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vee_so you can now watch netflix on linux machines...01:13
Romsterccssnet cool i upload to virustotal too01:23
Romstervee_, i wish that clamav would be better perhaps one day it will be but it wont find everything yet sadly.01:24
Romsteravira works well too.01:24
Romstermight be able to coax them to work in wine perhaps.01:25
Romsteri've never tried.01:25
nogagplzclamav does a good enough job as it is01:27
nogagplzit just doesn't clean the infections01:27
Romsteri use on systems along with tdxss, and combofix01:29
Romsterand superantispyware01:30
Romsteri also have other tools and i look in all the common locations for rouge files.01:30
nogagplzrogue lol01:43
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angry_vincentcombofix is the best02:15
angry_vincenti fixed so many comps with it02:15
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pshevtsovevening niklaswe!03:45
niklaswehow are you pshevtsov ?03:55
pshevtsovniklaswe: fine, and you?03:57
niklasweit´s okey, I have been sick, but it on the right way now so :)03:59
frinnstcool, someone dug up our fibrecable04:11
frinnstfailover worked - redundant fibre ftw04:11
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Romsterprocess explorer is also handy angry_vincent05:17
angry_vincentRomster: yes05:18
angry_vincentRomster: Mark Russinovich is a great one, too bad he works fo MS05:18
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ccssnetyea ive used autoruns, process explorer is investigative routine05:58
ccssnetsometimes best to make a list and remove from linux though. if its bad05:59
ccssnetthose are both quite reliable though06:02
ccssnetbeen using since before the author sold out to MS06:02
ccssnetif they initially pulled his work from being open and available i was going to mirror it06:04
ccssnetbut im glad they decided to sponsor/host his works06:04
ccssnetversus their usual of quick, repurpose and destroy it slowly06:05
* ccssnet points at defrag06:05
Romsterhirens boot cd :D06:14
Romsterultra defrag rules06:15
ccssneti use defragler for defrags. never seen ultra06:16
ccssnetworks good ^06:16
Romsterultra is open soruce check it out.06:17
Romsterand defrags regestry page file etc.06:17
Romsteri stoped using pagedefrag after finding ultra defrag06:17
ccssneti use pagedefrag written by the autoruns author06:17
ccssnetworks well also06:18
Romsteri was using mydefrag but it seems to be getting stale06:18
ccssneteh. has scheduling ^06:18
ccssnetworks well.06:18
Romsterso has ultra defrag schedule ot run on boot up <<06:18
ccssnetah nice06:18
ccssnetill download source now06:18
Romsternot sure what this KRD refers to that angry_vincent said.06:19
Romsterfrinnst, wish out exchange was redundant <_<06:20
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.8]: exo: updated to 0.10.006:29
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.8]: thunar: updated to 1.6.006:29
ccssnetrather nice thats an option06:38
Romsterinteresting i've not tried it in console mode06:38
ccssnetdeus_ex: not sure if you like trying lesser know game developers but a game called eye: devine cybermancy might interest you. its only 2.50-5.00$ on steam when they put it on sale06:43
ccssneti ocasionally run a game server for it06:43
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.8]: xfce4-mixer: updated to 4.10.006:43
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nogagplzdoes eye run in wine06:44
nogagplzbeen meaning to try it, guess after fear and hr is as good a time as any06:44
ccssnethavent tried since i run 64bit linux06:44
nogagplzwine does work on 64bit linux if that's what you mean, just need the appropriate multilib stuff for the 32bit side06:45
ccssnetya i dont do that06:45
nogagplzwell start doing it06:46
nogagplzor Romster gets it06:46
ccssneteh no thx06:46
ccssnetid rather dual boot 32b/64b06:46
ccssnetbeen meaning to just havent got arround to it06:46
nogagplzpretty convoluted06:47
nogagplzbut meh06:47
Romsterwhy do that when you can multilib?06:47
Romsterfrinnst, done the 64bit work mostly, and jaeger did most of the multilib stuff then i pitched in on helping with ports.06:48
Romsterbut i havent' done much lately due to crap happening.06:49
