = op08:05
tilmandiverse: yeah, sorry08:05
tilmannot a native speaker08:05
tilmanno offense intended :D08:05
Kaishiwere there any other important kernel options for updating packages? Just so I can keep from doing this over and over08:06
Romsterin charge, it'a s a group not a single entity08:06
diversealthough, this could be a threat to the community size. If more Arch users keep coming here and the community size expands dramatically, what will happen?08:06
Kaishi(does IOMMU need to be enabled for a VM guest if the VM host has IOMMU enabled? Or, is it a host-only option?)08:07
Romsterpossibly more contrib maintainers :D08:07
Romsteralot don't use irc too or rarely use irc08:08
jaegerKaishi: host only, more than likely08:08
Kaishithat's what I thought08:09
Kaishiwhat's that "list devices command", something like lspci08:09
Kaishitoo much learning in too short a time makes me forget tiny details08:09
diverseRomster: if you look closer at the Arch demographic, most of the user base does use irc, its very common to see.08:09
jaegerkeep notes, it helps :)08:09
tilmandiverse: dunno, but i was just kidding anyway. and i certainly don't speak for the crux project :)08:09
Kaishior is it lspci?08:09
tilmani just think it's funny how many people have come in here recently bitching about arch and systemd :D08:10
Kaishican't seem to do it as non-root08:10
joacimthe only thing i know about arch is what i have seen from their monthly screenshot threads08:10
Romsterlspci -k08:10
Romsterlsusb exists too08:10
joacimi'm only hoping this means screenfetch will now support crux08:10
tilmanKaishi: tbh it happens very seldomly that a userspace program requires some additinoal kernel option in my experience. can't think of another example other than DEVTMPFS actually08:11
jaegerdosemu is another, I suppose08:11
jaegersysvipc isn't always enabled08:11
Romsterother than netfilter or fuse08:11
diversespacefm requires kernel polling to be enabled to replace fam/gamin08:12
tilmanyou mean dnotify/inotify/fanotify?08:12
tilmanthose aren't that bad tho08:12
Romsteroh wasn't dnotify required for locate08:12
diverselet me check08:12
tilmanthe udev/devtmpfs one is, since it can break your boot08:12
Romstercorrect no /dev population cant' find root08:13
Kaishilspci -k only shows 5 actual devices for me, which seems really small08:13
joacimpowertop requires some options08:13
horrorStruckchromium sandboxing feature needs specific kernel options to be set too08:13
Romsterthough as mentioned only those for udev will break booting if not set.08:14
jaegerKaishi: VMs often have far less hardware than real hardware08:15
jaegerMuch of it is unnecessary08:15
frinnstfucking customers.. running an open recursive dns-server for the entire internet to use08:15
Kaishimkay, recompiling kernel with support for new udev now!08:16
jaegerfrinnst: they're just being good internet citizens and helping the rest of us!08:20
frinnstRage Against the Machine Look Back on 20 Years of 'Killing in the Name'08:38
frinnstfuck that made me feel old08:38
niklaswedoes someone any good idé how I can proxy trafik with socat.. I mean.. I have some ipv6-webserver.. and 1 machine has both ipv4/ipv6. and that machine running socat to ipv6-machine.. but the problem I have now.. how can i set so right traffic going to right ipv6-machine..08:40
niklasweI hope you understand what I mean ^^08:40
Kaishiregarding udev08:41
Kaishiconfigure: error: Package requirements (blkid >= 2.20) were not met:08:41
KaishiRequested 'blkid >= 2.20' but version of blkid is 2.18.008:41
jaegerprobably have to update util-linux08:44
Kaishiutil-linux isn't installed ??08:45
*** jue sets mode: +o frinnst08:45
jaegerutil-linux-ng got renamed to util-linux08:45
KaishiI was about to say08:45
Kaishiwill updating that break anything?08:46
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tilmanniklaswe: the man page has an useful EXAMPLES section iirc. did you try that?08:49
Kaishinow libkmod isn't found08:50
Kaishishould I just install that?08:50
tilmanthe port is called 'kmod' iirc08:50
jaegermodule-init-tools got replaced with kmod and udev requires kmod08:50
horrorStruck·21:02·  Romster - also on 2.7 if you haven't already pkgrm module-init-tools ; prt-get install kmod before updating udev.08:51
