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nogagplz_oh I think I see what's going on00:02
nogagplz_is this supposed patch just a dropin replacement for one of the source files?00:02
Kaishiand without it, the src won't compile on the current libxml200:06
Kaishiwill be fixed in the next release00:06
Kaishiwhich will be 8.700:06
Kaishibut unknown date00:06
nogagplz_ok same deal as before about adding extra stuff to the source line, just make it your link to the replacement file00:07
KaishiI already have it in the source the way you suggested, but I don't follow past that, can you be more specific? I mean, the (incredibly basic) method I used in the original version does work.00:08
nogagplz_then forget the patch command and most of those cd's, try cp $SRC/xslt.c src after you cd $name-$version00:08
Kaishioh, cool, that looks a lot cleaner00:09
Kaishicp $SRC/xslt.c ./src/xslt.c00:11
Kaishiis there an explicit 'replace' switch for cp? -r or something?00:11
nogagplz_cp just obliterates the target with the source00:22
nogagplz_as I said above should be adequate and cuts some of the waffle00:22
nogagplz_ cp $SRC/xslt.c src00:22
Kaishigot it00:23
Kaishiupdated :)00:25
nogagplz_too easy00:26
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Kaishiwhat now?00:31
nogagplz_that's it as far as rolling your pkgfile goes00:32
nogagplz_find some where/way to host it, and probably read up on how httpup works00:32
nogagplz_can;t help you there unfortunately, I don't really know :P00:32
Kaishiconsidering how (in)frequently hiawatha is updated, I'm sure I could maintain it00:33
jaegergithub or googlecode are decent places to host ports repos00:36
jaegertime to sleep, ZZzzz00:36
prologicbitbucket works just as well too - I use that for hosting my ports01:26
prologicI even wrote a hgup driver for our ports system01:26
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pshevtsovHow can I make musl default libc on CRUX?02:21
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pshevtsovhorrorStruck: Have you done in yourself on CRUX?03:53
horrorStrucknever, but i'm curious, i'm going to try it in parallel first03:54
horrorStrucknot a full replacement03:54
horrorStruckpshevtsov: i got it compile static hello world so far :P04:34
pshevtsovhorrorStruck: So did I.04:35
horrorStruckzlib now. OK, only a few hundred more and we're good04:46
horrorStruckfor now, time to go back home04:46
pshevtsovhorrorStruck: Good luck!04:48
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guzzanoI do not understand why I always delete the ncurses06:42
guzzanoMy S.O start nice and 5 minutes ago, /bin/sh: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory and bash: clear: command not found wtf?06:46
Romsterbash (among others, prt-get dependent ncurses) depends on ncurses, of course removng ncurses will cause problems06:52
Romsterif you want to truely remove ncurses you'll need to first modify and rebuild every port that uses ncurses to not too. why i don't know.06:53
guzzanoI did not remove ncurses06:54
Romsterthen what does "I do not understand why I always delete the ncurses" actually mean?06:55
guzzanoNcurses is always cleared me alone06:56
guzzanomy s.o start today nice.. and 5 minutos ago ncurses is delete, do not know how this happened06:57
Romsterbeats me i have never heard of such a thing happening...06:58
guzzanoIt is the second time it happens ...06:58
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guzzanoI installed ncurses#5.9-1.pkg.tar.xz and nice again... uhmm... this is strange ...07:02
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Romsteryou hvae to be doing something to remove that port...07:09
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Kaishigood morning everybody.  My hiawatha package is coming along.  Pkgfile is complete and functional, and the footprint is only 300 KB as I recall.07:38
Kaishigonna find some hosting for it today and try to get it entered into the portsdb07:39
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juetilman: thanks11:28
cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: ed: update to 1.711:52
cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: iputils: update to s2012112611:52
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.8]: xorg-xf86-video-geode: update to 2.11.1411:54
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.8]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: update to 2.20.1411:54
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vee_Hey guys, still can't connect to the schools network even though its unsecured16:09
vee_Odd...had to ping out to
vee_Works now16:12
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jaegerAnyone in here using kerberized NFSv4 with Active Directory as your KDC?17:28
jaegeron any linux dist, doesn't need to be crux17:29
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Kaishijaeger, I don't know how those relate >_>18:39
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croxbutchromium: 23.0.1271.64 -> 23.0.1271.9119:40
vee_this school is weird. it blocks access to irc and to anything outside the popular sites19:40
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vee_horrorStruck, did you post that for me? haha19:41
horrorStruckvee_: WHY U C-C-COMBOBREAKER ? :P19:42
horrorStruckhow are you?19:42
vee_ aww man19:42
vee_if i knew, i wouldn't i swear!19:42
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vee_im doing well, stuck in class, ignoring everything19:42
vee_how do you do?19:42
vee_have finals coming up which makes it even better19:43
horrorStrucklate for work, breakfast time19:43
horrorStruckwhen will it be?19:43
vee_december 10th19:43
vee_pleanty of time to procrastinate tt19:44
horrorStruckoh that's very soon, are you ready?19:44
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vee_sepends link to download chromium keeps failing20:03
vee_feel like its because of this stupid connection20:03
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