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pshevtsovHello! Is there any way to disable makeflags defined in /etc/pkgmk.conf in Pkgfile?00:43
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prologicoverride the enviornment in the build() function00:47
prologicthe flags in /etc/pkgmk.conf are just sensible defaults for C/C++ compilers (gcc and g++)00:48
prologicbtw what do you guys think of a tool (that I intend to write) that imports Arch PKGBUILD files into equivalent CRUX Pkgfiles?00:50
prologicI'm almost 98% certain such a tool can be written - as every time I've done this by hand I've thought it could be done pragmatically00:51
pshevtsovprologic: I don't know what to override and how to determine it. I just need to do something similar to Arch PKGBUILD options=(!makeflags)00:52
prologicmy guess is if you need to do that you probably don't00:53
prologicwhat are you trying to create a port for anyway?00:53
prologicI really seriously doubt you neeed to do this00:55
prologicperform the following steps00:55
prologicmkdir libtecla00:55
prologiccd libtecla00:55
prologicwget <url_to_arch's_libtechla_PKGBIULD>00:55
prologiccat PKGBUILD >> Pkgfile00:55
prologicvim Pkgfile00:55
prologiccombine the PKGBUILD's build() and package() into build() (trmplated out by prtcreate)00:56
prologicreplace pkgdir with PKG, srcdir with SRC00:56
prologicand populate source=() and version= and the appropriate Descriptuion, URL, etc at the top00:56
prologicpkgmk -d to test and you're done00:56
pshevtsovWhat's prtcreate?00:56
prologica script/tool we ship in CRUX that create a templated (blank) crux port for you00:57
prologicwith all the bits that you need to fill out00:57
prologicit's part of the prt-utils port00:57
prologicprt-get depinst prt-utils00:57
prologicI've just created this port already01:01
pshevtsovprologic: can you show your Pkgfile please?01:05
prologicit's in my ports collection if you just want to use it as-is01:05
pshevtsovprologic: Did you tried pkgmk -d?01:09
prologicworks fine here01:09
prologiceven installed it01:09
pshevtsovThat's weird. I get errors01:10
prologicpaste them?01:10
prologicare you using my Pkgfile?01:16
frinnstjoy joy joy01:16
frinnstinbox full of errors01:16
pshevtsovprologic: But when I just build it from source (i.e. bsdtar *.tar.gz && cd libtecla && ./configure && make) it compiles ok.01:20
prologicand you're running CRUX 2.8?01:21
horrorStruckpshevtsov: you can use unset or export01:21
horrorStrucklike unset LDFLAGS01:21
pshevtsovprologic: CRUX version 2.8 x86_6401:22
horrorStruckor export CFLAGS="-Os"01:22
prologicI don't think that's the problem though horrorStruck01:22
prologicI was able to build and compilete that port just fine01:23
prologicbut I didn't test on CRUX 2.8 x86_6401:23
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pshevtsovhorrorStruck, prologic, thank you. I added unset MAKEFLAGS in Pkgfile and it built ok.01:38
prologicwhat are MAKEFLAGS anyway?01:40
pshevtsovprologic: Btw, current libtecla version in 1.6.201:41
pshevtsovexport MAKEFLAGS="-j2"01:41
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prologicI wasn't aware we set MAKEFLAGS anywhere by default in pkgmk.conf though01:44
prologicI'm confused01:44
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Romster<pshevtsov> prologic: Btw, current libtecla version in 1.6.201:47
Romster<Romster> you kidden prologic01:47
Romster<Romster> MAKEFLAGS pass options to make like number of jobs -j01:47
Romster<Romster> man make01:47
Romsterstupid lag01:47
pshevtsovProbably I added it by myself after reading the wiki --
prologicthat wasn't my point Romster :)01:49
prologicI mean we don't define any defaults for Make do we?01:49
prologicnot that I can see in /etc/pkgmk.conf anyway01:49
prologicpshevtsov, sounds like something someone would do - like you :)01:49
prologicI personally don't have much of a reason to mess much with flags in pkgmk.conf01:49
Romstermost ports work fine those that dont just add make -101:50
Romstermake -j101:50
Romsteralso this keyboard on the laptop is horrible.01:50
prologic-most- being the keyword01:50
prologicsome spit chips01:50
