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diverseno wonder there is so much stuff that is outdated00:32
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tilmanjue: i just pushed the missing commit to pkgutils.git ('Bumped version to 5.35.2.')03:19
tilmanjue: sorry about that03:19
RoomsterKaishi, reading backlog, i see your comments on windows registery. It's fine as long as it works, but I've had /fun/ when the regestery is corupt, single point of failure, though sometimes i can restore back from a log file. but not always. some are that bad a reformat is the only option.03:24
Roomster<guzzano_> there a way to remove a package with its dependencies?  <- I was thinking of expanding pkg-clean to do that is a safe way by checking orphans and finddeps first.03:27
Roomsterdiverse, heatsinks on ram only do much if you overclock ram03:27
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diverseRomster: that would be cool if you could expand pkg-clean04:15
diverseI am so used to removing orphans automatically back in the old Arch days.04:16
Romsteralso sorry for my ports being offline, if you haven't knwon yet there was a fire at a exchange, nogagplz_ can send you a tarball for now. until i'm back up.04:17
Romsterwell prt-get can list orphans04:17
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Romsterbut it wont list other orphans until you remove the first lot04:17
Romsterwhat we need is a prt-get deptree foo and parse that for orpahns after seeing what needs said port after the parent port is removed.04:18
Romsterhi Rotwang04:18
RotwangRomster: hi04:18
diverseRomster: were your ports the emulators?04:19
Romsterbarely coping with limited internet here :D04:19
Romsterdiverse, and others i host a ton of stuff.04:19
Romsternogagplz_, is doing most of the work though he has a copy in his git too.04:20
diverseRomster: nogagplz_ told me the main reason they were taken off was because they were outdated?04:20
Romsterromster, joe9, nogagplz, emulators, emulators-i686 i host.04:21
Romsterno it's the fire at the exchange that took them offline.04:21
Romsteri have no phone line currently.04:21
Romsteri must be cursed or something i got a ssd the day before and instaled crux 2.8 multilib04:23
Romsterluickily i keep a copy of source files, though i can't do much more without my phone line.04:24
diversewhat happened to the ssd?04:26
Romsternothing i cna't fix a few ports until i do some research04:28
Romsterseems a few ports are still broken on 2.8 that i had tested in a chroot and compiled fine but not on my SSD04:28
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horrorStruckfrom anselm himself 8)
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tilmanbtw, i think the musl guy is one of the ffmpeg/mplayer hackers08:54
tilmananybody know by chance?08:54
jaegerno idea08:58
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pshevtsovHi! I can't build libtecla as CRUX port. I can build libtecla from source (./configure && make && make install) but when I try to build it as a port I get compillation error. I'm building ports as an unprivileged user (as described here --
jaegerwhat's the error?09:28
cruxbot[core-x86_64.git/2.8]: glibc: cleaned up Pkgfile09:31
frinnstnice catch horrorStruck :)09:31
pshevtsovjaeger: Oh, I think I got it. It first builds a lib and than builds tools against this lib and can't find it.09:37
RotwangAxolotl: They are commonly kept as pets in the United States , Great Britain ,  Australia , Japan (where they are sold under the name Wooper Rooper, and  other countries.09:37
RotwangWooper Rooper? WTF?09:38
Rotwangthose funny americans09:38
Rotwangjust a random fact I wanted to share09:39
Rotwangcarry on09:39
jaegeramericans are funny because of japan's name? I'm confused09:40
RotwangWooper Rooper doesn't sound like japanese name09:42
Rotwangso I guess amaricans or british had to come up with it09:43
jaegerheh, I wouldn't bet on that... the Japanese make up some really strange stuff09:43
RotwangWooper and Upa are derived from wooper looper, a marketing term created in Japan09:44
Rotwangjaeger: it seems you're right09:45
* Rotwang puts on his shame hat09:45
tilmanand you're not taking it off anytime soon!09:45
jaegerIt was just a guess in this case, for what that's worth09:45
jaegerI could have been wrong, it's just that I've seen plenty of strange Japanese names :)09:46
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frinnst <- japanese tv09:50
frinnstscarring childlren for life09:50
Rotwangjapanese hidden camera shows are the best09:55
