IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2012-12-04

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joacimi woke up too early00:31
joacimonly had 5 hours of sleep00:31
frinnstI went to bed at 8pm last night, slept to 6am \o/00:32
joacimget a haircut and get yourself a proper job00:32
frinnstnow to go dig out the car..00:34
vee_dig out the car? under snow im assuming?00:34
joacim"I was expecting legit cat stuff"00:36
joacimsame here. now i want to find myself some youtube videos of cat-mounted cameras00:36
vee_is there any way where i can have sysup skip an update?00:57
joacimlock the package00:58
vee_actually lock it by its permissions01:00
joacimno. prt-get has a lock feature01:01
joacimsysup wont upgrade packages that are locked01:01
frinnstprt-get help :)01:01
vee_prt-get help it is, thanks guys01:04
vee_just noticed somehow, this computer has managed to use about 30 gigs of stuff01:04
vee_how in the hell did that happen? hardly download anything o.O01:04
vee_prt-get lock....brilliant lol01:06
frinnstwhat directory is using all the space?01:06
vee_home directory is only 2.5g, so cant say its that01:07
vee_perhaps left over files from port builds?01:08
frinnstvar perhaps?01:08
frinnstsomething that logs lots of errors :)01:08
frinnstor /usr/ports01:08
frinnstncdu from contrib is quite useful if you want to get a quick overview01:08
vee_var is only 12 mb...01:09
vee_ports is only 2 gigs...01:09
vee_let me try that ncdu thing01:09
joacimi've spent my whole quota on irc logs a few times01:09
vee_ strange...totaly disk useage says 2.5gb01:10
vee_oh wait, thats just /home/vee folder lol01:11
vee_all the big files are /usr/ports and /home/vee folders..which add up to about 4 gigs ish01:14
vee_maybe spacefm is acting weird01:14
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frinnstwgat does "df -h" say?01:16
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vee_rootfs and /dev/rootfs are using 8% notsure if they are the same thing01:18
vee_not 8 %, 8 gigs sorry01:18
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frinnstthey are01:19
vee_so, its safe to say spacefm is just off?01:20
frinnstif that's all you see, yes01:20
frinnstunless you have external filesystems mounted such as nfs or cifs(samba)01:20
frinnstor some other pseudo-filesystem from fuse perhaps01:20
frinnsti dunno01:20
vee_anything i mount, i do so manually and to /media01:21
frinnstok, so no then :)01:21
vee_i think horrorStruck setup fuse with the kernel, but have no idea how to use it so...01:21
frinnstprt-get info fuse01:22
frinnstbut unless you need it..01:22
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vee_thanks frinnst :)01:36
frinnstfuuuuuuuu.. restared mysql without putting it in maintenance mode.. now everyone will get ~120 emails :D01:37
Romstergood one01:43
vee_who exactly is "everyone"01:49
frinnstthe muppets at work01:49
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joacimi need a password correcter. tired of failing my logins because i cant type my passwords right on the first try02:19
frinnstspeaking of passwords, i need to get pam up and running and make it work with my yubikey02:23
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* frinnst is attempting to find/start a service with systemd04:32
frinnstits not going well04:32
niklaswefrinnst: are you using fedora or..?04:32
frinnstyes, 18 beta04:32
frinnstthought i'd play with samba4 a bit04:32
frinnstreminds me of working with windows services04:34
frinnstbut more confusing04:35
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niklaswefrinnst: I havent use samba for loooong time now...05:42
joacimnetatalk all the way baby05:43
niklaswe:) I using nfs :)05:46
joacimnetatalk 3.0.1 provokes a kernel panic on my mac for some reason05:48
joacimthat happens when i share a filesystem that doesnt support extended attributes05:48
niklaswe hmm that doesnt sounds good05:48
joacimneeded a patch to package it too. it bundles its own libevent,05:49
frinnstsamba 4 supposedly is capable of replacing a windows ad06:02
rmullI hear that netatalk is covered in systemd for administrators part 30606:03
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Amnesiahm, when you folks su to root06:36
Amnesiawithout the -l option06:36
Amnesiadoes your /etc/profile get sourced then?06:36
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frinnstwithout -l you have the same env as the user you su from06:37
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Amnesiafrinnst: nope06:56
AmnesiaPS1 is set to \s-\v\$06:57
Amnesiawhile the user where I came from has something else06:57
Amnesiaaren't using a bashrc in /root btw06:57
frinnstno, any bash settings for root should not be passed without -06:57