Romsteryep those you just unset it01:50
Romsterbut there is very few of those.01:50
prologichaving a single core cpu at home (still) means I don't take advaantage of such an option01:51
prologicfor that particular port though01:51
Romsteri always set number of cores in MAKEFLAGS when i setup01:51
prologicI suppose you could do:01:51
Romsterthe majority are fine01:51
prologicexport MAKEFLAGS=$(echo $MAKEFLAGS | sed -e "s/-j./-j1/g")01:51
prologicor something01:52
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prologicsupposing you had other default MAKEFLAGS you wanted to preserve01:52
Romstergod damn it does anyone know the eftel/datafast dialup number.... origional gatewall install is long gone and i can't find the dialup number on the net01:52
* prologic snikers01:52
Romsterthis is royally pissng me off. phone line is back i can get on with diaup for irc at least01:52
prologicI don't even think I could buy a dialup modem naymore :)01:53
Romsteryeah i still have it with my dsl01:53
prologicgood lord01:53
Romsteri had one since before adsl even existed a external one01:53
prologicI don't think TPG offer dialup on their plans01:53
prologicif my DSL went haywire01:53
prologicI'd just throw up 3G01:53
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Romsteri'm on 3G it's god damn 48kbps if that01:53
Romsteron optus here anyways01:53
prologicwell there's ya problem01:54
prologicswitch to Telstra prepaid01:54
prologicand get yourself a 4G Celluar modem01:54
Romsterand i've used half of my phones data plan already that goes to the 20th of next month01:54
prologicyou could pickup a RouterBoard 411U which has a miniPCI-E slot and pick up a 4G card01:54
Romsteri just want my dsl working again...01:54
prologicthrow in a Telstra prepaid sim01:54
Romsterbut it's still dead01:54
prologicand you have a backup service01:54
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vee_just built crux, and i keep getting this error:01:54
vee_skype: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory01:54
vee_i've tried reinstalling libxv01:55
prologicso install the library it's trying to use?01:55
prologicyou might need to symlink it approparitely then01:55
prologicor something01:55
prologicor maybe that particular version doesn't work with that version of skype01:55
prologicbut the former sounds more likely01:55
prologicsymlink magic01:55
Romsteri'm looking at a unlocked
Romsterseems easy to get working
Romsteron my gateway pc01:56
Romsterand get a telstra sim as optus is dead slow01:56
prologicyeah well exactly01:57
prologicthat's the way to go01:57
vee_im on a 64 bit system, but on the multilib....would that change anything?01:57
vee_also, high Romster. haven't seen you in a while01:57
prologicvee_, not being on 64bit myself nor multilib I'm not sure01:57
Romstervee you probably need to make a older verson of xorg-libxv and remove the symlink file and change the name to xorg-libxv-0.1 or something01:58
prologicbut the error is obvious anyway01:58
prologicit can't find the library it's trying to load01:58
Romsterskype is looking for a older version of that library01:58
Romsterin 32bit so don't forget to install into lib32 and touch .32bit in the ports directory as well.01:59
prologic3rd-party commercial/proprietary software vendors suck :)01:59
prologicSkype == Microsoft01:59
Romsteri'd help but it's painful online01:59
pshevtsovvee_: How did you made your system multilib, btw?01:59
Romsteryeah i feel like droping skype ports personally01:59
vee_jaeger has a multilib iso02:00
vee_i wish i could do all that myself02:00
prologicyeah we ship a multilib as well as a pure 64bit iso02:00
vee_i'd rather use ekiga, but the only one i saw around the portdb was a very old one02:00
prologicupdate it?02:00
Romstervee then bmp it yourself02:00
vee_i wish i knew how xD02:01
prologicprt-get edit ediga02:01
prologicupdate version02:01
prologicand test rebuild?02:01
Romstero better time to learn02:01
prologicI suggest you read the handbook :)02:01
prologicit's only 20 odd pages or so02:01
prologiclight reading02:01
vee_i read a bit on the ports stuff but still am in the dark02:01