niklaswetilman: I will look again :)08:51
Kaishidoing that now08:52
KaishiI didn't see anything on screen about removing module-init-tools, how should I confirm?08:53
horrorStruckprt-get isinst ?08:54
Kaishithat was probably obvious >_< but it worked!08:54
horrorStruckKaishi: you could also use prt-get listinst or pkginfo -i and grep that09:00
Kaishirebooting into the new kernel with new udev now09:01
Kaishiname is as appropriate as ever, horrorStruck09:02
* Kaishi was terrified for about 2 seconds09:02
Kaishi /dev is all colored and stuff09:03
frinnstwhat? with ls?09:03
frinnstmaybe aliased to do ls --color=auto ?09:03
Kaishibut I'm not complaining09:06
Kaishigotta head out for a while, but thanks all.  Only a few more things I need to figure out in the short-term.09:06
*** Kaishi has quit IRC09:06
jaegerbit marvin in the face09:11
virusssomeone know where is the logs of the php server ?09:20
virussits not in var/log strange09:21
tilmanif i were you i'd check apache/$httpserver's logs :>09:21
virussi dont found an apache folder, maybe i havn t it09:27
virussi must to go bye all !09:52
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mastisany nvidia gpu guru here?12:37
rmullmastis: What's your question? I have an nvidia gpu but I am not a guru.12:40
mastisim going to buy gtx660: is there any difference between asus gtx660 and pny gtx66012:41
mastisprice tag is 30 euros less with pny12:41
jaegertheir clock speeds might be different, or the amount of RAM they have12:41
jaegerthe core chipeset will be the same, though12:41
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Kaishiguys, I have a question about CRUX upgrades13:16
Kaishiso my install is a partially-updated 2.7 running a custom kernel.  Would it make sense for me to upgrade to 2.7.1, or would that actually revert some of my packages?13:17
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mastisfound msi gtx660, i choose it because low price tag, low noice lvls and higher clock speed13:28
mastisonly 90 cents more than the psy gtx660 :)13:28
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mastisnow the crux is working for me and i dont have to fight with the fglrx13:32
joacimKaishi: 2.7.1 is simply an updated iso.13:45
joacimonly thing newer than a fully updated 2.7 would be 2.813:45
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Kaishiis there an updated 2.8 ISO coming soon? I thought I heard something about that but maybe I misunderstood14:14
joacimi wouldnt know14:17
jaegerI just made the first one for x8614:17
jaegerwell, unofficial one14:17
vee_isn't the updated iso just a new kernel?14:25
jaegerwhat would be the point of that? Anyone can update their own kernel14:25
jaeger"updated" means it has updated packages14:25
vee_ahhh. yea, was going to say...why not just update the kernel yourself :P14:26
jaegerIt might also have an updated kernel but the packages are the important part :)14:26
vee_im curious though, how does one get the binary packages in there?14:26
vee_wouldn't mind keeping an updated iso around myself...but with chromium14:26
jaegerIf you want to do it properly you check out the system/iso.git source tree and bootstrap an ISO with it14:27
vee_time to google almost everything you said14:28
KaishiI'm going to experiment with upgrading to 2.814:29
KaishiI'm not sure what could have broken it last time, but it could have been the kernel.  I'm much more familiar with how that type of stuff works now, so I bet I can get at least a little more info14:30
vee_ well well14:35
jaegernot a bad place to start but that is VERY outdated14:36
KaishiIf I'm attempting an upgrade from 2.7 to 2.8, but I have a newer kernel than 2.8 includes, can I just skip the changes to the kernel and to the bootloader?14:39
vee_so essentially you compile the software yourself, then, make an iso. doesn't seem to hard...just seem slike a pretty long processes. you must have some hardware to manage all that14:43
jaegerIt's only long if you do the full build and bootstrap. if you're confident that your build system is safe and you just want to add chromium, for example, you could copy all the packages from the 2.8 ISO into your tree and only build chromium, then build the ISO14:44
jaegerAs for the hardware, I build the ISOs in quad-core VMs with 2GB RAM @ 3.2GHz, usually14:45