Amnesiaand what I understood from #bash @ freenode, /etc/bashrc isn't supported in the vanilla bash06:58
frinnstwhats the health of your system these days? i remember you having your password hashed in /etc/passwd and all sorts of wierd stuff06:58
frinnstno, it uses bash_profile06:58
Amnesiaheh, well basically I was working in a chroot before i migrated06:58
Amnesianow I'm migrated though, and are fixing some unexcepted things06:59
AmnesiaI've set the prompt in /etc/profile06:59
Amnesiaso I'd like to source, no matter if it's an interactive or a non interactive shell07:00
Amnesiasu - is fine, but it brings me to $HOME, which sucks:p07:02
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frinnstwhat does "su -m" do?07:09
Romster-m, -p, --preserve-environment07:10
frinnstwell, yes.. but i was wondering if it helped amnesia :)07:10
frinnstperhaps not very clear07:10
Romsteroh right i just dropped in. reading07:10
Amnesiadebian fixes it using a /etc/bashrc file that source /etc/profile:)07:11
Romster/root/.bashrc to source /etc/profile ?07:11
frinnstAmnesia: does root have a shell specified in passwd?07:12
Amnesiafrinnst: when you enter "sudo su"07:13
Amnesiawhat does your PS1 contain then?07:13
Amnesia(when I login using login or su -, everything's fine btw)07:14
frinnstsame as my user07:14
Amnesiaand what config files are you using for bash?07:14
frinnst.bash_profile sources .bashrc <- contains random aliases and stuff, nothing major07:15
frinnstthats in my user account, root doesnt have anything on this box07:16
Amnesiahow the heck does it maintain PS1 then o007:16
frinnstwell, it contains a ps1 export ofcourse07:16
Romstertype "set" in a terminal07:18
Romstersu then try set again07:18
Amnesiaaahhh wait..07:20
Amnesiaugh fail07:20
AmnesiaI forgot to export PS1/PS2 in /etc/profile07:21
frinnstits exported by default, you removed it?07:21
Amnesiafail of the day07:22
Amnesiasorry for wasting your time-.-07:26
Amnesiaat least I'm almost done with the finishing touches^^07:27
Romsterit happens even to me.07:27
* nogagplz replaces Romsters kidneys with socks full of corkscrews07:31
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: squid: update to 3.2.409:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: gkrellm: dropped09:55
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horrorStruckteK_: IIRC, you are very busy with your thesis ATM and since i use some of those, let's share: <--- libnet, nmap updates + w3m fix10:31
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tilmanis there an excel file viewer for *nix? something similar to antiword perhaps?11:06
rmullYou're looking for something lighter than LibO?11:19
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horrorStrucktilman: you wont like this answer but google docs might be the best option11:22
tilmancrap, i was afraid someone might suggest that11:22
tilmani deleted my google account some time ago11:22
tilmanoh well11:22
tilmanthanks anyway guys11:22
horrorStrucki have a real hardcore one for you:
tilmansounds great11:23
horrorStruckdepends how "advanced" is the spreadsheet11:24
* tilman is building11:24
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tilmani ended up installing libreoffice ;d12:24
frinnstdefeat :(12:26
tilmani wish they had sent a pdf12:27
horrorStruck :P12:36
horrorStruckdisclaimer: never used it ^12:37
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frinnstgeez, usb-sticks/sd cards are slow12:47
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horrorStruckRotwang: since i've updated this locally, better share it with you:
RotwanghorrorStruck: thanks13:02
horrorStruckRotwang: np13:03
horrorStruckAmnesia: thanks, looks interesting13:03
Amnesiastill got to fork that:)13:06
Amnesiabills ftl-.-13:10
niklaswehave someone built slony for crux?13:52
jaegerRotwang: reminded me of
tilmanRotwang: hahaha, it's even funnier because the text is german and german is an angry and harsh language! right? right? ;D14:01
* niklaswe has his second day as stepfather..14:05
Rotwangtilman: thats right! [;14:13
tilmanniklaswe: i cannot think of a witty remark. hope you don't mind :)14:14
Rotwangbtw. recently german police came to Wrocław in search for stolen german cars14:16
Rotwangthis sunday, and indeed they found some14:16
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niklaswetilman: hehe :)14:24
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goodboxHello *17:06
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goodboxjaeger: hello18:19