prologicre-read :)02:02
prologicstart looking at the Pkgfile's of some ports to get the pattern/idea02:02
vee_haha better than RTFM i suppose02:02
Romstercrux is for expeareanceduses or those willing to learn. get cracking <_<02:02
prologicit's pretty straight forward02:02
vee_i gotta ask you guys02:02
prologicPkgfile's just script up what you'd do by hand and pacakge it up nicely02:02
pshevtsovvee_, prologic, yes I now about multilib iso. But how to make my current pure 64bit system multilib without reinstalling?02:02
vee_how the fak do you guys deal with all the dependencies?02:02
prologicby using prt-get02:03
vee_pshevtsov i think you need to upgrade the system from what jaeger told me...if i remember correctly02:03
prologicand working out what the _real_ dependencies are by building in a clean environment02:03
vee_but prt-get doesn't always have the needed dependency02:03
prologicpshevtsov, you'd have to rebuild a majority of your ports I'd assume02:03
prologicand get the multilib ports trees installed02:03
prologicmy guess02:03
Romsterpshevtsov, you have to install core at least, over the top of your existing system, rejmerge keep most of your settings as is except for stuff n prt-get and pkgmk.conf02:04
prologicpshevtsov, you'd best ask jaegar02:04
Romsterrecompile kernel with ia32 compat iirc..02:04
pshevtsovRomster: Already did02:04
prologicvee_, prt-get just read the dependencies out of the Pkgfile's "# Depends on: ..." line in the Pkgfile02:04
pshevtsovjaeger ^02:04
prologicnothing more - nothing less02:04
Romsterand list the multilib repos above the other x86_64 stuff in prt-get.conf02:04
prologicthere ya go :)02:05
prologicRomster knows how!02:05
prologicsounds straight forward to me02:05
Romstergrr i'm gonna go ring datafast for the dialup number02:05
prologicpkgadd -r the packages from the multilib iso (the core packages)02:05
pshevtsovprologic: Can you give me the link to multilib iso?02:06
prologicit'll be up on somewhere02:06
prologicprobably on morpheus mirror02:06
prologicand vee_ -- ports normally don't list any "core" dependencies02:07
prologiconly opt/contrib and others02:07
vee_well, when i tried to build something outside of the crux repo, id check out the dependencies for it, and some were not in the data base so i tried building them manually, and there were so god damn many i gave up02:08
prologicI don't quite understand02:09
prologicyou're not using prt-get?02:09
vee_i forgot what program i was trying to build from source, but the dependencies were a pain in the arse for it02:09
prologicwhat are you building? gnome/kde?02:09
vee_i dont remember, i think maybe awesomewm02:09
vee_though i cant say for sure02:10
prologicoh well, if it's a new port we don't have02:10
prologicthen yeah02:10
prologicit can be a pain to work out all the required dependncies02:10
prologicdeal with it :)02:10
vee_do you manually download each particular dependency and build it?02:10
prologiceither that or steal someone else's port/PKGBUILD02:10
prologicyou can usually borrow (liberally) a Gentoo port or Arch port02:10
prologicand modify to suit02:10
pshevtsovvee_: Thanks, downloading...02:11
prologicif we (core/opt/contrib) don't have the required deps or other community member's personal ports collections don't have it02:11
prologicthen yes - you have to build your own ports for each dep02:11
vee_i think this might be the 2nd i was helpful02:11
prologicand we like it if you share :)02:11
vee_ah. i should probably install crux on another pc and play with the whole building of packages02:12
prologicor you could rent a container from me? :)02:12
vee_what are your prices good sir02:12
prologicI dunno - something I was/plan to setup soon02:13
pshevtsovprologic: openvz?02:13
vee_i have my old pentium 4 lurking around here02:13
Romstermm dialup sounds02:13
prologicmaybe $60.00 AUD/year02:13
vee_Romster still on dail up?02:13
prologicpshevtsov, yes openvz02:13
Romsterod damn it what now didn't auth02:13
Romsternah my backup until dsl is back on02:13
vee_what are the connections like over ther02:14
vee_im currently hovering around 57 mb down 5 up02:14