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horrorStruckecho 40000 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_limit_output_bytes <--- enjoy your free internet upgrade10:30
Rotwangwhat does it do?10:31
joacimcan you show me how to downloadm ore ram too?10:31
Rotwangjoacim: just add some swap, lol10:31
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joacimthat stuff is strange on windows10:36
joacimi cant even make 64-bit IE my default browser10:37
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Kaishilooks like mine is set to 13107210:38
Kaishiis that uh10:38
Kaishishould it be 40000?10:38
horrorStruckKaishi: must be the default value, i.e. it's normal10:39
horrorStrucktry 40000, i really get impressive results10:40
horrorStruckyou can switch back to default the same way. it's non-persistant unless you put the value in stsctl.conf on rc.local for example10:41
Kaishicool :)10:41
Kaishiapparently I can't make that changes over SSH but can otherwise10:43
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Kaishiworking with /etc/profile, can I use 2 conditions in an if statement in the following format:10:44
Kaishiif [[cond_1] | [cond2]]; then <actions> else <actions> fi10:45
Rotwangyou need to use some operator10:46
Rotwangmore like if [[cond_1] || [cond2]]; then <actions> else <actions> fi10:46
Rotwangof courese you need to put ; before fi10:47
Rotwangand else10:47
Kaishioh, a ; goes after <actions> but before else as well? that's good to know.  The current profile doesn't have those10:52
Rotwangif true; then echo foo ;else echo bar; fi10:53
Rotwangyou need to put ; at the end of statement or else will be passed as an argument10:53
Kaishithat makes things make more sense10:54
Kaishibut that's now how whomever wrote this did so >_<10:54
KaishiI'll fix it10:55
Kaishiso within [[ ]] I need to use "==" for equivalence tests?11:00
Rotwang== for string comparison11:02
Rotwang-eq for numbers11:02
Rotwangor (( number == number ))11:02
Kaishihmmm.... still making a mistake somehow11:04
KaishiI tried:11:04
Kaishiif [[ [ "$UID" == "0" ] || [ $EUID == 0 ] ]]; then ...11:04
Kaishiwhat's wrong with that?11:05
RotwangKaishi: you need to realize what test is11:05
horrorStruckif [ "$UID" = "0" ] should work11:06
Rotwangif checks the exit status of a condition11:06
Rotwangin your case it checks exit status of test command11:06
jaegerif [ "$UID" == "0" -o "$EUID" == "0" ] <-- maybe this?11:07
Rotwangso what you did there was to put another tets command as a test command arguments11:07
Rotwangwhich wont work11:07
jaegerif the vars are actually integers instead of strings, use -eq instead of ==11:07
Kaishirotwang: okay, still making sense of [[ and [11:08
RotwangKaishi: man test11:09
Rotwang[[ is "newer' version of "["11:09
Kaishiyes, that's all I know though11:09
KaishiI looked up a few subtle differences between them and applied what I saw11:09
Rotwangso you do not embedd [ in [[ because it is another command11:10
Kaishimakes sense now11:10
jaegerthat's important to note, [ is actually a command11:10
jaegerit's even an executable, though some shells might have a builtin version of it11:10
jaeger$ which [11:10
Rotwang$ type [11:11
Rotwang[ is a shell builtin11:11
Rotwang$ type [[11:11
Rotwang[[ is a shell keyword11:11
Rotwangin bash11:11
Kaishihow would I know if $UID/$EUID is type string or int?11:11
jaegerwell, it doesn't really matter, I suppose11:11
jaegerthe shell should handle either11:11
jaegerif you have them all in double quotes it'll treat them as strings11:12
jaegernot sure if you remove the quotes, test it if you're curious11:12
Kaishicool, that's the right approach then.  I'm just starting from a messy profile and trying to clean it all up, make sense of it11:12
Kaishiif [[ "$UID" == "0" || "$EUID" == "0" ]]; then ...11:13
Kaishiall the man pages I'm finding for "test" are about "[" rather than "[["11:15
jaegerwell, since [[ is a bash keyword, read the bash manpage11:16
jaegerand since [ is a builtin, it still supersedes the 'test' manpage, so again the bash manpage11:17
Kaishigood call :) thanks man11:17
Kaishifound it11:17
Kaishi|| is a valid notation in this case11:17
jaegerit wouldn't be for standard test but for bash's [[ it is11:18
Kaishihow do I get the current directory name or path or something to show up by the bash command line? I mean, I can figure out where I am but it's nice to have a visual confirmation11:19
KaishiI'm sure that's a /etc/profile setting I need to learn11:19
jaeger \w in $PS1 will show the current working directory11:19
jaegerfor example, export PS1="\u \h \w \\$ "11:20
jaegercheck the PROMPTING section of the bash manpage for that11:20