vee_i have a quad core, though not in a vm. perhaps it wont take me too long14:46
jaegerIt takes a few hours to bootstrap, I usually let it go when I sleep or when I go to work14:47
vee_do you update hte multilib ones as well?14:49
jaegerI will at some point, haven't done it yet14:50
Kaishiso the upgrade to 2.8 is bootable this one14:55
Kaishithing is,14:55
Kaishiwhen I do a ports -u, I'm still seeing "crux 2.7" in the names of the collections14:56
Kaishiis that correct?14:56
jaegerafter the upgrade you should either use rejmerge or manually look at the files in /var/lib/pkg/rejected14:56
Kaishi>_> there's a lot of files in there14:57
jaegerthose are the files that the upgrade process did NOT overwrite14:57
jaegerSo you can decide which ones you want to keep and which to overwrite14:57
Kaishiso these are the 2.8 versions of those files14:57
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.8]: nspr: updated to 4.9.314:58
Kaishiand rejmerge will go through them somehow?14:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: nspr: updated to 4.9.314:59
KaishiI mean there's quite a few of them14:59
jaegercheck its manpage14:59
Kaishinot a very big manpage15:00
Kaishibut I got it, it'll go over the various files and allow me to make decisions15:00
Kaishisnapping there too :)15:01
Kaishiso 1 before the upgrade attempt, 1 before rejmerge15:02
Kaishilet's see how many more before I break something!15:02
Kaishiokay, it's looking at a bunch of conf files with which I am unfamiliar15:04
niklaswemaybe time for bed..15:06
*** vaddi has quit IRC15:08
Kaishirc.d is significantly different15:11
Kaishistatic IP versus DHCP15:11
KaishiDHCP in the old config, static in the new, strange.15:11
joacimthats what rejmerge is for =) so that you can cherry-pick changes or reject them completely.15:15
KaishiKeep keeps the old version, right?15:15
KaishiUpdate keeps the new version?15:15
joacimyou choose15:15
Kaishino I understand but i mean when choosing, I'm given 4 options15:16
KaishiK U D S15:16
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: [notify] firefox: updated to 17.0. Resolves several security issues:15:18
frinnstenjoy <315:19
Kaishi /etc/iproute2/ematch_map  <-- what does this do?15:22
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: cryptsetup: 1.5.0 -> 1.5.116:37
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: cmus: 2.4.3 -> 2.5.016:37
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: htop: 1.0.1 -> 1.0.216:37
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: git: -> 1.8.016:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: dokuwiki: 2012-01-25b -> 2012-10-1316:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: boxes: 1.1 -> 1.1.116:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: dnstop: 20120611 -> 2012101716:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: feh: 2.6.3 -> 2.716:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: getmail: 4.34.0 -> 4.35.016:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: libtorrent: 0.13.2 -> 0.13.316:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: mercurial: 2.3.2 -> 2.416:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: rtorrent: 0.9.2 -> 0.9.316:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: p5-netaddr-ip: 4.065 -> 4.06616:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: tig: 1.0 -> 1.116:37
diverseok, that is impressive16:37
diverseand thanks frinnst16:37
*** ccssnet has joined #crux16:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: qemu-kvm: 1.1.0 -> 1.2.016:57
*** diverse has quit IRC16:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: win32-essential-codecs: 20071007 -> 2011013117:02
*** Kaishi has joined #crux17:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: irssi: fix perl version17:11
*** Kaishi has quit IRC17:13
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*** Kaishi has joined #crux17:15
KaishiI'm working on /etc/profile, just wondering the right format for issuing 2 commands after an if statement: {} like in C/C++?17:16
Kaishi(this is related to rejmerge)17:17
teK__in shell? no..17:17
teK__if cond1; then17:18
teK__  cmd117:18
teK__  cmd217:18
*** linXea has quit IRC17:18
teK__if that's what you wanted17:18