Romsterexchange fire... work, then weekend work too.06:49
angry_vincentRomster: it is kaspersky rescue disk, a gentoo based06:57
Romsteroh sort of like sysresccd.org06:58
angry_vincentyeah, but main goal is a virus clean and repair06:58
Romsterthat happens to be gentoo based too06:58
Romsterso is that. but not so keen running clamav that way06:59
Romsteri'll look into KRD but the tools i got now probably do most of that07:00
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niklaswedoes someone has any goode idé about username standards..07:12
pedjastill no xfce repo for 2.8, eh?07:15
* Romster shrugs niklaswe 07:18
Romsterwhat ever sticks07:18
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juepedja: should work now10:59
pedjajue: it does.thanks :)11:01
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Amnesiawhen I choose to use --post-install12:14
Amnesiawhich that then also be applied on its dependencies?12:14
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frinnstif you do a depinst, yes12:32
Amnesiaok thx:)12:36
Amnesiafrinnst:       localhost   Blackhole12:38
Amnesiathat should be good enough right?12:38
Amnesiain /etc/hosts that is12:38
Amnesiacause dhcpcd keeps spitting out: sendmsg: Cannot assign requested address12:38
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Amnesiadunno why:12:49
Amnesia(used to using dhclient^^)12:49
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vee_Romster, did you ever check out ultra virus killer?13:21
Amnesiafrinnst: did you set13:25
Amnesia"hostname" in /etc/dhcpcd/dhcpcd.conf?13:26
vee_tor build fails because it cant chown tor13:35
Amnesiavee_: could you have a look whether hostname is set in your dhcpcd.conf ?13:38
jaegervee_: is there a pre-install script you need to run?13:40
AmnesiaI think it tries to DHCPREQUEST the address from it's previous leases13:40
jaegerIt does, DHCP clients are supposed to do that13:41
jaegerThat message might be a NAK from the server13:41
jaegeror a response to a NAK from the server13:41
vee_assuming i dont. says inform the dhcp server of our hostname for ddns. and then just says hostname...13:42
vee_let me check if there is a pre-install script13:42
vee_looks like there is...lol13:42
Amnesiajaeger: ah13:42
Amnesiais that seriously in the rfc o0?13:43
jaegerI'm not sure if it's in the RFC but I would guess so13:43
Amnesiaso you're getting the same message?13:43
jaegernot that specific error but the concept of trying to renew an address which you were already assigned13:43
Amnesia(when you hop between different networks obviously )13:43
jaegerdon't know, haven't watched that, sorry13:43
vee_out of curiosity, how safe is tor?13:44
Amnesiaare you running crux's out of the box configuration?13:44
Amnesiavee_: it's a proxy chain13:44
Amnesiaso that's for you to decide:)13:44
vee_read how the exit node might be monitored and what not, making it rather dangerous13:44
Amnesiavee_: encrypt your traffic before it passes the tor network13:45
Amnesia(I must admit that it's fun to sniff traffic as an exit node:D)13:45
vee_you evil man you...13:46
vee_so now i have to google how to encrypt traffic before it goes through tor13:46
Amnesiawell, it's just a SOCKS proxy13:47
Amnesiaso it works the same as an SSH tunnel for example13:47
Amnesiajaeger: do you actually connect to multiple networks with one single device?13:47
Amnesiacause it indeed looks like it tried to rebind an old lease and gets an NAK, and then print the error:13:48
jaegersimultaneously or in general? If I bring my laptop to work it will be on a different network there so sometimes I do13:49
Amnesiajaeger: but then you don't get that message?13:49
jaegerAlso if I watch the DHCP server logs here at work I see other people's computers requesting 192.168 addresses that don't exist on our network and getting NAKs13:49
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jaegerI don't recall, to be honest. I'm not starting dhcpcd manually and watching its output, I'd have to go back and check the logs13:50
jaegerIs it actually not working or do you just want to quiet the message or something?13:50
vee_Amnesia: does this seem about right?13:50