goodboxI'm installing crux on a amd64 machine (sata disks), but, at reboot, i got the "VFS: Unable to mount rootfs" kernel panic. However, I've build the kernel with sata and scsi support and i'm using lilo. My rootfs is in ext4 on sda2, lilo is configured and writed to the mbr. I doesn't really understand this mistake. I take a look at, there's write the tips for booting the livecd : This is not my case. M18:40
rmullgoodbox: Is it possible that you missed a kernel configuration switch that enables your filesystem or your disk controller?18:53
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jaegergoodbox: rmull is likely correct, the cause of that error is nearly always missing support for either the filesystem or the specific controller driver18:57
guzzanogoodbox I had the same problem, kernel detect disks? or say block(0,0)?18:57
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goodboxI've effectively added the ext4fs support. guzzano the log said block(8,0)18:58
jaegeryou need libata and scsi support which you've already mentioned but you also need a specific controller driver such as ata_piix or ahci18:58
goodboxjaeger: I'm going to rebuild the kernel, with libata, scsi and ahci Thx :D19:00
guzzanogoodbox Do as he says jaeger and works! :)19:00
goodboxok, i guess it was AHCI controller19:01
goodboxbut, strangely, i tried to use the /proc/config.gz which used for the live bootkernel, and same error,19:02
jaegerwell, make sure you know the right driver, it may not be ahci19:03
jaegerwhen you boot to the live CD you can run 'lspci -k' and look at the "kernel driver in use" lines19:03
guzzanogoodbox lspci19:03
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goodboxOwh, yes sata_nv driver, yet he was in the live boot kernel config too, Brief, i'm trying it19:05
guzzanoDate curious, my sata only work fine in kernel 3.6.x19:06
guzzanoin 2.6 not work19:06
goodboxIf it doesn't work, i'll try with 3.619:06
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goodboxWell, it's work fine, I added sata_nv ohci_hcd ehci_hcd pata_amd and pciport firmwares, Thanks very much ! (:20:03
jaegergreat :)20:28
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pshevtsovMorning #crux!20:55
goodboxhi pshevtsov !20:57
* nogagplz klnocks pshevtsov unconscious and drags him to the basement20:57
pshevtsovnogagplz: As we say in Russia, it would be better to use your energy for the aims of peace.21:05
jaegerthat is hard to imagine of nogagplz21:05
pshevtsovnogagplz: klnocks? Strong hands but weak fingers?21:07
nogagplzbrain says one thing but hands do another21:07
pshevtsovnogagplz: Oh, I hope there is a cure.21:08
nogagplzthat's where you were going to factor in21:09
nogagplzonce I extracted the russianonium from you I'd be cured and unstoppable21:09
pshevtsovnogagplz: As we say in Russia, there is no harm in having a dream.21:11
nogagplzthose russians21:12
jaegeras they don't say in russia: no wukkas21:12
nogagplzoh yeah, you know that bear putin wrestled21:14
nogagplzwas it in a daze or drugged, or did he really beat it up21:15
nogagplzI'm curious, lots of jokes about it but no substance21:15
horrorStruckpshevtsov: just curious, are you still experimenting with musl, any good progress?21:17
pshevtsovjaeger: True. But we also have something similar in meaning. Russian is very flexible language, so it's very pleasant and funny to speak it.21:18
pshevtsovnogagplz: Putin wreslted a bear? I hear it for the first time. Putin is strong but kind.21:19
nogagplzit was on the news here (not that that is very credible)21:21
nogagplzthese however seem to show his everyman side how serious is it21:21
pshevtsovnogagplz: Yes, that's our president. And even more than that. I mean his politic activities inside and abroad.21:28
nogagplzhmm ok21:29
pshevtsovAnd many of the jokes about Putin and Russia in your interwebs are just silly jokes and have no common with reality.21:30
pshevtsovBut that's okay. We also make fun of USA and it's also just jokes.21:30
jaegerrussian chuck norris?21:31
nogagplzI';m not from the usa though21:31
nogagplzdo you russians make any jokes about australia out of curiosity? :P21:31
pshevtsovAre you from Australia? My old friend got education in Australia.21:32
pshevtsovNo, we ain't make any jokes about Australia. We don't know much about Australia, unfortunately.21:35
pshevtsovhorrorStruck: No, since I almost broke my CRUX installation, I stopped playing with musl. I'd better get another PC or virtual machine to play with musl.21:37
pshevtsovWell, have a nice day! I have to feed my bear^W^W^W work :)21:38
nogagplztvtropes of all places has a nice informal explanation of australia if you're interested, otherwise no big deal21:38
guzzanoSorry, but some video chat in gnome?21:46
guzzanoworks with windows?21:47
jaegerI don't know, sorry21:47
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