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vee_jaeger, got any other movie suggestions00:24
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guzzano[mbm] thanks! but iwlst say wlan0     Interface doesn't support scanning.00:41
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jueunterwulf: thanks, fixed now01:51
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.8]: mesa3d: update to 9.0.107:44
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: asterisk14: Dropped port07:55
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guzzano_there a way to remove a package with its dependencies?12:26
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ccssnetguzzano: i hope so. even openwrt can do that17:56
ccssnetwell, worded slightly diferent. openwrt can remove a package, and anything that specificly depends on that package.17:57
ccssnetis that the scenario your looking for?17:57
ccssnetbecause the way you worded it above, say for example you remove nano and all its dependencies, youll break alot of command line apps doing so17:58
ccssnetwindows had a somewhat clever way of removing no longer used dll files for example, maybe thats the type of scenario you mean?17:59
joacimguzzano: pkgfoster maybe. or listorphans through prt-get. You shouldn't trust those tools blindly however as they might want to remove something really important.18:02
joacimrunning revdep afterwards might be a good idea.18:02
guzzanojoacim, i know as listorphans + info are my good friends!18:07
guzzanoccssmet, needed a way to remove dependencies loose18:10
guzzanoeg. i instaled wine, wine depends of 4 libraries, so... i remove wine but no dependencies18:12
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alanciohi people19:22
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alancioI have a weird problem with firefox and thunderbird, after a while the menus won't come up anymore19:23
alanciodoes anybody else have this?19:23
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jaegeralancio: I've not seen that one20:00
alancioit happens after a random, long time20:02
jaegermemory leaking, perhaps?20:03
alanciounlikely, memory seems fine20:03
alancioit happens in 2 different computers, one with 8 gb of ram20:03
jaegerin this case I was thinking the software might be leaking memory, not that the physical RAM is bad20:04
alancioyes, I understand20:05
alancioI think its probably some gtk or related library bug, so I will keep xchat open for a while and see if it happens here too20:06
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diversedo the heatsinks on ram really do much?22:37
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