IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2012-12-07

vee_grr, cant mount .bin files so easily in linux00:09
joacimmy 2006 computer can handle it with lowered settings00:12
joacimuse losetup00:12
joacimit would work fine, but any battle with 3-4 full armies would be a bit laggy00:13
vee_it doesn't fit into a 512 bit sector, it says00:15
vee_my dell that i used for a while was way too weak. pentium4 up in this besh00:15
joacimi'm using a mid-to-low end C2D00:16
joacimi think it is the E630000:16
joacimand a gf7600gt00:17
vee_ran -o 650 to get it to fit, but i have no idea where it is now xD00:17
vee_blahr. gotta change the fstab i suppose. but lucky you...never got a chance to play it. its about 8 gigs too which is huge00:20
joacimi dont see much difference tbh00:22
joacimit is rome with a different skin in my eyes =)00:22
Romsterasdf123, you can search in make menuconfig with / too00:52
Romsterfor stuff out of lspci -k00:52
Romsterweek work over (until next week)00:52
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vee_i give up. wine keeps crashing and locking up when i try to install rome total war02:04
nogagplzhave you snooped around
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guzzanoI have rome total war in wine 1.5.6 and works nice02:11
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vee_guzzano, what wizardry have you performed02:42
vee_every time i try, i get some 1603 error and the screen goes blank. cant do anything to it02:42
vee_nogagplz, the error i get is from the game itself. once it goes black, there is nothing i can do so i cant tell what other errors there are :(02:45
nogagplzcan't you minimise to the desktop02:46
nogagplzor hide the window02:46
vee_nope. it installs full screen....02:47
vee_once it crashes, or goes black, you cant do anything to the window. it doesn't help that im running dwm either lol02:47
nogagplzcan you try it in a virtual desktop then02:48
PingaxHi. I've an error using Crux : got every time a kernel panic, because of an unkown fs. I've seen on the net ext{2,3,4} modules must be built inside the kernel, as i'm not using an initrd... What i done but it doesn't work. Would you have some ideas ? (and i'm not on my computer, i'll could only test this evening)02:48
nogagplzwine explorer /desktop=1920x1080,name setup.exe02:48
vee_altered it to 1024x76802:53
vee_laptops resolution isn't that high :P02:53
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vee_quite a few errors02:56
nogagplzare you installing from the cds02:59
vee_mounted iso's02:59
nogagplztry copying the installer and required data files to the same directory then going again03:00
niklaswePingax: are you using right sata-controller?03:00
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vee_there are 3 disks to it. want me to copy the contents of all 3 disk into one folder?03:01
nogagplzthe first disk should have the installer and part of the data, take all of that03:01
nogagplzthen from the other disks just take what looks like the required data files03:02
vee_ill play around iwth it03:02
vee_thanks nogagplz :D03:03
nogagplzthank romster for helping you when he comes back03:03
nogagplzmight be worth it if it confuses him lol03:03
vee_sadly, that didn't work same error, this time the installer just closes03:04
nogagplzthat's really odd03:05
vee_too much effort for one game03:05
Pingaxniklaswe, i think so. I'll check it.03:08
niklaswealso do you scsi support in the kernel=03:09
vee_Pingax also make sure you build your file system as *, not M. i03:09
vee_i made that mistake a few times03:09
Pingaxvee_, yup i've seen it on the net, i've built them as *03:10
vee_then it must be the sata controllers03:11
vee_i mess up on that too03:11
vee_what i did was run lspci -k, find your sata controller, and, search for it in the kernel03:12
vee_use the / key to search for it, and, make sure all its dependencies are met03:12
joacimi'm lazy, so i just run make localyesconfig and do some small changes to it from there03:12
joacimi usually get a working bootable kernel03:12
joacimjust needs some more network and/or dm features03:13
Pingaxvee_, thanks for the tip, 'ill check that03:13
vee_brb googling localyesconfig03:13
