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frinnstfucking printers and fucking cups03:04
frinnsthow hard can it be to print a fucking document?03:04
frinnstprinters are like magnets: HOW DO THEY WORK?!03:05
prologicwhat's the problem frinnst ?03:11
prologicI've always managed to get printing working just fine with cups03:11
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frinnstrandom stupid printingness :)03:11
prologicthese days printing is really easy03:12
prologiccloud print and all03:12
prologicand cups usually just works for me03:12
prologicair print also works perfectly (iOS devices)03:13
frinnstprinting is a silly 70's technology03:13
prologicwhilst I agree03:14
prologicit seems impossible to get rid of the concept :)03:14
prologicI personally don't ever read printed material or print to any kind of material03:15
frinnstheh :)03:15
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zenwalkusergood morning03:49
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Kaishihey guys10:21
Kaishiwhy would /dev/root be ro ?10:21
Kaishido I need to do a fsck or something?10:22
KaishiI just fsck'd the partition, and it came back clean10:24
Kaishihow do I mount it rw again? I need to back up some data there that's currently only in RAM10:24
frinnstdo you have it added to fstab?10:25
frinnstbootloaders often boot ro and the init-scripts remount it rw after fsck etc10:25
Kaishican't reboot.10:25
Kaishidata in ram10:25
Kaishineed somewhere to write it10:25
frinnstmount -o remount,rw /10:26
KaishiI just tried that but /dev/root /10:26
KaishiI'll try it your way10:26
frinnstbut /dev/root does not exist..10:26
Kaishi"can't read superblock"10:26
Kaishiactually here's the full line:10:27
Kaishimount: /dev/sda1: can't read superblock10:27
frinnstbut fsck passed on it?10:27
Kaishiit says no corruption, but since it's ro right now, it skipped the journa10:27
Kaishithis is reiserfs btw10:28
Kaishimaybe it's just paranoid10:28
frinnstwell i cant really help you repairing your fs on irc10:28
frinnstcan you paste your fstab somewhere?10:28
frinnstand mtab10:29
Kaishithe fs is probably fine, the only error that it has received was while I was cleaning up after some old snapshots, where it was merging VHD changes back into the core VHD, which makes the guest OS disk I/O a little slow for a few moments10:29
Kaishiso I'm guessing that reiserfs's journal saw a lag and made it go ro just to be safe10:30
Kaishibut that would have been a day ago now10:30
frinnstwell you can also add a new hd and create a fs on that10:30
frinnstassuming hyperv will allow you to do that10:30
frinnstyou'll need to rescan the scsi bus to find the new device10:30
Kaishiokay so, there's a problem with that:10:31
KaishiI don't think it will let me add a whole controller to the system while it's running10:32
Kaishiwhich I would need to do10:32
Kaishibecause I'm virtualizing an IDE interface, and both ports are in use10:32
Kaishithere's no where to put a disk10:32
frinnstall 4?10:33
KaishiI'll get you my fstab but it's been the same for a while and working10:33
KaishiNo, there's only 110:33
Kaishiit's a single channel IDE10:33
Kaishirather, 2 devices, 1 channel10:33
Kaishirather than 2 devices on each of 2 channels, which is a usual PATA setup10:33
Kaishi  <-- fstab10:36
frinnstcan you mount sda3?10:37
frinnstdo that and save the data there..10:37
frinnstor format your swap-drive and save it there10:37
Kaishiit isn't that simple, there's a few config and script files in sda1 that need RW to be used10:38
frinnstdude, if your fs is fucked you want to save as much as you can10:38
Kaishithe fs isn't fucked.10:38
frinnstthen why cant you mount it?10:39
Kaishithe most important stuff is on sda3 anyway but it's a few days old at this point10:39
frinnstWell, i dont know what to tell you..10:40
Kaishithere's no way for me to get this to work, damn it >_<10:43
Kaishihow about just tar'ing the files from the ramdisk, how do I call tar from the commandline?10:44
Kaishior, gz or something10:44
Kaishitar -cvzf <tar_filename> <source folder>10:48
Kaishithat's a really stupid command10:48
KaishiI guess I'm going to reboot it and see what happens10:50
jaegerI read all that scrollback and I still can't figure out what the problem is or what you were asking for, heh10:51
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Kaishithe root fs was mounted RO10:55
KaishiI didn't do that, and it isn't normally RO10:56
Kaishibut it became RO at some point10:56
Kaishiand I needed it to become RW again10:56
Kaishii fsck'd it and everything was fine10:56
KaishiI've rebooted it now and I think it'll be fine10:56
Kaishibut I couldn't get a good place to dump data10:56
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Kaishiall better11:03
Kaishihappy thanksgiving all11:05
horrorStruckKaishi: just curious, what is the output of: ls -l /etc/mtab11:05
KaishiI'm giving thanks for cli11:05
horrorStruckKaishi: and this: prt-get current filesystem11:05
Kaishialso, apologies if I sound a little stressed, family stuff and all that jazz.  I got up at 6AM to run a 5K for charity, so exhausted11:05
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Kaishilrwxrwxrwx 1 root root <date> /etc/mtab -> /proc/self/mounts11:06
horrorStruckKaishi: ok thanks11:07
Kaishiis that normal?11:07
Kaishifor both?11:07
Kaishiit looks normal to me11:07