KaishiAh, okay17:18
Kaishithat's perfect17:18
Kaishijust as I looked it up too, which is what I should have done before asking, I know17:18
teK__usually cond1 is sourrounded by [[ ]] oder [ ]17:18
teK__please note: shell is really picky about these and [ in fact is an executable file17:20
Kaishievery so often, when using vi/m I encounter an indent.  How do I insert these? Can't seem to find within a vi cheatsheet17:21
teK__hm? A Tab?17:21
Kaishidoes pressing tab actually work like that in vi?17:22
KaishiI'm always scared to press things >_>17:22
teK__ :p17:22
teK__it depends on your config17:22
Kaishiwell apparently the current config doesn't make it indent >_<17:22
teK__I set it to insert two spaces which causes some hate by some people :p17:22
tilmanmake: unexpected delimiter?17:23
Kaishiwell what I'm talking about is, a whitespace that isn't made of "spaces" it's a single thing17:23
teK__tilman: au BufRead Makefile set...17:23
tilmanteK__: :-)17:24
Kaishiif I'm in insert mode then tab does work17:24
Kaishiokay, never mind :)17:24
teK__inserting content will mostly work in insert mode :P17:24
Kaishiyeah but "tab" is kinda a special key in a lot of environments, and vi is really... persnickety17:25
teK__vim <317:25
Kaishiagain, I like vim, but I'm using whatever rejmerge picked17:26
Kaishiit looks like vim in vi mode17:26
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: qemu: 1.2.0 -> 1.2.117:26
KaishiI've got conditionals that look to be doing the same thing:17:27
Kaishiif [[ $EUID ==0 ]] ;17:27
Kaishiif [ "$UID" = "0" ]17:28
Kaishiwhich is the better notation?17:28
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: lftp: fix build, thanks jaeger17:30
AmnesiateK__: yes?17:30
jaegerthank me? I don't even remember talking about lftp! :D17:32
* jaeger flexes17:32
AmnesiateK__: if that was a nod concerning qemu-kvm 2.0, it's still missing glibh as a dependency, and installing stuff in /usr/libexec :P17:33
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jaegerah, the gets fix17:56
Kaishijaeger: I think I have this working almost perfectly now!17:59
KaishiI'm down to maybe 15 packages that aren't current, and I even updated ones I was sure would break something.  We're looking good :)17:59
jaegerprogress as promised18:01
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RomsterKaishi, uh page does not exist... ok who removed that and to where?19:51
Romster  ah there it is19:53
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vee_ gaise im a computer h4x0r now20:31
*** tilman has joined #crux20:32
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o tilman20:32
Kaishiin which package is "EXPAT_LIBRARY"?20:42
jaegercan't say for sure without context but probably expat20:44
Kaishicmake is complaining about it being missing when I try to update it20:45
*** Guest5573 has quit IRC20:47
guzzanofirefox is a bitch, 200mb with google only open20:49
Kaishiis there a port of hiawatha available, or should I try just compiling it from source?20:56
rmullKaishi: You're on your own20:58
rmullYou can check the portdb at
Kaishiokay, no one has ported hiawatha21:00
jaegerI'm a big fan of lighttpd, myself21:05
jaegeryou could ask the mineos author, I bet he has a hiawatha port21:05
KaishiI'm in touch with Will sometimes :) I don't think he's done any work on it after 0.7.521:06
Kaishihexparrot, will, same dude :)21:06
jaegeryeah, I know21:11
ccssnetugh. my fucking account is suspended! wtf. i never once did anything wrong... anyone here got an account and can verify their systems actually working right now...21:12
jaegerseems to work fine here21:13
ccssnetcant call em till tommorow either21:13
ccssnetthis sucks. i hope the item i want doesnt sell out21:13
ccssnethell i bought something from them on the 30th of october... instant payment.. was fine then...21:14
ccssnetmaybe their hacked21:15
ccssnetor overloaded21:15
ccssnetanyone got a 750gb sata laptop disk for sale?21:16
ccssnetwell, actually not sure last item i actually bought on, im constantly buying from newegg on ebay though21:21
* ccssnet scans email21:21
ccssnetjaeger: is their livechat system loading for you? the web thing21:22
ccssnetdoesnt even resolve domain here21:22
ccssnetsome 3rd party21:22
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