vee_wait. so it can actually pick up what you have a build a kernel out of it?03:15
joacimi think so03:15
joacimthere is also localmodconfig03:15
vee_well, you learn something new everyday03:15
vee_yea, that builds them as modules where are localyesconfig builds direct support03:16
joacimi think localyesconfig is only a couple of years old03:16
vee_really neat. didn't know it had that now i can install crux on all computers and look like a kernel god03:16
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vee_At0r: hi03:17
Pingax"localyesconfig is similar, but builds the drivers into the kernel. The result is a larger kernel that will boot faster."03:18
joacimi also use make install because i'm too lazy to move the kernel to /boot myself03:18
vee_i didn't even know you could do it manually.03:19
joacimi suppose it can cause problems if you have lilo installed but isnt using it tho03:19
vee_the handbook says to use modules_install, so i do haha03:19
joacimas make install will rerun lilo03:19
joacimor at least it used to complain about me missing lilo back when i used gentoo03:19
vee_i tried setting up grub once. ONCE. wouldn't seem to be working properly, so i switched back to lilo03:19
vee_gentoo complained about grub thats why i switched to lilo :P03:20
vee_all that gentoo hype about it being so hard....i got it to boot after re working grub/lilo pretty easily03:20
joacimi was on the lilo-sucks bandwagon back when i used gentoo. i guess i stopped caring about such things at some point in my life03:23
Romsteri got grub2 running thanks tos ome help03:23
joacimi no longer find it offensive that some people actually use ubuntu ;)03:23
Romstereer ubuntu03:23
joacimi dont like people who recommend ubuntu tho, they're often the kind of people who dont think about the users they're recommending it to.03:24
joacimat least in my experience03:24
joacimtheyre not all bad i guess03:24
joacimi thought grub was easy enough to install, but i've never used grub203:25
Romsterneather had i utnil last month03:27
Romsterstill getting used to that.03:30
AmnesiaRomster: why're you running grub2?03:31
Romsterwhy syslinux++ ?03:32
Amnesiait's easy to configure and it's got neat features03:33
AmnesiaI ran grub for a couple of years..03:33
Romsterso has grub2 but what makes it stand out?03:33
Romsteri was usign lilo03:33
Amnesialilo's fine too03:33
Amnesiagrub2's config file is a dragon:P03:34
Amnesiaugly but powerfull03:34
Amnesiasyslinux is the best of both worlds, easy config + a lot of features03:34
Romstertell me about it i'm still trying to figure that syntax out03:34
Romsterhmm setup guide wonder if it's been Pkgifyed03:35
Romsteri'm awere of syslinux but not syslinux++03:35
Amnesiasyslinux + 103:35
Amnesiathat was what I meant03:35
Romsteroh doh03:35
Romsternow i feel stupid03:35
Romsteri'm near brain dead from busy week at work03:36
Amnesiawhy did you switch to grub?03:36
Amnesiaugh tell me about it03:36
AmnesiaI made a fuck up last week resulting in the fact that our entire rack wasn't accessible anymore in the DC03:36
Romsternogagplz, and other sugested it...03:37
Romsteri wasnte dsoemthing that can do UUID with out a initramfs03:37
AmnesiaI see03:37
vee_off to bed, good night everyone :)03:38
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Romsterah syslinux in opt think i'll try that.03:39
Romsterthis grub.cfg thing is crazy even though i know it's generated for me.03:40
Romsteradn out syslinux port needs a bump to 5.0603:40
Romsterso what's involved in setting up syslinux03:41
Amnesia(assuming you're using ext*)03:42
joacimi'm confused with all these new people03:43
joacimdont know who's who anymore03:43
Amnesiathe more folks the more joy :-)?03:44
Romsteryeah ext403:48
frinnstRomster: it was really easy. just a extlinux --install /boot/<optional subdir> and dd the bootsector03:48
frinnstI use it on btrfs and gpt now.03:48
frinnstif you use btrfs, make sure you dont enable compression or the kernel wont boot :)03:49
Romsteryeah not on btrfs yet03:49
frinnstbut ext4? wow, you're making progress :D03:49
Romsterext4 will do for root for the time being03:49
Romsteryeah on SSD too03:49
frinnstwhat did you get?03:49
