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vee_sorry horrorStruck, connection kept bitching out, couldn't reply. but yes, i think im ready. been getting A's all semester, and i've been half assing everything so00:09
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saleemhi, i need help with kwort but since their people are not around i am asking here : i get this error : kpkg update Could not search for LINK ( out of memory )00:22
saleemcan someone please guide me how to fix this error?00:23
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vee_just built sepens chromium, prt-get picks it up in /usr/bin/ but i cant seem to launch it02:51
vee_wont find it02:52
vee_facepalm* forgot to actually add the package. thanks sepen for your pkgmk file, and thanks for pointing it out horrorStruck03:02
vee_good night eeryone03:06
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frinnstthen whats the point? :)05:58
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Amnesiaquestion, .nostrip, what's exactly done with that file?07:45
AmnesiaAdded support for .nostrip, an optional file containing regular expressions matching files that should not be stripped. Thanks to Dave Hatton <>07:45
Amnesia^ that's from the pkgutils changelog, but why the heck would the pkgutils strip stuff?07:46
Amnesia(afaik it doesn't do that right?)07:46
frinnstdepends on your settings07:46
frinnst# PKGMK_NO_STRIP="no"07:47
frinnstby default it strips07:47
Amnesiahow does it determine what should be stripped?07:48
Romsteranything that hs unneeded debug symbols07:49
Amnesiaand where are those debug symbols defined?07:59
frinnstno, in the .nostrip file08:00
frinnstcheck glibc/.nostrip08:00
frinnstthis is a perfect representation on how I see Australia:
Romsterdon't need them unless you plan to build with -g and then dbg or strace stuff08:01
Romsterhah nice one08:01
Amnesiafrinnst: the debug info that's added when -g has been used, is being merged with the binaries right..?08:05
Amnesiaor is it also possible to add that to external files?08:05
Amnesia(still quite a noob @ C)08:05
frinnstme too :), but yeah iirc they are baked into the binary08:06
tilmanAmnesia: yes08:14
tilmanAmnesia: man objcopy08:14
Amnesiatilman: thx08:16
Kaishihey guys, is it a good idea to use cron to run ports -u once every couple of days?08:23
Amnesiatilman: is it correct that it's debug objects extracted from "compilation time" objects ?08:23
Kaishiand / or a similar command (can't remember what) to cleanup the ports temporary files?08:23
frinnstKaishi: sure. as to cleaning up temporary files - specifying PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR= and PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR= might be easier to work with08:24
Kaishifrinnst: I thought there was a prt-get command or something to clean up the pkgmk stuff, like a single command with maybe a couple of parameters but it was something simple08:26
KaishiI just haven't committed it to memory yet08:26
frinnstcd /usr/ports ; pkgmk -r -c08:26
AmnesiaKaishi: prtwash/prtorphan08:26
frinnstand prtsweep08:26
Kaishiwhoa, those last 3, is there anything important to know about them? I think I used prtwash08:27
KaishiI'm looking for a basic recommendation, is all08:27
frinnsti just keep all source-files and pkg-files around.. maybe clean out twice a year or so :)08:28
Kaishimy root partition is only 10GB and has a bit of data on it (though the important stuff has its own 110 GB partition to work with)08:30
Kaishior maybe it was 20GB08:30
Kaishipoint is,08:30
KaishiI don't want clutter08:30
Kaishiokay so now I have a daily cron op to run /usr/bin/ports -u08:31
AmnesiaKaishi: why not remove the portdir and redownload it when you need it:)/08:31
Romsterif you got high speed unlimited net08:31
KaishiOC3 baby08:31
Kaishi:308:31 will cry :(08:32
KaishiI don't need to be pulling a fresh copy of source all the time, but I don't want to leave old stuff around08:32
Kaishiespecially since this is an upgraded 2.7 now on 2.808:32
Kaishiwhich, btw, is run /swimmingly/08:33
Kaishiback in a bit :)08:36
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Amnesiafrinnst: do you build every single port><?08:37
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frinnstheh, no08:58
frinnstand i always find that i need a specific pkg just after i've deleted all the old ones08:59
joacim1.3 GB in sources and 650 MB in packages. I'm guessing I could remove some of this.09:02
Amnesiaprtwash -a -p -s09:07
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joacimor rm sources/*09:50
horrorStruckit's nice to keep the current one at least09:51
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vee_hello everyone14:07
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vee_how are you jaeger?14:26
jaegerI'm annoyed. Can't get a kerberizes NFSv4 server and Active Directory to play nicely14:27
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vee_i would offer some form of help, but as you are well aware, i have no idea what thoe are....haha14:30
jaegerno worries... I'm giving up on it for now, working on something else14:33
frinnsthmm.. syslinux seems real nice. even booted on the first try \o/ :)14:43
frinnstlogical, clean and simple14:43
frinnstprt-get remove lilo14:44
Amnesiafrinnst: lilo isn't simple enough:)?14:44
frinnstsure.. but flawed  - cant boot btrfs14:44
frinnstthats why i had a ext4 /boot14:45
Amnesiawhat's wrong with ext4:)?14:45
frinnstnot dangerous enough :)14:45
frinnstbtrfs is lovely14:46
Amnesiawhat are its advantages compared to ext4?14:48
Amnesiashit spreads fast14:54
Amnesiasaw that link 2 min ago on another channel:p14:54
Amnesiaanimal cruelty :/14:55
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frinnstAmnesia: :)14:58
Rotwangis btrfs usable now?14:59
frinnstdepends on what you want14:59
frinnstuseable: yes14:59
frinnststable in a production env: fuck no14:59
frinnstmy entire desktop is btrfs, except for a ext4 /boot that i no longer need \o/15:00
Amnesiafrinnst: similar to zfs I guess15:00
teK__why not for production? any bad experience?15:01
frinnstperformance and stability15:01
frinnsti've run it for close to a year i think without any issues15:01
frinnstbut after idling in #btrfs, i'll wait a couple of years before i try it in a production env. :)15:02
AmnesiaI'll won't use all those fancy features15:02
frinnsti run it on ~4.5TB + ~3.5TB at home15:03
Rotwangthat is a lots of storage good sir15:03
frinnstthat 3.5TB volume is made up of about 8 different harddrives :)15:03
frinnstits so simple adding and removing physical drives15:04
Rotwangbtrfs takes care of that?15:04
frinnstyou can convert data and/or metadata to different raid levels on the fly15:04
Rotwangthat sounds cool15:04
frinnsthopefully raid5/6 will be merged in 3.8 or 3.915:06
Amnesiabtrfs == software raid?15:07
frinnstyeah, like mdadm/lvm/zfs15:08
Rotwanguber cool15:08
frinnstrecommended and fun talk:
frinnsta bit dated perhaps15:08
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Rotwangfrinnst: great talk16:45
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Romsterhad one of our 4 dogs put down today, serious ear infection and blind... head tilt kept rolling over :(19:48
Romsterand where s my effing dsl damn it, going mental...19:48
Romsterphones are back on though19:49
Romsterand i just realise my wvdial.conf is missing so my backup dialup wont work. i must not have tested that or something had changed in later wvdial version19:49
Romsteralso there is no man wvdial.conf19:50
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