IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2012-11-21

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systemd_suxXgood moring01:25
Romsterfor me but everyone else is morning01:29
prologicdude it's afternoon for you :)01:33
prologicand for me01:33
Romsterand nogagplz01:33
prologicmorning for all your EU CRUXers :)01:33
* Romster partitons ssd and formats it.01:33
vee_im jelly of your ssd :P01:34
Romsterhmm guess i'll do 30 for ccache 16 for swap rest for root.01:35
Romsterthat way if i max the ram out later (got 8GB now) i can still use suspend when i ever set that up01:35
* prologic has an SSD in his mythtv backend/frontend :)01:40
Romsterthis time i wont forget the boot flag :D01:40
vee_i have a hybrid drive ;/01:42
vee_part ssd at least01:42
Romsteri thought of using bcache but it's not mature yet01:43
Romstermight do that later on still but keep root on ssd01:43
Romsterargh need to redo my kernel with ext4 support -_-01:47
Romsterdunno if them hybrid drives live up to there hype01:48
vee_they dont, its a noticeable difference, but not all too great01:49
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vee_we were having a talk about price of electricity. kinda forgot to ask, are solar panels expensive there?02:36
Romsterdunno i haven't priced any but alot are buying them for feeing back into the mains02:43
vee_dont know why, kinda wanna get a few cells and play with them03:16
Romsterlook up a MPPT regulator03:16
Romsterfor it03:16
Romstergain another 10-20% efficiency.03:17
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Romstercan lilo understand UUID now? or should i try using grub2 now.05:20
teK__it can05:21
Romsterlast time i tired it failed but that was well over 6 months ago.05:22
RomsterUUID not found in lilo man page :/05:23
Romsterintrid only same with a label apparently.05:28
nogagplzromster just do grub205:29
Romsterno experience configuring grub2 got a skeleton template for me?05:29
nogagplzgrub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg05:30
angry_vincentwhy not syslinux? my favorite05:31
angry_vincentit can do uuid05:31
nogagplzlets battle royale over which bootloader is best05:31
nogagplzthen afaik installing grub is like grub-install --target=i386-pc --recheck --debug /dev/sda for mbr05:31
Romsterif i was going to do that prologic i would of used lvm on my SSD too. but i decided not too.05:32
prologicburg looks nice05:35
* Romster tries grub205:36
* Romster thought syslinux was for cdroms and such.05:36
nogagplzyou poor deluded fool05:36
* nogagplz pets Romster 05:36
* Romster purrs05:37
nogagplzdie furry05:37
prologicyeah that's kinda funny :)05:37
prologicsyslinux, lilo, grub, grub2, burg05:37
prologicand probably many dozens of others :)05:37
Romsterso many yet they all can't work correctly.05:38
nogagplzgrub does the job fine you're just a wimp05:38
prologicnow now :)05:38
Romstergrub or grub2 nogagplz ?05:38
Romsterok i'm using that then05:39
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horrorStruckRomster: UUID without initrd
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Romsterdon't worry horrorStruck got grub2 working with it.06:56
Romsteralso wtf where they thinking to have to add that root=PARTUUID=06:57
horrorStruckRomster: good to hear, i have to admit I haven't been reading the logs carefully07:02
Romsterboots but misisng some stuff so i've done that now and rebooting again see if this is better07:04
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Romsterssd goodness but missing some stuff still.07:20
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jaegernogagplz: generally "grub-install /dev/sda" is sufficient these days, grub2 is far less picky than grub was07:31
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frinnst i hope it will be as awesome as it sounds08:03
Romsterugh what gives boost compiled fine before in chroot now it fails to compile on my system.08:27
Romsteruh some race with number of jobs08:50
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* niklaswe is tired..08:54
frinnstme too08:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: gvim: depends on xorg-libxt08:58
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frinnst"GNOME Shell to support a "classic" mode"09:31
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tilmanjust read that firefox 17 has been released09:35
tilmanon this seldomly-used laptop i'm running ... 3.6.1309:35
frinnstwell tbh. 3.6.13 was just released a couple of months ago :D09:38
Kaishiff4 was over a year ago09:47
Kaishiff4 wasMarch 22, 201109:47
Kaishiso that's a year and a half.09:48
Kaishiand mozilla simply changed version numbering, as I recall.09:49
joacim"The preferred abbreviation is "Fx" or "fx"."09:50
joacimsince we are correcting =)09:50
KaishiI'm using the abbreviation used by all the coding communities in which I participate, because the preference isn't respected by them apparently.09:52
KaishiI just wanted to point out that 3.6 is a really old branch and probably due for replacement09:52
