IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2012-11-29

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frinnstfucking wisdomtooth02:15
frinnststill giving me grief02:15
tilmanfirst snow today02:49
horrorStruckfrinnst: if i may: do something *now*, i've been postponing fixing the exact same thing until the day i had to get drunk just to ignore the pain...i got that bitch extracted the first hour of the next morning02:50
frinnsthorrorStruck: heh.. well its just that it decided to start growing again02:53
frinnstits piercing the gums02:53
frinnstpreviously only parts of it was visible02:54
frinnstbut yeah, i probably should go to the dentist02:54
horrorStruckah ok it's a different kind of pain then :P02:54
frinnst(i'd rather do ANYTHING else)02:54
joacimmines doing well. mighty strong wisdomteeth02:54
joacimtho the tooth right next to it is bothering me a lot02:54
frinnsttilman: wow thats depressing02:54
joacimit is chipped and i cant afford fixing it02:54
horrorStrucksnow is depressing? where is your child's soul :(02:55
frinnstmy wisdom teeth killed it!02:55
tilmani'm torn02:55
tilmansitting inside, looking outside at the snow: nice02:55
tilmansitting in the car, driving _through_ the damn stuff: not so nice02:56
horrorStruckwalk in the snow and enjoy this "schvromp" noise02:56
joacimi feel like i've been walking twice as far due to the road salt spilling over on the sidewalk02:57
joacimyou get this powdery sand effect going02:58
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.8]: exo: updated to 0.9.108:15
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.8]: gudev: improve dir installation and cleanup08:15
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.8]: thunar: updated to 1.5.308:15
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: gnutls: updated to 3.1.508:16
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: xterm: updated to 28708:16
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: fontconfig: updated to 2.10.208:16
Amnesiaugh, is one of you folks perhaps familiar with that error from firefox?08:43
AmnesiaI don't feel like compiling firefox everything, so I downloaded the ff package from mozilla08:43
AmnesiaXPCOMGlueLoad error for file /usr/share/firefox/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory08:43
AmnesiaCouldn't load XPCOM.08:43
jaegerdoes it also contain try running it in strace, see what it says08:47
Amnesiayep it does08:48
Amnesiajaeger: thx08:54
AmnesiaI needed dbus-glib08:54
Amnesiaperhaps it would be an idea btw, to add the "compact" option by default to the default lilo.conf08:58
Amnesiajaeger: what sets my HOME variable?09:07
Amnesiacause for some reason it's set to /home/amnesia/ instead of /home/amnesia09:07
Amnesiaah nvm, that's the passwd file ofc-.-09:08
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sudahey, is there a way to run a post install script when installing with prt-get?09:55
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pitillosuda: check prt-get and prt-get.conf man page, you can see the pre/post-install scripts options and the one used in prt-get.conf10:00
frinnstor you can use --install-scripts10:01
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sudapitillo / frinnst thanks, that helped. what I'm not clear is am I suppose to just send a shell script with the name post-install ?10:16
sudaah, ok. that sounds easy. thanks10:18
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pitillonp :)10:18
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nezcazis the new 2.8 x86_64 a pure 64 bit?12:02
nezcazaah and hello again :)12:02
joacimi think the one from is12:13
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Amnesiadoes anyone over here have ca-certificates installed?12:51
joacimnot me12:53
Amnesiadafuq, don't you folks use ssl at all:P?12:53
joacimi trust people =)12:54
Amnesiawell ssl is also fucked:p12:55
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spider44Hi all14:40
spider44I have a problem with ogg123: it doesn't play ogg vorbis :-( mplayer works fine. I tryed ogg123 -d alsa, but it doesn't help.14:41
spider44Any ideas?14:42
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Romsterok so 4:30am thursday morning to 3:40am friday morning the following week 8 days later... wonder if i can clam compensation for loss of productivity.15:17
Romsteri'm back up now on ADSL.15:17
* nogagplz_ sets fire to Romsters exchange15:19
jaegerI think that's already been done15:23
Romsterno kidden :(15:23
Romsternow the hassle of reconfiguring everyone that's been using 3G sticks at there business to there ADSL again.15:24
Romsterso not happy at not having net this long15:24
Romsternogagplz_, push your git trees this way.15:25
Romsteri got a ton of crap to catch up on and i need to get ready for work, and i have work this weekend in colac with a metallica cover band.... so i'm not gonna get much done at all.15:26
Romstertomorrow after work maybe get something done.15:26
Romster it wasn't just home it was 60,000 custoemrs without phone or internet even at work and all the businesses all trying to use 3G sticks to the best of there ability and asking us why they can't get there emails, as they have no static ip and dns pointing at the business usb sticks that seem to block port 25, how dumb is that.15:28
Romsterwhy lable 3G as business when they block port 2515:28
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Romstercool work is up now too.15:47
Romsteri better get going.15:47
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frinnstAmnesia: I have16:11
Amnesiafrinnst: what port are you using?16:11
AmnesiaI nicked one from the internet16:11
Amnesiabut the one that uses the .tar.gz from debian only has like 5 CA's pem files in it16:12
Amnesiathe deb's got much more in it16:12
frinnstno port. i used the script from curl to generate them. uses mozillas16:13
frinnstits not installed as part of our curl port so you need to snatch it from the tarball16:13
Amnesia ?16:16
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frinnstsounds familiar16:16
Amnesiaquess I could make a port for it then:)16:18
joacimthere is already one, but that one is from 200816:22
joacimvia the portdb16:22
Amnesiahm I'd better make my own:P16:31
frinnstor just generate the file and be done with it :)16:31
frinnstand point your wget (or whatever) config to it16:32
AmnesiaCan't locate LWP/ -.-16:33
frinnstyeah its a perl-script16:33
AmnesiaI hate third party dependencies16:33
* frinnst slaps Romster 16:34
Amnesiafrinnst: still it sucks:p16:34
frinnstfootprint needs to be updated16:34
Amnesiasame with nmap:)16:36
Amnesiafrinnst: thx for the tip, it's working marvelously16:39
frinnstnmap passes the footprint here16:44
frinnstah, yeah.. nmap-update missing16:48
* frinnst gives tek a clean vm16:49
Amnesiafrinnst: are you using an outdated bundle:P?16:52
Amnesiacannot verify's certificate, issued by '/C=US/O=DigiCert Inc/ High Assurance CA-3':17:03
Amnesiahm it work using --ca-certificate=/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt17:05
Amnesiawhat bundle does wget use by default o017:06
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Amnesiaugh that's nasty17:17
Amnesiawhy don't apps look for it on one single place-.-17:17
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horrorStruckAmnesia: i have this if you want:
horrorStruckwhich needs this as well
horrorStruckif you use that, you need to run the post-install to generate the certs, then you have to rebuild curl and wget17:41
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Romsterfrinnst, it can bloody wait i'm too busy and i only jsut got my dsl back.19:10
nogagplzdamnit Romster keep shirking19:11
nogagplzdon't you listen to somebody telling you otherwise19:11
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: [notify]: security update opera: 20.10 -> 20.1119:21
Romsterand i asked twice for someone to bump opera for me....19:22
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