Amnesiajaeger: nah, it's working fine, but I'm just curious:)13:51
Amnesiavee_: yep  for example13:52
Amnesiabut in this case tor is your socks proxy13:52
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Amnesiaso you'd need to route your (encrypted) traffic to localhost:9050 (If you're using tor's default config)13:53
vee_hm...i will have to research a bit more into this. been reading articles on how everything is monitored and what not....still think tor is kind of iffy though13:53
rmullvee_: What are you trying to do?13:54
vee_just encrypt regular browsing. keep prying eyes away i suppose13:54
rmullThat's not what tor is for13:55
rmulltor is an anonymizer13:55
vee_doesn't it go through a few computers while encrypting the connection so no one can tell what youre doing?13:55
rmullIt's going to leave an exit node at some point13:55
rmullAnd while the source of the traffic may have been obscured, the content remains the same on the other side of the tor exit node13:56
vee_yea, thats what i was worried about. i know someone can be at the end of the exit node who can essentially see all of it13:56
rmullYou can't just encrypt all your browsing unless all the sites you visit are protected with SSL13:56
rmullSo to that end you might be interested in HTTPS-anywhere13:56
vee_i have https everywhere installed13:56
Amnesiarmull: then also check out noscript/google sharing:)13:57
rmullIf you have some issue at your local site, you can tunnel your traffic out to another site - but that's just relocating the problem, really13:57
Amnesiarmull: ack :D13:57
Amnesiabut still usefull if it's relocated to a country with lesser rules13:58
Amnesia /laws13:58
vee_oh. just wanted to stay anonymous online is all...guess its not totally possible13:58
rmullAnonymity is not the same thing as encryption13:58
rmullIf you're trying to be anonymous, tor is the correct choice13:58
vee_oh i know13:58
vee_i just thought it encrypted traffic too13:58
rmullOnly between each relay, AFAIK13:59
vee_yea, think it is between relays.13:59 you guys use it?13:59
Amnesiaobviously, since two peers need to "negotiate" that stuff is going to be encrypted13:59
Amnesiaand if one does know about it, it just drops/rejects the traffic13:59
Amnesiavee_: nope, I tunnel my traffic to .ru14:00
vee_to mother russia? haha14:00
rmullI don't use it because encryption is more relevant to me than anonymity14:00
vee_so how would one go about encrypting their stuff?14:00
Amnesiassh \o/14:01
vee_the link i sent i think does tha tsocks proxy you were talking about with ssh14:01
vee_also have to ask, what is this \o/ is it a face thing14:02
Amnesia\o HEIL14:02
rmullIt's a head with two raised arms14:02
rmullvee_: If I'm trying to encrypt normal web browsing, I rewrite my URLs to https:// at the browser (using something like HTTPS-everywhere). If I'm trying to relocate the origin of my traffic, I use a dynamic SOCKS proxy + ssh.14:03
rmullssh's -D flag, specifically14:03
Amnesiasame here14:04
Amnesiassh -L is also pretty usefull to bunny hop14:04
jaegerI put a tinfoil hat on my computer when I browse14:04
vee_\o/ cannot unsee haha14:05
vee_the more i read up on the whole internet security/privacy, the more tin foil i want to add it seems14:05
Amnesiajaeger: :D14:05
jaegervee_: here's another: __\o/___/|__14:06
Amnesiabasically you always leave tracks14:06
rmullIs that an ascii shark attack?14:06
tilmanrmull: it's jaeger's trademark ;D14:07
vee_thats all i could come up with14:07
rmullvee_: It's hard to be secure on the internet. If you want to be secure and anonymous, then you need to only talk to HTTPS sites and you need to use tor, and you need to trust the site you're communicating with, which is usually impossible.14:12
vee_i guess my plans of tin foil wont go accordingly14:14
vee_side note, these strech marks are getting annoying14:14
vee_my arms look like a pregnant womans belly xD14:19
vee_i use to be really underweight, and have put on about 25 pounds of muscle, and so the skin has started to stretch14:21
rmullI thought you were worried about privacy14:23
rmullNow I can phish for your login credentials by posing as a cocoa butter salesman14:24
vee_cocunut butter hell yea!14:25
vee_was it coco butter or cocnut butter that helps with stretch marks14:25