KaishiI see!11:21
Kaishiwhat's PS2?11:22
KaishiI figured out the problem when you explained the PS1 thing, basically it was being set in 2 different places, 1 conditionally and 1 absolutely11:22
jaegerPS2 is used when the shell needs a secondary prompt, such as if you don't close quotes immediately and it expects you to11:23
jaegertry: export PS1="\u \h11:23
Kaishithat makes sense11:23
Kaishi$UID == 0 means root, right?11:23
Kaishiand in general, root user prompt has # instead of $11:24
jaegerthat's the \\$ part11:24
Kaishithe PS1 command I'm looking at just shows "\$ " but I could try changing it to "\\$ " for fun11:25
Kaishicool, got something working:11:25
jaegerit's probably not necessary to escape there, I didn't check that11:25
Kaishiinstead of showing just # or $, it's showing the username11:25
Kaishibut I'm seeing root as having $ not #11:26
KaishiI might be able to fix that11:26
tilmani like "\u@\h [\w] > "11:26
tilmanno need for fancy stuff when you can just show the username %)11:26
jaegerI have some ansi color codes in mine because I'm weird11:27
Kaishithe one I'm looking at is doing some funky color stuff.  I know some of it comes from the default MineOS config, and some from our customizations11:27
Kaishiand then some of it comes from the rejmerge I did11:27
Kaishiso I'm trying to clean it all up and make sense of it11:27
tilmanyou could turn the prompt red for uid 0 i think11:28
tilmanas in "careful, you're root and will likely fuck up" ;)11:28
jaegerof course it's all a matter of personal taste. I use "\[\033[01;36m\]\h\[\033[01;0m\]/\[\033[01;34m\]\u \[\033[01;33m\]\w \[\033[00m\]\$ "11:28
Kaishiyeah, that's what I'm looking for11:28
Kaishijaeger: I figured out what \$ versus \\$ means11:28
tilmantry google :D11:28
Kaishi\$ is literally "escaped $" versus \\$ is "interpret what \$ should be based on context"11:29
Kaishiso \\$ becomes "#" for $UID = 011:29
joacimi use zsh, so PROMPT="(%{${fg[green]}%}%n@%m%{${fg[default]}%}) %# "11:29
Kaishijoacim wuht11:29
joacimthats for normal users11:29
KaishiI just11:29
KaishiI've used ash a bit11:29
Kaishiand bash of course11:29
Kaishithere's like 20 different shells I've heard of11:30
KaishiI'm getting username:~/ $ where username is green for normal users, and red for root, and $ becomes # for root as well11:31
Kaishiwhich is exactly what I wanted11:31
Kaishiso yay, thanks guys :)11:31
Kaishimy next big project will be to figure out the difference between iptables and conntrack and why I get a warning at boot about it11:34
KaishiI could rewrite the iptables rules to be correct, or I could switch to conntrack I think11:34
Kaishibut I don't know the relative merits11:34
jaegerconntrack is part of iptables, not a replacement11:35
jaegerer, well, unless there's some conntrack program of which I'm not aware11:35
Kaishi /ohhhh/11:35
Kaishithat makes some of the documentation I read make more sense11:35
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Kaishiso I guess I need to convert state match rules to conntrack?12:29
Kaishior something like that >_>12:29
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KaishiI managed to find 1 (apparently default) state rule12:49
Kaishijust swapped to the conntrack notation, gonna see if that fixes anything12:49
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guzzanoin a file 'makefile' (generate by autoconf) where i can add -ldcurses? somebody know?13:07
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tilmanguzzano: add it to Makefile.am14:45
tilmanblah_LIBS += ncurses14:45
tilmanor something like that14:45
guzzanotilman thanks! i'm adding color to prt-get :)14:46
tilmanthis is assuming it uses automake, too14:47
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vee_so, is dream weaver the go to way for building websites?15:50
jaegerThat is a 100% subjective question15:50
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vee_yea i figured. see a lot of people using i assumed it was one of the more popular ones15:53
vee_doesn't seem to hard this website ordeal16:27
KaishiI'm trying to compile a new version of hiawatha at the moment.  the hiawatha FAQ includes a pretty good list of steps and options, but it doesn't explain anything about /how/ to set options using CMake.  Would that go in the file named "config" ?16:58
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diverseKaishi: hiawatha?19:17
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nogagplz_Kaishi, ccmake will givey ou a curses menu and a list of options19:25