prologicit's 100Mbps upstream bandwidth02:14
Romstercrap even worse due to fire at that exchange02:14
prologicyou can test latency if you like02:14
Romsterno it wont log in why....02:14
vee_ill ping it...but not sure my capabilities reach openvz because aside from it being a virutal system, thats all i know about it xD02:15
prologicno no :)02:15
prologicwhat I'd provide you is a CRUX 2.8 x86_64 virtual machine (container)02:15
prologicwith full root access and an public ip address/hostname02:16
prologicyou do with it whatever you like02:16
vee_provide the greatest of pr0nz for crux users!02:16
prologicwithin reason :)02:16
prologicif I get complaints about that IP I'd have to shut you down :)02:17
vee_i cant get ekiga to work right, not sure its my time to have one of that there those systems02:18
vee_epic redneck is epic02:18
pshevtsovTime to lunch...02:18
vee_epic redneck is epic02:20
vee_thanks for the offer through prologic02:20
prologicah nps02:20
prologiclike I said, I do plan to offer this in an official way soon02:20
vee_perhaps in the near future, after re reading the handbook, i can pick up on stuff like this D02:20
prologicas well as voip and full kvm virtualization hosting02:20
prologicoh and cheap web hosting02:21
vee_i always wondered how web hosting would work02:21
vee_i know you need to get a domain name, but, dont you get those from websites who host stuff, so you're forced to host with them02:22
prologicI personally have 2 servers in my infrastructure02:22
prologicon in the US (East Coast) and one in AU/Brisbane02:22
prologicthey both run DNS and Web Hosting, as well as VZ and KVM Hosting and PBX Hosting02:23
vee_i'd like to get a computer repair website up actually02:23
prologicback later02:23
vee_for my own business that i'd like to start02:23
prologicwell you could host with me :)02:23
prologicall my systems run CRUX02:23
vee_so, they're prone to crashing02:23
vee_inb4 flame02:23
vee_thanks again prologic, i'll really consider the web hosting02:23
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juegood morning02:28
jueprologic: that's wrong ->  -- ports normally don't list any "core" dependencies02:29
jueprologic: see 'Listing of dependencies' here:
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prologichave to baby sit02:36
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pshevtsovI can't build w3m from opt. Is it just me or do I have to report a bug?04:15
joacim <- building fails for me too04:34
prologicjue, hmm :)05:13
prologicjue, yeah guess I was wrong05:14
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cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: rc: update to 2.2706:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: hpcups: update to 3.12.1107:04
Roomster4g stick ordered prologic though i expect to get this ater my dsl is already fixed. though i'll be ready for the next outage07:07
Roomsterisp hasnt done much other than they'll email me with roaming dialup tomorrow... damn them.07:08
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horrorStruckjoacim: you need the sed lines like in here:
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joacimnono. i'm not the one asking07:14
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horrorStruckah ok sorry.07:27
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teK__what's borken again :\08:12
teK__+    sed -i 's/file_handle/file_foo/' istream.{c,h}08:12
teK__ ?08:12
teK__wtf. :)08:13
horrorStruckteK__: taken from
horrorStruckfrom even08:19
teK__thanks for the hint08:21
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cruxbot[core-x86_64.git/2.8]: filesystem: fixed lib64 symlink10:54
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vee_hello all16:58
teK_Is there a way to get the port of a udp-socket with IP_TRANSPARENT option set in python2 as there is no socket.recvmsg()?17:00
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vee_what tool can i use to check the remaining battery life?19:49
vee_cant seem to find anything19:50
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vee_hello again21:53
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