Romstereverything else is still ext3 though03:49
Romstera intel 330 series 120GB03:50
frinnstah, i've got two of those one at work and one at home03:50
Romsternot as fast as i was expecting but i'm on SATA2 not on 3 on this mobo03:50
frinnstyeah the random r/w performance could be better perhaps03:51
Romsterit's a marked improvment thugh over spindle disks03:51
frinnstheh, yeah no kidding. its night and day03:52
AmnesiaI'm still using spindle disks..:P03:56
Romsteram tooo just root is SSD now.03:57
Romsterhmm syslinux config looks far more like lilo \o/03:59
AmnesiaRomster: my entire os is on one partition^^03:59
frinnstRomster: yeah its quite nice03:59
Romsterwell os is my OS Amnesia but sturage wise i got 7 hdd's attached03:59
Romsterbrain malfunction04:00
Romsteri think i need a holliday04:00
AmnesiaI might get myself a ssd04:00
Romsteri'll do this syslinux when i'm less out of it04:00
Romsteri put aside 16GB for swap and 20GB for ccache04:01
Romsteri was wanting to do bcache but that can wait until it's more mature04:01
Romsteri can do that later on to speed up my bulk storage04:02
Amnesiaccache, what's that04:03
Amnesiaah, interesting..04:04
Romsterprt-get info ccache04:05
Amnesiayeah read it04:05
Amnesiameah, most likely I'll wont use it04:05
Amnesiawaste of diskspace ^^04:05
Romsterit isn't when you reocmpile alot and i share that with my chroots too.04:06
Amnesiahm true, then it isn't04:07
Romsteranyways use what suits your needs04:11
Romster "Inspired by treach for giving me the idea and cptn for suggesting I write wiki pages."04:12
Romsterman that was a long time ago, when i wrote that.04:12
Romster@seen cptn04:12
clbRomster: cptn was last seen in #crux 1 year, 27 weeks, 0 days, 22 hours, 7 minutes, and 56 seconds ago: <cptn> will it include C++0x?04:12
AmnesiaRomster: already applying that:)04:12
Romster@seen treach04:13
clbRomster: treach was last seen in #crux 18 weeks, 4 days, 13 hours, 37 minutes, and 55 seconds ago: <treach> that seems a bit excessive.04:13
Romster18 weeks hmm he must of snuck in04:13
Romsterusers come and go but crux lives on.04:13
Romsterthis systemd is to blame for the sudden influck of new users.04:14
frinnstyes, we get all the arch rejects :D04:14
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nogagplzthen they realise there's no cushy aur or millions of community packages04:31
nogagplzand disappear04:31
Amnesiaand why exactly does arch suck:P?04:32
Amnesia(only ran it in chroots)04:32
nogagplzI think it's mostly to do with the defaulting to systemd04:32
nogagplznot forced to use it though, there's still runit and sysvinit afaik in the aur and repos04:33
Romsterfor now04:35
Romsteruntil the other become unuseable04:35
Amnesiaah yeah04:36
AmnesiaI tried it when systemd wasn't used yet04:36
Amnesiatheir documentation is neat though04:37
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Amnesiadid one of you folks build the iso-hybrid image?05:07
AmnesiaI don't get how the partition table is set up with those images05:10
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jaegeryou don't have to use grub-mkconfig's script, you can make your own - example:
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horrorStruckthirstiness: 100%, beer stock: 0, pray for me #crux11:26
AmnesiahorrorStruck: water:P?11:27
horrorStruckwa... what?11:27
AmnesiaI feel like getting wasted this evening..11:27
horrorStruckmake sure you buy enough bottles, i'm here to witness it can be put your plan at stake11:29
AmnesiaI don't like binge drinking11:29
horrorStruckwhat is it, drinking to get drunk? isn't it what drinking is about?11:30
Amnesiabeing drunk isn't enjoyable11:30
horrorStruckwell, i think it is, not the day after however11:31
AmnesiaI prefer hallucinogens11:31
horrorStruckah, never tried this kind of expereiences11:32
horrorStrucknatural or chemical ones?11:32
Amnesiadoes it matter?11:33
Amnesialsd's chemical..11:33
horrorStruckno, i'm just curious :P11:33
Amnesiabut what does it matter how it's made..:P11:33
AmnesiaI dont like amphetamines/mdma11:33
Amnesiathat's just rubbish11:34
horrorStrucki'm too old for that :)11:34
horrorStruckmy heart won't survive11:34
Amnesiashrooms/weed/lsd ++11:34