rmullI don't know, but coconut oil is good for everything14:25
vee_this is very true14:28
vee_i also read fish oil helps with that14:28
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Amnesiaam I right that crux doesn't ship with a default font?14:52
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joacimwhatever is in rc.conf i guess14:55
Amnesiano that's the console font afaik14:56
AmnesiaI'm refering to a X font14:56
Amnesiafirefox doesn't like gohufont:/14:56
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Amnesiajoacim: check #92-96 @ /etc/rc (if you're running 2.8)15:00
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Rotwangeasy things should stay easy, hard things should get easier, and impossible things should get hard < -- my new motto15:49
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vee_hi guys15:54
vee_hope i wasn't missed (inb4 you weren't)15:55
nogagplzyou weren't16:14
* nogagplz predictables16:14
vee_nogagplz, why are you always mean16:29
vee_i blame Romster16:29
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Sore-Loserhello all18:52
Sore-LoserI was considering installing CRUX but I have a couple questions.... is package management alot like Slackware?18:54
nogagplzI dunno what slackware is like19:00
nogagplzbut here you have Pkgfiles which do stuff19:00
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TermiGatorhas anyone can explain to me how to remove source from ports directory, im kindda low on hdd space19:20
jaegerTermiGator: check out prtwash in the prt-utils port19:25
TermiGatoroh i have question about crux-2.8.iso19:27
TermiGatorafter compiling and booting into kernel i got an error msg cannot open /dev/null19:28
TermiGatorand its ended at maintenance mode19:28
TermiGatorthis is not happening with crux-2.7 neither 2.7.119:29
jaegerdo you have the DEVTMPFS options enabled in your kernel config?19:29
TermiGatorah, that is i don't know yet19:29
TermiGatorthanks for the tip jaeger19:29
TermiGatorthats why i cannot mount devtmpfs19:30
TermiGatori'd check19:30
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vee_why does prtwash keep saying unknown architecture selected?19:33
Romstervee blaming me i have nothing todo with nogagplz's behavour19:34
Romsterit's probably broken on x86_64 or multilib who knows19:34
Romsteri install all my sources in one directory easy to remove that way19:35
vee_tame him!19:35
vee_we should find a way to punish him19:35
vee_picking sides :/19:36
vee_why doesn't anyone love me!?19:36
Romsternot picking anyones side i think for myself19:36
vee_aww okay19:38
vee_how have you been Romster?19:38
Romsternow forgetting what i was about to do19:38
vee_google it19:39
nogagplzit's just tough love vee19:41
nogagplzif you're coddled how will you learn19:41
TermiGatorcan we built repositories from external HDD, im planning to install crux into other pc?19:41
TermiGatorsaves bandwidth and time19:41
vee_through normal interaction perhaps lol19:41
RomsterTermiGator, you can reuse the built packages providing arch and gcompiler flags are suitable19:42
nogagplzvee_, wimp!19:43
vee_come at me bro! haha19:43
TermiGatorreuse the built packages? how about determinde the dependencies19:45
Romsteri think pkg-get deals with that19:45
Romsternot used pkg-get personally though19:45
Romsterunless your cloning to like 30 identical machines with the same setup, just rebuild to the speffic cpu type on each19:46
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TermiGatorjaeger: the chnge in fstab list cause the error, but fixed with CONFIG_DEVTMPFS enabled, thanks20:01
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jaegerTermiGator_: np20:21
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angry_vincentRomster: ultra defrag seems decent, thx21:16
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pshevtsovGood morning #crux!21:47
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frinnstwonderful, wake up and everything outside is white23:11
frinnsthate snow23:11
pshevtsovmorning frinnst!23:12
pshevtsovit's three times more snow in Novosibirsk than usual :)23:13
frinnstsiberia is hardcore :)23:16

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