joacimmy correction was only in jest, tho something being common or popular doesn't mean that it is correct.09:54
Kaishiright on09:55
systemd_suxXany howto installing crux onto GPT parted harddisks? >2TB forcing GPT...09:59
jaegersystemd_suxX: nothing too complicated there, just use parted instead of fdisk and make sure you have the right partition table options in the kernel config10:00
jaegerCONFIG_EFI_PARTITION=y in this case10:00
systemd_suxXbut can it boot? default is lilo lilo cannot handle uefi, and gpt...10:00
krueUEFI boot is not required for a GPT partition table10:02
krueI couldn't get UEFI boot to work on my motherboard, so I use syslinux.10:02
jaegerkrue is correct, UEFI is not required. the partition option is badly named10:03
jaegergrub2 can handle gpt, I'm sure there are others as well10:03
krueSyslinux is handy in that it boots from a FAT filesystem, which UEFI (soft of) requires10:06
krueIt makes it easier to try to get UEFI boot working later (which I haven't attempted yet, but maybe someday :)10:06
jaegerI had UEFI boots setup on my desktop and laptop for a while, removed it from the desktop because it didn't give me any big benefit that I needed10:11
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systemd_suxXsyslinux supports both GPT and UEFI?10:20
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jaegerI use grub2, can't answer that, myself10:21
horrorSt1ucksystemd_suxX: GPT for sure, UEFI I don't thing so10:27
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systemd_suxXhorrorSr1uck, I'd prefer syslinux over grub210:33
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systemd_suxXkrue, anything special to configure in syslinux to make it booting from GPT?10:40
systemd_suxXkrue, just create GPT partition and then installing syslinux will work, or do I need specific syslinux cfg or flags to make it GPT aware?10:41
jaegeryou probably need to make the gpt label, then make a FAT partition for syslinux10:41
jaegerother partitions as you like them10:41
jaeger(just a guess, have not tested)10:41
systemd_suxXjaeger I would prefer ext2 partition which syslinux/extlinux should be support, will that work?10:41
jaegertry it and find out, I guess :)10:42
systemd_suxXthose GPT UEFI stuff is driving me mad, there is no good solution and any firmware implementation is somehow broken...10:43
jaegerUEFI is a moving target... GPT is pretty stable10:43
krueI'm at work right now, but I can check for sure this evening. I seem to remember that there was a different mbr to use for gpt support.10:50
krueIn /usr/share/syslinux I think10:50
horrorStrucksystemd_suxX: no need for fat and yes you need to set some attributes10:51
systemd_suxXhorrorStruck attributes in the cfg or when creating the GPT partition?10:52
horrorStruckwhen setting up syslinux10:52
horrorStruckbefore you reboot at least :P10:52
systemd_suxXhorrorStruck saw that but that is not syslinux related but more howto create the GPT partition, I wonder if syslinux must be told that the partition is GPT rather than MBR?10:56
jaegerI doubt you have to explicitly tell it that, it probably probes automatically10:57
systemd_suxXjaeger, well cool10:57
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horrorStrucksystemd_suxX: well you need to install the gptmbr10:58
angry_vincenttoo late :)11:05
cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: curl: updated to 7.28.111:47
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niklaswegood evening guys12:42
rauzand good evening to you too :D13:00
niklaswehow are you rauz ?13:00
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nogagplzjaeger, force of habit :P13:08
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vee_anyone looking for an ssd drive? one is having a really good sale, 50C per gig i think13:11
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rauzniklaswe: fine just working for my project at the university (and i hate this project)13:23
niklaswehehe okey, what is it for project?13:26
rauzwe have to code a large java project (with some crap JSF stuff)13:26
jaegernogagplz: fair enough13:31
niklaswerauz: ah! I see13:32
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vee_i gotta ask18:55
vee_wicd can connect to my schools wifi, but, cant browse the web18:56
vee_however, connecting to my home network has no issues18:56
vee_schools computers have no wifi password18:56
nogagplzdoes your school use some sort of proxy you need to account for19:00
vee_i odnt think so19:01
vee_the only thing i know it does, is, when you connect and try to connect to a site, it redirects you to a certain page so you can accept their agreement thing19:02
vee_sorry jaeger, running a bit late to class, ill come back on later :)19:03
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jaegervee_: I just got home but since you seemed to be talking to me at some point back, I'll say that I don't use wicd but if your wireless at home works fine it's probably some kind of captive portal or something at the school23:37
jaegeroff to sleep23:40
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