horrorStrucki used to smoke quite a lot of hash but i stopped since i moved here 10 years ago, war on drugs wasn't something i was very keen to experience11:36
Amnesiainstant death penalty?11:37
horrorStruckfor hard drugs it's very likely. weed is ok but still11:38
AmnesiaI'd like to live in thailand..11:38
horrorStrucknice to live, not so easy to work11:39
Amnesiadue to a language barrier?11:39
horrorStrucklanguage is one thing but that's ok11:40
horrorStruckthing is it's hard to find people who want to take responsability11:40
horrorStruckto put it nicely11:41
horrorStruckwhere are you from if i may ask?11:42
horrorStruckbeen there a few times, it's a lovely country11:42
horrorStruckand i mean it11:42
joacimdont know if you can go there for fun anymore tho11:45
horrorStrucki really enjoy the look of amsterdam, the architecture, the canals, i find it really beautiful. coffee shops are just the icing on the cake11:46
Amnesianah .nl sucs11:46
Amnesiait's really materalistic nowadays..11:47
horrorStrucknot for the weekend11:47
horrorStruckdunno, i really talking about aesthetics only11:47
Amnesiaare actually able to speak thai?11:51
Amnesiacause afaik 80% of the people coming from the west keep speaking english><11:51
horrorStruckno, just enough to survive: counting, getting directions and ordering food. i understand a little bit11:52
horrorStruckforeigners who can speak speak thai are the ones who find their wife here mostly11:53
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Amnesiadon't the wifes usually leave thailand?11:55
horrorStruckfrom what i've seen, thais do not enjoy living abroad that much, they have a strong culture which they miss a lot11:56
AmnesiaI guess their culture is much more laid back than ours12:00
horrorStruckyes, and more open as well.12:02
joacimgetting a thai wife is somewhat popular here in norway12:02
Amnesiahm that's something I wouldn't like:P12:02
Amnesiajoacim: think that complies to europe/north america in general12:02
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joacimcant speak for the rest of the world, so i avoid it whenever possible =)12:03
Amnesiajoacim: why btw!12:03
Amnesiascandinavia has got moar women than men:O12:04
joacimi don't really know. i just know that getting a thai wife is a thing for some people.12:06
Amnesiatrue that12:07
horrorStruckbecause we have the most delicious food12:07
Amnesiaor because thai women are tighter ^^?12:08
horrorStrucksometimes i wish english were my native language so i wouldnt think i'm maybe misunderstanding what you are saying :D12:12
AmnesiaI think you were perfectly able to understand the above;)12:12
horrorStruckanyway, time to sleep #crux, cheers12:14
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vee_not the infamous heyo? haha how are you jaeger13:15
jaegerinfamous? heh13:15
jaegerI try to change it up now and then13:16
vee_jaeger, i've been meaning to ask you13:16
vee_if, of course, you dont mind13:16
vee_how did you nail that glorious job of yours13:16
jaegera lot of work and a bit of luck13:16
vee_any particular degree?13:17
jaegerthe luck bit was that I ran into a friend with whom I'd worked for a few years before and he knew someone looking for a sysadmin - I had been laid off like 4 days previous13:17
vee_the customer base here is so damn picky. They want someone with a degree and stupid certificates, but, eventually call me in to clean up their mess. but they wont take me as technician they'd rather pay me every other day to fix their crap13:18
jaegerthat's annoying13:19
jaegerbetter than nothing, though, I suppose13:19
vee_california -shrugs-13:19
vee_well, lucky you :P13:19
joacimat least you have your health13:19
vee_without money, health can quickly go out the window but yea, im not there yet. haha13:19
* nogagplz critically hits vee_ in the knees with arrows13:19
vee_an arrow to the knee...oh skyrim13:20
nogagplzdidn't think of skyrim actually13:21
nogagplzrather the shock value of arrows13:21
vee_spartans considered archers pansies. come at be bro lol13:22
nogagplzlets meet one day13:22
nogagplzfor a fist fight13:22
vee_we can spar around a bit13:22
vee_any particular fighting style you've done that i should know about?13:23