nogagplz_if you want to pass them to cmake then prefix with a -D, ie -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PATH=/foo/bar19:26
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Kaishidiverse: hiawatha is a lightweight, secure webserver20:45
Kaishinogagplz_: excellent.20:45
Kaishithat's exactly what I need20:45
Kaishiccmake is helpful, wow21:01
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Kaishigot an error when compiling hiawatha21:24
Kaishisomething in xslt >_> not familiar, need to read up on it21:24
Kaishinm, known issue with an update in libxml2, there's a patch I can get21:26
pshevtsovHello! Is coreutils vital for CRUX? Can it be replaced with 9base ( for example?21:27
Kaishihey guys, if hiawatha compiles and installs natively with only like 2 config changes (just to change /usr/local to /usr basically), how hard would it be for me to make a port to offer to the community?21:31
Kaishiit appears to work perfectly in place of the old version that HexParrot compiled for 2.721:33
KaishiI'm talking about hiawatha 8.6 btw21:33
nogagplz_check the portdb for sample pkgfiles21:35
joacimthe wiki and/or handbook should explain some of what makes a good pkgfile21:35
Kaishinogagplz_ and joacim: okay, I'll look it up.  I'm really determined to find a way to give back :)21:38
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joacimno worries. I've used this distro for years and I've never given anything of value back.21:42
nogagplz_you monster21:42
nogagplz_how could you do that to the children?!21:42
joacimi was going to try sharing some ports via github, but i couldnt find a way to make it work well for such a purpose.21:43
joacimgave up after an hour or two =)21:43
joacimi see people are using googlecode, so i might use that.21:44
nogagplz_what about bitbucket21:44
nogagplz_that comes to mind because it does git now too21:44
Kaishiso using hyper-v to snapshot CRUX on ReiserFS causes a failed DMA write, because the system blocks writes to the VHD until the snapshot is completed.  The only safe time to snapshot a CRUX VM right now is while it is powered down21:44
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joacimi dont know. i've seen people use it for image hosting, and i cant say i got a good impression from them21:45
joacimlots of dead links21:45
joacimmaybe i'm thinking of something else21:46
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joacimthey offer custom domains for the free plan. i quite like that.21:46
nogagplz_and free unlimited private repos21:48
joacimgithub only has one, right?21:49
nogagplz_perfect for somebody self conscious about their looks (ie me)21:49
nogagplz_nfi about github21:49
joacimwell. a single public one i mean21:49
nogagplz_I think they do more than one public one21:49
nogagplz_but need to pay for privacy21:49
joacimi might try bitbucket then. see if they're suitable for such tasks.21:51
joacimmy ports won't need much privacy21:52
Kaishijoacim: so the pkgfile is just a bash script, and I need to fill in the steps from the hiawatha documentation into function build(), correct?21:53
joacimI don't know much about scripting, so I can't say.21:55
joacimbut I suppose it is somewhat correct.21:55
joacimjust have to make sure you use those variables and make sure the footprint looks ok.21:56
Kaishiokay! I'm putting together what I can.  how do these files get verified and published?21:56
joacimyou self publish via your own repo21:56
joacimthere are instructions for getting your repo listed on the portdb page if you are interested in that.21:57
KaishiI'm not trying to get ahead of myself but how to packages graduate from just being in personal repos to being available in contrib or core?21:58
Kaishi'cause this one is going to take all of a few more minutes to get working and then will be ready for verification21:59
joacimi dont know how or if packages from personal repositories enter core/opt/contrib22:01
Kaishiis the CRUX pkgfile related to the archlinux pkgfile?22:03
nogagplz_vaguely similar at best, thyey're pretty different22:07
Kaishiokay, so I'll ignore all documentation related to their pkgfile22:07
Kaishidoes anyone know of a port that uses cmake off of the top of their head?22:08
KaishiI'd like to use a sample for comparison, but the sample in the handbook doesn't use it22:09
joacimcould grep core/opt/contrib for one22:09
KaishiI'm not a great grep wizard.. yet >_>22:09
KaishiI was just going to cat all pkgfiles and grep for "cmake"22:10
Kaishibut that seems needlessly huge22:10
joacimgrep cmake /usr/ports/*/*/Pkgfile should work22:11
KaishiI actually just started looking through the pkgfiles in the portsdb and I found a couple.22:11