horrorStruckKaishi: you can update your fstab, you dont need /sys and /proc11:07
Kaishishould I remove that?11:08
horrorStruckjust delete the line or safest, comment them11:08
horrorStruckKaishi: just FTR;a=commitdiff;h=1fb24668dd0e28721bf63aca76f784f8df80f14c;hp=ee1390d5a810eae6d8cc176ab1dcdf1e07c868e311:09
horrorStruckKaishi: prt-get current rc11:10
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KaishihorrorStruck: I missed that, sorry, thanksgiving family stuff13:59
Kaishiwhat should I do exactly? I'm looking at that link you sent13:59
Kaishiprt-get current rc: 2.26-313:59
Kaishiis that right?13:59
KaishiI haven't even opened mtab yet14:10
Kaishistill working on getting my fstab to be more in-order14:10
Kaishiso mtab has:14:16
Kaishinone /proc proc rw,relatime 0 014:17
Kaishinone /sys sysfs rw,relatime 0 014:17
jaegerwhat's the question?14:31
Kaishihorrorstruck suggested that I remove the /proc and /sys lines from my fstab14:32
Kaishibecause they're in mtab14:32
Kaishiso I commented them out14:32
Kaishiis that all I need to do?14:33
KaishiI'm just making sure I"m not leaving it halfway done or something14:33
jaegeras far as /sys and /proc go, yes14:33
Kaishiokay! great14:33
Kaishiafk for a while, more thanksgiving stuff >_<14:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: nspr: updated to 4.9.414:35
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.8]: nspr: updated to 4.9.414:35
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sw0rnHi, kde4 ports working?16:18
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jaegerno idea on that, sorry, I don't use KDE16:28
jaegerThe kde ports are contributed16:29
sw0rnoh the port is incomplete, missing packages16:32
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vee_hello all20:51
vee_how do you do20:57
prologicI'm okay21:02
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Romsterhi guys i'll have limited internet for at least the next 3 weeks.
vee_that sucks21:15
vee_my phone tv and internet went down today because of a shortage in my area. 2 hours of living like a barbarian xD21:43
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vee_can crux run on a more recent mac?21:51
vee_crux pcc21:52
Kaishi"more recent mac" pffffthwahahahahahahaha21:55
Kaishithey're still selling Core 2 CPUs aren't they?21:55
Kaishithere's nothing recent about them21:55
vee_recent is a realtive term i suppose21:55
vee_but would the x64 version of crux run on it?21:55
vee_also, not mine. its a friend of mines haha21:55
Kaishipossibly, once you work past the silly and pointless Apple UEFI bootloader that has zero options21:56
vee_oh god. i was hoping i'd be able to setup his crap, guess i wont be. never worked with uefi stuff before21:56
Kaishinon-apple UEFI is a dream21:57
Kaishiapple UEFI is a proprietary mess21:57
vee_what would be done differently?21:58
vee_during the install...i mean21:58
KaishiI have no idea.  Macs are like locked-down any-other-system22:03
Kaishitheir EFI is basically engineered specifically to boot their own OS and little else.  Bootcamp, the thing they implemented to install and boot Windows on a Mac bypasses it somehow22:04
KaishiEFI is intended to interoperability and whatnot22:05
Kaishibut apple found a way to make it completely awful22:05
vee_oh god...22:11
joacimno problem booting pretty much anything with apple's efi here22:24
joacimwindows, linux, bsd. anything boots fine22:24
joacimno funny hacks required22:25
joacimand the options are in the key-combinations you hold during boot22:25
joacimholding certain combinations could boot you into some recovery system or give you the option to choose between multiple operative systems.22:26
joacimevery single computer from their current lineup uses current intel core iX's (except for their mac pro which uses an older xeon)22:28
joacimsure there might be issues with how apple implements some things, but none of it should prevent you from booting traditional linux distributions on your mac.22:34
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vee_so i can install crux as usual ?22:38
joacimyou can, but i dont know what issues you might run into22:39
joacimit depends on the mac i guess, and how well their quirks are supported (if there are any quirks)22:39
joacimi dont think i've booted linux on a mac since 200722:40
joacimit worked well on my mac tho (2006 macbook)22:43
Kaishiall I know is, I use CRUX in hyper-v and it works amazingly well22:44
vee_face palm22:58
vee_this guy bought his mac to play games22:58
vee_why on gods earth...22:58
joacimwhich mac is it?22:59
joacimthey shouldnt be too shabby, as long as it has one of the higher end chips23:03
Romstervee_, only 2 hours, i've had no net since 4am yesterday :(23:15
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prologicKaishi, I wouldn't diss Macs so easily23:51
prologicthey actually have Core i5/i7 chips23:51
prologicAnd yes you can/should be able to run CRUX on one23:51
nogagplz_yeah but the apple logo23:51
nogagplz_it's not worth it23:52
prologicin some cases - no I agree23:52
prologicbut very worth it for my iPHone, iPad and macbook Air23:52
vee_its quite pricey...23:57
prologicit's always cheaper building your own23:58
prologicbut then again I can't build such quality products as the iPhone, iPad or Macbook Air :)23:58
prologicDesktops - maybe23:58

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