nogagplzcombat pragmatism :P13:23
vee_oh...well this is unfair then13:24
nogagplzyeah lets see what happens when I stall my car on you13:24
vee_i have a bit of kickboxing and muay thai in me...should be fun13:24
vee_ill teach you how to drive manual like a sir13:25
nogagplzI don't need to experience lurching down the road again, it was confidence shaking enough as it was13:25
jaegerhe's in AU where everything wants you dead. it's a trap!13:25
vee_i think i have family in australia might come visit soon :P13:27
nogagplzlets rumble13:27
nogagplz3pm this thursday, behind aldi :P13:27
vee_no idea where that is, but im there!13:27
jaegerbring your dance crew and your tunes13:28
vee_ill bring my korean/filipino friends. they'll take care of all that13:29
vee_im more of a vodka guy...i can bring that if you wish13:29
joacimi'm on irc on a friday night13:29
nogagplzwest side story13:29
vee_but're amongst friends!13:30
Amnesiajaeger: did you make the hybrid-iso images?13:39
jaegernot all of them but I've made some13:39
Amnesiacould you explain  how the partition table is arranged?13:39
jaegerwell, it's a standard el torito bootable CD with isohybrid then run on it13:40
jaegerif you want more detail than that check the isohybrid web site, I don't know the low level stuff =/13:40
Amnesiait isn't the same like a raw image for example where the storage used has to be of exactly the same size as the image13:40
jaegerIt's kinda a magic hack in my opinion13:41
jaegeralso doesn't work with efi13:41
AmnesiaI'll check #syslinux13:42
vee_so uh...hybrid hard drivers need drivers it seems13:50
vee_this entire time, ive been doing it wrong. sigh13:52
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tilmanwanna know who got into the steam beta?15:26
jaegernot this guy!15:29
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guzzanoi followed this guide16:09
guzzano(is in spanish)16:10
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vee_guzzano: he seems to have installed it before editing anything else...but ill try what he does and attempt to install it again16:23
vee_also, the direct3d isn't in there lol16:25
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guzzanoIt worked for me as well :P16:31
vee_he modifies the direct3d folder thing, but perhaps the current wine doesnt have it16:32
Romsteroh steam beta?16:33
Romstervee_, mounting isos doesn't always work for installing into wine16:36
Romstersomething about copy protection should the game have that it'll fail.16:37
Romstertry burning to real media and do it that way16:38
vee_i have the actual file content in a folder16:42
vee_it still fails16:42
vee_on the disk, that is16:42
Romsteri dunno if that will work most games are fussy if it's it's more than 1 disc.16:43
vee_Romster, what are those machines called that they put under light/heat to reball laptop stuff16:43
vee_oh. i read that one should merge all 3 iso's then try installing it. will try that16:43
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vee_i want to order one, forgot what they were called16:44
Romsterhmm gold on version 1.4.1 that hasn't been testedon the most recent version16:47
vee_hm. mine is the 3 iso one....suggested that i merge it into a dvd17:02
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: wine: 1.5.18 -> 1.5.1917:29
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Romsteri'm out for the weekend guys17:39
vee_lucky you...have fun Romster17:41
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guzzanoVirtualbox in contrib has problem with lib aisl. Log ->
frinnstcorrection: iasl is broken :)18:36
frinnstplease send the maintainer an email or file a bug so he will see it18:37
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nezcazwooh! damn grub220:10
nezcazcan't install on my efi partition - "source_dir doesn't exist"20:12
nezcaz/boot/efi is mount as fat32(vfat) and i try with "grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot/efi --bootloader-id=crux --recheck20:15
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jaegernezcaz: no need for grub-install for efi, really21:29
jaegerat least I never used it21:29
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