Kaishibut I'll run that just to see the output22:12
Kaishionly like 10 packages22:12
KaishiI've got this pkgfile just about done here, just trying to understand the actual install line22:48
Kaishithe DESTDIR= bit22:48
Kaishithe comments say to "inspect the Makefile in question to find out [how to use DESTDIR]"22:49
nogagplz_generally you can throw caution to the wind and use make DESTDIR=$PKG install22:51
Kaishihmm, okay22:52
KaishiI'll check on the extra files now I guess, though they could be anywhere22:52
Kaishihuh. maybe they're only in the source22:54
Kaishiokay so, my package may be good to go >_>22:55
Kaishior, the pkgfile at least22:55
nogagplz_does it build for you, and does the footprint look ok23:00
Kaishinot sure and not sure23:03
nogagplz_test it23:04
nogagplz_hop into the directory your pkgfile is in, preferrably called the same as your name variable in the pkgfile23:04
nogagplz_then do pkgmk -d23:04
Kaishiright now, my pkgfile isn't even on my crux VM, hah23:05
KaishiI should probably SCP it over there ._.23:05
nogagplz_take your time23:05
nogagplz_just so long as you get it right23:06
KaishiI'm about 100% confident in it.23:06
Kaishiso I should put it in a directory named hiawatha23:07
Kaishidoes it matter which user owns the pkgfile or the dir?23:07
nogagplz_not really at this stage23:09
Kaishiokay, on blank lines, I'm getting errors23:13
Kaishi$'\r' : command not found23:13
nogagplz_what doesy your pkgfile look like23:17
nogagplz_care to pastebin it?23:17
Kaishisorry about that, fixed it23:18
KaishiUNIX/Windows disconnect23:18
nogagplz_ah figures23:18
Kaishidifferent notation for "newline" but VIM reads both as the same thing23:18
Kaishiso I didn't actually see a difference23:18
Kaishiused tr to fix23:18
Kaishiokay, running as a non-root user, it seems to go through the overwhelming majority of it but doesn't actually finish so far.23:22
Kaishibut we're getting close23:23
Kaishithe error is about a file or directory not existing when it clearly does23:24
Kaishiforgot a \23:26
Kaishiyup, compiling now23:27
Kaishiokay, footprint created23:29
Kaishiso 0.3MB I think23:30
nogagplz_ok then you install the package with pkgmk -i23:34
nogagplz_and see how much stuff you forgot23:34
Kaishiand I need to do taht as root, right?23:34
KaishiI already have the package installed and I can't really remove it right now23:35
nogagplz_as root yes, but doesn't matter then if you're confident nothing has changed23:35
KaishiI made sure it was completely the same in the options and that all directories follow the documented standards23:36
nogagplz_should be good to go then23:38
nogagplz_now just to find somewhere to host it and all that23:39
Kaishiat some point I'll bring up a proper www subdomain at home23:41
KaishiI forgot to cut a few comments but they don't much matter.23:42
nogagplz_never seen strip in there like that23:43
Kaishithat's from the hiawatha documentation23:43
nogagplz_ah ok23:43
nogagplz_looks fine then23:43
Kaishiand then the patch I applied in there is from:
Kaishiand it doesn't compile with the version supplied based on current libxml223:44
Kaishihence the patch23:44
Kaishiso where do I put this thingie? ^^23:47
nogagplz_you can either link to the url with the patch23:48
nogagplz_or have the patch in the same directory as the pkgfile, and add it to your source23:49
nogagplz_either way works23:49
Kaishilink in a comment?23:49
nogagplz_then patching is patch -p1 -i $SRC/patch,diff for example23:49
nogagplz_no put it in the same source line as the tarball for hiawatha23:50
Kaishiohhh and then move it in place or something?23:50
nogagplz_no need to move it23:51
nogagplz_just use the line as above to patch with it23:51
Kaishihow do I put it in the source line? whitespace or comma or.. something else?23:52
nogagplz_just leave a space23:52
nogagplz_or \ then have it on a new line, along with the closing )23:52
Kaishioaky, got it23:55
Kaishiwhere should I put the patch line? I put it in place of block from cd src to cd ..23:55
Kaishibut maybe that's not right23:56
nogagplz_generally you patch stuff after you cd into its directory23:56
nogagplz_if it's not obvious at first try patching it outside of the pkgfile just to figure it out23:56
nogagplz_then replicate it in the pkgfile23:57
Kaishiokay, I don't understand anything about the patch command right now, I'm just following your instructions literally23:57
Kaishibut it sounds like you're suggesting I keep both the cd src and cd ..23:57
Kaishiwith the patch line you provided between the23:57

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